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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Biotic Pump World

Moving Air,

I am delighted to present this novel (to me) scientific theory of the causal mechanism for airflows which contain water vapor on the surface of our fair planet. It has important implications  for the course of our bucket-ride-to-heck. Charles sent the link to Ugo Bardi's site, Cassandra's Legacy, with the link to the 27 minute video of Dr Makarieva's lecture, which uses the text and images in the first link. Go from page 1 to page 4 in sequence. Page 3 is physical mathematics, but also good footnotes. Page 4 is bye-bye.
The video is much easier to follow after reviewing the text. 
Basically, forests draw water vapor to themselves from the ocean. It is an act of the complex life forms they are. It is an act of agency. 
The mechanism is straightforward physics, and is somewhat mysterious why the power of it remained shrouded in mist these many eons.
Water vapor in air is a gas, mixed in with nitrogen, oxygen and CO2, but with different physical characteristics at temperature and pressure.
At the warm surface of the planet, air can hold lots of water vapor, a high gas pressure of water vapor.
A couple of miles up, where it is much cooler, the vapor condenses to liquid or ice, so the air holds zero water vapor. This creates a continuous pressure gradient for water vapor, much, much higher below than above and the vapor follows that gradient ever upward.
This is high over warm bodies of water and zero over the Sahara.
It is considerably higher, still over the warm Amazon rainforest, with so many little leaves and small life forms transpiring moisture into the air at ground level. That moisture moves up, up, up from the Amazon, over vast expanse, pulling in moist ground-level air from surrounding oceans, which deposits water as rainfall or condensate. Also, the high level condensation has to fall as droplets somewhere, so typically falls back on the rainforest. This was such a novel idea that it took a few years to get published in a scientific journal in 2007. 
It's kind of embarrassing to the established science, and it's Russian, too...

Want to fight climate change, plant a trillion trees! 
Charles also sent this, and these folks don't know about the biotic pump model, but there is a convergence of remedies, so it's time to plant. There are better and less better ways to plant trees, extending mature forest edges is best, but treeless areas along bodies of water also need trees to start drawing the moisture inland (Maybe avocado trees, maybe in Yoakum, Texas, for instance.)

Climate Change and Capitalism, a Political Marxist's View 
(Doesn't that title fail to entice you? It is piss-poor advertising, but actually an excellent article. It explains how the technology of mining coal and processing iron ore was known in many places in the world, such as China, but why capitalism and the industrial revolution were able to coalesce and co-evolve in England, not in China. The rest is our recent history. Again, capitalism is unstable, always lurching forward as fast as possible to avoid collapse as it consumes everything within reach as rapidly as possible to create "products" for us to purchase and send to landfills.) 

Parisians carry yellow balloons on Bastille day so they don't get shot in the face with rubber-bullets for wearing yellow vests. 
They boo Macron in is motorcade and relive the vibe of those heady days of 1789. 
Mainstream news looks the other way again.

Somebody sabotaged the main Syrian natural gas pipeline today to knock out their electric plants and grid. Prob'ly ISIS or some good American-backed rebels/mercenaries, ok? Last month somebody sabotaged 5 undersea pipelines in the Mediterranean that feed Syria. Oops, had to be "state actor(s)", didn't it? Who would kick Syrians when they are down like that?

The S-400 missile systems are arriving to protect Turkey from aerial attacks, but from who? this news release indicates some possible threats, but it's bound to be a mistake, probably just a copy/paste of some Russian advertising brochure. Those aircraft shown are made by Turkish ally, USA.

​Dropping Airplanes​

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Corrupt Power


 Endless war is a 100 percent indispensable element in preserving existing power structures
. The US-centralized empire cannot exist without it. The trouble for the empire, however, is that it can’t just come out and tell the public “Yeah we need to destroy everyone who opposes our resource control agendas and dominance in key geostrategic regions, so we’ll be forcibly eliminating this noncompliant government on Thursday.” The public would never go for it, because that’s a plainly sociopathic values system which we are taught since school age that our society evolved beyond many generations ago...  
 The primary role US-led warmongering plays in maintaining existing power structures, which I first started to notice during the 2016 Democratic primaries, is on even clearer display during the 2020 Democratic primaries. You see candidates like Bernie Sanders being frowned upon by hardline centrists for promoting domestic policies which would hurt the profit margins of the oligarchs, but overall he’s being treated as a legitimate candidate and receiving reluctant coverage on mainstream media networks. Then you look at the treatment of a candidate like Tulsi Gabbard, who is campaigning on a major overhaul of US foreign policy, and she’s treated as a raving lunatic and a traitor...
 You can get away with promoting things like universal healthcare or student debt forgiveness with only moderate pushback from the establishment, but wanting to scale back the forever war will quickly see you branded a Russian asset or an antisemite and canceled. The empire won’t even tolerate you interfering with their narratives, let alone getting elected. Your voice will be targeted with an aggressive smear campaign until they make sure that hardly anyone is listening to what you have to say.

​Maybe I'm being unfair to dedicated public servants, but it looks like rats chewing each other's eyes out.
​ ​Acosta held a press conference in which he vehemently defended the deal to serve just 13 months in county jail - saying that Krischer would have let Epstein walk otherwise.
​ ​"Simply put, the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office was willing to let Epstein walk free. No jail time. Nothing," said Acosta. "Prosecutors in my former office found this to be completely unacceptable, and we became involved."
​ ​Not true says Krischer - who said that Acosta abandoned a 53-page federal indictment "after secret negotiations between Mr. Epstein's lawyers and Mr. Acosta," according to The Hill.

​How about we just put Epstein and some of his dirty friends in a safer prison? Make a deal?​ 
Michael Snyder has been doing his research. There is plenty in here.
​ ​It won’t just be Jeffrey Epstein that will be on trial in the months ahead.  As this scandal unfolds, the entire U.S. legal system will be on trial, and if justice does not prevail many Americans will lose faith in the system for good.  And of course the rest of the world will be watching too, and so what are they supposed to think about us if we are not able to put Epstein and all of his dirty friends in prison?  

​Adjusting history in real time...‘Reputation managers’ get to work scrubbing Clinton-Epstein connection from Wikipedia
​ ​Clinton’s denial of the “26 flights” number was added to the article on Tuesday night by user ‘Soibangla,’ a known quantity in the American politics ​​topic area, who also tweaked a Clinton quote praising Epstein, noting there was “no evidence [Clinton and Epstein] were ‘friends.’”  

​ ​Senator Chuck Schumer accepted thousands of dollars in donations from Jeffrey Epstein in the 1990s,according to the NY Post. Schumer has recently been vocal in demanding that President Trump "answer" for his relationship with Epstein, while also urging Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to resign.
​ ​FEC records showed that Schumer took in seven $1,000 donations between 1992 and 1997 from Epstein. The donations were accepted first as a US congressman, then later while running for the state's senator.
​ ​Epstein also donated $10,000 to Victory in New York, a fundraising committee established between Schumer and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.  ​ ​He also donated $5,000 to Win New York, a Schumer-linked joint committee that benefited the Liberal Part of New York State. Both of these donations took place in October 1998 and benefited the Liberal Party of New York, as Epstein had likely already hit his $2,000 limit in donating directly to Schumer.  

​The Mockingbird posted this fact-filled research on Epstein in 2016:
​ Taking one step back to look beyond Florida and another step back to look into history and one views a different picture. It is of a billionaire and a spy's daughter providing minors for sex to very important people in a house full of cameras. That same billionaire has an armored Mercedes, a friend with a command center, business relations with multiple CIA backed airlines, connections to the mob, many friends in the media and was associated with the false PR that lead to the Iraq war. 

Cat sent this from Phil Giraldi:
 But whose intelligence service? CIA and the Russian FSB services are obvious candidates, but they would have no particular motive to acquire an agent like Epstein. That leaves Israel, which would have been eager to have a stable of high-level agents of influence in Europe and the United States. Epstein’s contact with the Israeli intelligence service may have plausibly come through his associations with Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly served as his key procurer of young girls. Ghislaine is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who died or possibly was assassinated in mysterious circumstances in 1991. Maxwell was an Anglo-Jewish businessman, very cosmopolitan in profile, like Epstein, a multi-millionaire who was very controversial with what were regarded as ongoing ties to Mossad. After his death, he was given a state funeral by Israel in which six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence listened while ..Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said”.
​ T​his time, if it was indeed an Israeli operation, it might prove difficult to cover up the story since the pedophile aspect of it has unleashed considerable public anger from all across the political spectrum. Senator Chuck Schumer, self-described as Israel’s “protector” in the Senate, is loudly calling for the resignation of Acosta. He just might change his tune if it turns out that Israel is a major part of the story.  

 My breakfast kept coming up as I tried to read Pompeo's war-sermon.
​ ​Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a pointedly religious speech Monday that sounded like he was rallying fellow Pro-Israel Christians around the inevitably of a U.S. confrontation with Iran.
​ ​Pompeo delivered his 2,000-plus word speech, titled “The U.S. and Israel: a Friendship for Freedom,”  before a 5,000-plus gathering of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in Washington, D.C. Led by founder and chairman John Hagee, the annual event also boasted speeches from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NetanyahuVice President Pence, and National Security Advisor Ambassador John Bolton.​ ​

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) denied reports that their patrol boats tried to stop a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, with IRGC’s naval unit stating that "there were no encounters between the Iranian warships and foreign vessels at the time when the incident is ​ ​alleged to have taken place," according to Fars News.
​ ​The IRGC also reiterated that they are prepared to “act swiftly and decisively” should they receive an order to capture any foreign ship.
​ ​London said three Iranian patrol boats attempted to stop its oil tanker, ‘British Heritage,’ as it was sailing through the Strait of Hormuz to the Persian Gulf.

​What defines "American Middle Class"?
​ ​It's the massive reduction in high-end tax rates since the middle of the last century that's allowed this class of uber-wealthy Americans to extract vast sums of wealth from the economy, killing vast swaths of jobs in the process. It was the smashing of unions and the country's turn away from full employment policies that allowed business owners to demand ever more education and appeasement from workers, even as they squashed everyone's wages. It's the massive money holdings of these Americans that allow them to bid the price of limited urban land into the stratosphere. Everything in our economy has been reoriented to serve the very tippy top, leaving the rest of us — including those making $120,000, $200,000, or even $400,000 — all feeling like we're perpetually scrambling up a very steep and rocky slope.

​Racing Rat​

Wednesday, July 10, 2019



In the past few weeks, since late June, the Artificial Intelligence content-filters have been routinely blocking my news emails, as many have seen when looking at and seeing things not in their inboxes. 
Yesterday, I sent only a link to the blog, with all of the same content, and it went through. I tried to send it "bcc" as I routinely do. Somehow it went out to the send list without blinding, yet, surprisingly, it went through to everybody. 
It appears, that for now, the content filter algorithms can be bypassed by just sending the one link to the blog. 
I'll do that until it doesn't work, or until 2 days after the November 2020 vote. 
The content-censor  filters turned off the second morning after the votes in 2016 and 2018.

Investigative Journalist, Vicky Ward:
​ ​Epstein’s name, I was told, had been raised by the Trump transition team when Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. attorney in Miami who’d infamously cut Epstein a non-prosecution plea deal back in 2007, was being interviewed for the job of labor secretary. The plea deal put a hard stop to a separate federal investigation of alleged sex crimes with minors and trafficking.
​ ​“Is the Epstein case going to cause a problem [for confirmation hearings]?” Acosta had been asked. Acosta had explained, breezily, apparently, that back in the day he’d had just one meeting on the Epstein case. He’d cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys because he had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,” he told his interviewers in the Trump transition, who evidently thought that was a sufficient answer and went ahead and hired Acosta...
​ ​In 2007 and 2008, as the FBI prepared a 53-page indictment that would charge Epstein with sex crimes, Epstein’s powerful legal team played the influence card.
​ ​After the one meeting with then-U.S. Attorney Acosta, where presumably “intelligence” was mentioned, the indictment was shelved and, instead, Epstein signed a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors, pleading guilty to one count of solicitation of prostitution and one count of procurement of minors for prostitution, which earned him a cushy 13 months in county jail, from where he was allowed to leave to work at his office and go for walks.
The deal granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators.” Most significantly, federal prosecutors agreed to keep the deal secret from Epstein’s victims, which meant they would not know to challenge it in court. As it turned out, this actually broke the law, because victims have a right to know of such developments, under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

​Government that Tortures Journalists Bans RT from Media Conference ("disinformation", you see...):
The British Foreign Office has banned Russian outlets RT and Sputnik from attending the upcoming Global Conference on Media Freedom in London, citing their predilection for “disinformation”.
“We have not accredited RT or Sputnik because of their active role in spreading disinformation,” said a Foreign Office spokeswoman.


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Epstein Revisited

​ Draining the Swamp?

​ ​With the Saturday arrest of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein on charges of sex-trafficking minors - days after a judge ordered that nearly 2,000 documents be made public following a 2017 court motion originally brought by filmmaker and author Mike Cernovich, the internet is once again abuzz with speculation over who exactly might be implicated by the new evidence.
​ ​Epstein pleaded guilty to one count of soliciting prostitution from a 14 year old girl in 2008 for which he served 13 months in jail in a sweetheart deal with the DOJ brokered by current Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. The sealed records appeal, meanwhile, stemmed from a separate 2015 defamation lawsuit in New York...
​ ​The case was settled in 2017 and the records were sealed - leading to an appeal by Cernovich, who was later joined by the Miami Herald and several other parties including lawyer Alan Dershowitz - who seeks to clear his name in connection with Epstein's activities.  
​ ​Epstein has spent the bulk of his adult life cultivating relationships with the worlds most powerful men. Flight logs show that from 2001 to 2003, Bill Clinton flew on Epsteins private plane, dubbed The Lolita Express by the press, 26 times. After Epsteins arrest in July 2006, federal tax records show Epstein donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation that year.
​ ​House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Superdelegate daughter Christine quipped on Twitter "It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may."​...
​ Following a 2018 financial settlement between Florida attorney Bradley Edwards - who represented one of Epstein's accusers, only to be later sued by Epstein, Edwards claimed that Donald Trump was the 'only person' who provided assistance when Edwards served subpoenas and notices to high-profile individuals connected to Epstein.
​ ​Edwards: The only thing that I can say about President Trump is that he is the only person who, in 2009 when I served a lot of subpoenas on a lot of people, or at least gave notice to some pretty connected people, that I want to talk to them, is the only person who picked up the phone and said, let’s just talk.  I’ll give you as much time as you want.  I’ll tell you what you need to know, and was very helpful, in the information that he gave, and gave no indication whatsoever that he was involved in anything untoward whatsoever, but had good information. That checked out and that helped us and we didn’t have to take a deposition of him in 2009.​..
 Trump "once barred child molester Jeffrey Epstein from his famed Mar-a-lago club after the presidential candidate caught him hitting on a young girl."

​Tom Luongo​
​ ​I was cautiously optimistic that Trump would turn the corner on his presidency now that Mueller, impeachment and the rest of it would lift from his shoulders.  His foreign policy maneuvers didn’t fill me with much, if any, confirmation of this hope.
​ ​But domestically signs were there that he had stabilized the battlefield.
 ​Epstein’s arrest tells me he’s now out for blood.
​ Because this goes directly to the heart of the matter.  Trump left the Clintons’ social circle in disgust and I’m convinced he ran to stop her corrupt sell out of the U.S.
​ ​Never forget that, while corruption is rampant in D.C., it is not all-pervasive.  It’s not a black and white thing...
​...​This is more than just Hillary and Bill.
​ ​This is likely far deeper a rabbit hole than anyone in D.C. wants to admit.   Don’t think for a second that Epstein hasn’t been blackmailing very prominent people for years.
​ ​Because he has. And they are all now scared to death.
​ ​And Robert Mueller is up to his neck in this.  Because it was Mueller who helped Epstein mostly get off the hook the last time and had the court documents sealed.​..
​ When Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is out there signaling for her mother on this immediately, you know this is bad.
​ ​Pelosi doesn’t roll over
 for nothing folks. Think what you want about her but she’s a pitbull. And she rolled over on border wall funding last week.

​ ​Donald Trump has compared upstart Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to former Argentine first lady Eva Perón, the Guardian reported citing a review of the upcoming book... by Politico writer Tim Alberta.
​ ​In the forthcoming book, the author claims that Trump first saw the New York congresswoman "ranting and raving like a lunatic on a street corner" and while saying that "she knows nothing", she has "a certain talent."
​ ​Alberta then says the Trump “became enamored” and “starstruck” by Ocasio-Cortez.
"I called her Eva Perón. I said, ‘That’s Eva Perón. That’s Evita," Trump said.
​ ​At the time Ocasio-Cortez was pursuing a long-shot primary bid to unseat Representative Joe Crowley, a top member of House Democratic leadership. Since toppling Crowley, Ocasio-Cortez, 29, has become the most visible of the freshman Democrats trying to pull the party to the extreme left.

​​A high-ranking Russian military official says that 14 sailors who died in a recent fire aboard a nuclear submarine averted a "planetary catastrophe" before they perished.
​ ​While speaking at a funeral for the fallen servicemen, the official did not elaborate on what they did to avert said catastrophe, as the entire incident remains shrouded in mystery, according to Russian news outlet Open Media.

​Warned Again​

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hollow Empire

​Honestly Looking,​

Denial is America’s national pastime, but real patriotism requires honesty, Helen (of DesTroy) Buyniski​
As its economic fortunes began to decline in the latter half of the 20th century, the US government threw its considerable weight behind keeping up appearances, prioritizing maintaining the facade of a prosperous nation ahead of fixing the problems keeping prosperity at bay. Disciples of Milton Friedman’s neoliberal economics convinced the government that their only hope was to keep cutting taxes on the rich and hope they would eventually trickle a little down on everyone else. Admitting that this system had failed would betray weakness that would surely be leveraged into a full-fledged communist takeover. As a result, Americans have become shockingly adept at lying to themselves...
  America’s once-mighty military-industrial complex, the best-funded sector of the economy, with more money flowing in than the next nine countries’ military budgets combined, is in such a sad state the government increasingly has to bully allies into buying its substandard product...
 The Pentagon was recently reminded of just how dire the situation has become when China hinted that it could bring the US economy to a screeching halt by holding onto its rare earth minerals. While the US developed the rare-earth magnets currently used in nearly every item of high-tech military equipment and consumer electronics, the Pentagon is now 100 percent reliant on China for 20 minerals needed to make everything from fighter jets to cell phones to batteries and computer chips.  
This is no accident – Chinese investors were able to use the mechanisms of Wall Street to take control of the US’ rare earth industry and ship it overseas – and it doesn’t help that US banks have bent over backward to help in this not-so-hostile takeover...
 Even Silicon Valley, once the last hope for a nation that no longer builds anything, has been quietly offshored, shipped off to Israel over the past decade thanks in large part to hedge funder Paul Singer, who has worked hand in hand with PM Benjamin Netanyahu through his Start-Up Nation Central initiative, described as “a foreign ministry for Israel’s tech industry,” to make Big Tech an offer it can’t refuse. Rolling out the red carpet to multinationals like Amazon and Microsoft, populating their ranks with bright young alumni of the IDF’s Unit 8200 (often compared to the American NSA) and tempting them with a buffet of ripe-for-acquisition innovation-rich startups, Netanyahu has freely admitted he has a “very deliberate policy” to make Israel boycott-proof by making it the center of the Big Tech universe...
 Intel’s announcement earlier this year that it would invest $11 billion in yet another Israeli factory was followed by hundreds of stateside layoffs; the company cut 12,000 US jobs in 2016, and last year plowed $5 billion into another Israeli factory. Intel is cleaning up, with hefty subsidies from both US and Israeli governments - but only one country is getting a return on its investment...
 It’s no wonder Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google are quietly packing up and leaving, too. Nice work, if you can get it...
 What does the US have left? The media, which should be sounding the alarm over the increasingly desperate looting of the nation, is instead a microcosm of the same catastrophe. Best exemplified by the grotesque pageantry of CNN - a network which purports to be a private company but is forced to pad its commercial breaks with ads for defense contractors like Boeing and Raytheon...
 ...If we really love America, it's time to take an honest look at what needs to be fixed.

The Military, Big Bankers and Big Oil Are Not In Climate Denial, They Are in Control and Plan to Keep It That Way​.
 Capitalism, militarism and imperialism are disastrously intertwined with the fossil fuel economy….A globalized economy predicated on growth at any social or environmental costs, carbon dependent international trade, the limitless extraction of natural resources, and a view of citizens as nothing more than consumers cannot be the basis…for tackling climate change….Little wonder then that the elites have nothing to offer beyond continued militarisation and trust in techno-fixes.”​ ...
​ To maintain power they need to limit our thinking. The two most important narratives imposed on us are climate change as a “threat to national security” and as a “business opportunity” — the twin rationales for military and corporate power. They want to focus us on how to manage the crisis, profit from it, or adapt to it, instead of opposing it.​..
 In truth, the military is caught in a crisis of its own making. As Desiree Hellegers puts it: “The US Military Poses a Significant Threat to the US Military.”[2]​...
​ ​So how is it that the bankrollers of climate chaos, investing  $1.9 trillion in fossil fuels just since the Paris Accords, also claim to “manage and mitigate these climate-related risks?”
​ ​According to the bankers, the problem with climate change is that it’s “posing significant risks to the prosperity and growth of the global economy.” What they will not say is that the global economy — which demands enormous fossil fuel production and consumption — is posing significant risks to the climate. The global shipping and aviation on which peak profit-making depends is, like the military, exempt from the Paris Accords.​..
 What the bankers will not say is that billions of the dollars they trade in are “petrodollars” — as explained in this informative documentary video.  A 40-year back-room deal with the Saudis secretly recycled oil money back to the US. This deal essentially shifted the US dollar from the “gold standard” to the “oil standard.”​ ...
​ ​Buying oil in dollars is a form of imperial tribute other countries pay to the US — which is why the US insists all oil trading be in US currency. Iraq and Lybia once traded oil in other currencies. Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Russia and China still do. See?
​  Since oil props up the US Dollar, bankers have a direct interest in wars that prop up the fossil-fuel regime.​..
 ​ ​“We cannot expect politicians to do what only mass movements can do…from below and to the left.” Truth. But how?  

​Nils Melzer, UN Human Rights Investigator​: (Jesus was crucified for being an advocate of debt & slavery-forgiveness, the traditional "Jubilee")
 Throughout history, dissidents have brought about lasting political change, liberation from oppression, and the empowerment of the people. By 'dissident', I do not mean the opposition in parliament, I mean political activists challenging established power from the outside. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela were dissidents whose names are now cherished worldwide. Yet, all of them radically challenged the political, social and economic order of their time, which got two of them murdered and the third incarcerated for 27 years.
 What is it, then, that makes dissidents such a threat? Contrary to common criminals they serve a higher cause. Contrary to terrorists, they inform, empower and mobilize the people. And contrary to parliamentary oppositions, they have no stakes in corrupt institutions and practices that often feed both sides of the political aisle. Governments fear dissidents, because they cannot be owned and controlled. Some imprison, torture and execute them routinely, based on classified evidence and summary trials. Others conceal their oppression behind a veil of due process, crushing them through judicial harassment and defamation.
 Whether we like it or not, Julian Assange is a dissident. He despises secrecy and cannot be tamed, bought or otherwise controlled. He has flooded the world with compromising disclosures, including evidence for war crimes, aggression and abuse, without ever resorting to violence or fake news. He has initiated a paradigm shift in public awareness and dried up safe havens of governmental impunity. And like everyone who endangers the perks of the powerful, he has been made to pay the price.  

​Tom Luongo sees weakness in the globalist-uniparty old-guard, as "Orange Julius" Trump snowballs.​
 I would say that the optics of sending Bolton to Mongolia are pretty clear. Bolton’s time in the White House is nearly over. This is also a strong signal to Iran that Trump trying to back down without actually saying that.
 The drone incident was intended to box Trump into a path to war with Iran after the tanker attack in the Gulf of Oman two weeks prior. That was likely not the Iranians but the Saudis and/or MEK, again trying to get Trump to fly off the handle, since he’s easily manipulated into emotional acts.
 But he was talked out of it at the last minute, presumably by Tucker Carlson, who was with him on Air Force One when Trump went to meet Kim.
 Has Trump finally woken up to the reality that he can’t appease these neocons anymore? That their lust for power can only be sated by perpetual war? That he has to lead and be President? Asking for advice from your cabinet is one thing, being led by your nose to foregone conclusions which are anathema to what put you in the White House in the first place is another.
 He hasn’t drained one ounce of The Swamp because he wasn’t strong enough to do it.
 A lot has changed in the past four months since the end of the Mueller investigation. And the signs are all there that Trump is feeling a lot more secure both politically and financially that would allow him to not only make bold first moves but follow through on them...
B olton was pushed on him by major Republican donor and Israeli Firster, Sheldon Adelson. And Adelson is the real issue here. So much of Trump’s foreign policy has centered around the wishes of this odious man...
 It’s becoming obvious to everyone that the Deal of the Century for Israel and Palestine is a dead letter. So many of Trump’s mistakes have been in service of this deal which they can’t even bring to the table.
 The last piece of this puzzle is whatever happened at the G-20 between Trump, Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping. Trump folded on the worst of his trade war with China. His uber-hawks wanted Huawei destroyed for not giving the US backdoor access to spy on the world, everything else is just noise.

​ ​A huge development Thursday regarding enforcement of Iran sanctions and the West's economic war on both Damascus and Tehran: British Royal Marines seized an oil tanker in Gibraltar off Spain's southern coast while it was en route to Syria in what's being called an unprecedented and aggressive move to enforce EU sanctions.
​ ​As critics of the West's sanctions policy on Syria are noting: the European Union has for years allowed advanced weaponry to flow into the hands of anti-Assad jihadists, but it will act swiftly to block vital oil access to the war-torn and starved population.

​"Aargh!", John Bolton​
 ​Iran has called for the "immediate release" of its oil tanker after British Royal Marines boarded and seized it off Gibraltar a day ago after it took a long 90-day trek around the tip of Africa, presumably to evade sanctions enforcement en route to Syria. Authorities had accused the Grace 1 supertanker of illegal smuggling as it had reportedly been transiting some 2 million barrels of Iranian oil.
​ ​Iran's foreign ministry had immediately summoned the UK ambassador over the incident, saying the move was "unacceptable". An official statement of protest called for "the immediate release of the oil tanker, given that it has been seized at the request of the US, based on the information currently available," the statement added.
 ​Iran's position is that the EU sanctions on Syria have not been endorsed by the UN, while the US received the news as a positive development in the global crackdown on Iranian oil. "Excellent news: UK has detained the supertanker Grace I laden with Iranian oil bound for Syria in violation of EU sanctions," John Bolton said on Twitter.
​ ​But Syria and Iran as well as some Arab commentators have shot back that the some few dozen Royal Marines seizing the tanker by fast-roping in on helicopter amounts to "piracy".

​ ​The sanctions on Syria were always aimed at one goal: getting rid of Assad. That purpose failed either miserably or spectacularly, depending on your point of view. It did achieve one thing though, and if I were you I wouldn’t be too sure this was not the goal all along.
​ ​That is, out of a pre-war population of 22 million, the United Nations in 2016 identified 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance; over 6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and around 5 million are refugees outside of Syria. About half a million are estimated to have died, the same number as in Iraq.
​ ​And Assad is still there and probably stronger than ever. But it doesn’t even matter whether the US/UK/EU regime change efforts are successful or not, and I have no doubt they’ve always known this. Their aim is to create chaos as a war tactic, and kill as many people as they can. How do you define terror, terrorism? However you define it, ‘we’ are spreading it.
​ ​That grossly failed attempt to depose Assad has left Europe with a refugee problem it may never be able to control. And the only reason there is such a problem is that Europe, in particular Britain and France, along with the US, tried to bomb these people’s homelands out of existence.  

​Will Israel let them almost finish the railroad, before it starts bombing?​
BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:00 A.M.) – Iran is preparing to begin construction on a large railway that links their capital city of Tehran to the Syrian coastal city of Latakia, the Director of Syrian Railways Najib Al-Fares said on Wednesday.
According to Fares, the new railway will promote regional trade between Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
The new project is expected to be funded by the Iranian government, with support from both Syria and Iraq.  
Jim Kunstler almost seems to have a morality tale here, if only I could get-it. "Invest at the bottom"?
We heard there was a good parade up in Salem, NY, ten miles northeast of here. Salem was a railroad town after 1852. It changed everything for a while. Farmers could send their potatoes and milk all the way to Boston. Slate was abundant nearby and there was a lively commerce in it for roofing and other things. Marble came over from Vermont and was dressed into tombstone blanks, which were sent as far as the Midwest. The railroad itself employed scores of hands in the roundhouse where its locomotives were repaired. This rail connection to distant places and markets must have seemed wondrous...
 The economic history of this place looks like a sequence of great works performed at enormous capital investment, and then quickly trashed for the next new thing. It must have been intoxicating at the time. I’d put the high-tide of it all at about 1900, when all the systems of manufacturing and transport were humming in synchrony. Turns out it was an economy with a surprising purpose: to get rid of itself!  And it’s stunning how gone it all is now. What replaced it is not only happening far, far away, but many items made far, far away can’t even be bought within a twenty-mile journey of any town in the county​..​.
​ ​There’s one big advantage to living in this flyover corner of America: it has received next-to-zero of the destructive suburban development overlay that has obliterated the landscape in those parts of the country that can pretend to still be booming. It is a blessing that I’m keenly aware of. We’re just too far away from the cities, and even from the Interstate Highway network. So, when I behold the economic desolation in these little towns of the Battenkill Valley, I’m aware that, at least, we will not have to dig out from under the burden of the Big Box hell imposed on just about every other place from sea to shining sea, when that economy turns over — a process actually underway now.  
​Legally-robbing retirees before they can give that stuff to their kids is one of the last viable growth-models in American business.​
 Older parents are taking advantage of reverse mortgages to pay off credit cards and to escape poverty and debt. This reduces equity in the home and often leads to foreclosure, leaving traditional heirs with nothing but memories.
 Not only are reverse mortgage companies feasting upon the assets of older Americans; so too are health insurers and prescription drug companies.

Don't wait for it. Invest in your future world. Consider your many real options.
 Researchers have identified swathes of lost tropical rainforests as the best places to replant trees, hoping to redress some of the damage done by deforestation and limit climate change.
 A four-year study used high-resolution satellite imagery to pinpoint more than 100 million denuded hectares (247 million acres) - from South Sudan to Brazil and India - that would deliver good results if reforested.
 "Globally, more than half of the tropical forests in the world are gone - most of that in the last 50 years," said Robin Chazdon, a professor at the University of Connecticut and co-author of the study published on Wednesday in the journal Science Advances.
 "These forests provide a huge amount of functioning and services for our planet and people that have gone unappreciated," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
 The tropics lost 12 million hectares of tree cover in 2018, the fourth-highest annual loss since records began in 2001, according to forest monitoring service Global Forest Watch.
 Of greatest concern, it said, was the disappearance of 3.6 million hectares of old-growth rainforest, an area the size of Belgium.

Elderly Lorax

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Dependence Day


 UN Report says Human Rights Might Not Survive Climate Crisis, a statement that seems bland, since they do not exist in war zones in hot places that have oil and mineral resources, which are extracted for export, as people die. 
 The message here is that this is trending. It is not only driven by climate change, but also by resource depletion, and growth of the number of those at "the top", who can still exert financial claim to resources, energy and products/services. 
 That's us. Act accordingly. Invest in food and energy security. Invest in sustainable community. Be that change!

Professor Michael Hudson interview on Guns and Butter, with transcript:
 The purpose of a military conquest is to take control of foreign economies, to take control of their land and impose tribute. The genius of the World Bank was to recognize that it’s not necessary to occupy a country in order to impose tribute, or to take over its industry, agriculture and land. Instead of bullets, it uses financial maneuvering. As long as other countries play an artificial economic game that U.S. diplomacy can control, finance is able to achieve today what used to require bombing and loss of life by soldiers...
​ ​Dr. Hudson is a financial economist and historian. He is President of the Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trend, a Wall Street Financial Analyst, and Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. His most recent books include “… and Forgive them Their Debts: Lending, Foreclosure and Redemption from Bronze Age Finance to the Jubilee Year”; Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Destroy the Global Economy, and J Is for Junk Economics: A Guide to Reality in an Age of Deception.​..​  
​ ​We return today to a discussion of Dr. Hudson’s seminal 1972 book, Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire, a critique of how the United States exploited foreign economies through the IMF and World Bank, with a special emphasis on food imperialism.  

Here is Liberty Garden, a gardening plan for climate zone 8a (and similar) which I developed and use, and posted on July 4 2016.

No fireworks from this US Provocation of Iran. Would you want to be assigned to this flight?:
 Today (7/3/19) a manned U.S. reconnaissance plane entered Iranian airspace in a clear attempt to provoke Iran into shooting it down. Such an incident would have created an occasion for Trump to give the American people a special 4th of July fireworks.
 On July 3 1988 the guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes shot down the civil Iranian Flight 655 with 290 people on board. The U.S. claimed that the plane's transponder was signaling an Iranian military identification code, that it was seemingly attacking the Vincennes, that the ship warned the plane 12 times, and that the ship was in international waters when the incident happened.
 The crew of the Vincennes received medals for killing the Iranian civilians.
 This morning the U.S. spy plane willingly penetrated Iranian airspace. It squawked a fake code which showed ill intention. This happened on the 31st anniversary of Flight 655. The Iranian military would certainly still like to take revenge for that mass murder. It was a huge provocation likely intended to lure Iran into shooting it down.
 Trump recently threatened to 'obliterate' some areas of Iran should it attack "anything American"

Trump might swap (rapture) Mike Pence out and run with Tucker Carlson. 
(That would mean that Trump has enough political power to put somebody in who would have about the same policies if Trump died in office. It would imply a second term of consolidated political power and more freedom of action than he has had to date. It would mean that the old political guard had acquiesced to his position and the faction which supports him.)
 Will President Trump switch up his ticket in 2020? The Wall Street Journal editorial page, bastion of the establishment right, certainly hopes so. A little over a week ago, it called for former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley to replace the dutiful Mike Pence as vice president. But there’s well-placed chatter in Washington that suggests the president will take a different route. Trump does indeed feel he needs VP change, but it is not Nikki Haley he is considering. It is Fox News host Tucker Carlson...
 Carlson, who just turned 50, was with the president on his trip to the Korean demilitarized zone over the weekend. His interview with 45 will air Monday night. This all while Trump’s national security adviser and fierce Carlson foe, John R. Bolton, was exiled, literally, to outer Mongolia. In some ways, Trump has already made the move, ex officio.  

​Illinois has an acute funding problem, on top of it's horrible chronic funding problem, as about $20 billion in bonds are declared unconstitutional by the court. These debts have already been incurred to borrow more to keep the budget and pension payments propped up. Taxpayers ("tax mules") filed this lawsuit.
The petition said Illinois’ constitution permits the issuance of long-term debt only to fund “specific purposes” like capital improvements.
“Simply obtaining cash to finance the state’s structural deficits or to speculate in the market is not a ‘specific purpose,’” it said.

​The rich use their/our advantage to get more advantage, until things break.​
Economic geography strikes back. After a couple of decades of easy talk about the ‘death of distance’ in the age of globalisation, the promise of a world of rising living standards for all is increasingly challenged by the resilience of regional disparities within countries. As long as many people and firms are not geographically mobile – and those who are tend to be the most skilled and productive – easier distant interactions can actually strengthen rather than weaken agglomeration economies. Recent electoral trends in Europe can be understood to a surprisingly large extent from this angle.  

​Diana Johnstone gives "the rest of the story".​ 
(Truth is smothered by snowflakes, having weathered generations of hailstorms.)
​ ​The decision of the San Francisco school board to obliterate the historic murals in George Washington High School is not just another instance of Identity Politics foolishness. It is also a terrifying illustration of the drastic mental decline of what is called “the Left”...
​ ​The WPA, not least in its art projects, was animated by leftists, and even downright Communists, like Arnautoff, who chose to depart from the sterilized “I cannot tell a lie” cherry tree myth and the crossing of the Delaware glorification of George Washington to introduce reminders of the forgotten victims of the foundation of the United States – the exploitation of African slaves and the violent expropriation of Native American lands.  The murals were clearly part of the leftwing WPA intellectuals’ endeavor to raise social consciousness, a step toward the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s.

​The Archdruid, John Michael Greer  (Hey, I do all of these things!)
Once a society is saddled with a dominant minority, there’s a set of standard moves that people within the society use to try to deal with problems that the people in charge are no longer trying to solve. Unless you live under a damp rock, dear reader, you already know all of them. 
Toynbee calls them detachment, transcendence, futurism, and archaism. 
Detachment abandons society to its fate by going back to the land, or off to another part of the world, or inward to a subculture airtight enough to shut out current events. 
Transcendence is the turn to religion—Spengler calls it the Second Religiosity—which comes in the latter days of every civilization, as people frustrated by this world place their hopes on another. 
Futurism is the attempt to build, or at least daydream about, a perfect society in the future. 
Archaism, finally, is the quest to Make (insert name of society here) Great Again by rejecting a failed status quo in favor of policies that worked in the past...
Back to Greer's "Long De​scent​" theme: 
On the day before I posted this essay, humans burned around 100,000,000 barrels of crude oil, 21,000,000 tons of coal, and 9,000,000,000 cubic meters of natural gas. We burned around the same amount the day before that, too, and we’ll burn the same amount today, tomorrow, and the day after. The vast majority of all the energy human beings use—well over 80%, including nearly all transport fuel—comes from those three forms of fossil carbon.​..
​ W​hat will happen is that the annual cost of weather-related disasters will move raggedly upward with each passing year, as it’s been doing for decades, loading another increasingly heavy burden on economic activity and putting more of what used to count as a normal lifestyle out of reach for more people. With each new round of disasters, less and less will get rebuilt, as insurance companies wriggle out of payouts they can’t afford to make and government funding for disaster recovery becomes less and less adequate to meet the demand. Rural areas in the US that are unusually vulnerable to weather-related disasters will quietly be allowed to return to 19th century conditions, and poor neighborhoods near the coastlines will be tacitly handed over to the slowly rising seas. Meanwhile, the people who are expecting grand technological breakthroughs or grand social movements or grand apocalyptic disasters will be left in the dust by events, wondering what happened.
​ ​That’s the shape of our future.  It bears remembering, too, that fossil fuels aren’t the only nonrenewable resources that are being extracted at a breakneck pace just now with no thought for tomorrow. For that matter, the global climate isn’t the only natural system on which we depend that’s being disrupted by human pollution in ways that are already circling around behind us and kicking us in the backside.  

China says existing US Tariffs must be revoked to obtain a trade deal. 
There won't be the kind of ease of trade we have seen in recent years, maybe ever...

​ ​London summoned Beijing’s ambassador for a dressing down Wednesday in a rapidly escalating diplomatic feud over protests in Hong Kong as China told Britain to keep its “hands off” the city and “show respect”. The demonstrations sweeping the former British colony have also revived tensions inherent in the two sides’ historic agreement on the global financial hub’s handover to Chinese rule 22 years ago. Hong Kong enjoys broad freedoms and rights not seen in mainland China under a doctrine known as “one country, two systems”. But fears and frustrations over Beijing’s gradual tightening of those liberties has spilled over into mass demonstrations against a now-stalled draft law on extradition from Hong Kong to China.  

Brexit dance of useful idiots update:
​ ​Boris Johnson has said that the existing system has led to “inevitable waste” as funds were simply “shoved out of the door”, calling to abolish or merge several government departments such as Justice, Business, Transport, International Trade, Work and Pensions, and Brexit in order to save 8 billion pounds if he is elected prime minister. In your view, what does Mr Johnson mean by these two terms “inevitable waste” and “shoved out of the door”?
Steve Keen: What he means is that he doesn’t understand bureaucracy nor does he doesn’t understand macroeconomics. Because the first thing he is saying is we have to save money. This is the attitude that individuals have that if they spend less than they earn then they can save money and that gives them a buffer for the future. But at the national level what you spend becomes somebody else’s income. And if the government tries to save money, what it does is spend less money, and by spending less money, GDP falls by initially precisely as much as the government stops spending. So what he is saying is going to be saving of money of something like $5 billion will actually reduce the UK’s GDP by $5 billion.​..
 Secondly, when these ideas about rearranging bureaucracies are imposed from the top, the political top – I have had personal experience of watching this happen – it doesn’t save money, it causes utter confusion inside the bureaucracy.​..
 So everything he is saying is to get elected leader by the Tory Party. Of course, what happens when he gets in office may be completely different but I think in many ways even though Boris doesn’t normally have an opinion that lasts more than 30 seconds, it is quite likely this is his opinion about what is a good idea to begin with. So he'll probably try to impose them until they backfire on the economy once he becomes prime minister.

​ ​A huge development Thursday regarding enforcement of Iran sanctions and the West's economic war on both Damascus and Tehran: British Royal Marines seized an oil tanker in Gibraltar off Spain's southern coast while it was en route to Syria in what's being called an unprecedented and aggressive move to enforce EU sanctions.
​ ​As critics of the West's sanctions policy on Syria are noting: the European Union has for years allowed advanced weaponry to flow into the hands of anti-Assad jihadists, but it will act swiftly to block vital oil access to the war-torn and starved population.

​Amazon confirms it retains your Alexa voice recordings indefinitely  

Monster, by Steppenwolf, today's appropriate 50 year old song. 
John Kay is 75 now, born in Germany, as his part was becoming Russia, in April 1944. 
Mom ran with him, and ran, and ran...

Depending on America

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Multipolar Restructuring

Not Pretending,

Eleni sends this from Paul Craig Roberts. Happy Independence Day!
Keep this in mind while celebrating “our freedoms” on July 4
In the Wednesday, June 26 edition of the ST LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, columnist TONY MESSENGER describes a raid on a home in connection with the Execution of a Search Warrant by St. Louis County Police, who wanted to inspect the interior of the home, allegedly for non-payment of the gas bill.. The County SWAT team broke down the front door and shot the family pet, a 4-year old Pit Bull, named KIYA. The SWAT team members wore FULL BODY ARMOR and carried M-4 CARBINE RIFLES. A 6-month old boy was present. All members of the house were handcuffed, and made to kneel. The home owners filed a case against the police, which is currently being tried in the Federal Court in St. Louis City..

​Happy Birthday, Julian Assange! This from the UN torture investigator who just got trashed in an open letter for finding that Assange was "tortured" systematically in the Ecuadoran Embassy and British solitary confinement.
Dear colleagues and friends,
 I herewith would like to respond to your open letter, co-signed by numerous distinguished academics and expressing your genuine and legitimate concerns as to the manner in which my recent article “Demasking the Torture of Julian Assange” (, as well as some of my oral statements, address the “rape” narrative imposed and disseminated by the Swedish prosecution in this case. I am grateful to you for bringing this to my attention, and I greatly value this opportunity to respond...  

​"Ever notice how other people's stuff is 'shit' and your shit is 'stuff'", George Carlin
In short, when it comes to provocation and aggression, the world is our oyster. There are so many bad guys out there and then, of course, there’s us. We can make mistakes and missteps, we can kill staggering numbers of civilians, destroy cities, uproot populations, create hordes of refugees with our never-ending wars across the Greater Middle East and Africa, but aggression? What are you thinking?

I​srael's Haartz newspaper makes this comment. (Koch and Soros want to control US foreign policy, which is on the cusp of change, due to "reality".)
WASHINGTON — One of the co-founders of a new U.S. think tank that includes the unlikely combination of liberal philanthropist George Soros and libertarian billionaire Charles Koch says the idea was to bring together people who will challenge U.S. foreign policy, regardless of their other political views.

​Eleni has articles from Andrew Korybko about Russian and US interests and "cooperation" in global politics.​
 ​If the Kremlin concludes that Russia’s interests would best be advanced through engaging in a series of “mutual concessions/compromises” with the US as part of a “New Détente”, then it won’t hesitate to make that move; likewise, if the savvy Russian leader recognizes that he’s being “taken for a ride” by Trump and that his “counterpart” is offering him a lopsided deal that’s doomed to make his country America’s “junior partner” in Eurasia, then he won’t think twice about walking away with no “deal”.Ultimately, everything depends on whatever deal Trump puts on the table and whether he can convince President Putin that his newfound truce with the neoconservatives translates into being able to get the “deep state” to abide by the terms of any prospective agreement.
​ ​If Russia is swayed by the carrot-and-stick combination of the Trump Administration’s possibly sincere commitment to a “New Détente” in exchange for an alleviation of multisided and sometimes humiliating pressure against it, then the geopolitical implications would be profound since Moscow would be ascending into the perfect position for “balancing” Eurasian affairs. It wouldn’t just have China’s tacit support for this initiative but America’s too because each superpower would appreciate Moscow becoming a “balancing” force vis-à-vis the other and freeing them up to focus on their rival in other areas of concern, mostly in Africa. As such, Russia could count on being courted by both of them and finally fulfilling its grand strategic goal to “balance” Eurasia, though provided that this speculative deal goes through in the first place and is actually respected by the US afterwards.

Beyond any shadow of doubt, the two Great Powers have made “Israel” their joint protectorate, and this surprising state of affairs has far-reaching implications for not just Syria, but the entire Mideast and especially Iran.  
​ ​During the joint press conference in Helsinki, President Putin proclaimed his long-known desire to protect “Israeli” interests by telling the world that:
​ “I would also like to note that after the terrorists are routed in southwest Syria, in the so-called ‘southern zone’, the situation in the Golan Heights should be brought into full conformity with the 1974 agreement on the disengagement of Israeli and Syrian forces. This will make it possible to bring tranquillity to the Golan Heights and restore the ceasefire between the Syrian Arab Republic and the State of Israel. The President devoted special attention to this issue today.”
​ ​Trump took it even further by adding that:
​ ​“We’ve worked with Israel long and hard for many years, many decades. I think that never has any country been closer than we are. President Putin also is helping Israel, and we both spoke with Bibi Netanyahu. And they would like to do certain things with respect to Syria, having to do with the safety of Israel. So, in that respect we absolutely would like to work in order to help Israel, and Israel will be working with us, so both countries would work jointly.
 ​And I think that when you look at all the progress that has been made in certain sections with the eradication of ISIS – we’re about 98–99 percent there – and other things that have taken place that we have done and that, frankly, Russia has helped us within certain respects. But I think that working with Israel is a great thing, and creating safety for Israel is something that both President Putin and I would like to see very much.”

​ The present piece aims to briefly explain why it’s politically important for some people to write “Israel” in quotation marks, and how this is actually very pro-Semitic as opposed to “anti-Semitic”. The vast majority of Palestine’s native inhabitants prior to the post-World War II tidal wave of “Weapons of Mass Migration” were Muslim Arabs, and they did not refer to their homeland as “Israel”, which is the name that the European migrants to that territory chose to call their self-declared and partially cleansed political entity. Although the majority of the world’s governments recognize “Israel”, there are still millions of people and a handful of states that don’t, such as the Syrian Arab Republic.

Austria bans glyphosate/RoundUp (Can they do that? They're just a country.)
​ ​Austria has voted to ban glyphosate, the main ingredient in Bayer-Monsanto’s notorious Roundup weedkiller, becoming the first EU country to outlaw the chemical, creating a PR disaster for the troubled German company.
​ ​“The scientific evidence of the plant poison’s carcinogenic effect is increasing. It is our responsibility to ban this poison from our environment,” Social Democratic Party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner said.

One of the cleanup workers who died of illness related to the Twin Towers cleanup had some shoe boxes of CDRs with pictures he took. 
Lots. Here are a few. 
This kind of photography was not allowed out. I've not seen this before. Thanks Cat. 
I wonder what is in there...
 All of the images were taken in the direct wake of the September 11 attacks, with the vast majority dating between mid-September and October, 2001.
Workers stand surrounded by folded metal and the skeletal outlines of office floors which had, just days before, brimmed and bustled with a human pulse

Terminally Ill