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Thursday, April 9, 2020


Agents of Change,

A New World Is Being Born:  What Will It Be?​  ​Paul Craig Roberts
​ ​We are hearing from many that the world after Covid-19 will be different.  The question is:  Different in what way?  Will it be better or worse?
​ ​Elites are working to make it better for them, and worse for the rest of us.  About that the evidence is clear.  The Big Boys are being bailed out and their debts covered.  Everyone else, except those already marginalized and without a recent work record and fixed address, got a month’s rent and extended unemployment benefits.

​Coronavirus pandemic events have been managed and modulated, starting with making sure that the virus got a good, solid hold in the US, by ignoring the threat and distracting with other circus like the impeachment hearings. 
I wondered out loud what was being covered up by that circus. Novel-coronavirus spread was one of the things.
The intelligence was squelched since December, with White House and Americans all distracted, according to this report.

Doctors, including myself, have really been righteously indignant about the handling of this pandemic for the whole time. This story sort of fails to catch the knowledgeable righteous indignation aspect, though it touches there. This has been "mismanaged" at every step of the way to increase societal impact, damage and freak-out. I'm not really going to accept the incompetence defense without a lot of serious evidence to support that defense.

From fine to flailing - rapid health declines in COVID-19 patients jar doctors, nurses
This one goes to eleven, and in the blink of an eye.

 U.S. nurses who can't get tested fear they are spreading COVID-19
Again, this highlights "fear", when that is not the damned issue at all!​ 
Dedicated medical personnel are being made to harm their patients, completely against their will. 
It's not just nurses; it's all of us. We all carry this real concern for our patients and our families.

​To End The Pandemic, Give Universal Testing The Green Light
Anything but that; anything to excuse it not being done, to increase fear and need and desperate compliance...

Bill Gates, always thoughtful and polite, really likes mass vaccines with special-features. He has for a long time.
​ ​According to Gates, anything that could be defined as a “mass gathering” – from spectators packed into a stadium for a sporting event, to protesters out on the street in demonstration – would be considered an act of civil disobedience without a vaccine. Little surprise that Gates chose the concept of “mass gathering” to snag all of us, for what is modern democratic society if not one big mass event after another? Indeed, since nobody will want to miss the next big happening, like the Super Bowl, or Comic-Con, or, heaven forbid, Eurovision, millions of people would predictably line up for miles to get their Microsoft-supported inoculation, even if it contains tracking technologies.  

It is the long awaited reset, the full-monty economic restructuring. We do not have a say, yet. We need to forge this new future ourselves, not wait for further instructions from the owners. It's broken. They broke it, and we are the only ones to suffer as long as they rule us.
The Lockdown Wouldn't Be So Devastating If Our Economy Wasn't So Rigged, Brittle and Exploitive

They are trying to Kill Julian of "natural causes"
Beyond Words. Assange’s COVID-19 Bail Related Application

​Watch this elite battle as it proceeds. Team Clinton is weakened in their institutional support base. They have done a lot of evil. Will any new bosses be better? 
State Department refuses to back Hillary Clinton attempt to avoid deposition
Hillary Clinton and Cheryl Mills are seeking to avoid depositions ordered by a judge earlier this year

Considering Stampede

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Reinfection And Treatment

Coming Up Short,

About 30% of people tested after recovering from novel coronavirus infection, do not have significant antibody levels to protect against reinfection, according to preliminary results from research from Fudan University in Shanghai. We have all heard rumors of people getting reinfected after hospital discharge, but it was usually passed off as a false negative test, that they were still infected. This makes it look like 1/3 of the people sick enough to get included in this study did not make enough antibodies to be protected against reinfection.

It looks like sewage analysis in Massachusetts revealed way more SARS-CoV-2 than official statistics indicated.
​ ​We tested wastewater collected at a major urban treatment facility in Massachusetts and found the presence of SARS-CoV-2 at high titers in the period from March 18 - 25 using RT-qPCR. We then confirmed the identity of the PCR product by direct DNA sequencing. Viral titers observed were significantly higher than expected based on clinically confirmed cases in Massachusetts as of March 25.​..
 ​ Researchers from biotech startup Biobot Analytics, working with a team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, estimate there were at least 2,300 people infected with Covid-19 in the area around the treatment facility. But at the time of analysis, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, there were 446 cases officially reported in that area.

​Ordinary speech aerosolizes microparticles of coronavirus, which waft upon the breeze. Raising your voice releases more. You don't have to cough or sneeze for this to happen. Wearing a mask protects others in your vicinity.

We are on the Precipice of Martial Law. Preparations are in place. Command and control structure is secured and ready.
​ ​The danger of World War and a military coup arose again during the short lived administration of John F. Kennedy who found himself locked in a life or death struggle not with Russia, but with the Military Industrial Complex that had become dominated by the many Dr. Strangeloves of the Joint Chief of Staff and CIA who fanatically believed that America could win a nuclear war with Russia. Kennedy’s valiant efforts to achieve dialogue with his Soviet counterparts, move towards peace in Vietnam, support of colonial liberation, promotion of space exploration and advocacy of a Nuclear Test Ban treaty made him a target of the Deep State of his time. During this period, this effort was led from the top by JFK’s two most powerful American opponents: Allan Dulles (director of the CIA) and General Lyman Lemnitzer (head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), both of whom were proponents of pre-emptive nuclear war, architects of the Bay of Pigs regime change trap and advocates of Operation Northwoods (an ultimate “inside job” precursor to 9/11 which JFK subverted).  

​Prepare To Have Your Worldview Obliterated, Caitlin Johnstone​
Joe Biden's homework got saved and copied:
​ ​The first draft of the civil rights-eroding USA PATRIOT Act was magically introduced one week after the 9/11 attacks. Legislators later admitted that they hadn’t even had time to read through the hundreds of pages of the history-shaping bill before passing it the next month, yet somehow its authors were able to gather all the necessary information and write the whole entire thing in a week.​..
 ​Biden’s bill was never put to a vote, but after 9/11 then-Attorney General John Ashcroft reportedly credited his bill with the foundations of the USA PATRIOT Act.
​ ​“Civil libertarians were opposed to it,” Biden said in 2002 of his bill. “Right after 1994, and you can ask the attorney general this, because I got a call when he introduced the Patriot Act. He said, ‘Joe, I’m introducing the act basically as you wrote it in 1994.'”

​Alastair Crooke looks forward to the changes in mass societal consciousness, which are already being wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, and which threaten the power of the established power elites. (History says they will react harshly in their desperation to maintain control.​)
​ ​The intrusion of some wholly extraneous event – like a pandemic – into any given status quo doesn’t necessarily break it, in and of itself. But it exposes cruelly the shortcomings and workings of the existing status quo. It shows them, as not just stark naked, but also with its dark backstage of barely legal, dole-outs to business, and Wall Street friends, suddenly spotlighted.
​ ​Fyodor Dostoevsky sets out in The Brothers Karamazov an allegory that can be applied to our times, but was set in Seville, in the most terrible time of the Inquisition, when fires were lighted every day to the glory of God (rather than today’s ‘glory to Mammon’), and in that splendid auto da fé, when wicked ‘heretics’ were burnt alive. It was published in 1880.​..
​ ​The Grand Inquisitor of Seville is outraged. This extraneous occurrence risks spoiling his carefully contrived status quo:
“Oh, we shall persuade them [the citizenry of Seville] that they will only become free when they renounce their freedom to us, and submit to us. And shall we be right, or shall we be lying? They will be convinced that we are right … Receiving bread from us, they will see clearly that we take the bread made by their hands from them – [only] to give it back to them … In truth they will be more thankful for taking it from our hands – than for the bread itself! Too well, will they know the value of complete submission! We shall show them that they are weak, that they are only pitiful children, but that childlike happiness is the sweetest of all.

​Steve Keen helps us get our heads around exponential growth, a weak point for our species, occasionally important.
 ​ ​It took about ten weeks to go from 555 cases (the number recorded on January 21st at the start of this data series) to over 1 million. How long will it take to get to a significant number compared to the planet's population—say, half a billion cases?
​ ​It will take about another 8 weeks.

​ ​China told the world that it would donate tons of PPE to Italy to slow the virus outbreak. Reports now indicate that China actually charged Italy for PPE, instead of donating. It also turns out the PPE China sent over was the same equipment that Italy donated to China earlier in the year. What a mess...
​ ​"Before the virus hit Europe, Italy sent tons of PPE to China to help China protect its own population. China then has sent Italian PPE back to Italy -- some of it, not even all of it ... and charged them for it," a senior Trump administration official told The Spectator.  

​ ​As promised, Downing Street has released its morning update on the condition of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And according to Spokesman James Slack, who spoke with reporters on a conference call on Wednesday, Johnson is still in "stable" condition, but remains in intensive care after spending Tuesday night there.
Slack also said Johnson is "responding" to whatever treatment he is receiving.
"The prime minister remains clinically stable and is responding to treatment," Slack said. He added that Johnson is in "good spirits", but is unable to work right now.

 John Prine, who for five decades wrote rich, plain-spoken songs that chronicled the struggles and stories of everyday working people and changed the face of modern American roots music, died Tuesday at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He was 73. The cause was complications related to COVID-19​...
​...​he wrote many of his classics as a mailman in Maywood, Illinois — for revelatory songs that covered the full spectrum of the human experience. There’s “Hello in There,” about the devastating loneliness of an elderly couple; “Sam Stone,” a portrait of a drug-addicted Vietnam soldier suffering from PTSD; and “Paradise,” an ode to his parents’ strip-mined hometown of Paradise, Kentucky, which became an environmental anthem. Prine tackled these subjects with empathy and humor, with an eye for “the in-between spaces,” the moments people don’t talk about.

​"But fortunately I have the key to escape reality". John Prine bequeaths us his smile.

​ ​Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary together tomorrow, now that both have cleared a period of isolation due to the coronavirus.
​ ​The celebration comes after an anxious period when the Prince of Wales, 71, was diagnosed with coronavirus at the end of March. He beat the disease with only mild symptoms and emerged from isolation on March 30...
​ ​Prince Charles said last week: "Having recently gone through the process of contracting this coronavirus, luckily with relatively mild symptoms, I now find myself on the other side of the illness but still in no less a state of social distance and general isolation.
  "As we are all learning, this is a strange, frustrating and often distressing experience, when the presence of family and friends is no longer possible and the normal structures of life are suddenly removed."  

​Oh, this looks like it may be very important. Thanks Ilargi:​
COVID-19: Attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism
​ ​In this study, conserved domain analysis, homology modeling, and molecular docking were used to compare the biological roles of certain proteins of the novel coronavirus. The results showed the ORF8 and surface glycoprotein could bind to the porphyrin, respectively. At the same time, orf1ab, ORF10, and ORF3a proteins could coordinate attack the heme on the 1-beta chain of hemoglobin to dissociate the iron to form the porphyrin. The attack will cause less and less hemoglobin that can carry oxygen and carbon dioxide.  

​Travis sent this​. It is the latest version of this very persistent medical rumor. Please give me study data!
​ ​Los Angeles doctor Anthony Cardillo says he's seen very promising results when the Trump-touted drug is combined with zinc for severely-ill coronavirus patients.
​ ​"Every patient I've prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free," Cardillo told Eyewitness News, adding "So clinically I am seeing a resolution."
​ ​Cardillo, CEO of Mend Urgent Care, says that the drug must be used in conjunction with Zinc, as the hydroxycholoroquine opens a 'channel' for the mineral to enter cells and prevent the virus from replicating.

​More on the zinc-ionophore mechanism from a month ago:
Anit Kumar Singh: " Yes, zinc stops the coronavirus to replicate and multiply "
Well... ultimately, that is the effect. Intracellular Zinc interferes with coronavirus transcription, which results in the ability of the virus to replicate. [Article Zn Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activ...] 

However, being a ++ ion, extracellular zinc requires active transport to pass across the cell membrane. It so happens that chloroquine is a zinc ionophore, thus provides zinc++ with the transport mechanism. [Article Chloroquine Is a Zinc Ionophore] In this instance, chloroquine has no drug action. It is the zinc that is in play, and I find it concerning that so many news organizations (and governments) are failing to convey this fact..opting, instead, to portray chloroquine as having the key drug action. it does not...
Take 10,00 units per day of vitamin-D until June if you have not previously been taking it, and 5000 units per day after that, to get your levels into the normal range, so your immune system can work right.
​ ​Low vitamin D status in winter permits viral epidemics. During winter, people who do not take vitamin D supplements are likely to have low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations. Vitamin D can reduce the risk of viral epidemics and pandemics in several ways. First, higher 25(OH)D concentrations reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including cancers, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory tract infections (RTIs), diabetes mellitus, and hypertension. Patients with chronic diseases have significantly higher risk of death from RTIs than otherwise healthy people. Second, vitamin D reduces risk of RTIs through three mechanisms: maintaining tight junctions, killing enveloped viruses through induction of cathelicidin and defensins, and reducing production of proinflammatory cytokines by the innate immune system, thereby reducing the risk of a cytokine storm leading to pneumonia. Observational and supplementation trials have reported higher 25(OH)D concentrations associated with reduced risk of dengue, hepatitis, herpesvirus, hepatitis B and C viruses, human immunodeficiency virus, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus infections, and pneumonia. Results of a community field trial reported herein indicated that 25(OH)D concentrations above 50 ng/ml (125 nmol/l) vs. <20 ng/ml were associated with a 27% reduction in influenza-like illnesses. From the available evidence, we hypothesize that raising serum 25(OH)D concentrations through vitamin D supplementation could reduce the incidence, severity, and risk of death from influenza, pneumonia, and the current COVID-19 epidemic.  

M​aking Antibodies​

Sunday, April 5, 2020

World War C


Eleni sent this essay, which ranges pretty far and wide, by author, Pepe Escobar:
​ ​For all practical purposes, the Global War on Terror (GWOT) has been replaced by the Global War on Virus (GWOV). But what is not being seriously analyzed is the Perfect Toxic Storm: a totally shattered economy; The Mother of ​​All Financial Crashes – barely masked by the trillions in helicopter money from the Fed and the ECB; the tens of millions of unemployed engendered by the New Great Depression; the millions of small businesses that will simply disappear; a widespread, global mental health crisis. Not to mention the masses of elderly, especially in the U.S., that will be issued an unspoken “drop dead” notice. 
​ ​Beyond any rhetoric about “decoupling”, the global economy is already, de facto, split in two. On one side, we have Eurasia, Africa and swathes of Latin America – what China will be painstakingly connecting and reconnecting via the New Silk Roads. On the other side, we have North America and selected Western vassals. A puzzled Europe lies in the middle.​..
​ ​There’s no question “a severe pandemic, which becomes ‘Event 201’ would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions”, as spun by the sponsors. Covid-19 is eliciting exactly this kind of “cooperation”. Whether it’s “reliable” is open to endless debate.
​ ​The fact is that, all over Planet Lockdown, a groundswell of public opinion is leaning towards defining the current state of affairs as a global psyop: a deliberate global meltdown – the New Great Depression – imposed on unsuspecting citizens by design.

​ ​The powers that be, taking their cue from the tried and tested, decades-old CIA playbook, of course are breathlessly calling it a “conspiracy theory”.  

​ ​By the end of March 2020, the global framework had changed sufficiently to become — behind the headlines about COVID-19 — about which system and ideology would triumph in the decades after the watershed. That meant a race by each of the major antagonists to determine how quickly national productivity could be resumed​...
 ​I​t is clear that the best avenue which nation-states can take is one marked by gaining as much control over their own destinies as possible. That requires a growing focus on domestic food self-sufficiency, and domestic market bases for manufactured goods and services. In other words: a return to a sense of the nation. The age of globalization is ending; it was a brief window in which the technologies which were created to fight the Cold War became the technologies of global social integration.​..
​ What skills will be necessary in the post-2020 environment? Has the economy sobered enough to embrace the restoration of practical skills training instead of ideological education which has no market, while an impetus toward revived domestic manufacturing (rather than foreign-sourced manufacturing) will see significant demand for trained personnel?

​Alexander Korybko has insight, including on the big Russian shipment of medical supplies to the American people.
​ Now is the perfect time for defying the "deep state" with the support of the American people after they've come to suddenly have a much more favorable view of their country's rival after it urgently dispatched humanitarian assistance to them with Trump's support in order to help everyone improve their odds of surviving World War C. This soft power "coup" was made possible by Presidents Trump and Putin cooperating in pursuit of their shared interests...

Bill Gates: 
 "Eventually what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person […] Because you don’t want people moving around the world where you’ll have some countries that won’t have it under control, sadly. You don’t want to completely block off the ability for people to go there and come back and move around. So eventually there will be this digital immunity proof that will help facilitate the global reopening up.”
​ ​Notably, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – which has an endowment of $52 billion – has given more than $2.4 billion to the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2000...

​The Things You Cannot Say about Coronavirus:
"Spy on your neighbors if they go outside", "Doctors are the New Soldiers, and brave doctors say to..."

Stealing the initiative in the battle for human societal consciousness... Go Team Rothschild!
 On the same day the British Labour party announced the election of a center-right new party leader to replace the much denigrated socialist Jeremy Corbyn, the Financial Times(!) calls for the socialist policies Corbyn had planned to implement.  
 "If there is a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that it has injected a sense of togetherness into polarised societies. But the virus, and the economic lockdowns needed to combat it, also shine a glaring light on existing inequalities — and even create new ones. Beyond defeating the disease, the great test all countries will soon face is whether current feelings of common purpose will shape society after the crisis. As western leaders learnt in the Great Depression, and after the second world war, to demand collective sacrifice you must offer a social contract that benefits everyone."

​Charles Hugh Smith points out that this sell-off in financial markets will be like the 1970s, and for the some reasons of fundamental economic facts, not possible to paper-over with manipulation of financial markets. True capitulation at true market bottom usually happens when sentiment really gives up on speculation that things will ever get better. ​"Buy the dip" is still too deeply ingrained. Consider putting your IRA into gold, even the better "paper-gold" platforms, for awhile.
When Bulls Are Over-Anxious to Catch the Rocketship Higher, This Isn't the Bottom

Capitalist Afterthought

​looking up at God's rain falling on the just and the unjust at Yoakum, Texas vegetable patch

Friday, April 3, 2020

Bored By Success

Cognitively Dissonant,

 I worked a full day at clinic yesterday, not just the afternoon, as I usually do, because I went in to help work out the flows, tent placements, car greeting and routing, parking spots for drive up swabs and so on., 
We have a covered waiting area by the south entrance, and we have put a big tent in it, and a portable privacy fence around it for COVID testing patients to wait outdoors. It is really the best sheltered place, but there is another, smaller space that can serve as a waiting area, if we have to put two exam tents in this space. The greeting/masking desk is in front of the entry, and we can locate a provider-space for gowning/gloving, specimens, documents nearby and sheltered also. We got it laid out, and still, we wait...
 "The Wai-ai-ting is the hardest part", quoth Tom Petty, but it's not quite true.
The first thing a medical student learns on-call is to deal with onslaughts of urgent work, emergencies all night and day. The later, and more psychological challenge is to deal with the lulls, the unnervingly quiet periods, while awaiting the onslaught.
 Due to Austin, Texas cancelling South By Southwest on Friday March 6, a full week before spring break, then cancelling school the Friday before spring break, a strong signal was sent early, before Austin had confirmed COVID cases (or tests, really). That first weekend of spring break, the wife of the UT president, then the president tested positive, after schmoozing donors on the east coast for a week or two. Austin was shut down by the time we heard that, voluntarily shut down. The restaurant closures did not come until after spring break, but traffic on all the streets had already dried up, and restaurants were largely empty. Grocery stores had already cut hours and had people waiting outside to keep aisles uncrowded inside. The mandatory shuttering made very little change. 
 Austinites were early adopters. Austin continues to have a trickle of COVID cases, as our ability to test gradually increases, and our hospitals and clinics are waiting with the decks cleared for action. Waiting...
 Austin/Travis-County has 351 confirmed cases this morning, in something like a million people. The Health Department is still able to trace contacts. My first positive patient did not have a fever. I broke protocols to test her, because she lost her sense of smell. As of yesterday afternoon, she was feeling better, but we will check on her again today. She remains "minimally symptomatic". University Hospital did not have a COVID patient, but my brother Robert's hospital has 2.
 There are a million people in this area, who have not had novel coronavirus infection, and will eventually get it, we presume. 
 At this rate, it will take over a decade for everybody to get infected. That seems un-doable, since you can only do so much work at home, and the internet is bound to break some day. Everybody at work was somewhat uncomfortable with the waiting yesterday. I recognized the pattern in myself. It must be embraced.
 Those of you in New York are in a different boat, a cruise-ship, hunkered down with a clear and present threat.
What we know from the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic is that having a long quiet quarantine is the best possible thing, the least damaging to society, the economy, and tears up the fewest families with untimely deaths. 
 Extended, uneasy bored waiting is success, the best we can do.
 In Austin, it is spring. A coworker took a picture of me with the artichokes a few days ago, out in the vegetable garden I planted for my coworkers, which I was tending a little, as I do. Thanks LouAnne.
 The new staff entrance is through the garden and break-patio area. It's getting attention. People are cropping kale and chard, and picking and eating the sugar-snap peas. The magic may be starting to work. I have planted this garden 4 years ago as a subliminal invitation to healthy, humanizing change, in the transition, which is now upon us. There are other humanizing and natural changes for us, as the machine tries to completely isolate and de-humanize us. We are the human animals which nature evolved so gradually to work effectively in small groups, to grow food and take care of each other, and emergencies. That is where our strengths lie.
 We must now explore our human strengths as we await the onslaught of dread contagion. 
This is our transition to a future more human or less human. 
It is our future to build as cooperative groups or as isolated slaves.

Moon of Alabama thinks stupidity will drown America in COVID cases. Not here in Austin. Expect massive local variations, which we already see.

The Pentagon has fired the Captain of the aircraft carrier Teddy Roosevelt, who said that his sailors did not have to die of coronavirus, since we were not at war. So he was wrong, I guess.

Stronger Pandemic Response Yields Better Economic Recovery (eventually, ...wait for it, ... garden)

Who are our dark overlords and how do they enslave us? Funny you should ask.
Who are the Narco-Terrorists: George H. Walker Bush: The Bush Family and the Mexican Drug Cartel

The CIA has been "fighting propaganda" in America for 70 years, by using counter-propaganda, to keep us all from getting hoodwinked and losing faith in our government, wars, and necessary national policies. Gotta' break some eggs, though...
 Udo Ulfkotte  is a well-known German journalist and author of numerous books. He worked for 25 years as a journalist, 17 of which were for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), including his role as editor. In his 2014 book “Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys News” Ulfkotte goes over how the CIA along with German Intelligence (BND) were guilty of bribing journalists to write articles that either spun the truth or were completely fictitious in order to promote a pro-western, pro-NATO bent, and that he was one of those bought journalists...
 Udo Ulfkotte has since passed away. He died January 2017, found dead in his home, it is said by a heart attack. His body was quickly after cremated and thus prevented any possibility of an autopsy occurring.

All Roads Lead To Dark Winter, Whitney Webb

More Whitney Webb, and I am sorry to have forgotten who sent each of these stories...
Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent Darpa Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

​Patiently Adapting

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Flu Day

Forgiving The Pun,

John Prine, the Mark Twain of American songwriters, is in the hospital on a ventilator with coronavirus. 
"Stable", says his wife.
Here is a prayer he recorded a long time ago: 

Reporters hounded President Trump during yesterday's White House press conference about a Monday phone conversation between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, where the two leaders agreed to hold talks about the chaos in the oil market. And in a gesture of goodwill, Russia - which has only recently started to report large numbers of COVID-19 cases - is sending a military transport plane full of "medical equipment and masks" to aid American governors like Andrew Cuomo in their time of need.
Putin offered to send the aid during Monday's call, while the two leaders discussed how best to respond to the virus...

"Trump gratefully accepted this humanitarian aid," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday according to Russia's Interfax news wire. Trump enthusiastically touted the aid after the call. Russia had agreed to help because the pandemic "affects everyone without exception and is of a global nature."

​ ​On Tuesday it was revealed that Denis Protsenko, the head doctor at the infectious diseases hospital treating coronavirus patients in Moscow, tested positive for COVID-19.
​ ​Just a week ago Dr. Protsenko was photographed shaking hands with President Vladimir Putin, during the Russian leader's visit to the hospital, where he donned a full protective Hazmat suit to visit patients. But during most of his interaction with Protenko, Putin wasn't wearing the protective gear.
​ ​Putin's office now reports he'll conduct his duties remotely, in self-isolation after the exposure. "The president prefers these days to work remotely,"

"Sailors Don't Need To Die": Captain Of Nuclear Carrier With Over 100 COVID-19 Cases Pleads For Help
In an astounding plea for help, the captain of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt has urged top command of the US Navy to take drastic action after more than 100 sailors aboard the ship have been infected with the coronavirus. 
More than a week ago it started with a handful of COVID-19 cases, which by the end of the week spiked to 36, causing the West Pacific-deployed carrier to dock at a naval station at Guam, ordering infected crew members out of the some 5,000 total into makeshift quarantine facilities, including a basketball gym hastily transformed for that purpose.  

All across America, store shelves are emptying and people are becoming increasingly frustrated because they can’t get their hands on needed supplies.
Most Americans are blaming “hoarders” for the current mess, but it is actually much more complicated than that.  Normally, Americans get a lot of their food from restaurants.  In fact, during normal times 36 percent of all Americans eat at a fast food restaurant on any given day.  But now that approximately 75 percent of the U.S. is under some sort of a “shelter-in-place” order and most of our restaurants have shut down, things have completely changed.  Suddenly our grocery stores are being flooded with unexpected traffic, and many people are buying far more than usual in anticipation of a long pandemic.  Unfortunately, our food distribution systems were not designed to handle this sort of a surge, and things are really starting to get crazy out there...

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more people are showing an interest in starting home gardens. Oregon State University‘s (OSU) Master Gardener program took notice of the growing interest.
To help citizens who want to grow their own food, the university kindly made their online vegetable gardening course free until the end of April
. OSU’s post on Facebook has been shared over 21,000 times.

This vegetable gardening advice is free, too. The garden and gardener, this April morning,are pictured below.

Nextstrain tracks evolution of viral RNA genome mutations over time from the original L-strain, described in Wuhan in early January. It does not seem to track the S-strain, which appeared right after that, and was very different in some areas of the genome, not looking like that happened by mutation, but rather cutting and splicing. Completely excluded from this data is Iran, which reportedly has a different strain. Most if this data is derived from one type of sequencing machine, and the design of this study is to ONLY track normal sequential mutations at the typical rate, not viral genomes of a different lineage, as it is described.

Here at home:
 The City of Austin's public health department just reported that 28 young adults who recently returned from a spring break trip to Cabo have all tested positive for COVID-19, a local TV news station reports.
 These students were part of a group of roughly 70 mostly UT Austin students left for Cabo a week and a half ago. So far, nearly half of that group has tested positive, while the rest have been warned to remain in self-isolation. The university confirmed that it was mostly UT students.  

Remember the doctor in Wuhan who had to sign a paper saying he had been a counterrevolutionary for telling people there was a new killer virus. He recanted, then died from it.
US Health care systems have warned emergency room doctors and nurses that if they speak out about working conditions inside a hospital, they will be fired, reported Bloomberg.
​ ​Ming Lin, an emergency room physician in Washington state, lost his job last week after he spoke to a local media outlet about the lack of protective gear for staff at Puget Sound area hospitals.
​ ​Hospital staff at the NYU Langone Health system were recently warned that if they spoke to the media without authorization, they would be terminated.

Hydroxychloroquine/Plaquenil prescriptions triple overnight, following FDA approval as treatment for novel-coronavirus. Plaquenil is back ordered in many areas.
​Treating With Vegetables​

Monday, March 30, 2020

Confusing Dreamscape

Parked In Driveway,

HELP, Oil Prices Have Fallen And Can't Get Up! 
The global pandemic shutdown will clear out all economically non-viable oil drilling and pumping operations, and many of them will never have the economic capital to start back up. All the shale pads on the drive from Austin to Yoakum were vacated yesterday. Usually half of them are covered with big, mobile pumping equipment, diesel power-rigs, football-stadium floodlights and RV bunkhouses. Not yesterday. Empty space. Nothing and nobody.
West ​T​exas Intermediate ​dipped to​ $​1​3/bbl Friday.​ 
It is $20 on Monday morning.​ Running out of storage for it, too. 

​ ​“Russia is best-prepared of all the oil-producing countries, as our economy has been living in an economic war mode for 6 years,” the president of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Vitaly Mankevich, told RT...
 ​ ​“It will be a disaster [for the Russian economy] if oil companies become unfeasible, that is, when oil prices drop lower than 15 dollars per barrel,” Sergey Suverov, chief analyst with Premier BCS, said in an interview with RT.

​Fracking will not be able to bounce back after a certain amount of time, and it is likely that most of the equipment to drive from pad to pad, and intermittently tap the pad after it sits for awhile, will not be repurchased when it wears out. Only the most profitable pads/wells will be tapped, and only when prices are high enough. Meanwhile, those fracking companies are going to get bailed out, to keep them functional with mountains of bad debt, predicated on high oil prices continuing.
Fracking changed the international oil supply dynamic, allowing the US military to take Iran and Venezuela offline. Private investors were sucked into this by government assurances that "the Fed's got your back".  
They will expect to be made whole, but the $US​ will enter hyperinflation after the current crisis. 
Gold has become unobtainable, now that there is significant demand for physical gold. The paper-gold market is busted.

Dr. Clif sends this WSJ udate on the coronavirus treatment with hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin.
Also, there is an update to the French/Vietnamese clinical trial, which was scandalized a week ago by revelations of improper presentation of patient data to make results look better. The fixed that and have 80 patients now and it still looks good. The Pulmonologists at the hospital where my brother is a Respiratory Therapist are using this combination after checking EKG, which they monitor. This treatment is not discredited. It appears effective.

Russia has had good results with mefloquine, an antimalarial drug related to the chloroquines. They use it together with "a macrolide antibiotic", which azithromycin is. It's hard to find good English-language information on this.

In recent decades there have been numerous studies on zinc lozenges as a treatment for the "common cold". This has been based on cold-symptoms, not viral type testing. Some percentage of "common colds" have always been from coronavirus. The question arises of whether zinc helps treat novel-coronavirus. They use it with hydroxychloroquine in Korea. It is safe and possibly effective. It's cheap, but it's getting sold out. 
Take one every couple of hours during illness, then stop.  Bathe the back of your throat with it.
It's been looked at as a preventative for colds, but at lower doses.

Do take vitamin-D. 
Low vitamin-D weakens the immune system, and most people who do not work out in the sun are low. If you have not been taking it, take 10,000 international units (2 X 5000 IU) per day until June, then one per day. If you have been taking it, as I have, take 5000 IU/d. 

 High dose vitamin-C is helpful as an "antioxidant" during the time that a person is sick with fever and feeling bad.
Much of the immune system attack on viral particles and virus-infected-cells is through little bomblets of oxidants which destroy the bad viruses and the cells that are making them. That leaves a big, nasty, toxic mess in your body. High dose vitamin-C helps the body clean up and remove that mess. It is not a preventive treatment.
Oral dosing is 1000 mg 3-4 times per day with water. In hospitals it has been used in IV drips, up to 10 grams (10,000 mg) per day, which has recently been pushed to 20,000 mg/d in some cases.

Consider Dr. Day's Coronavirus Hydration Solution, an added-vitamin-c version of standard oral hydration solution.
Lots of people get nausea, vomiting and diarrhea with this virus. It binds to receptors in the GI tract, as well as airways.
1 liter water
2 level tablespoons sugar
Level half teaspoon salt
1000 mg vitamin-c, available as sodium ascorbate powder 1/4 teaspoon (A little more would also be ok.)

U.S. military command teams in charge of protecting homeland security are being isolated in the infamous Cheyenne mountain bunker where they will remain 'sealed off' until the coronavirus pandemic passes

Shut-in until June.​ That's the pattern we can anticipate, with local variations, based upon pandemic managements to date. Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper, runs the graphs and numbers. 
The sooner your area started social distancing, in relation to penetrance of viral cases, the better your community will fare. Smaller peaks are to be expected in areas less affected, but they are all likely to be in late April. 
There will continue to be bleed-over from higher-incidence areas into lower incidence areas. That is already a bone of contention between New York and everybody else.

Bright sunlight and hot humid weather take their toll on exposed coronavirus particles, but there is no counting on that bringing summer relief.

Coronavirus vaccines kill too many of the mice when they are later exposed to coronavirus, due to excessive immunologic reaction, aka "immunopthology", aka "cytokine storm". 
"Don't try them on humans" was the advice of SARS-virus-vaccine researchers.

An early warning symptom:
The coronavirus is capable of attacking key cells in the nose, which may explain the unusual finding that some Covid-19 sufferers lose their ability to smell and taste, Harvard Medical School researchers found.  

911 Truth: WTC 7 Not Destroyed by Fire, Concludes Final University of Alaska Fairbanks Report
(How did we get lied to so badly? What really brought down that building that afternoon, and when was that decided?)

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Bill The Prophet

Seeking Understanding,

 Larry Romanoff has good analysis again. 
 I make no claim to being a virologist, but this is beginning to look damned peculiar. A natural virus hasn’t the ability to simultaneously infect 85 different countries on all continents of the world, with outbreaks in multiple locations in each country – and to do it without the vehicle of a seafood market full of bats and bananas.
 More peculiar is that these countries were by no means all infected with the same variety of the virus, which means the simultaneous infections in these 85 countries were not from the same source. Even more peculiar is that most countries, at least the major ones, reported simultaneous outbreaks in multiple locations, and to date while some nations have been able to identify one or more of their ‘patients zero’, I am aware of no country that was able to definitively identify all their several ‘patients zero’. Considering the above information in light of the known basic facts of virus transmission, intuition suggests at least the possibility of there having been many people carrying a pail of live viruses.
 It is interesting to note that high fatality rates are entirely within Italy, Iran, and China. For approximate figures, China’s fatality rate is between 3% and 4%, that of Iran at about 7% and Italy the highest at around 9%. Even more interesting is that if these countries did pass their strain of the virus to other nations, those strains abandoned their lethality when they left home. Of the 34 countries supposedly infected by Italy, for example, all exhibit very low mortality, the same being true of Chinese or Iranian infections. The natural conclusion is that these viruses prefer their ‘home populations’ and pose at best a minor threat to others.

Oh, this is funny, but it is a lead to follow. I was telling Jenny just now that I can't figure out who would benefit from releasing waves of mild-by-military-standards weaponized virus upon the world.
"This is evil genius stuff", I said...
Then I remember that a friend from Switzerland, high end audio uber-geek, had sent a TED talk by Bill Gates from 2015, explaining how the Ebola epidemic shows we are not prepared for the next viral pandemic. The picture Bill flashes after he walks in with the drum of survival rations for his childhood bomb shelter is CORONAVIRUS. He does not say that.
Bill goes on about the wonders of NATO and having doctors in teams ready to go to poor African countries so women can give birth safely and children can get vaccines. 
Nice guy in Mr Rodgers sweater giving talk that predicts our current scenario rather neatly.

Bill resigned as CEO of Microsoft in January.
I wondered why... 
Hey, I just looked up Microsoft headquarters. It's in Redmond Washington, which is to Kirkland, as Ft Worth is to Dallas, a confluent urban center. 
Kirkland is where all hell broke loose with coronavirus, right after Bill quite as CEO. 
A lot of CEOs resigned in January, I hear. I wonder where Bill is now.

Bill  got Event 201 up and running in October, just as it appears novel coronavirus was entering human hosts.

 I'm going to say that following-Bill-Gates'-money might be our best lead on this Malthusian biowarfare global pandemic.
We know Bill believes secret sterilizationwith tetanus vaccines is the save for human overpopulation.
Bill Gates may actually be trying to HELP the world by spreading a pandemic virus that kills 1-5%, and mostly the weaker ones. It may have other tweaks to increase and decrease mortality.
 From this 2015 TED talk, Bill seems like he was already working with NATO. He talked them up pretty well.
With Bill running the main project, other military/spook participants would be able to pitch some curve balls, more deadly viral strains, after Bill's humanitarian effort was already underway, and understood by global elites as a helpful thing.

Here is Bill on Saturday saying the entire US has to shut-down right away for 6-10 weeks. 
"Anything less will not work".
"State by state and county by county will not work", says Bill. 
(How can you be so sure, Bill? It worked in China.)

 Is the Corona Virus a new 9/11, a new deep event?
We cannot yet be sure, as of this writing. Perhaps the current strategy of suspending basic liberties will work to effectively eliminate all threats posed by the virus. Governments will then restore the civil liberties currently being suspended and all will fairly quickly return to the way things were before. Perhaps the economy will confidently weather the fallout from the ‘lockdowns’ and everything will return to business as usual.
 And perhaps a sober ‘lessons learned’ review will lead to public health officials developing reasonable and balanced plans, such as developing sufficient capacity for rapid testing and tracing, which can be deployed the next time a sufficiently dangerous virus starts to spread thus avoiding terrifying publics and implementing draconian measures that inflict significant damage to the social and economic fabric of society.
 Or perhaps not. It may be that, as British journalist Peter Hitchens has been warning, the loss of liberty and basic rights will continue indefinitely as governments greedily hold on to their increased powers of control over their citizenry.  

 Thanks for this, Tom:
 Today’s America is confronting an existential crisis similar to that which both Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt battled in their time. Just as the proto-deep state of 1865 ran Lincoln’s assassination from Montreal Canada, and took over the White House minutes after FDR’s untimely death in 1945, today’s deep state has attempted in vain to overthrow President Trump while successfully undermining the political viability of other “outsiders” like Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.
 The difference is that today’s crisis combines elements of all previous crises of 1861-1865, 1929-1933 and 1938-1945: the very real new threat of chaos and civil war within, NATO-led wars with China and Russia without and economic collapse across the entire trans-Atlantic bubble economy. The other difference is located in the current presidency’s inability to FOCUS with a clear mind on principled solutions to this multi-faceted crisis while instead finding itself trapped within contradictory impulses.
 While FDR and Lincoln understood that VALUE was located the physically productive forces of labor which sustained and improved the lives of people and gave the constitution’s pre-amble a real living character, today’s American leadership has displayed a far greater ignorance to this basic fact of life.

Thanks for sending this, Tyler. The website format is edgy, but this is serious content:.
"I am an ER MD in New Orleans. Class of 98. Every one of my colleagues have now seen several hundred Covid 19 patients and this is what I think I know.​"​
​ ​Clinical course is predictable.
​ ​2-11 days after exposure (day 5 on average) flu like symptoms start. Common are fever, headache, dry cough, myalgias(back pain), nausea without vomiting, abdominal discomfort with some diarrhea, loss of smell, anorexia, fatigue.

Day 5 of symptoms- increased SOB, and bilateral viral pneumonia from direct viral damage to lung parenchyma.
Day 10- Cytokine storm leading to acute ARDS and multiorgan failure. You can literally watch it happen in a matter of hours.
81% mild symptoms, 14% severe symptoms requiring hospitalization, 5% critical.
​ ​Patient presentation is varied. Patients are coming in hypoxic (even 75%) without dyspnea. I have seen Covid patients present with encephalopathy, renal failure from dehydration, DKA. I have seen the bilateral interstitial pneumonia on the xray of the asymptomatic shoulder dislocation or on the CT's of the (respiratory) asymptomatic polytrauma patient. Essentially if they are in my ER, they have it. Seen three positive flu swabs in 2 weeks and all three had Covid 19 as well. Somehow this b***h has told all other disease processes to get out of town.​..
​ Basically, if you have a bilateral pneumonia with normal to low WBC, lymphopenia, normal procalcitonin, elevated CRP and ferritin- you have covid-19 and do not need a nasal swab to tell you that.
​ ​A ratio of absolute neutrophil count to absolute lymphocyte count greater than 3.5 may be the highest predictor of poor outcome. the UK is automatically intubating these patients for expected outcomes regardless of their clinical presentation.
​ ​An elevated Interleukin-6 (IL6) is an indicator of their cytokine storm. If this is elevated watch these patients closely with both eyes.​..
​ ​I had never discharged multifocal pneumonia before. Now I personally do it 12-15 times a shift. 2 weeks ago we were admitting anyone who needed supplemental oxygen. Now we are discharging with oxygen if the patient is comfortable and oxygenating above 92% on nasal cannula. We have contracted with a company that sends a paramedic to their home twice daily to check on them and record a pulse ox. We know many of these patients will bounce back but if it saves a bed for a day we have accomplished something. Obviously we are fearful some won't make it back.​..
 Treatment​: ​Supportive
 ​W​orldwide 86% of covid 19 patients that go on a vent die. Seattle reporting 70%. Our hospital has had 5 deaths and one patient who was extubated. Extubation happens on day 10 per the Chinese and day 11 per Seattle.
​ ​Plaquenil which has weak ACE2 blockade doesn't appear to be a savior of any kind in our patient population. Theoretically, it may have some prophylactic properties but so far it is difficult to see the benefit to our hospitalized patients, but we are using it and the studies will tell.​..
 We are also using Azithromycin, but are intermittently running out of IV.​..
​ ​Proning vented patients significantly helps oxygenation. Even self proning the ones on nasal cannula helps​.
[That means people breathe better face down. Got a massage table?]  ​...
 One of my colleagues who is a 31 yo old female who graduated residency last may with no health problems and normal BMI is out with the symptoms and an SaO2 of 92%. She will be the first of many.
I PPE best I have. I do wear a MaxAir PAPR the entire shift. I do not take it off to eat or drink during the shift. I undress in the garage and go straight to the shower. My wife and kids fled to her parents outside Hattiesburg. The stress and exposure at work coupled with the isolation at home is trying. But everyone is going through something right now. Everyone is scared; patients and employees. But we are the leaders of that emergency room. Be nice to your nurses and staff. Show by example how to tackle this crisis head on. Good luck to us all."

​Awaiting The Onslaught​