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Courageously Disregarding Threats

 Appreciating Honor,

  In this historical period of gradually declining global oil, there must be an overall decline in economic activity, but it is set to be very uneven. Different economic structures may gradually fail or relatively thrive, and some countries may still be capable of economic growth for a few more years, notably Russia, with lots of resources compared to population.
  In the "west", neoliberal economics, based upon maximizing monetary-profit for the owner-class, and extracting value from the world at large, via the debt-based currency, the $US, is seen to be inefficient at meeting the needs of the many humans in the world. The "owners" seek to reduce the number of humans in the world, to sustain their profits, focusing on rival human groups, and those groups which consume resources, without producing wealth, such as retirees.
  It is hard to keep this a secret. Word has gotten out to most of the world, and rumors are even spreading in the European cultures and their colonialist diaspora.
  In TROTW (the rest of the world) there is much appeal to being relieved of the gangster-imperialist burden and threat of destruction for not paying tribute by accepting promissory-dollars for actual oil, wheat and steel. BRICS+ is putting together parallel trade, finance, military and governance structures to circumvent the Bretton Woods, UN, EU and NATO constructs of the financial-imperialist post WW-2 epoch.
  Russia, China and Iran together are showing that they can prevail against the western military and financial empire, and also maintain their own national identities, without being homogenized into western pop-culture. Iran has supported an "axis of resistance" of small er countries and nationalist insurgencies against western-backed puppet governments, notably the Iraqi and Lebanese resistance movements. This is internally stressful within Iran, just as it has been for Cuba, under western embargo for over 60 years.
  Will western populations be able to throw off the parasitic neoliberal financial structures, or will they remain subservient, and allow mysterious "excess deaths" and new pandemics to cull them for better profits, while keeping up with social media on the latest smartphones and having another Diet Coke?
  Um, how would that happen? What might be the steps along the way to more independence and self reliance, and overturning the big Ponzi-scheme that promises retirement security?
  All I offer is to start working the problem. Things look different when you are gardening, shelling beans and pulling weeds. Here is some analysis and current news.

  Michael Hudson: Russia and China CRUSH NATO’s Plan as Ukraine FALLS Apart  
  NIMA: Just to wrap up this session, when you look at BRICS today, you said that we’re going to have a BRICS summit soon. And how long does it take for BRICS to come to a solution that would make its members totally independent of the American system?
  MICHAEL HUDSON: I don’t see that coming very soon because they’re really reinventing the wheelMuch of this wheel has already been invented in the 19th century by British classical political economy.
  You don’t want economic rent. You want capital formation. You want government to take the lead in natural monopolies and infrastructure. All of this was all worked out in the 19th century.

  But neoliberalism has so extinguished and just excluded the history of this economic thought that most of the political leaders of the BRICS countries are simply unaware of this. And the staffs are unaware of this. Certainly, their central bankers are unaware of this, and their economists, if they’re trained in the United States and Europe, are unaware of this.
  So they’re working so much, I won’t say in the dark. They know where they want to go, but they haven’t worked out how to get there. And this is going to take a while to get something that’s actually workable.
  There’s already so much confusion about discussion of a BRICS currency. They’re not distinguishing between a currency to denominate trade and investment that maybe can be like the euro, and other speculators can buy it, or just a central bank, a version of Bancor is in a central bank accounting system of credits and debits. They haven’t studied all of the discussions at the end of World War II over what kind of an international monetary fund should there be between Keynes and the Americans.
  So if they’re working without this familiarity with history, and without knowing how other countries have already thought through all of these, the same issues that the BRICS are thinking of, it’s going to take a while.

​  Pepe Escobar,  The Big Picture behind Viktor The Mediator’s peace shuttle
The Big Picture remains: the future of the “rules-based international order” is being decided in the black soil of Novorossiya.
​  In a nutshell: a complete geopolitical and technical-military revamp, as well as geoeconomic (the importance of developing alternative international transport corridors such as the INSTC).
​  The Chargé d’Affaires of the Russian Mission to the EU, Kirill Logvinov, tried to brief the Europeans last week, under the rubric “New Security Architecture for the Eurasian Continent”.
​  Logvinov explained how “the Euro-Atlantic concept of security has collapsed. Based on U.S. and NATO dominance, the European regional security framework has failed to ensure the practical implementation of the ‘indivisible security for all’ principle.”
​  A future system of security and cooperation in Eurasia will then form the “foundation of the global security architecture in a multipolar world based on the UN Charter principles and the rule of international law.”
​  And the Greater Eurasian Partnership will form the economic and social basis of this new Eurasian security system.​..

​..Putin’s peace plan for Ukraine – announced on June 14 in front of the crème de la crème of Russian diplomats – should be understood. Orban certainly got it.
Any other plans – with the exception of the revised Chinese offer, and that’s why Orban went to Beijing – are irrelevant, from Moscow’s perspective.
​  Of course Team Trump had to come up with their own NATO-centered plan. That’s not exactly a gift to clueless Europeans.
​  Under Trump, NATO’s role will shift: it will become an “auxiliary” force in Europe. Washington of course will keep its nodes in the Empire of Bases – in Germany, UK, Turkey – but ground forces, armored vehicles, artillery, logistics, everything, high costs included, will be fully paid by wobbling European economies.
​  Under the coordination of Trump’s national defense strategy adviser, Elbridge Colby, the new administration would promise to give Putin commitments “not to expand NATO to the east.” Moreover, Trump seems to be ready to “consider territorial concessions” to Russia.
​  As if Moscow would be praying in unison to get “concessions” from a notoriously unreliable American president.
The whole point of this plan is that under Trump 2.0 the main “threat” to the U.S. will be China, not Russia

  Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis asserts that a civil war has been foist upon Russia, which "loses", even if it wins militarily, which it will. this is existential for Russia, and also for the western imperial financial system, "the West". Trajectory to Armageddon [i]​  The End of the West or the End of the World?​                                                                So, my advice is the following: I know many of you can’t wait to see Russian strikes against NATO as a retaliation for XYZ. But this is a call for your death. If it happens, then it is almost certain that we will all die. I know there is a little window of hope that the Americans would back down after such strikes because their Oligarchs would want to survive, but there are too many uncertain factors to rely on such a hope.
​  The way to win for Russia is to defeat Ukraine (NATO) on the territory of former Ukraine, feed NATO and the EU with poison pills, and develop the military and economic alliances to make the West superfluous and thereby make it collapse internally.

​  Orban just did some actual diplomacy and the EU panicked
​  What Orbán is schooling an irate EU elite in is the use of leverage that comes from maintaining effective freedom of action; and that freedom of action does not stem from great military power or a massive population. While Hungary’s forces are modern, it remains a country of not quite 10 million people. Rather the secret of Orbán’s room for maneuver is a classical instrument of the comparatively weak – balancing between bigger powers by cooperating with all of them but selling out to none of them.​

​  European Parliament blocks Orbán’s big Presidency speech
By long-standing convention, heads of government are given the opportunity to address the Parliament when they take over the rotating presidency of the EU Council, presenting the agenda for their six-month turn at the helm of inter-governmental policy negotiations and answering questions from MEPs.
​  The sources said Orbán had indicated to Parliament that he could appear before the plenary on Tuesday or Wednesday next week (July 16-17) to present the agenda of the Hungarian presidency, which Budapest has given the slogan ‘Make Europe Great Again’.
​  However the Conference of the Presidents – the heads of the political groups who determine the agenda – said Parliament did not have space in the schedule at that time, both sources agreed.​

​  EU could ‘end’ Hungary’s presidency – Politico
​  Having assumed the rotating European Council presidency and vowed to make “Europe great again (MEGA)” Orban visited Ukraine and met with Vladimir Zelensky. He then went to Russia, triggering howls of outrage in Kiev and Brussels alike.
​  “Member states were already irritated by the ‘MEGA’ motto. But a meeting with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin will permanently overshadow the Hungarian presidency,” Politico reported on Monday evening, citing an unnamed EU diplomat. “With such a meeting the presidency ends before it has really begun.”
​  Politico described Orban as having gone “rogue” and suggested the EU ambassadors “could move from public condemnations alone to concrete action to restrain” Budapest at their meeting on Wednesday...
​..The bloc “can get rid of the Hungarian presidency within weeks,” argued Daniel Hegedus, a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund think-tank. He laid out a series of steps by which Brussels could move the start of Poland’s presidency to September 1, cutting Hungary’s term short, so as to “attach negative consequences to Orban’s behavior.”
​  This would require a four-fifths majority in the European Council.​

Tulsi Gabbard Warns the ‘Deep State’ is Preparing to Install Kamala Harris as President​

​  Kudlow On Trump's Pro-Growth, 'America First' Platform   
Some of the highlights include worker tax cuts and no tax on tips. Stopping Bidenflation. Restoring energy dominance. Ending unfair trade deals.
Keeping the dollar as the world’s reserve currency — this is especially important for high growth and low prices — Wall Street, will you finally listen?
Restoring America’s status as the dominant world energy producer and canceling the electric vehicle mandateCutting all costly and burdensome regulations.
Sealing the border, stopping the illegal migrant invasion, and deporting illegals.
Keeping men out of women’s sports, and radical, racial, and sexual woke policies out of schools.
The platform also states, and I quote, “unite our country by bringing it to new and record levels of success.”
These are the message points that have proved so popular on the campaign trail.

  ​I am told that this will begin the process of biting off 25 miles at a time of western Ukraine, as Poland/NATO keeps moving Patriot missiles east, and Russia nibbles westward.
Zelenskiy-Tusk deal: Poland to shoot down Russian missiles and drones over Western Ukraine​

​  Moscow has vehemently denied responsibility for the tragedy at the Okhmatdet children’s hospital in Kiev, after a missile hit the facility on Monday. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has insisted that the incident was caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile.​..
​..The ministry stated that all the intended targets were hit and rejected Kiev’s claims of Russian missiles striking civilian facilities as “absolutely untrue.”
​  “Numerous published photos and video footage from Kiev clearly confirm the fact of destruction due to the fall of a Ukrainian air defense missile launched from an anti-aircraft missile system within the city,” the ministry said.​..
​..Pro-Kiev media outlets have claimed that the weapon that struck the hospital was a Russian air-launched Kh-101 cruise missile. However, others have argued that the projectile, which can apparently be seen in a video filmed from a distance by a witness, was probably an AIM120 fired by a NASAM missile system or an interceptor fired by the MIM-104 Patriot missile system. Western donors have provided Ukraine with this type of US-developed weapon.​

The latest Russian Defense Ministry daily bulletin was issued on Tuesday afternoon, July 9.  Since then the Pentagon and the White House have been as silent as the tomb.
​  Make that thirty-five American tombs.
“During the day [July 9],” said the Defense Ministry briefer in Moscow,    “the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out a group strike with high-precision weapons on American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems prepared for strikes on the territory of Crimea, as well as the venue of an official meeting of the AFU [Armed Forces of the Ukraine] command staff. The objectives of the strike have been achieved. Four US-made HIMARS MLRS launchers were destroyed, as well as up to 35 foreign specialists who serviced them.”​

​  Turkey is an Islamic nation, and can't be a traitor to Islam/Palestinians.  NATO should not be party to Ukraine conflict — Erdogan
The Turkish leader noted that "every day that weapons are being used [in Ukraine] confirms the rightness of Turkey's position" on the issue
​  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that during his participation in the NATO summit in the United States he intends to bring up the issues of counterterrorism, Gaza, and Ukraine, especially the fact that the alliance should not become a party to the conflict.​..
​..Erdogan also said that he intends to "put Israel's ongoing massacre against the Palestinian people on the agenda" at the summit. "We have not been able to achieve what we wanted from NATO regarding Israel and Palestine. The efforts of the international community are not yet enough to stop Israel. We will put these issues back on the agenda of our meetings in the US and expect to obtain the results we hope for."​

​  NATO SUMMIT: Alliance’s Endgame Appears to Be Nuclear War​   The neoliberal financial system needs those strategic assets to back loans and exert leverage.
Why this Western involvement in Ukraine, which, as Barack Obama said while president, is “a core Russian interest but not an American one?”
​  One reason was given by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in a recent moment of startling televised candor: Ukraine is “sitting on $10 to $12 trillion of critical minerals… I don’t want to give that money and those assets to Putin to share with China.”
​  As The Washington Post has reported:
​  “Ukraine harbors some of the world’s largest reserves of titanium and iron ore, fields of untapped lithium, and massive deposits of coal. Collectively, they are worth tens of trillions of dollars.”
​  Ukraine also has colossal reserves of natural gas and oil, in addition to neon, nickel, beryllium and other critical rare earth metalsFor NATO’s leadership, Russia and, in particular, China can’t be permitted access to these resources. The war in Ukraine must, therefore, continue indefinitely, and negotiations with Russia mustn’t be pursued.​..   
..Where all this is heading is unclear, but what’s obvious is that Western leaders are acting with reckless disregard for the future of humanity.
Their bet is that Putin will never deploy nuclear weapons
, despite his many threats to do so and recent Russian military drills to deploy tactical nuclear weapons. Given that Russian use of nuclear warheads might well precipitate a nuclear response by the West, the fate of humanity hangs on the restraint and rationality of one man, Putin

Israeli Campaign Against Gaza May Kill 186,000 or More — 8% of Population: The Lancet​

​  'It’s permissible to shoot everyone' in Gaza: Six IOF (Israeli occupation force) soldiers testify​    Six Israeli soldiers present harrowing testimonies as they recount how their fellow soldiers routinely executed Palestinian civilians to release pent-up frustration or alleviate boredom.​  

​  Israel Bombs Youth Soccer Game at School in Gaza, Killing 'at Least 31 People'  (I could not bring myself to watch the recording of the game.)
Israel on Tuesday used a US-supplied bomb to airstrike a group of kids and families gathered at a soccer match at a school in Gaza, killing at least 31 people and wounding dozens more.

​  'Israel' kills 33+ children through malnutrition, starves all of Gaza
A group of UN experts has warned that starvation, imposed by "Israel", is spreading throughout the entirety of the Gaza Strip.​

​  Israeli Official Says It’s Clear Netanyahu Doesn’t Want a Deal With Hamas
Al-Monitor reports the US wasn't surprised by Netanyahu's list of demands that could sabotage a deal
 “Anyone wanting to succeed in fateful and difficult negotiations does not emphasize the gaps and difficulties twice a day, but tries to emphasize the agreements and the prospects. It is clear to all of us that Netanyahu simply does not want the deal,” the unnamed senior official said.
​  Israeli officials believe Netanyahu is trying to ensure a deal isn’t reached before his address to the US Congress in Washington later this month. A ceasefire agreement could lead to a collapse of his coalition government as National Security Advisor Itamar Ben Gvir has threatened to quit. Officials also think Netanyahu wants to hold out until November in hopes that President Trump is re-elected.​

​  WHO: There is no safe place in Gaza, evacuation orders hinder treatment of injured
The WHO Director-General concluded his post by calling for a “ceasefire in Gaza.”
​  The Israeli occupation forces are intensifying their land, air, and sea attacks on various areas in the Gaza Strip amid a large wave of displacement in the areas of eastern Gaza, while battles and clashes continue in the Al-Shuja’iya neighborhood and the city of Rafah.​

The Israeli occupation has been prohibiting the entry of aid into Palestine for 65 days amid support and complicity from the United States.​

​  PATRICK LAWRENCE: Netanyahu Goes for Broke
  In perfectly clear language, the Netanyahu government has effectively announced that its policy is to widen what is now the assault on Gaza, the IOF’s escalating aggressions in the West Bank and Israel’s provocations along Lebanon’s southern border...
​..As The New York Times reported last week, illegal settlers, under IOF protection, have stolen more land from Palestinians so far this year, typically at gunpoint, than at any time since the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993West Bank sources report that up to 9,000 Palestinians have been arrested since the events of last October — mostly boys and young men, those typically inclined to organize an armed resistance movement.
​  In my read this is the West Bank’s version of the assault on Gaza. No F–16s, tanks, or heavy artillery this time: Deploying these would risk serious international opprobrium. No, the West Bank campaign will be waged more or less invisibly — a farm or an olive grove, a village or a murdered teenager or a kilometer of road at a time...​..The larger war, the war beyond the West Bank, is of course another matter. Israel knows full well it is incapable of waging anything like a “seven-front war” on its own: It is failing in the Gaza Strip as we speak.
​  Netanyahu has chosen this moment to mount a go-for-broke attempt to bring the U.S. into some kind of once-for-all conflict that would leave Israel supreme in the region — and so would instantly threaten to be the world’s most dangerous war — since who knows when...
..A couple of week ago, as things heated up along Lebanon’s southern border, Biden told Netanyahu — or says he told Netanyahu — that if Israel invades south Lebanon it will do so without American support. Another red line, it seems. Biden has drawn as many of these as there are stripes on Old Glory.​..
..There is the obnoxiously pronounced confidence Netanyahu displays when describing a wider war well beyond Israel’s capabilities. And there is the power the Israel lobby exerts in Washington, not least over Biden, who has received more funds from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC — more than $4 million during his Senate years alone — than anyone else holding elected office.
  Late last month the U.S. Navy made one of those quiet logistical moves that sometimes seem to reveal more than intended. It sent an amphibious assault ship, the USS Wasp, into the waters of the eastern Mediterranean off the Lebanese coast. Among its other capabilities, the Wasp is designed to manage large-scale evacuations.
  But an American official told The Associated Press, a little defensively I’d say, “It’s about deterrence,” implying the deployment is part of Washington’s diplomatic effort to prevent a dangerous war between Israel and Hezbollah.
  Wait a minute. Just who is the Wasp intended to deter? Neither Hezbollah nor Iran wants a war with Israel any more than the U.S. wants to see one. No need of deterrence there.
  And a ship off the Lebanese coast is not going to deter Israel: It stands unambiguously to encourage “the Jewish state” in its effort to bait the U.S. into the big war for which it spoils.
  While one ship near Lebanese waters does not signal any grand new commitment to a grand new war — let us not over-interpret — the message seems clear: We don’t want a new war on our hands, Bibi, but if you provoke one, well, we’ll have to be there for you, “standing with Israel.”

​  Israel’s defense minister OKs plan to start drafting ultra-Orthodox
​  Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant approved a plan on Tuesday to start drafting ultra-Orthodox Jews into the military, a move likely to further strain relations within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fractious right-wing coalition.
​  His government relies on two ultra-Orthodox parties that regard conscription exemptions as key to keeping their constituents in religious seminaries and out of a melting-pot army that might test their traditional customs.​ Their political leaders are fiercely opposed to conscription at a time when Israel’s army is seeking to bolster its ranks amid the nine-month-old war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.​

​  Netanyahu Has Altered Travel Plans Due To ICC Warrant
​  The controversial arrest warrant of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has actually altered the travel plans of Israeli leadership, Kan public broadcaster and Times of Israel have reported.​  "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considered, then decided against, visiting the Czech Republic and Hungary on the way to the United States when he travels to address Congress on July 24, the Kan public broadcaster reports, amid fears the International Criminal Court was readying an arrest warrant against him​."​

​  Andrew Korybko looks at longstanding tensions between Asian colonial powers, China and Japan.
The Japanese-Philippine Military Logistics Pact Raises The Risk Of War With China

  Setting expectations as low as possible: UK finances worst since 1945 – chancellor
 The UK’s new Labour government has inherited the worst economy since the Second World War, the newly appointed chancellor of the exchequer, Rachel Reeves, has said. Reeves took charge of the country’s finances after Labour won 412 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons in last week’s general election, ending 14 years of Conservative Party rule.
  “I have repeatedly warned that whoever won the general election would inherit the worst set of circumstances since the Second World War,” Reeves said in a speech at the Treasury on Monday. “We face the legacy of 14 years of chaos and economic irresponsibility,” she added, accusing her Tory predecessors of acting out of “political self-interest” as part of a “government that put party first, country second.”

  Pierre Kory MD, Scientific "Consensus" Loses A Legal Challenge
​  In a recent development in the defense of Dr. Charles Hoffe against the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons, the judge ruled that the College has to prove its alleged "incontestable truths."​

Filipino lawmakers sound alarm over 290k excess deaths following COVID jab rollout​

​  Jessica Rose Ph.D.  Bird Flu Summit in the regal Pentagon City, DC
Mass Fatality Management Planning. Hmm. Why do we need “management planning” of mass fatalities exactly? Maybe it will be needed when “Delivery of Vaccine and Antiviral Medication” starts up again via forced “Medical Countermeasures”?​

​Michael Snyder has more,  During The “International Bird Flu Summit” In Washington D.C. In October They Will Discuss “Mass Fatality Management Planning”

Baby Died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Three Days After Vaccinations​ Tragically typical​

​Also a recurring theme:  Childhood Vaccine Injury: 18 Months Old Stopped Talking After DTaP Vaccines

Protective Grandfather (pictured with Atlas examining a young oak tree)

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Which One

 Discerning Probabilities,

  I've been ruminating excessively about the upcoming presidential elections, which seem to be Nationalist vs. Globalist, with Trump and Kennedy running for nationalist concerns and Barack Obama appearing to be the preferred DNC/Globalist candidate, though they can't officially run him for president. They can run "Joe Biden" for POTUS and Obama for VP, because he just "can't be elected" 3 times to the office. They can run Michelle Obama if she will deign to run, but she doesn't want the abuse she'll get if she does. Kamala Harris could run as Michelle's VP, to keep the many millions of $US in the Biden-Harris war-chest. 
  It doesn't look like the DNC want to dump "Joe Biden" before the election, but if they did, they could put in Harris as POTUS and candidate, and run Barack Obama as her VP, though it would have Harris headlining the ticket, Yuck!

  Is Viktor Orban secretly or overtly in-league with Donald Trump, the anti-NATO? Will this nationalist/conservative cancer in Europe and the US coalesce into one big illiberal tumor of prudence and discernment? "The horror, the horror..."

  What missile hit the Children's Hospital in Kiev? A whole side of a hospital wing was evenly stripped of windows, which a directional-fragmentation warhead could do.
The video here can be paused click by click to show a long, thin missile, coming down at a steep angle, which has small fins in the middle, and medium fins near the back, maybe not at the very back. It is not hypersonic, not glowing white.

  Some claim that it is a cruise missile, a KH-101, but KH-101 has big wings in the middle and fins at the back and also an external jet engine. Those features are lacking.

  It does not look like a Patriot, which has very clean lines and small fins at the back. It does not look like the huge-finned S-200 missiles that Ukraine has used against surface targets sometimes. It also does not look like an S-300, which has very clean lines and small rear fins, like a Patriot.

  It does look consistent with a Soviet era 2K12 "Kub" or "Sam-6" in NATO parlance, 1970s surface to air missile, fired from a mobile, motorized platform and having a 132# fragmentation warhead. This was a popular and much-exported air-defense missile.

  Norway-Supplied Air Defense System Fired Missile That Hit Hospital in Kiev - Russia's UN Envoy
  An air defense missile that hit a children's hospital in Kiev was likely fired from a Norway-supplied NASAMS system, and Russia is waiting for a reaction from Oslo in this regard, Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vassily Nebenzia said on Tuesday.

(Maybe the same?) Ukraine Situation Report: U.S. Confirms NASAMS Air Defense System TransferUkraine is getting a modern medium-range SAM system  

  Gilbert Doctorow, NATO celebration of its 75th anniversary at a Summit today in Washington, D.C.
  First, I was called upon to confirm the obvious: that the Ukraine war will be the leading subject for discussion among the assembled NATO leaders. This is so because it is the glue that holds the Alliance together today and gives it justificatory purpose. The expected presence of the self-proclaimed, presently unelected president of Ukraine Zelensky at the gathering is a token of the prominence that will be given to the Ukrainian question. However, this does not mean that there will be any date set by the Alliance for Ukraine’s being admitted. That eventuality is pushed back with the horizon as time marches on, the reason being that there is no unanimity among Alliance members on the point, and unanimity is an absolute requirement.
  The mood in Washington is unlikely to be celebratory for several reasons, beginning with the political travails of several key members and due to the latest activities to defang NATO by one member, Hungary...
..The energetic, very brave and apparently effective efforts of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban to shake up the EU and NATO these past several days indicate that Uniparty rule in Europe under the aegis of Washington’s ventriloquist dummies Ursula von der Leyen and Jens Stoltenberg may be coming to an end.
  Within a day of taking over the six-month rotating Presidency of the European Council, Orban flew to Kiev to discuss with Volodymir Zelensky prospects for a ceasefire and opening of peace negotiations, followed by a similar mission to Moscow where he was received on short notice by President Vladimir for two and a half hours of talks.  Orban’s trip was denounced by von der Leyen as a betrayal amounting to appeasement of Russian aggression. He was denounced by Charles Michel of the European Council for acting without mandate from the EU.  However, Orban responded that he was not acting in the name of the EU but in the name of humanity, to spare us all further escalation of the conflict in the direction of Armageddon, where it is now headed absent any effort by the West to enter into direct diplomacy with Moscow. He successfully publicized in meetings with journalists that peace will never be achieved by bureaucrats, meaning the entire flock of unelected EU officials busy preening their own feathers; it will come about thanks to politicians opening up communications channels between the warring parties.
  What has received little or no attention in mainstream is that in parallel with diplomatic travels that yesterday took him to Beijing, Orban’s Hungarian team has been busy building a new bloc of like-minded deputies to the EU Parliament who are taking their seats in Brussels as we speak. So far, to my knowledge, he has signed up MEPs from 12 countries under the name Patriots for Europe, and they will constitute the third largest bloc in the Parliament. This group will oppose the status quo domination of European politics by the Center Left-Center Right coalition of the European People’s Party and the Socialists and Democrats party.  The rallying cry of the Patriots for Europe is "less Europe", meaning less intrusive EU Institutions, legislation, regulation and debt financing. They are calling for restoration of national sovereignty, stricter control of the borders to keep out illegals, and other causes that have broad popular backing but have been opposed, suppressed or marginalized by the EU powers that be these last five years.  None of this bodes well for NATO, of which nearly all EU Member States are participants.
   Finally, I was privileged to be given the opportunity on WION to discuss the latest news from Kiev about a missile strike, allegedly by the Russians, that yesterday destroyed a children’s cancer hospital in the capital with loss of life among medical staff and patients.
  As I noted, responsibility for this brutal act must be laid at the door of Mr. Zelensky, and not Mr. Putin. It fits perfectly into the pattern of false flag events that have been choreographed by intelligence operatives from Great Britain and the United States in a number of countries over the past decade, with particular attention now to Ukraine.
  Very conveniently for Mr. Zelensky this disaster occurred the day before today’s opening ceremonies for the 75th anniversary of NATO in Washington. It provides him and other speakers at this Summit with a rallying cry against Russia’s alleged inhumanity and violation of the rules of war in the Ukraine conflict, all for the purpose of rousing the participants to approve still more munitions and money for Kiev.
  Similar coincidences have marked many of the false flag events of the past.  The cold-blooded murder of civilians in Bucha occurred in March 2022 just days after Kiev disavowed its signature on a draft peace treaty with Russia at the urging of Boris Johnson. It was a convenient post fact justification for doubling down on the war against the Kremlin.
  Similarly, the death of Russian Opposition leader Alexei Navalny in his prison camp occurred very conveniently the day before the opening of the 2024 Munich Security Conference to which his wife, now widow had been invited to speak.

  Gilbert Doctorow,  A tale of two cities: have we seen a ‘surge to the Left’ in British and French elections?
  In this brief essay, we will look behind the bald facts of vote counts and strive to make sense of where the UK and France are headed. What does the latest news tell us about the ‘managed democracies’ in Europe? ...
  In Britain, Labour won a landslide victory, taking absolute control of Parliament and ending 14 years of Tory chaos and misrule. In the American vernacular, British voters were given the opportunity to ‘throw the bums out’ and they availed themselves of it.  ​Labor leader and incoming Prime Minister Keir Starmer achieved this success by having expelled from the party the genuinely Leftist former leader Jeremy Corbyn and taken up the winning ‘New Labour’ centrist position first defined by former Prime Minister Tony Blair...
..In France, Macron’s party, or ‘movement,’ yesterday lost its tenuous hold on parliament, coming in second to the New Popular Front, as the united Left parties call themselves, in a three-way race. Macron and his supporters could savor a victory of sorts by having risen from the ashes of the European Parliament voting on 6 June and of the first round of balloting for their national parliament a week ago, when they appeared to enjoy no more than 15 – 20% of voter support. Now they hold nearly a third of parliamentary seats and can hope to forge a coalition with the united Left parties to keep their sworn enemies, the so-called ‘Extreme Right’ National Rally of Marine Le Pen, away from the levers of power. The outcome is what political commentators call a ‘hung parliament’ in which two of the three rival blocs of deputies will try to form a ruling coalition while the President tries to stand above the bickering and back-stabbing while exercising near-dictatorial powers of legislating by decree.
  That there will be a lot of bickering is beyond doubt: the single most prominent voice in the New Popular Front is that of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, head of the France Unbowed party. He is the embodiment of anti-capitalist spirits within the country, and though he claims that the Left is ready to govern, and though he or one of his allies may well be tapped by Macron to form a cabinet, it is hard to see how parliament and president can cooperate on anything whatsoever in the days and months ahead.  It is nearly certain that France will continue its descent from relevance within the EU and within the world at large that the dimwitted and cowardly François Hollande oversaw from his CIA-stage managed electoral victory back in 2012 onwards...
..The strength of the Continent-wide system of power sharing and coalitions is its ‘progressive’ appearance, its very inclusiveness.  Inclusiveness, let us remember, is the new divide between Conservatives and Liberals, whether it goes by the name ‘identity politics’ or not.  It long ago replaced policies for how you divide up the economic pie among contending strata of the population. On the Continent, many different parties get to share in the responsibilities and spoils of power.
  I put the accent on ‘spoils,’ because I maintain that coalitions are a formula for institutionalized corruptionGovernments are formed by back-room deals among the various parties in the agreed coalition. Ministerial portfolios are allocated with scant attention to the competence of the appointees for the given post, looking instead to the need to reward top party personalities for their adherence to the coalition.  And the policies set out may well be in sharp contradiction with one another, meaning implementation can well be inconsistent and ineffective. There can be no better illustration of the pitiful results of coalition building than the current federal government of Germany, where ill-educated and wholly incompetent ministers such as Annalena Baerbock at Foreign Affair and Economy Minister Robert Habeck are a disgrace to the good name of European statesmen and women from generations past.
  Let me emphasize here that a hung parliament was precisely the wish of Macron and his immediate entourage when they understood that there was no chance of their own list of candidates holding onto power alone and there was every risk of Le Pen getting an absolute majority. The pro-Macron forces of French politics are strongly pro-market, as one would expect from a leader who entered politics after making his career in the counting rooms of the Rothschild bankers and brokers. Yet, out of purely opportunistic calculations, in the week between the first and second rounds of balloting, they reached agreement with the New Popular Front on which of the two would withdraw their candidate from the race in given electoral districts so as to better ensure victory over Le Pen’s party there.  It worked, but will the resulting parliament work?  That seems not to interest M. Macron at this moment.​

  American, British and Canadian troops in NATO’s forward bases in Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania are being told to prepare for deployment to the Ukraine next year. They are also being warned to expect to fight under heavy Russian artillery, missile, guided bomb, and drone strikes.
  This message is also intended to slip into the hands of Russian military intelligence and find its way to the Kremlin. There, Moscow sources believe, the intelligence is interpreted as provocation — part of the US and NATO scheme to escalate NATO attacks in the Black Sea and deep into Russian territory, in order to encourage Russian counter-attacks against NATO targets, triggering thereby Article Five of the NATO Treaty and collective NATO force intervention to follow.
  Additionally, Russian sources interpret the intelligence as confirming that the US will not allow capitulation and replacement of Vladimir Zelensky and his regime in Kiev — so no denazification, which is one of the two main objectives of the Special Military Operation.  Also, no peace terms will be countenanced short of Russian withdrawal from Crimea and the four regions of Novorossiya, and the military defeat of the Russian Army. So, no demilitarization, the second of Russia’s long-term security objectives.
  The immediate General Staff response has been to devise “soft” measures to combat the US, UK and other NATO airborne electronic warfare units which are providing guidance, targeting, launch timing and flight manoeuvre of Storm Shadow and ATACMS missiles, as well as coordination of Ukrainian aerial and naval drone strikes...
..Under growing domestic pressure to counter attacks as damaging to civilians as the Sevastopol beach strike of June 23,   President Vladimir Putin has been making a sequence of statements of calculated ambiguity, if not of strategic deception. One interpretation of this by security analysts in Moscow is that the president is avoiding the provocation trap, creating instead a record of peace terms he is offering, confident they will be dismissed in Kiev, Brussels, London, and Washington. This is to reserve Russian freedom of action for now, reverse the blame later on.  
  On Friday, in Putin’s remarks to the press after meeting at the Kremlin with Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban – currently the rotational president of the European Union Council – Putin repeated his peace terms offer and his expectation of their rejection: “We remain open for a discussion on a political and diplomatic settlement. However, the opposite side only makes clear its reluctance to resolve this issue in this manner. Ukraine’s sponsors continue using this country and its people as a ram, making it a victim in the confrontation with Russia.”  ...
..Putin is not alone in the war staff – the Stavka  – in suspecting provocation by the Americans and British while they prepare for escalation to direct war. Too, the Stavka recognizes this was Stalin’s problem interpreting intelligence from Tokyo and Berlin, especially Richard Sorge’s cables from December 1940 through the early days of June 1941, warning of Hitler’s preparations to invade across the Soviet border.
  Moscow sources are sure that avoiding Stalin’s catastrophic misjudgement of Hitler’s timing is a priority of Putin’s and of the General Staff’s.  Misjudging the timing of the US coup in Kiev of February 21, 2014, almost cost the loss of Sevastopol and Crimea; misjudging the readiness of Ukrainian forces at Hostemel on February 24, 2022,  cost the lives of at least 300 Russian paratroopers, failed at triggering regime change in Kiev, and doomed the peace negotiations in Istanbul of March 30...  
“We told you so” is not a refrain the Kremlin is hearing now from the General Staff for the first time.  
..“What happened to no NATO, and de-Nazification?” a military source asks.  “The Americans,   Ukrainians, British have been escalating and the president has been temporizing in response,” he answers. “I don’t believe Orban is just making overtures in Hungary’s interests either. He’s an emissary for Trump’s end-the-war plan”.
  The source is referring to Orban’s boostering for Trump’s election in November. “You can criticize [Trump] for many reasons,” Orban has said, “but the best foreign policy of the recent several decades belongs to him. He did not initiate any new war, he treated nicely the North Koreans, and Russia and even the Chinese … and if he would have been the president at the moment of the Russian invasion [of Ukraine], it would be not possible to do that by the Russians. Trump is the man who can save the Western world.” ...
..Moscow sources suspect Orban told Putin he is Trump’s go-between on terms for ending the war in the Ukraine. Orban openly hinted at this himself, telling the press after their meeting   “we will not achieve peace without diplomacy, without channels of communication.” As Trump’s channel, Orban then repeated Trump’s recent claims that he will end the war the day after he wins the election on November 5. “I wanted to know what the shortest road to end the war is. I wanted to hear Mr President’s opinion on three important questions, and I heard his opinion. What does he think about the current peace initiatives? What does he think about a ceasefire and peace talks, and in what succession can they be carried out? And the third thing that interested me was Mr President’s vision of Europe after the war.”...
..There is no Russian military confidence in Trump’s proposals, or in Orban’s version of them, or in the Russian oligarchs also presenting themselves to the Kremlin as go-betweens...
..The milbloggers leave no doubt that the USAF Global Hawk (RQ-4B) electronic war drone has returned to Black Sea airspace from its new base in Romania  to direct the new Ukrainian raids.  Zvinchuk’s Rybar has also reposted a report on NATO preparations for basing NATO ground forces, manned aircraft, and drones on Romanian territory, as well as for repairing HIMARS and other artillery units salvaged from the Ukrainian battlefield,  in order to return them to action...
..NATO is approaching Russia’s borders from the other side , by Gevorg Mirzayan
​  The NATO bloc will become a global one in the medium term, t​he experts say. They are referring to the possible advance of the alliance in the Pacific region – directly at the borders of China and the Far Eastern borders of Russia. How will this happen and how can it affect relations between Russia and China?
​  The leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance has announced its readiness to participate more actively in East Asian affairs. This is ostensibly a response to China’s actions.​..

..The Chinese claim NATO has no place in East Asia, if only because the organization will bring with it only conflicts and wars. “All countries of the Asia-Pacific region are committed to promoting peace and development. Americans need to respect this commitment and also work for peace and development, and not bring block confrontation and conflict with them to the region,” the Chinese Embassy in Washington has said in a statement.  
​  However, the Americans seem to ignore these accusations. The arrival of NATO in East Asia has already been resolved for them —  it will be implemented under whatever administration comes next. And the statement about China’s partisan involvement in the Ukrainian crisis is just an excuse, as well as a rhetorical device in order to put pressure on the European countries and convince/force them to support the expansion of NATO to the Far East.
​  “The fact is that Europe is trying to avoid genuine participation in the military confrontation with China. And it motivates this by the fact that the confrontation with Russia is already difficult enough. Europe is ready to support the United States verbally, but at the same time it is not even ready to allocate money for the far​-east confrontation, not to mention sending the military to the shores of China,” Vadim Trukhachev, associate professor at the Russian State University, explains to  Vzglyad.
​  “The Americans are really creating a global planetary player or a police organization out of NATO. And they’re not shy about talking about it – to argue that not only American bases, but also European and other bases should restrain China. All this has already been implemented in the form of small missions, and now the Americans are pushing the topic of creating NATO rapid reaction forces. Now these troops consist of 30,000 people, but they want to increase them to 300,000,” Andrei Klintsevich, head of the Center for the Study of Military and Political Conflicts, explains to Vzglyad.​..Such international forces, Polish, German, French and Italian, would operate outside national command and control.  “That is, at any moment, the NATO general picks up the phone and, on instructions from Washington, issues a directive to certain units without the approval of their national parliaments. And the troops are flying away to carry out the multinational task,” Klintsevich continues.
​  Europe’s sluggish resistance to the prospects of such a deployment is the last problem on the way to the Far Eastern expansion of the alliance. Moreover, there are already enough countries in the Far East which are ready to support the arrival of NATO in the region.​

2nd local radio host says they were given questions ahead of Biden interview​, "Yes, I was given some questions for Biden," Earl Ingram told ABC News.​

​  The DNC have a little under 6 weeks to find the most popular way to put Barack Obama in as the Vice Presidential candidate, or get Michelle Obama to run for POTUS, while keeping either Joe at the top of the ticket for Barack, or Kamala as Michelle's running mate, to keep the Biden-Harris funding war-chest accessible. "Discuss among yourselves."
​  "Our Finest Hour": Democratic Insiders Support "Blitz Primary" After Blocking Primary Competition
​  proposal is circulating in Washington to dump President Joe Biden and hold a “blitz primary” to choose a replacement. The proposal is the work of Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown University law professor who worked in the Obama and Clinton administrations, and Ted Dintersmith, a venture capitalist and education philanthropist. The proposal is gaining support with party insiders and repeats the hyperbolic claim that this is essential to avoid a “democracy-ending defeat.”​...
​..The authors promise an “uplifting” path in which candidates would pledge not to attack each other. They would then have a few weeks as named celebrities like Oprah and Taylor Swift would moderate discussionsDelegates would then use ranked voting before the August 19th convention.​

Israeli Newspaper Confirms IDF Employed ‘Hannibal Directive’ on October 7
​  Following the unraveling of the mass rape claims, it now looks like the fact that Israel killed many of its own citizens on Oct. 7 is beginning to leak out into the mainstream media.
​  Of course, many have pointed this out for months and were vilified as antisemitic conspiracy theorists for doing so.​ The Washington Post ran a whole hit piece on Electronic Intifada and others like The Grayzone back in JanuaryWhile it’s a positive to see Haaretz finally report on the Hannibal Directive, it’s about seven months too late.​..
​..Will the State Department still pretend it knows nothing?
​  Will WaPo issue an apology? That’s unfortunately probably about as likely as news of the Hannibal Directive in Haaretz having any effect on Israel’s ongoing destruction of Gaza. As of the time of this post Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu continues to insist that any Gaza ceasefire deal must allow Israel to resume fighting until its “objectives” are met.​..
..The Israeli newspaper Haaretz​  reported Sunday that Israel’s military repeatedly employed a protocol known as the “Hannibal Directive” during the October 7 Hamas-led attack in an attempt to prevent the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers—even if it meant putting the lives of army captives and civilians at risk.
​  Haaretz found based on documents and interviews with soldiers and senior Israeli officers that Hannibal—an operational order developed in 1986 that “directs the use of force to prevent soldiers being taken into captivity” by enemy militants—was used “at three army facilities infiltrated by Hamas, potentially endangering civilians as well.”
​  During the first hours of the Hamas-led attack, according to Haaretz, Israeli soldiers were given an order: “Not a single vehicle can return to Gaza.”​

​  Meeting Netanyahu's "objectives":  Gaza death toll could reach half a million: Lancet
The leading medical journal says that 'indirect deaths' of Palestinians from Israel's destruction of civilian infrastructure would far exceed those killed directly by the bombing
​  Israel's assault on Gaza could lead to between 149,000 and 598,000 Palestinian deaths if it were to end immediately, as estimated by experts for The Lancet.
​  The medical journal published a research correspondence between physicians and public health experts on 5 July on the difficulty of accounting for the number of those killed by Israel's war on Gaza, highlighting that both direct and indirect deaths should be considered.
​  The Gaza Health Ministry has reported over 38,000 Palestinians killed since the beginning of the war.​  But counting the dead and injured has become increasingly difficult for the ministry as the war drags on, now entering its tenth month, the contributors wrote.
​  The ministry traditionally relies on data from hospital officials in the besieged enclave, who receive the injured and bodies of the dead. However, Israeli bombing has destroyed many of Gaza's hospitals and brought its entire health system to the brink of collapse.
​  Confirming the number and identities of the dead is also difficult because many are buried under the rubble of homes and apartment buildings bombed by Israeli forces, often in the middle of the night as Palestinians sleep.​

Gaza deal must allow Israel to keep fighting – Netanyahu​, The Israeli prime minister’s statement comes after Hamas accepted a key part of a ceasefire proposal​

US ambassador to Japan comments on American military sex crimes​, Rahm Emanuel has expressed regret over the incidents but fell short of apologizing​

​  Food Without Farms: Coke, Nestlé, Pepsi Among Ultra-processed Food Giants Running Global Food Policy
New research sheds light on the complex web of ultra-processed food producers that control global food and health policy. The findings drive home concerns for a future of agriculture without farmers​

​Meryl Nass MD, on one of those global corporate "food projects":  Wellcome Trust and Lancet among the sponsors of this monstrosity, termed EAT. The same criminals.

​  U.S. Infant Mortality Rate ‘Disproportionately’ Higher Than 16 Other Countries
Children and teens in the U.S. are dying at higher rates than their peers in 16 other high-income countries, according to a research letter published Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. The U.S. infant mortality rate consistently exceeds those of other high-income countries.​

​  Two Infants Died Within Hours of Receiving RSV Shots, CDC Internal Emails Show​   "First do no harm."
Freedom of Information Act documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense reveal that two infants died the same day they received nirsevimab, marketed under the brand name Beyfortus, a monoclonal antibody shot approved last year for infants for the prevention of RSV.​

  Professor Anthony Hall, From COV-19 to Synthetic Design: Forcing a Shift to the Genetic Modification of Humans
​  Elaborate patterns of fable and fairy tales are deeply woven into the ongoing chimera of COVID-19 as well as the lineup of successor illnesses being prepared to further our demise. The original frauds in 2020 included a totally inaccurate system of COVID tests designed to create massively amplified numbers of so-called “COVID cases.”
​  Added to this heavily-hyped means of creating phantom “cases,” were high rates of drug-induced homicide in nursing homes. The mortality of a sizeable portion of elderly patients was rushed to fruition with the help of the likes of midazolam mixed with morphine.....In Canada in 2020, for instance, over 80% of supposed “deaths by COVID” were in nursing homes. The heightened death rate in these places provided much of the grist for the propaganda mills used to scare the population into believing a lethal plague was gaining momentum.​..
​..Such manipulative fakery drove the formation of regimes of deception that continue even now to impose on humanity new attacks of unregulated experimentation in gene-modifying bouts of “synthetic biology.”...
..The mRNA/lipid nanoparticle injections administered in the name of fighting COVID-19, became the cutting edge of the wedge of a much larger ongoing scheme. That scheme is to systemically alter the delivery of medical treatment to humans through various techniques for altering of our genes. The widespread embrace of this radical new approach, whose outcomes remain unknown, amounts to an extension of the illegal Covidian experiment on human subjects without our informed consent...
..Seen in retrospect, Operation COVID was in large measure a psychological operation aimed at delivering mergers of military and medical experiments on the largest part of the global population. In the process the human genome of our entire species has probably been transformed in ways meant to create platforms for further genetic engineering. If present patterns continue, this engineering is meant to be in line with AI and the robotization of altered hominids as well as surviving humans...
..Depopulation was and is one of the objectives of the COVID injection procedures. This genocidal project was anything but “therapeutic” for the people it killed and injured, as well as for the survivors still among us. Among the key culprits in this many-faceted crime against humanity were the hoax-addicted media conglomerates together with the perverse fakes that have seized control of a now-deeply corrupted medical profession.
  As the World Health Organization-declared pandemic got rolling, the pronouncements of talking heads on TV, including the medical health officers employed by state, provincial and national governments, raised public panic to such high levels of hysteria that reasonable public discourse was purposely rendered virtually impossible...
..As the lockdowns compounded the severity of the devastation in the global economy, bankers like Larry Fink, the founder and CEO in charge of the financial leviathan BlackRock, put puppets like Trudeau Jr. in Canada in charge of deciding what businesses and what people were to be declared “essential.”
  To execute their designs the bankers and their agents called the shots in generating much new fiat currency that they loaned to governments with the outcome that large amounts of added patronage money became available to the political puppets whose strings the financiers pulled...
..The bankers’ bribery of their puppet leaders came, of course, with conditions attached. These conditions required captive governments to mandate injections and punish the so-called “unvaxxed.” The Covidian initiates included many law enforcement officials, including judges, who were also subjected to a collective ultimatum that they must do whatever was required to cancel the constitutionally-codified rights and liberties of citizens in many countries.
  A telling example of the kind of financial arrangements integral to the pandemic’s larceny was the designation of big box chain stores as essential services while making sure that mom and pop shops would be shut down. The result of this kind of kleptocratic discrimination was a huge upward transfer of wealth from the poor and the middle classes to a much expanded and further-enriched billionaire class.
  To not be picked as “essential” amounted to being designated as redundant and disposable. This division set in motion a worldwide onslaught featuring unprecedented levels of shut downs of small and medium-sized businesses, wholesale bankruptcies, soaring unemployment, and breakdowns of many kinds in supply chains.
  Such catastrophes extended into the socio-economic sphere through skyrocketing rates of suicides, domestic violence, homelessness, addictions and the like. To this day all these syndromes and more manifestations of societal breakdown continue to intensify and proliferate on full public display in many of the world’s cities and towns.
  Meanwhile companies like BlackRock and the malfeasant drug companies like Pfizer, J and J, and Murderna have seized the towering heights of corporate dominance. This takeover by favoured corporations is based on their being showered with gifts and advantages by governments...
..The so-called Clot Shots were and are the opposite of “safe.” When it comes to the issue of “effectiveness,” however, the ironies abound. The question naturally arises: Effective for what? ...
..If it happens, however, that the real purpose of the COVID injections was to initiate a massive global campaign of depopulation, then the initiative seems firmly pointed towards effectiveness. The same could be said about effectiveness if a real agenda is to lead the survivors of depopulation into robot-compatible forms of transhuman enslavement through the development of “synthetic biology.”
  And then there is the question of whether Operation COVID-19 encompasses larger objectives like opening the way to pre-planned resets of financial and political interactions with the goal of concentrating more power and wealth in fewer and fewer hands...
..Clearly the scale and depth of the Covidian deceptions has grown considerably since the strange developments in Wuhan began to grab global attention back in January of 2020. We need to remind ourselves of how far the Covidian revelations and transformations have come from the days of the original contrived controversy over whether that celebrity virus had jumped onto humans from wild life species residing in a Chinese wet market.
  To this day there has been no public reckoning with those who pushed so many lies upon us to justify unloading so much harm on our public safety, or economic viability and our violated rights and freedom. The continuing obfuscation about where we have been and where we are headed is as intense as it is foreboding. The lies are not easing up. In fact the disingenuousness from those claiming to be our governors remains in acceleration mode.
  Let me conclude this section by returning to the early stages of the power grab. From the inception of the manufactured COVID crisis, scientific findings were regularly downgraded and ignored to enable politicians to obtain power, maintain it and rise in the ranks of puppet opportunists...
..Skeptical perspectives on the Covidian crimes have been at best an undercurrent of most legislative bodies. Nevertheless, critical perspectives from within the decision-making entities of government have helped to encourage and anchor those millions of citizens who have understood that the supposed public health crisis which began in 2020, is something quite different from how it has been depicted by many mainstream sources.
  In the United States Senator Ron Johnson utilized the US Congress to create forums to present the expertise and practical knowledge of many learned critics of the Covidian orthodoxy as pushed uniformly by coalitions of some of the world’s most powerful agencies.
  A similar phenomenon developed because of the efforts of a small group of Members of the European Parliament that gathered around the eloquent critiques developed by MEP Christine Anderson.
  In the Westminster Parliament in the UK, British MP Andrew Bridgen became, like Anderson and Johnson, the point person for Covidian skepticism based in the UK’s primary seat of government.
  With some few small exceptions, elected MPs in the Canadian Parliament have, as individuals and as members of political parties, failed to organize events creating platforms to enable some of Canada’s leading Covidian skeptics to articulate their positions...
..In mid June the United Conservative Party Constituency Association of the Calgary-Lougheed riding organized an event entitled “An injection of Truth.”
  Highlighting Dr Byram Bridle, Dr William Makis, Dr Eric Payne, Dr Jessica Rose, Dr Chris Shoemaker, Dr David Speicher, and Dr Mark Trozzi, the event brought together some of Canada’s most expert researchers and medical practitioners critical of Canada’s policies of mass injections.
  All of the presenters listed above have faced considerable persecution and even deplatforming for confronting lies and crimes of the promoters of the manufactured COVID crisis. A particular emphasis running throughout all of their presentations was the travesty of injecting children.​

​Genetically Intact  (featuring a picture of various ripe hot peppers from our garden)