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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Whose Murdered Corpse

​Corpus Delicti,​

The news this morning turns promptly to the fallback position, more believable, that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in his cell, and gently hung to dry with some flimsy safety-sheets. (The face of the corpse did look like it was bruised against floor or wall, and it looked like blood in the ear canal, which comes from violence, not self strangulation.) Now, it appears that several bones in the neck were broken, including the hyoid bone, just above the Adam's apple. That's a sign of assault, though it could be broken by a traditional drop-hanging execution, which would break the neck by design.
What i do not see yet, is any evidence that this is the corpse of Jeffrey Epstein. 
His brother identified it as Jeff. Did he smile? 

 The possibility exists that Epstein isn’t actually dead. A 4chan post purporting to be from an MCC employee, posted before news of Epstein’s alleged demise was made public, claims the disgraced financier was taken to the jail’s medical unit just hours before his alleged suicide and points to a suspicious van coming and going, undocumented per the prison’s usual procedures, at the same time as his potential route of escape. Comparisons of “Epstein”’s corpse to images of the living Epstein appear to show completely different ears, a unique and difficult-to-fake body part. Others have questioned why there was a photographer on hand to snap photos of the body leaving the prison in the first place and pointed out the article accompanying the photo referred to a "body believed to be Epstein's." Epstein's brother allegedly identified his body, but if there was a plot, he'd be in on it, ready to milk the jail for millions in a wrongful death suit - a possibility Barr seems to be setting in motion by attacking MCC for "failing to adequately secure" their famous charge. The "celebrity pathologist" who observed the autopsy on behalf of Epstein's lawyers also "helped investigate" the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. There is no smoking gun, but there is an Epstein-sized plausible-deniability gap to slip through.  

"Epstein's Body" has already been claimed by an "unnamed associate". 
Possible follow on comment tomorrow: 
"Jeff dearly wanted his brain and penis to be frozen in suspended animation for future generations, but since that's not possible, we just cremated him."

OK, then, Ghislaine Maxwell is still missing...
Tech CEO and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Scott Borgerson has refuted a Daily Mail report that Jeffrey Epstein's former "best friend" and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, is living at his "secluded oceanfront property" in New England, according to Axios.
"I'm in Europe right now and there isn't anyone in my house but my cat," Borgerson told Axios, adding that he's asked the local police to check the house for any signs of the 57-year-old Maxwell. He also said that while he knows Maxwell, the two are not dating. 

The Mises institute usually has an Ayn Rand axe to grind, but not in this story, an excellent analysis of the rise and stagnation of the $US as global reserve currency since WW-2. The trajectory is predictable. The easy and cheap goods that flood the country that prints the reserve currency, kill the native industry of that country, while funding global military expansion and hedonic decadence at home. Then stuff resets.

Classes start September 2.
The riots in Hong Kong are about to end.
 The protests, as originally started in June, were against a law that would have allowed criminal extraditions to Taiwan, Macao and mainland China. The law was retracted and the large protests have since died down. What is left are a few thousand students who, as advertised in a New York Times op-ed, intentionally seek to provoke the police with "marginal violence":
 Such actions are a way to make noise and gain attention. And if they prompt the police to respond with unnecessary force, as happened on June 12, then the public will feel disapproval and disgust for the authorities. The protesters should thoughtfully escalate nonviolence, maybe even resort to mild force, to push the government to the edge. That was the goal of many people who surrounded and barricaded police headquarters for hours on June 21.

America's Hybrid War Against China Entered a New Phase (Quite Chinese-partisan in flavor, but useful information and perspective.)

How much participation will this guy get? Will Hong Kong residents actually stage a run on mainland banks? 
Prominent Hong Kong pro-independence political activist Chen Haotian has called for a run on Chinese banks, asking that everyone withdraw their money on the same day.  

More good analysis on India's Hindu Nationalist Invasion of Kashmir: 
 It is difficult to see how India’s inflexible opposition to international mediation can benefit India or — much more importantly — the twelve million inhabitants of Indian-administered Kashmir.  The decision by Prime Minister Modi to annul Article 370 of the Constitution and thus abolish the special status of Indian-administered Kashmir was simply a movement in his ultra-nationalist campaign to ensure supremacy of Hindus. Since 1948 the Article has meant that the territory’s citizens have their own Constitution, their own laws, and the right to property ownership, with non-Kashmiris not being permitted to buy land.  It is this last that is a major life-changer for the region, because southern Hindus will now be encouraged to by land and property, and gradually (or perhaps not-so-gradually) displace the Kashmiris themselves.
 Modi promised “new opportunity and prosperity to the people” — but if he thought, before he made the announcement about annulment of citizen’s rights, that this would be greeted with enthusiasm and that his policy would indeed benefit the people of the territory, then why did he send “tens of thousands of Indian troops . . . in addition to the half a million troops already stationed there”?  Why did the Central Government “shut off most communication with [the territory], including internet, cellphone and landline networks”?

 The British territory of Gibraltar will on Thursday release an Iranian oil tanker seized by Royal Marines in the Mediterranean in July, the Sun newspaper reported, citing sources close to Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.
​ ​Picardo would not apply to renew an order to detain Grace 1, the report said, adding that he is now satisfied that the oil tanker is no longer heading to Syria.

 You may not have heard of Ellen Brown but she is without a doubt the world’s most persistent advocate for public banking.
​ ​So what, you may ask! What she is fighting for is a change in our banking system so that it serves the people and not the bankers. If we were to do so we could have a society with no public debt, no need for austerity policies, average people would live better lives, education would be free.
​ ​The difference between public banking and private banking is simple. When the banks are privately owned, a few senior bankers and the shareholders reap the benefits. With public banking everyone shares the benefits.
​ ​One of her blogs is entitled How Banks Secretly Create Money and she quotes Sir Josiah Stamp who was President of the Bank of England and the second richest man in Britain in the 1920s. He addressed the University of Texas in 1927:
​ ​“The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented….. if you want to continue to be the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.”

​Responding with Love to a Civilization in Crisis (Many good points I agree with. I expect both collapse and creation. I think the tsunami is already lapping at our feet. I'm at work.)​
 O​n average civilizations have lasted about 336 years. Most of us are aware that modern civilization has become deeply unsustainable, but many do not realize that we are heading toward civilizational collapse. Today’s civilization is increasingly complex, while social inequalities are deepening, our environmental impact is growing, and the climate is changing. When all four of these indicators rise together, the likelihood of collapse is greater.
​ ​The collapse of modern civilization marks a decisive moment in human history. What we face is a turning point between two futures: The Great Transition and the Great Unraveling. The Great Transition describes a future in which society is comprehensively reorganized to sustain itself in dynamic equilibrium with the Earth’s systems. Humans have never before sustainably organized a global society at such a high level of complexity, but for the first time in history it may be possible to live in a globally interconnected, technologically advanced, sustainable civilization - what some call an ecological civilization...
​ ​Often, responses to collapse are fractured along single issues, narrow theories of change, disciplinary boundaries, national borders, and in some cases identity politics. This fracturing reveals a deeper problem: a crisis of perception about the nature of human beings and our relationship to each other and the world.
​ ​Today’s culturally dominant worldview is based on a fundamental dualism and an atomistic view of life that privileges individualism and independence over interdependence. This view of separateness or otherness has affected the ways we relate to each other and to the non-human world. It allows one seemingly arbitrary category to be culturally valued over another: male over female, mind over body, reason over emotion, the universal over the particular, human beings over nature, ‘civilized’ over ‘primitive’. Historically, this has led to the worst forms of injustice, including sexism, racism, colonialism and ecocide. And it has enabled crises of oppression, exploitation, extractivism, and the devaluing of life in general.
​ ​Positively addressing the collapse of modern civilization thus calls for a shift away from a worldview based on separation and dualism to an ecological systems view based on interconnections. The systems view provides our current best understanding of nature, but practicing it requires not just intellectual engagement or reflection but fundamentally changing the way we experience and relate to the world. This not only calls for a shift in consciousness, but also a new way of understanding how transformation happens.
​ ​The truth is, we need new cultures of practice that integrate personal and social transformation without maintaining a false divide between the inner and outer, as if they represented two totally different spheres. The systems view allows us to become more aware of the non-separation between these spheres, and the necessity to build care-based systems and structures that enhance the quality of our relationships to each other, to non-humans, and to the life cycles of nature.

​Agent of Change​

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Epstein's Dead Ringer

Invisibly Manipulated,

Charles Hugh Smith looks at implications for how the exercise of power actually works in the western empire.
So exploiting vulnerable girls served the "national interests" and therefore it's all OK. If we're supposed to believe this is the heart of the matter, how is America any different from a corrupt developing-world kleptocracy organized to gratify a handful of oligarchs and their cronies?
Or perhaps the "he was an intelligence asset" is just a tissue-thin cover for a much more destructive reality: those at the top of the American state have no moral compass at all. That honeypots and blackmail are standard-issue tools of spycraft targeting individuals in the employee of other nations is a given, but presumably the CIA doesn't recruit 14-year girls as bait (although nothing should surprise us at this point)...
Many of us sense an existential crisis is close at hand, and the U.S. is ill-prepared for such a crisis. Possibilities broached by others include a global war, a break-up of the U.S. into regional states, or a civil war of some sort.
My bet is on a moral and financial crisis in which the ruling elites and the federal state lose their legitimacy, i.e. the consent of the governed. As their Federal Reserve "money" loses value and the corruption of the ruling elites and the government they control reaches extremes, the citizenry will no longer heed their corrupt, self-serving "leaders."

 What has been turning over in my mind in the hours before dawn today is the question of how high in the global power structure Jeffrey Epstein was (or even "is"). The official story is that he was a very high class playboy pimp to global elites with a network of powerful "friends", like Clintons and UK royals, and Al Gorem and Ehud Barak and ad nauseum. We know that Wexner of Victoria's Secret just handed over hundreds of millions of dollars of assets to Epstein to "manage". Wexner looks like Gollum. What's up with that? It is there to observe that Epstein was at a fulcrum of vast global influence on the workings of the gigantic machinery of empire. What pay-grade does that make him? Above or below Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney? I ask because it is a big question how protected the upper levels of elite imperial functionaries are. 
 How protected do they have to be, and how secure in that protection, to do the horrific crimes they do every day, entitled by their positions?
How does that protection get proven to them? The Clintons remain quite protected, though the list of Arkancides below is pretty damned long.
It seems that the first Epstein story is that he suicided in prison, and everybody is scoffing at that, for all of the right reasons. It never happened in that facility before. He was their highest value prisoner, and the sheets are made of heavy toilet paper. The back up story is obviously "Arkancide", that the hand of power reached out and snuffed Jeff to shut off the court discovery that has started to reveal his blackmail evidence on so many elite functionaries of power, whose purview includes ordering fancy hits.
There is another, perhaps even more disturbing possibility, which is that Jeffrey Epstein is high enough in the works of the real machinery of power, that he has to be elaborately saved from all consequences, to keep others at his level assured enough to keep doing their ugly jobs.

 You see the image on the site, and can look at the images below, one of which is the same, as I send this. The other is the image the site had yesterday. The faces on yesterday's image don't look the same when you examine specific anatomic details, like ear creases, nose shape and eyebrows. I found the ears particularly different. Today's pictures look about the same. One is a fresh photo, and the photo on the gurney has been mirror flipped and maybe photo-shopped a tiny bit.
 What are the implications if Jeffrey Epstein was a highly enough talented functionary of imperial power to make it worthwhile to murder a body double on a tight time schedule, sneak Epstein out of a monitored jail cell and sneak the freshly killed body in, to discover and fail to resuscitate?
What are the implications for New York? What for the US? What for the poor Coroner, who has yet to release a report, and seems to be getting a lot of help-and-advice? 
 Most folks know how JFKs autopsy was faked, moved from doctors in Dallas, to a military hospital in Bethesda, with inexperienced doctors doing it, and generals in the room. Pictures of the wounds were swapped out and so on. 
 I am very interested in how much proof is going to be provided that the corpse is that of Jeffrey Epstein. If that is not absolutely proven in multiple ways, I will not believe that it is. "DNA report" is not going to convince me. 
 Fingerprints, dental x-rays, close up photos not photo-shopped, body measurements, hands, all those details are important for independent and widespread verification of identity.

Slavecraft, Roadmap for Erotic Servitude-- Principles, Skills and Tools
That's one of 3 similar titles that were on an Amazon receipt, addressed to Jeffrey Epstein, in Jeff's trash, a decade or so ago, when it got searched. 
 Master-slave relationship psychology is pretty fancy reading. Who are slaves and who are masters in any hierarchy? 
It's relative to position, right? There are class divides, too. 
What kind of "master" does it take to really master this kind of arcane network? 
Epstein appears to have been uniquely talented; maybe still is...

Here is a currently complete list of Clinton friends and associates who died mysteriously or committed suicide just before testifying. 
We can include Jeffrey Epstein for now. Seth Rich is mentioned, but doesn't get a number. It would be #47. Epstein would be #48.

Anyone in his position would say this, right?
AG Barr Says Epstein Case Will Continue, Says ‘Co-conspirators Should Not Rest Easy’

Ghislaine Maxwell has been located:
The 57-year-old British heiress was discovered laying low in a $3 million "secluded oceanfront property at the end of a long private road" in New England with her boyfriend, 43-year-old tech CEO Scott Borgerson, according to the Daily Mail.  

Out of Network Charges Apply:
​ ​For Gabbard, the road to Damascus began with her initial deployment to Iraq and continued through her 2009 deployment to Kuwait. Having enlisted in response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Gabbard instead found herself engaged in a “regime change” war in Iraq predicated on the lie of weapons of mass destruction. It then continued through the halls of Congress, following Gabbard’s successful bid for office in 2011. From her position as a member of the Armed Services Committee, she watched as the al-Qaeda enemy she’d fought in Iraq morphed into ISIS and spread its influence into Syria.
​ ​Over the next few years, Gabbard saw how the Obama administration began, in her words, “funneling weapons and money through Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and others who provide direct and indirect support to groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda” in an effort to overthrow the Assad regime. “If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS,” Gabbard declared via Twitter, “we would be thrown in jail. Why does our gov get a free pass on this?”
​ ​For someone who watched her fellow soldiers die fighting al-Qaeda in 2005, the Obama policy of supporting terrorists, whether directly or indirectly, as part of a new regime change war against Syria was a betrayal of that sacrifice.

​Tulsi Gabbard remains low in "Approved" DNC Polls, despite her popularity​. 
​ ​Since June 28 (the first day of the time in which polls can be counted towards September qualification), Gabbard has hit 2% or higher in eight different polls, which is more than the already-qualified Klobuchar and Yang.
​ ​Yet, the DNC only counts one of those as an approved poll, meaning Gabbard still needs three more polls to her resume. If she can’t do that, missing the September debates will be a de facto death blow to her campaign.

​Caitlin Johnstone:
​  Mass media narrative managers have been throwing a fit ever since Senator Bernie Sanders criticized The Washington Post for providing unfair coverage of him at a New Hampshire town hall on Monday.
"Anybody here know how much Amazon paid in taxes last year?" Sanders asked the crowd.
"Nothing!" the crowd answered back.

"See, and I talk about that all of the time, and then I wonder why The Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, doesn't write particularly good articles about me. I don't know why," Sanders said.
 The reaction has been swift and furious. Outlets ranging from NPR to CNN to Fox Newshave claimed that Sanders' comments are "Trump-like" and "echoing Trump". CNN's segment on the story insinuated multiple times that there is no evidence for Sanders' claims of biased coverage by WaPo...
​ ​During the hottest and most contentious point in the 2016 presidential primary, documented the fact that The Washington Post published no fewer than sixteen smear pieces about Sanders in the span of sixteen hours. This sixteen-hour window included Sanders' debate with Hillary Clinton in the tightly contested state Michigan, where Sanders went on to score a narrow but hugely significant upset victory. To say that WaPo has a history of bias against Sanders is not conspiratorial, Trumpian or lacking in evidence, it's an intellectually honest acknowledgement of an undeniable and well-documented fact.  

Will the Justice Department really hammer Google? (Maybe just re-tweak the algorithms?)
​ ​A former Google insider claiming the company created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms – in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content – delivered roughly 950 pages of documents to the Department of Justice’s Antitrust division Friday.  

In the UK, the latest poll says 54% of Britons want "Brexit by any means". They shall probably have that. What will it mean?

Finian Cunningham: 
 Since Boris Johnson took over as Britain’s new prime minister three weeks ago he has been holding intensive phone calls with US President Donald Trump, according to media reports. There is a buzz that the much-vaunted “special relationship” between the US and Britain is finding new ardor...
 The intensity of renewed alignment between Washington and London saw Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton visit the UK capital this week. During two days, Bolton had a flurry of meetings with top figures in Johnson’s hardline Brexit cabinet. It was reportedly the most senior American delegation to Britain since Johnson took over in 10 Downing Street on July 23.
 Last week, Dominic Raab, the new British foreign secretary, was in Washington where he was greeted at the White House by Trump. Raab subsequently gushed to media about how “effusive” the American president was towards Britain’s plans under Johnson to quit the European Union on October 31 without a departure deal. The so-called “hard Brexit” option...
​ ​Johnson and his government are assiduously courting the Trump administration. London needs to find favor with the White House in order to avail of a US-British trade deal as a substitute for the EU, which has up to now been Britain’s biggest market for imports and exports.​..
  What this all means is that Britain is set to pander even more than usual to Washington’s imperious foreign policy. The Anglo-American axis has been responsible for numerous criminal wars in the Middle East and countless other subterfuges. Washington and London have worked together to escalate hostility and tensions towards Russia.

In the 1920s and 1930s The Bureau of Home Economics did many thousands of taste test experiments and promotions to influence and shape the American diet and the products of American agriculture. The goal was something like market excellence. This is very interesting.
By 1931, according to the Chicago Daily Tribune, Alexander had "tasted and tested the left hind legs of more than 2,300 lambs."


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Seeking Real Friends

Treated Shabbily,

Matt Taibbi has an informative Rolling Stone article about Tulsi Gabbard's policy positions, and how she came to them, and excerpts from the interview, with video link.
The campaign against Gabbard is part of another remarkable shift in the Democratic Party. Barack Obama’s star began to rise as a presidential candidate 12 years ago, in 2007, when asked in a debate if he’d be willing to meet with Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea.
Obama said he would, that “it is a disgrace that we have not spoken to them.” He added: “The notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them — which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of [the Bush] administration — is ridiculous.” He went on to cite, as Gabbard has done, the example of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, who both met with Soviet leaders.

It is true that Hillary Clinton pushed back against Obama’s position in that debate, calling it “irresponsible,” but the moment was a key in endearing Obama to liberal voters who were tired of Bush’s gunboat lunacy. The episode also helped define one of the more meaningful policy differences between Clinton and Obama. But the progressive position that meeting with dictators and/or adversaries is not only defensible but desirable no longer has any representation in major America media.

​Tom sends this article from Ellen Brown about the Chinese economic model, which bleeds the economy at fewer points in the food chain than the western neoliberal model does. The west did not grow up and thrive under neoliberalism, either. Neoliberalism extracts value.
​ ​Just as the U.S. had engaged in a Cold War to destroy the Soviet communist model, so Western financial interests set out to destroy this emerging Asian threat. It was defused when Western neoliberal economists persuaded Japan and the Asian Tigers to adopt a free-market system and open their economies and companies to foreign investors. Western speculators then took down the vulnerable countries one by one in the “Asian crisis” of 1997-8. China alone was left as an economic threat to the Western neoliberal model, and it is this existential threat that is the target of the trade and currency wars today.

​Spy software through the decades that feeds critical information to Mossad, Promis first, they Carbyne. 
Maxwell and Epstein. the last quarter of this long article has info on Promis and Carbyne. 
Robert Maxwell Ghislane Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein tied to top Israeli officials and Mossad by best global spyware ever.​ Thanks Travis.
​ ​Narativ, which wrote the first expose on Carbyne after Epstein’s arrest, noted that the Chinese government uses a smartphone app very similar to Carbyne as part of its mass surveillance apparatus, even though the original purpose of the app was for improved emergency reporting. According to Narativ, the Chinese Carbyne-equivalent “monitors every aspect of a user’s life, including personal conversations, power usage, and tracks a user’s movement.”

​Middle aged white guy Jim Kunstler:
​ ​Speaking of “stabbing motherfuckers in the heart,” why are the “progressives” who moiled outside Senator Mitch McConnell’s house the other night not cooling their heels in a federal lock-up for threatening to assassinate a public official? That’s the usual procedure. How difficult would it be to locate them? Nobody has even asked — a peculiar development.
​ ​Twitter boss Jack Dorsey took the predictable “progressive” action of banning Senator McConnell’s election campaign account for posting a video of the very mob looking to “stab motherfuckers in the heart” outside his house.

​Twitter reinstates Mitch McConnell ​... after Republican party threat to pull all ads. (Guess he's learned the error of his ways)
​ ​Together the organizations contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars into Twitter’s ad revenue – for example, Trump’s re-election campaign alone had forecast between $300,000 and $500,000 in Twitter spending for August, the campaign told The Post.  

​C.J. Hopkins sounds like an entitled cis white male, right? Thanks cis-het Eleni in Athens.
 If you enjoyed the global corporatocracy’s original War on Islamicist Terror, you’re going to love their latest spinoff, The War on White Supremacist Terror. It’s basically just like the old War on Terror, except that this time the bad guys are all white supremacists, and Donald Trump is Osama bin Laden … unless Putin is Osama bin Laden. OK, I’m not quite sure who’s Osama bin Laden. Whatever. The point is, the Terrorists are coming!
 Yes, that’s right, some racist psycho murdered a bunch of people in Texas, so it’s time to “take the gloves off” again, pass some new kind of Patriot Act, further curtail our civil liberties, and generally whip the public up into a mass hysteria over “white supremacist terrorism.”

Moon of Alabama is on a roll:
 China is unlikely to stop buying preferentially priced oil from Iran at least as long as the current trade war with the U.S. continues to intensify. It is also unlikely to join the U.S. 'coalition'. But it will protect its commercial interest - i.e. its ships that haul goods between Iran and China.
 China fears that the U.S. 'coalition' will confront its ships for breaking unilateral U.S. sanctions. The British did just that with the Iranian tanker they pirated at Gibraltar. There is also a historic precedence that demonstrates the necessity to protect Chinese ships against such U.S. schemes:
 It is remembered much better in China than it is in the United States, that in 1993 the PRC was the most conspicuous victim of principled US piracy in the matter of the shipping vessel Yinhe.

There Will Be No Russian Military Base In Iran, Moon of Alabama. Pat sent me this. 
The article was bullshit propaganda. Sorry. 

Moon of Alabama has good facts and history regarding India's current Hindu Nationalist push into majority Muslim Jammu & Kashmir. The history related to the formation of India, Pakistan, and mostly autonomous Jammy & Kashmir is particularly helpful context.
 When the U.S. incited and supported Muslim extremists to attack the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, the movement spilled over into Pakistan and J&K. During the 1980s and 90s a Muslim insurgency, supported by Muslim Pakistan, fought against Indian soldiers. Hindu inhabitants of J&K were pushed out. The 12.5 million inhabitants of J&K are since under Indian occupation. Between 500.000 and 700.000 Indian soldiers are stationed in the state. During the last decades the conflict largely ceased and there were recently not big incidents. Up to today Pakistan had no current interest to escalate the issue.
 But the fascist Modi government, just recently reelected, needs to feed its radical Hindutva base. J&K's special status protected its inhabitants from overwhelming migration of Hindus from main India. Modi will now push his followers to move into the state. His aim in the end is to create a majority Hindu state in a currently majority Muslim one.
 Last week India ordered all tourists to leave J&K. Since yesterday all communication lines to J&K are cut. Local leaders were put under house arrest and all schools and public institutions are closed. Thousand of troops were additionally send into J&K.

 ​ ​Local reports are describing a total communications blackout in Indian states Jammu and Kashmir that's so bad many don't even know New Delhi revoked the region's political autonomy early this week. The region has essentially been cut off from the rest of the country and the outside world, with a security blockade and checkpoints also set up by the military.

​More in depth about Kashmir. The people of Kashmir have been deeply betrayed after a lifetime of mostly-trust of India.
R​esponding to Betrayal​

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Epstein's Arkancide

Telling No Tales,

​ ​The apparent suicide comes just hours after a massive trove of documents was unsealed in a case linked to Epstein, in which one of his victims said she was forced to perform sex acts with high profile individuals, including former Maine Sen. George Mitchell (D), former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), money manager Glenn Dubin and MIT professor Marvin Minsky.
​ ​Virginia Giuffre, now an adult, says she was also sent to modeling executive Jean Luc Brunel and the late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, according to parts of a 2016 deposition she gave. The testimony by Giuffre, who claims she was a “sex slave” for Epstein from 2000 to 2002, expands on her previous allegations, in court filings and tabloids, that she was forced to have sex with the U.K.’s Prince Andrew and Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz. Both men have​ ​strenuously denied those allegations.

​(​The big deal, of course is Bill Clinton's 26 flights on the "Lolita", and Epstein's ties to founding the Clinton Foundation, and probably it's activities in Haiti and Kosovo, and of course the Mossad puppet​-​masters.)

​First 2000 pages of Epstein documents hit about the time his lifeless body was discovered. 
If only this death could have somehow been prevented... C'est la vie.
​ While Epstein's ties to former President Bill Clinton and other famous figures are well known - all of whom have tried to distance themelves in recent weeks, much has been made about the relationship between President Trump and the pedophile financier.
 Following a 2011 article by journalist Sharon Churcher claiming that Donald Trump was a "good friend of Jeffrey's," Guiffre was asked to clarify Churcher's possible misquote that "Donald Trump was also a good friend of Jeffrey's," and that Trump "Didn't partake in any" of -- "any sex with any of us but he flirted with me."
 "It's true that he didn't partake in any sex with us, and but it's not true that he flirted with me. Donald Trump never flirted with me," said Guiffre. 

​Epstein, or How Your News is Cooked, Ilargi at The Automatic Earth looks at how media has been showing the picture of Epstein with Trump, who got away as soon as he got wind of Epstein's game, not pictures of friend-of-Epstein, President Bill, who really did fly Lolita a whole lot.

 The death of John F. Kennedy ushered in a new age of pessimism and cultural irrationalism from which our society has never recovered. The destruction of a long term vision as exemplified by the space program, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the New Deal projects had resulted in a tendency within the population to increasingly look upon present pleasures as the only reality, and future goods as the mystical expression of the sum of present pleasures. In this new philosophical setting, so alien in previous epochs, money was permitted to act as a power unto itself for short term gains instead of serving the investments into the real productive wealth of society. With this new paradigm shift into the “now”, a new economic model was adopted to replace the industrial economic model which had proven itself in the years preceding and following World War II.
​ ​The name for this system was “post-industrial monetarism”. This would be a system ushered in by Richard Nixon’s announcement of the destruction of the fixed-exchange rate Bretton Woods system and its replacement by the “floating rate” system of post 1971 fame. During that same fateful year of 1971, another ominous event took place: the formation of the Rothschild Inter-Alpha Group of banks under the umbrella of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which today controls upwards of 70% of the global financial system. The stated intention of this Group would be found in the 1983 speech by Lord Jacob Rothschild: “two broad types of giant institutions, the worldwide financial service company and the international commercial bank with a global trading competence, may converge to form the ultimate, all-powerful, many-headed financial conglomerate.”

​This may be the default "way forward", a trade and currency WW-3 of starvation blocks to trade. Mohamed El-Erian is a globalist, a smart one.
...with the US-China row now extending beyond economics to include national-security and domestic political issues, the best-case scenario on trade is a series of ceasefires; the more likely outcome is escalating tensions.  

​China bailed out the Turkish central bank in June. What might be the quid pro quo? Turkey remains in play.  

​Monsanto vs. Neil Young? Really?
​ ​The Monsanto "Fusion Center" - the name of its internal counterintelligence organization - produced detailed graphs on the Twitter activity of rock musician Neil Young, who released an album in 2015 called the Monsanto Years. The center "evaluated the lyrics on his album to develop a list of 20+ potential topics he may target" and created a plan to "proactively produce content and response preparedness."
​ ​At one point, Monsanto officials were "closely monitoring discussions" about a concert featuring Young, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews.


Friday, August 9, 2019

World Starvation War

Murdered Slowly,

Sister Caitlin in Oz:
(I think the US has been subsumed by the Evil Empire of Sith Lords, but I can't see them. They are hidden. They mind control the politicians. The last Jedi warrior got shot in Dallas, when I was a kid. "There was another", but he got shot in LA.)
Reports coming out of Venezuela claim that President Maduro has just seized a shipment of food with the explicit goal of starving the Venezuelan people into submission.
Oh wait, no, sorry, I misread that. Did I say Maduro? I meant America
"Venezuela’s Vice president Delcy Rodriguez denounced Wednesday that a ship containing 25 thousand tonnes of Soya has been seized in the Panama Canal due to the U.S. blockade while calling on the United Nations to take action against the 'serious aggression' that impede Venezuela 'right to food'," reports TeleSUR English.
"The shipment seizure comes just days after Trump signed an executive order Monday that imposes a near-total blockade on government assets in that country, which includes an embargo against food suppliers, among other basic inputs," the report reads.

Russia has made deals with Iran for Russian military to be stationed at 2 Iranian ports for the foreseeable future, and also for Russia to develop Iranian oil fields and control all the oil pumped from them and get it for about 2/3 of open market value. This is not a very good deal for Iran, which has always been wary of Russia. It does look like the only deal, though. Iran payed too much for the ho-hum S-300 missile system, too.

In what context does this make sense? 4 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in an ambush, which President Zelinsky believes to have been sprung by Donetsk separatists, who really want to be left alone in peace. This makes it harder to negotiate (again) peace. Zelinsky called Putin to ask him very nicely to help the Donetsk Russian-Ukrainian-separatists not sneak attack Ukrainian soldiers, so they can all negotiate peace and cooperation again. (I have to wonder who really did the sneak attack, maybe somebody does NOT want peace, but who could that be?)

It's a bad year for American farmers, with bad weather, and the loss of Chinese markets, and the last 6 years of losing money in the rear-view mirror. Fortunately, these weaponized pawn of the empire will be able to carry much higher debt loads into bankruptcy. The banks would rather foreclose in a good year than a bad year, I'm sure. (I presume this legislation has a clause somewhere to let us save the bankers from losses.)
The bipartisan bill, designated as the Family Farmer Relief Act of 2019, increases the total debt load of how much a farmer can have to meet the qualifications to file Chapter 12 bankruptcy, to $10 million from the prior $4 million ceiling.
According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, operating a farm today involves much higher costs than it did three decades ago. Experts say without a complete reform of the law, mom-and-pop farmers would be subjected to Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which is expensive and chaotic.

Department of Pre-Crime, Thanks Eleni.

 ​The FBI has published a document that concludes that “conspiracy theories” can motivate believers to commit crimes.
​ ​Considering the growing acceptance of pre-emptive arrest, that is, arresting someone before they can commit a crime that they are suspected of planning to commit, challenging official explanations, such as those offered for the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King or the official explanation for 9/11, can now result in monitoring by authorities with a view to finding a reason for pre-emptive arrest.
​ ​What the FBI report does, intentionally or unintentionally, is to define a conspiracist as a person who doubts official explanations. In other words, it is a way of preventing any accountability of government.Whatever the government says, no matter how obvious a lie, will have to be accepted as fact or we will be put on a list to be monitored for preemptive arrest.
​ ​In effect, the FBI’s document reduces the First Amendment, that is, free speech, to the right to repeat official and prevailing explanations. Any other speech is a conspiratorial belief that can lead to the commission of a crime.

US Calls China "Thuggish Regime" For Releasing Identity Of US Official Caught Meeting With HK Protesters​ (Pot, you're black...)

India is moving on Kashmir after gutting Kashmir's constitutional protection and turning off electricity and communications. China may be tied down in other areas, and Pakistan is much smaller than India.
Citing local media, Reuters described that "troops on the border had exchanged heavy fire and that Pakistani troops have fired mortars in the clashes." The exchange of fire took place according to local media at the Sunderbani Sector along the Line of Control (LOC) after 10pm local time, with each side blaming the other for breaching a ceasefire.
Though few details were given, especially with a near total communications blackout on the Indian-administered side in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), military observers have been expecting intensifying shelling and clashes between the nuclear armed rivals after earlier this week the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata leadership in New Delhi revoked Article 370 of the constitution which protected Muslim-majority J&K's special autonomous status.
Unverified social media reports from regional observers say the death toll is mounting amid a broad Indian crackdown on its side of the LOC.

​It's so hard to know what to do!
The study found that American agriculture has become 48 times more toxic to insects over the past 25 years and pinned 92 percent of the toxicity increase on neonicotinoids, which were banned by the European Union last year due to the threat they pose to bees and other pollinators.

​Missing Honey​

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Free Falling Already,

  Suicidal young men want their lives to have meant something as they sacrifice themselves to a cause. The cause might be anything. 
This is typical human behavior. Look at history. 
For the "right cause", we call them "heroes". 
Young men, profoundly unhappy, and willing to die, are part of human society. They always have been. 
They typically get harnessed into the plans of the powerful. Recruiters seek these guys. Sometimes they detonate on their own. 
They typically have had traumatic childhoods and a failure to fit into society and get their social needs met. 
They are suicidal and marginalized. They act to get revenge, get their pride back, stand for something and end their lives in one decisive act.
Jim Kunstler:
​ ​In a nation afflicted by fads, crazes, manias, and rages, mass murder is the jackpot for nihilists — begging the question: why does this country produce so many of them? Answer: this is exactly what you get in a culture where anything goes and nothing matters. Extract all the meaning and purpose from being here on earth, and erase as many boundaries as you can from custom and behavior, and watch what happens, especially among young men trained on video slaughter games.
​ ​For many, there is no armature left to hang a life on, no communities, no fathers, no mentors, no initiations into personal responsibility, no daily organizing principles, no instruction in useful trades, no productive activities, no opportunities for love and affection, and no way out. This abyss of missing social relations is made worse by the everyday physical settings for everyday lives based on nothing: the wilderness of parking lots that America has turned itself into.

​Mike Kreiger:
​ The consequences of past actions and the imminent failure of a global paradigm that’s dominated human existence for decades can no longer be delayed. They’re coming to the fore as I write this and yet all the media and most people can focus on are the symptoms of failure. Past events lead to future events and there are in fact consequences for irresponsible actions. The various things people panic about on a daily basis are typically symptoms that can be traced back to a macro system failure, but nobody wants to talk about that. It’s too big, too daunting and seemingly impossible to fix absent collapse.
 Yet outrage, anger and a cry to “do something” about symptoms of a much bigger problem will only result in an even more entrenched surveillance state going forward. Focusing on symptoms is not just short-sighted and a waste of energy, but it’s also likely to lead toward more authoritarian solutions and tendencies over time. Misdiagnosing a disease can be as deadly for a civilization as it can be for an individual...
​ ​Which brings me to the main point of this piece. It’s imperative those of us who can see the bigger picture stay as focused and as humane as possible while things fall apart. It’s possible to fight for what’s right without dehumanizing other people. We must resist all efforts by the media, pundits and even those around us to suck us into the collective insanity vortex infecting people across the political spectrum. After all, if we don’t, who will?

Angrier version, Jim Quinn:
 Despite the bullshit propaganda unemployment rate propagated by government apparatchiks and obediently parroted by the corporate media, people in the real world know their wages haven’t kept up with the real inflation rate for the last twenty years. When 40% of the working age population doesn’t work and the propagandists report a 3.7% unemployment rate, it takes a supreme level of willful ignorance to swallow that big lie. The feeling of cognitive dissonance among the populace is creating a nation of angry, disillusioned, frustrated victims.

The Gulag of the Mind, Charles Hugh Smith
In a peculiarly human pathology, we now believe the exact opposite of reality: our abuser is our savior, we're getting wealthier when in fact we're getting poorer, the government will always save us, even though the government is the problem, not the solution, and we're entitled to all sorts of good things even as the entire system clings to a veneer of normalcy that is increasingly difficult to maintain.

"China just went nuclear in trade war, There's no turning back now" (Except China did not go-nuclear. China has a lot to lose and needs to keep dry ammunition in reserve. It is trade-warrior Trump pressing the assault., China only excluded US agricultural commodities, and put a 67% tariff on pork. Importantly, China is paying $US to support the Yuan/Renmenbi at 7/$US, which costs them a lot. China is forced to support their currency internationally, since they want it to be seen as stable, as a viable alternative to the $US. Tremendous costs are being imposed upon the Chinese financial system, which is known to hold vast, cancerous bad debt in every corner. China needs to win-by-not-losing. The Western financial empire would prefer that China fail first, rather than divorcing UK/EU triggering the big crisis.) 

The US exited the INF, Intermediate range Nuclear Force agreement with Russia, because China was not bound by it and has massively expanded intermediate range missile assault capabilities.
 “Our strategic competitors are China and Russia, principally, in that order,” Esper recently said.
​ ​This can be seen in the formal decision by the US to exit the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia. While on the face of it, it looks as if the US is directly taking action against Russia (and don’t get me wrong, it totally is doing that as well), the fact remains that the US wants out of this treaty because it was concerned it was limiting its ability to combat China in the Asia-Pacific theater...
​ ​“I experienced the treaty’s [INF Treaty’s] shortcomings firsthand while serving as a deputy assistant secretary of defense under Secretaries Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates. Since China was not party to the agreement, it was not required to follow the treaty’s rules. As a result, it was unconstrained in pursuing not only theater nuclear capabilities but also land-based conventional precision strike systems. Today, China possesses up to 2,650 land-based missiles of types that would be banned if it was party to the INF. These weapons, most of which are non-nuclear, pose a threat to US and allied air bases in the Western Pacific as well as US and allied naval forces, principally US aircraft carriers.”
​ ​This is also the current strategy of the Trump administration according to Esper himself, who openly referred to China’s missile arsenal while stating that “80 percent plus of their inventory is intermediate range systems, so that shouldn’t surprise them that we would want to have a like capability.”  

China masses troops on Hong Kong border, and issues warnings, but does not invade, which would threaten global financial recognition of Hong Kong's "special status" and separate currency. It would be like the UK losing the City of London. Warnings, and gangsters in white shirts, and more tear gas from Hong Kong police are what is being deployed. Chinese people have a long history of massing in the streets and forcing change. The PRC regime needs to appear stable, prudent, wise and needs to prevail for the long term.
 China warned protesters in Hong Kong they would soon be punished for “criminal acts,” refusing to rule out military force to restore order as near-daily demonstrations have plunged the city into chaos.
 Demonstrators are causing “Hong Kong to slide into a dangerous abyss,” said Yang Guang, a spokesperson for the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, which reports directly to China’s cabinet. “As for their punishment, it’s only a matter of time.”
 The Chinese government will never allow any acts that challenge national unity, sovereignty or security, he said, sternly reminding residents that the People’s Liberation Army was a “strong and reliable force that defends every inch of its territory.”

Ilargi at The Automatic Earth points out that China's rapid expansion on all fronts over the past 20 years gives it big vulnerabilities, also.: 
Beijing wants both: central total control AND a prominent place in world trade. And it may take them a long time to figure out that is not going to happen, unless of course they first conquer the entire world militarily. That is not an option, at least not for the foreseeable future. Come see me next century.

Eleni sends this, which information I have seen repeatedly in different formats, over the last 17 years or so. This is a really concise summary of what made the 9/11/01 destruction of buildings, investigators and records critical to the Bush/Cheney Faction of the Deep State.
Why was September 11 chosen as the day of the attacks? Was there something specific about that day?
​ ​240 billion dollars in fraudulent Brady Bonds were issued under a national security directive by Bush in September of 1991. They were 10-year Brady Bonds that came due and payable on September 11th, yet they were fraudulent bonds created for a national security event (see: the Great Ruble Scam).
​ ​The SEC issued an act on 9–12–2001 allowing all financial securities, domestic and foreign, to clear through the securities clearing system anonymously for the first and only time in history and contrary to all national security directives regarding US government securities. On September 16, 2001 the SEC issued a second act making the first act issued on September 12th retroactive to September 11th and effective for 15 days, through September 26.
​ ​This allowed the fraudulent bonds to be cleared anonymously and destroyed without a trail to who owned the bonds and cashed in their securities, so the bonds were cleared, paid out and left untraceable as to where they originated and in regard to who purchased/owned them and cashed them in at their 10-year face value.

​Tulsi Gabbard story from Helen of DesTroy says Tulsi is calling out "Assad Apologist" smear, which people have had a good chance to doubt.
​ Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard slammed MSNBC – and mainstream media in general – for dredging up her meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad every time she goes on TV, calling the endless repetition “propaganda.”
 “Every time I come back on MSNBC you guys talk to me about [Assad],” Gabbard said, clearly exasperated but not losing her composure. “It sounds to me like these are talking points that Kamala Harris and her campaign are feeding you, because she’s refusing to address the questions that were posed to her,” she continued as the host stammered and tried to interject.

Department of "duh"...
Health Insurance Companies are Useless (parasites), Get Rid of Them 

The UAE may be about to change sides in the Saudi war on Yemen, or at least quite militarily bolstering the bogged-down attempts of the House of Saud to control the critical coastline for oil transport. Thanks Eleni. UAE has a lot to lose (everything) in a complete regional war. 

Pentagon warns that it will "prevent" Turkish military action in Northeast Syria, which is controlled by US-backed Kurdish separatist militias, and which holds most of Syria's oil. (How does one describe "allies" who are "frenemies"?)

If/when crash-out-Brexit happens, the political order will change. There are fantasies of absolute victory in multiple political camps, which are somewhat different from their daily PR.

Dominic Cummings is the real, acting Prime Minister of the UK, and does not do the PR, just the critical strategy and tactics. BoJo does PR.
This creates tension around Brexit, especially for the EU and remainers, since theyreally can't tell what is going on, or bring pressure to bear.
​ ​According to some papers, and many ministers and civil servants I have spoken to recently, this is the man who is truly running Britain. It's Cummings who oversees the No 10 grid which controls the timing of announcements and public events.
​ ​It's in this capacity that he dispatches the PM up and down Britain, photographed in hospitals, sharing selfies with nurses, and on construction sites wearing a hard hat. It is also Cummings, not Johnson, who determines political strategy — hence the huge public spending announcements on health, extra police and other issues.

Furtive Mover

Monday, August 5, 2019

Trending World War


Alastair Crooke looks at the sudden transition of America's ruling elite class into new-cold-war mentality and action i​n​ the last 18 months.
​  America's élite is being fractured into balkanised enclaves that are not communicating with one another – nor wanting to communicate with each other. Rather, it is another conflict between deadly rivals.
​ ​One such orientation insists on a renewal of the Cold War to sustain and renew that supersized military-security complex, which accounts for more than half of America’s GDP. Another élite demands that US dollar global hegemony be preserved. Another orientation of the Deep State is disgusted at the contagion of sexual decadence and corruption that has wormed its way into American governance – and truly hopes that Trump will ‘drain the swamp’. And yet another, which sees DC’s now explicit amorality as risking the loss of America’s global standing and leadership – wants to see a return of traditional American mores – a ‘moral rearmament’, as it were...
​ ​But all these divided Deep State factions believe that belligerence can work...
 ​Like any cosseted élite, they have an exaggerated sense of their entitlement – and their impunity.

​Trump is Commander-in-Chief of the Trade War. 
He's sneak-attacking, pressing China to financial failure as hard as he can, without polite warning.
 On Friday, when we learned courtesy of Bloomberg, that Trump imposed the latest, and very unexpected, round of Chinese tariffs less than 24 hours after Powell's "insufficient" rate cut, he did so by overruling Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in at least giving Beijing the courtesy of an advance notice, and instead China - like the rest of the world - learned what was coming by reading Trump's twitter feed in real-time, resulting in a violent market selloff. Commenting on this development, we said on Friday that Trump's refusal "suggested that the trade hawks are now fully in charge of the situation in the White House."  

 The $US, the global reserve currency, bastion of fly-by-wire financial stability, may have a flank exposed to attack, with the firing of 2 key players.
"The most important trading desk in the world", staffed by over 400 financial warriors, is the Plunge-Protection-Team desk in New York. This desk has nursed the US stock markets back to the appearance-of-health since 2009. "Don't fight the Fed" and "Buy the Dips" became the passwords to easy money for over a decade. 2 particular financial warriors ran this show: Simon Potter and Richard Dzina.
"levitating market wizard, Simon Potter, who promptly realized that to crush the bears one simply had to crush the VIX specs, and the rest would promptly follow." ...
 As Bloomberg writes "the story involves Simon Potter, who ran the all-important markets desk, and Richard Dzina, head of the financial services group. Both were abruptly relieved of their roles in late May by Williams. Little explanation was given, but according to current and former New York Fed employees, as well as those close to the bank, the nature of the exits, by fault or design, seemed to be a warning: fall in line."
​ It is not clear exactly what the two titans of US capital markets had to "fall in line" for, but two things are certain - i) Potter did not "resign", he was fired by Williams, and ii) now that an economist with zero capital markets experience is in charge, and following his termination of Potter and Dzina, the world is one step closer to collapse as a clueless PhD hack is in charge of the most important market in the world.

 Trump attack on Chinese imports drops value of Yuan/Renmenbi and China counters with halt on state purchase of US farm products.
This is war, pressing the assault when the enemy is close to a critical weakness, as China is with massive internal debt instability.
 China has vast gold reserves, and a lot of $US reserves. The $US reserves are already assigned to critical tasks of maintaining trade and stability of the currency.
 Trump is forcing China to expend it's ammunition in defense, at this time of his choosing, rather than on offense, later, at China's choosing.
 Trump adds insult to injury, accusing China of currency devaluation.   

 Hong Kong has long been a critical global financial center. When the UK handed it back to China at the end of the colonial "lease" it was agreed that Hong Kong would retain almost all political and financial-center autonomy. That goose needed to keep laying golden eggs. 
 This year, Hong Kong has been racked with protests, by citizens who get no gold at all for their labors, mainly austerity and beds that rent for $1200/month. It is broadly rumored that this is being fed the color-revolution-diet by CIA and friends. I don't know. 
 Hong Kong is increasingly paralyzed, just when China needs that battle group most, and to break the paralysis, China will have to militarily intervene, killing the goose. 
 Chinese military intervention will lead to invalidation of Hong Kong's "special statue" and cut the legs out from under the Chinese financial system.
The situation in Hong Kong is rapidly deteriorating, with violence breaking out in seven locations Monday afternoon as the citywide strike crippled transportation.  
What were supposed to be peaceful sit-ins in different districts turned into riots, "with Wong Tai Sin and Harcourt Road seeing the most intense confrontations as protesters kneel instead of flee, to shield themselves while tear gas rounds and sponge grenades rain on them," according to SCMP.  

​Professor Michael Hudson on the Petrobuck Empire and it's global strategy.
​ ​Control of oil has long been a key aim of U.S. foreign policy. The Paris climate agreements and any other Green programs to reduce the pace of global warming are viewed as threatening the aim of dominating world energy markets by keeping economies dependent on oil under U.S. control. Also blocking U.S. willingness to help stem global warming is the oil industry’s economic and hence political power. Its product is not only energy but also global warming, along with plastic pollution.
​ ​This fatal combination of the national security state’s mentality and oil industry lobbying threatens to destroy the planet’s climate. The prospect of raising temperatures and sea levels along the coasts while inland regions suffer drought is viewed simply as collateral damage to the geopolitics of oil. The State Department is reported to have driven out individuals warning about global warming’s negative impact.1
​ ​The only attempts to restrict oil imports are the new Cold War trade sanctions to isolate Russia, Iran and Venezuela. The aim is to increase foreign dependence on U.S., British and French oil, giving American strategists the power to make other countries “freeze in the dark” if they follow a path diverging from U.S. diplomatic aims.
 ​It was the drive to control the world’s oil trade – and to keep it dollarized – that led the United States to overthrow the Iranian government in 1953, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to invade Iraq in 2013, and most recently for Donald Trump to isolate Iran while backing Saudi Arabia and its Wahabi foreign legion in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Sixty years earlier, in 1953, the CIA and Britain joined to overthrow Iran’s elected President Mohammad Mosaddegh to prevent him from nationalizing the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. A similar strategy explains U.S. attempts at regime change in Venezuela and Russia.

​ ​Political commentary is flooded with the word “terrorism” today. People are demanding that the El Paso shooter in particular and white supremacists in general be labeled terrorists by the narrative-making commentariat, and you know what? I totally get it. The push since 9/11 to tar Muslims as “terrorists” has been extremely obnoxious and fueled by hate and bigotry, so it makes sense for progressive-minded people to push for the egalitarian usage of that term. But before doing so, please reflect on what lessons we learned from the post-9/11 “Islamic terrorism” scare.
​ ​“Years of misguided alarmism over ‘Islamic terrorism’ resulted in the erosion of civil liberties, militarization of police, and a host of other bad outcomes. Applying the same alarmist logic to ‘white nationalist terrorism’ is likely to produce a host of similarly bad outcomes,” tweeted independent journalist Michael Tracey in response to the chatter.

​Unstable guys with guns kill people again and websites immediately get shut down again. 
There's much more to come, "crime-speaker".​
 Yesterday, two men allegedly killed 30 people at a store in Dayton Ohio, and a mall in El Paso Texas.
 Today 8chan has been totally shut down.
 If you don’t know what 8chan is, well it’s like 4chan but without the sense of decency. 
 If you don’t know what 4chan is, it’s like reddit went off its medication.
 Both places could be, can be, kinda gross. But they could – can – also be amazing. Insightful. Useful. Free speech is like that. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly. If you cut off the ugly parts it’s not “free speech” anymore.

Here is an analysis of why the Democratic Debates are pressing so hard to the left of normalcy, to the left of what 80% of Democratic voters would vote for, which stands to be hard in the real race next year. (The DNC are control freaks, I think they want to put Michelle Obama in late in the game, NOT in the debates.)
Grass roots! Organic support from people from many states! What could go wrong?
​ ​Instead of finding supporters in early primary states by going door-to-door, the candidates instead were forced to run a national campaign of small donors. But it takes a lot of money to buy the necessary social media ads to push people into donating $1 to qualify as a real donor.
​ ​This meant seeking huge donors to fund expensive ad buys. They pay on average $70 to get a $1 donation from as many people as possible. Who gives $1 to a candidate: you guessed it, the extremist activists who just happen also to be financially poor, also known as The Twitter Mob. In order to get them to throw a buck at you, you need to inspire silly activists, as many as possible. That in turn means that you have to reduce your campaign to silly slogans activists like in order to get their attention.
​ ​Then on top of that, the standards keep tightening as the debates go on. There are so many candidates that they only get one minute. So their soundbites have to be extra catchy to be broadcast the next day on as many channels as possible in order to maximize more $1 contributions. This means they have to attack each other ever more, from the left, left, left, in order to get the goofballs to open their wallets.

​Tulsi Gabbard has shifted what people can say in public about US wars. ("Overton window" refers to the range of acceptable public discourse.)​
​ ​For her blunt assessment of U.S. foreign policy, one that is arguably shared by a large portion of the American electorate, Gabbard is vilified or ignored by most in the mainstream media. Pundits have made careers of maligning anyone who dares go against the neoconservative gospel on foreign policy, and Gabbard, of course, is no exceptionEven the late-night comedy shows avoided any significant mention of her compelling performance in their detailed summations of the second night’s debate — this despite the fact that she was the most Googled candidate during the debate.
​ ​Tulsi Gabbard has moved the Overton window on what is acceptable discussion when it comes to U.S. foreign policy. She has punctured the rose-tinted narrative being constructed around establishment favorites like Harris. This has not endeared her to mainstream pundits like Cooper of CNN or Brian Williams of CNBC. 

​Caitlin Johnstone: 
​ The Washington Post, which is wholly owned by a CIA contractor who is reportedly working to control the underlying infrastructure of the global economy, has published a shockingly deceitful smear piece about Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard in the wake of her criticisms of her opponent Kamala Harris’ prosecutorial record during the last Democratic debate.
 The article’s author, Josh Rogin, has been a cheerleader for US regime change interventionism in Syria since the very beginning of the conflict in that nation. It is unsurprising, then, that he reacted with orgasmic exuberance when Harris retaliated against Gabbard’s devastating attack by smearing the Hawaii congresswoman as an “Assad apologist”, since Gabbard has been arguably the most consistent and high-profile critic of Rogin’s pet war agenda. His article is titled “Tulsi Gabbard’s Syria record shows why she can’t be president”.

And more vested interest reaction to the horrific threat of peace, brandished by Congresswoman Gabbard:
 Running as an anti-war candidate in the US comes with a target painted on your back that draws fire from those rooting for foreign interventions. In case of Tulsi Gabbard, it includes a lengthy piece on chemical attacks in Syria.
 Gabbard, a Democratic presidential hopeful, became the most-googled candidate during the second primary debate – but the surge of public interest came with renewed attacks against her anti-interventionist agenda. In case you’ve missed it all, Gabbard has been branded a ‘Russian’ spoiler for whichever candidate is eventually picked, and, once again, an apologist for Syrian President Bashar Assad.
 Joining the chorus of bashers on Sunday was Elliot Higgins, the founder of the UK-based ‘citizen investigation’outlet Bellingcat, who wrote a whopping 4,000-word piece attacking Gabbard’s negative attitude toward regime change wars. In particular, Higgins didn’t like her skepticism over chemical weapons attacks in Syria reflected on her campaign website. The attacks were used by Washington to justify missile attacks against the country’s government – and by extension continued illegal US military presence in the country.

Whoa...  Look how scared the MSM wants us to be about Marianne Williamson!
"It's not FUNNY!  She's pure, scary EVIL! She'll kill your children by outlawing vaccines. 
She would have made me kill myself by taking away the antidepressants that saved my life." 

Turkey is tired of getting nothing, and is ready to loose millions of hungry and profoundly frustrated human beings upon Western Europe if Turkey does not get a lot more of what Turkey was promised a few years back.
"We are facing the biggest wave of migration in history. If we open the floodgates, no European government will be able to survive for more than six months. We advise them not to try our patience." — Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.  

​Surrounded by Threats​