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Email Inbox Notifications To End Soon

 Dear Readers,

Google is doing away with Feedburner, the widget that allows people to sign up for email notifications of blog posts.

Some people avail themselves of this functionality for Johnday's Blog.

It has been a free-feature, without strings or encumberments, which probably has a lot to do with why it is being discontinued. There are for-profit services, targeting for-profit blogs, but it does not look like there is an equivalent widget.

I hear from reliable sources that MailChimp is involved in communication-sabotage and AI censorship.

Other functions I have looked into appear to be along the same business-model, with same targeted clientele.

This is a disappointment, since I do pay for Blogger, and this has been a useful part of it.

The noose is tightening on the remains of the free-internet we knew 20 years ago, because capturing populations for rent extraction is the currently dominant business model.

John Ward deals with this, and his resentments, which I share, but the most important bit is at the end.

The UK National Health Service made a massive purchase of midazolam before COVID-19 hit, then made it available to hospitals and care-homes early in the pandemic, to help along the passing of the sorely afflicted, without asking. Is there such a thing as "mini-murder". It was completely planned. This drug is used in the US to ease people into general anaesthesia, just before they get the breathing tube put down them, for which they should be fully relaxed. This is like super-Xanax. Mix it with opioids and you can't be bothered to breathe right now. I presume most of the sufferers were also having their pains relieved with opioids, when the got the lovely grandmother's-little-helper.

The drug Midazolam – see yesterday’s Slogpost – is a case in point. Our departed Health Secretary has left a very disturbing timeline behind him. The dumping of NHS patients into care homes probably matches a first-wave “Covid19 blip” of 30,000 additional deaths; in turn, the purchase of vast quantities of Midazolam from April can be correlated with 40,000 hospital entry deaths…and now in 2021 the police investigation of 50,000 UK deaths from Midazolam misuse in general.

We are once more in the surreal land of Thinking sleuths in pursuit of the Unthinkable.

Living With And Without The Machine

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

First The Answer

 Biological Platforms,

The Wellcome (Great) Leap (Forward) is a newly constituted civilianized medical DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Agency), managed by a recent DARPA director with strong interests in genetic engineering and human neural network management, as well as MEMS, microelectrical-mechanical systems, cellular level micro machines, which might be injectable. Monitoring a lot of human babies with wearable neurological sensors, through their first 1000 days, developing means to affect that neurological development, learning and decision making, is one of the projects. Developing gene specific treatments for each person requires knowing each person's genetic code, which is almost assumed as a baseline to do good, by this largest medical "charitable trust" (with eugenicist background). Discovering the intricacies of human motivation to perform tasks, supposedly to treat depression, wants complete genetic and neural mapping of each human involved in this beneficial research into motivation-to-perform-tasks. One wonders if it might be used some day to control humans from afar with neural implants wired to centers of pleasure, pain, and activity-motivation. (People are already controlled with drugs, fear and violence, but maybe they don't do their best work with such gross techniques.) Another branch of work is to grow human organs, and organ systems, and humal/electromechanical hybrid organ systems, with an eye to transplants, and also to drug testing on human-systems, without humans, without ethical considerations/constraints. This is pretty long, but I read it for you. Whitney Webb did the research work.
A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction
  The world’s richest medical research foundation, the Wellcome Trust, has teamed up with a pair of former DARPA directors who built Silicon Valley’s skunkworks to usher in an age of nightmarish surveillance, including for babies as young as three months old.

On the side of not being controlled by infant-conversion into cyborgs by our elite owners... 
Charles Hugh Smith,  America's Social Order is Unraveling
  When there is no relief valve in a collapsing social order, the explosive pressure is eventually released in a Cultural Revolution that unleashes all the bottled-up frustrations on elites. These frustrations have no outlet politically because they're threatening to the status quo and therefore suppressed at every turn.
  Put another way, if the pendulum is pushed to an extreme of exploitation, suppression and inequality, when it's released, it will reach an equivalent extreme (minus a bit of friction) at the opposite end. That could be an unexpected but entirely foreseeable Cultural Revolution.
  Those who claim that can't happen in America are safely outside the pressure cooker, protected by a delusional confidence that since I'm doing great, everyone is doing great. Since real political agency is no longer allowed, the pressure will find release outside the political system. The lobbyists will still be haunting the hallways of governance, but no one will care, for The falcon will no longer hear the falconer.
(That is when they will jerk the systemic life support of the unruly, isn't it?)

​The British Military's Dark Vision of the Future​
If I may summarize this vision of 2050, it assumes the continuation of transnational global capitalism under the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski Doctrine​  , which is being called completely into question as Belt-and-Road seems to be replacing Global War On Terror as the more accepted model. This vision is that masses of deprived humanity are bottled-up and tightly controlled in cities, with limited resources per capita, and all kinds of intrusive enforcement, such as envisioned above, as well as being torn by social divisions, so they can't align against the owners.
(This is not what I am working toward at the vegetarian-homestead in Yoakum, but all I have is this modest little project for a couple of empty-nesters.)

Geopolitics, Profit, and Poppies: How the CIA Turned Afghanistan Into a Failed Narco-State​  ​
​  ​“From statements by U.S. Ambassador [to Iran] Richard Helms, there was little heroin production in Central Asia by the mid 1970s,” Professor Alfred McCoy, author of “The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade,” told MintPress. But with the start of the CIA secret war, opium production along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border surged and refineries soon dotted the landscape. Trucks loaded with U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons would travel from Pakistan into its neighbor to the west, returning filled to the brim with opium for the new refineries, their deadly product ending up on streets worldwide. With the influx of Afghan opium in the 1980s — Jeffrey St. Clair, co-author of “Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press,” alleges — heroin addiction more than doubled in the United States.
“In order to finance the resistance for a protracted period, the Mujahideen had to come up with a livelihood beyond the weapons that the CIA was providing,”

​  ​For the second time in the five months since he was inaugurated, President Joe Biden on Sunday ordered a U.S. bombing raid on Syria, and for the first time, he also bombed Iraq. The rationale offered was the same as Biden's first air attack in February: the U.S., in the words of Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, “conducted defensive precision airstrikes against facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in the Iraq-Syria border region.” He added that “the United States acted pursuant to its right of self-defense.”​  ​
​  ​Embedded in this formulaic Pentagon statement is so much propaganda and so many euphemisms that, by itself, it reveals the fraudulent nature of what was done. To begin with, how can U.S. airstrikes carried out in Iraq and Syria be "defensive” in nature? How can they be an act of “self-defense"? Nobody suggests that the targets of the bombing campaign have the intent or the capability to strike the U.S. "homeland” itself. Neither Syria nor Iraq is a U.S. colony or American property, nor does the U.S. have any legal right to be fighting wars in either country, rendering the claim that its airstrikes were "defensive” and an “act of self-defense” to be inherently deceitful.
​  ​The Pentagon's description of the people bombed by the U.S. — “Iran-backed militias groups” — is intended to obscure the reality. Biden did not bomb Iran or order Iranians to be bombed or killed. The targets of U.S. aggression were Iraqis in their own country, and Syrians in their own country.

​Since Julian Assange is completely a political prisoner​, the judges will know better than to look at this evidence of mistrial.
  The Icelandic newspaper Stundin reports that a key witness in the US prosecution of Julian Assange has admitted in an interview with the outlet that he fabricated critical accusations in the indictment against the WikiLeaks founder.
  “A major witness in the United States’ Department of Justice case against Julian Assange has admitted to fabricating key accusations in the indictment against the Wikileaks founder,” Stundin reports. “The witness, who has a documented history with sociopathy and has received several convictions for sexual abuse of minors and wide-ranging financial fraud, made the admission in a newly published interview in Stundin where he also confessed to having continued his crime spree whilst working with the Department of Justice and FBI and receiving a promise of immunity from prosecution.”

Assange’s partner Stella Moris says she plans to marry WikiLeaks co-founder in Belmarsh prison
​  ​She acknowledged, however, that the “bureaucratic process” to obtain permission for the ceremony would take time, and that the ceremony has been further complicated by Covid-19 restrictions. Apart from needing to obtain relevant documents from their respective home countries, there is concern that the marriage could be hampered by the fact that Assange’s UK visa has expired. It’s also unclear if any guests would be allowed to attend the prison ceremony due to the health crisis. In theory, Assange could be let out of Belmarsh for a day so that he could get married, but there is already a large backlog of delayed weddings due to the country’s lockdown.

​Tessa (Fights Robots) A War on (free) Natural Immunity​
​  ​As I am typing this, we are on the receiving end of a top-down war on everything that’s natural, be it natural free expression, natural immunity, or natural ability at large.
​  ​Different aspects of today’s bizarre reality are connected like pieces of a puzzle. The trendy political correctness, for example, draws from the same logical root as vaccinating people with natural immunity. How so? Well, political correctness exists to ensure that conversational spaces are safe spaces—and the need to make them safe is based on the premise that human beings are not capable of navigating unregulated conversational spaces without being harmed. Those who are capable of doing so should act as if they are not. The assumption here is that the natural ability to deal with unregulated conversations does not exist, is not necessary to develop, and mentioning the need for it is cruel.
​  ​Similarly, forcing the famous medical product on those with natural immunity is based on the premise that artificial immunity is superior to natural immunity.

Vaccines: Reasons for Concern
Part 2: Why does the CDC keep calling post-Covid vaccine heart problems in young men "rare" and "mild" when they are neither?

​Breaking The Hearts if Children Over Vaccines, Peter McCullough MD​

This should reduce their outlays, but maybe their contributions, too.
Make-a-Wish Foundation Says It Won’t Help Terminally Ill Children Unless Their Entire Family is Vaccinated
Make-a-Wish president and CEO Richard Davis made the announcement in a video released last week, stating, “All wish participants, including your wish kid and any siblings, will need to be two weeks past completion of either a one-dose or a two-dose vaccine.”

 The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy  
 In our view, the EMA and national authorities should instigate a safety review into the safety database of COVID-19 vaccines and governments should carefully consider their policies in light of these data. Ideally, independent scientists should carry out thorough case reviews of the very severe cases, so that there can be evidence-based recommendations on who is likely to benefit from a SARS-CoV2 vaccination and who is in danger of suffering from side effects. Currently, our estimates show that we have to accept four fatal and 16 serious side effects per 100,000 vaccinations in order to save the lives of 2–11 individuals per 100,000 vaccinations, placing risks and benefits on the same order of magnitude.   (Essentially nobody under 30 should be given an mRNA "vaccine")

This is an interesting tidbit at the very end of an article about the Putin-Biden summit. Thanks Eleni:
​  ​The Ukraine, however, has no vaccination. They refused the Russian vaccine; the West never provided them with Western vaccines
But nothing especially bad happened to the Ukrainians. Instead of vaccination, 
they treat covid with Ivermectin, and their results are better than those in neighbouring (vaccinated) Poland.

European Union Reports 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths​ 
(This only applies to the 27 EU nations and the 4 EU approved vaccines. well detailed)

​Still Unscathed​

​Jenny (married to me 36 years today) pictured in replanted Mexican avocado orchard in Yoakum

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Farewell World War Three

 Unwitting Participants,

  Today's meme seems kind of odd, but I like the analogy presented by Thierry Meyssan that the Global War On Terror was World War Three and the "evil empire" lost and had to agree to some terms at the recent meeting between Putin and Biden. 
  Europe is having to foot the bill for now, but the price of the bill can be negotiated down, which is why Merkel wants to meet directly with Putin (and Macron). (NATO tool) Poland is currently objecting to that, but it looks inevitable. My personal opinion is that this negotiation was better settled before the global financial collapse/reset, so it could be less-worser. The days of the petrobuck are numbered. I just don't know what the number is.
   Thanks for sending me this collection of articles, Eleni (in neocolonialized Greece). The one I found about the new war on domestic middle-aged white racist terrorists in America fits right in, since the same tactics that worked so well against Sunni and Shia Muslims can be readily adapted to work against woke and un-woke Americans.

First, the basis of the failed Global War On Brown People in oil and mineral places.
The Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine, by Thierry Meyssan
  For two decades, the Pentagon has been applying the "Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine" to the "wider Middle East". Several times, it thought of extending it to the "Caribbean Basin", but refrained from doing so, concentrating its power on its first target. The Pentagon acts as an autonomous decision-making center that is effectively outside the power of the president. It is a civil-military administration that imposes its objectives on the rest of the military.
The 2001 map from the Pentagon showing how the middle east would be restructured better after the GWOT was successful.

Biden-Putin, a Yalta II rather than a new Berlin , ​by Thierry Meyssan
​    ​The United States, defeated in Syria, went to Geneva to accept the conditions of the winner, Russia. The summit of June 16, 2021 should put an end to hostilities on the condition that the Biden Administration holds its troops. Western Europeans will have to pay the bill. China is confirmed in its position as Russia’s partner.
​  ​The Third World War, which pitted 119 states against each other in Syria, ended with the victory of Syria, Iran and Russia and the military defeat of the 116 Western states and allies. The time has come for the losers to acknowledge their crimes and pay back the damage and costs they have caused (at least 400,000 dead and $400 billion in damage in Syria, $100 billion in Russian armaments).
​  ​However, the West has not experienced this war on its own territory and has not suffered from the fighting, which they have mostly carried out through mercenaries (the "jihadists"). They have retained some of their power.

​The background story, as presented pre-summit. (The US/NATO has not aligned with Russia or China, has it. This multipolar-world concept might be ok.​)
Why a Yalta II ?  ​by Thierry Meyssan
​  ​The United States is not the hyper-power it dreamed of being. It has endured a terrible military defeat in Syria with a hundred allied states. Even if they continue to delude themselves, the time of reckoning has come. To survive, Washington has no choice but to ally itself with one of its adversaries. Russia or China? That is the question.​..
​  ​In 1945, the Yalta Conference laid the foundations for the division of the world into the zones of influence of the three great victors of the Second World War: the USA, the United Kingdom and above all the Soviet Union. Throughout the Cold War, each side publicly insulted the other, but they always got along under the table. Historical research has shown that, although at any moment the agreement could have turned into a confrontation, the invective was rather intended to weld each side together than to hurt the opponent/partner.

Washington set to give up “Endless War”  
  ​In accordance with the Geneva summit agreements (known as Yalta II), on 17 June 2021, the House of Representatives voted to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force of 2001.
  This text had granted all United States presidents the authority to launch a war against the authors of the attacks of September 11, 2001. According to the Congressional Research Service, this text was invoked on 39 occasions with regard to 14 countries [1].
  It had been adopted on September 18, 2001, approving the Rumsfeld / Cebrowski doctrine which had not yet been made public [2]. Its abrogation is expected to be confirmed by the Senate by the end of June.

US pulling Patriot missiles from Middle East
​  The United States is withdrawing its anti-aircraft defense from the Greater Middle East. The removal of Patriot missiles has already started in Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which is also seeing the dismantling of the Thaaad system (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) [1].
​  ​Moscow’s new ambassador to Iraq, Elbruz Kutrashev (former chargĂ© d’affaires in Syria) [photo], recommended a take over from the US and equipping the country with Russian S-400s, like in Syria. They could be operational in 2025.

Biden Admin Walks Back U.S. Recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli Territory​ (It is Syria​n​)

The sooner the Europeans negotiate their separate peace with Russia, the lower the bill will be.
Merkel urges ‘direct contact’ with Putin, defending Franco-German overture
The German chancellor’s remarks come after EU countries chafed at the proposal Wednesday night.
​  ​“In my opinion, we as the European Union must also seek direct contact with Russia and the Russian president,” Merkel told the German Bundestag in a government statement ahead of an EU leaders’ meeting in Brussels on Thursday afternoon, where relations with Russia will be discussed.
​  ​“It is not enough for U.S. President Joe Biden to talk to the Russian president — I very much welcome that — but the European Union must also create formats for talks here,” she added, referencing Biden’s recent one-on-one meeting with Putin in Geneva. “There is no other way to resolve conflicts.”

​Hey, this guy is in one of the pictures from that first story. Same guy!​   (What if I identify as Ashli Babbit? She was a lady, not a guy.)
What is Behind Gen. Mark Milley's Righteous Race Sermon? Look to the New Domestic War on Terror. , Glenn Greenwald
The overarching ideology of Pentagon officials is larger military budgets and ongoing permanent war posture. T
heir new war target, explicitly, is domestic "white rage."
...Yet there appeared to be a great awakening at the Pentagon on Wednesday when Gen. Mark Milley, the highest-ranking military officer in the U.S. as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified at a House hearing. The Chairman vehemently defended the teaching of critical race theory at West Point and, referencing the January 6 Capitol riot, said, “it is important that we train and we understand ... and I want to understand white rage. And I'm white."​ ...
(Please wake me up now!)​  ... ​ Some prominent liberal commentators warned that conservatives are now anti-military and even seek to defund the Pentagon.

​Racking up unserviceable debt to fund the shale revolution was a flash in the pan. The US has had to import oil since the 1960s. We need to use little enough that we can export strategically to maintain some alliances. (Yeah, I bet there IS more oil in Alaska, but it's not for SUVs, see?)​
​ ​How Energy Transition Models Go Wron​g ,​ by Gail Tverberg
...At some point, our ability to extract resources becomes constrained. At the same time, population keeps increasing. The usual outcome when population is too high for resources is “overshoot and collapse.” But this is not a topic that the politicians or central bankers or oligarchs who attend the World Economic Forum dare to talk about.​  (Well, ​at least ​not to US.)
​  ​Instead, world leaders find a different problem, namely climate change, to emphasize above other problems. Conveniently, climate change seems to have some of the same solutions as “running out of fossil fuels.” So, a person might think that an energy transition designed to try to fix climate change would work equally well to try to fix running out of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the way it works.

​More demoralizing news from the Russians: (Don't worry. We'll create good paying jobs with feminine green technology as we build back better.)
Solar panels are creating 50 times more waste than predicted, and much of it is toxic. Our race to ‘net zero’ is madness

13-Year-Old Michigan Boy Dies 3 Days After Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine, Aunt Says ‘Moral, Ethical, Health’ Questions Need Answers
​  ​Initial autopsy results showed the previously healthy boy suffered from myocarditis, an inflammatory heart condition CDC officials have acknowledged is "likely" linked to mRNA COVID vaccines.

​  ​It took an RN at my clinic over an hour to report a case of apparent ​post-Moderna-vax ​myocarditis in a 35 year old male patient of mine. 
The adverse event reports are widely considered to be under 1% of the actual adverse vaccine events in the us. 
They really do not want to hear it.​ Put a big multiplier on these official numbers.​
NOT MAKING HEADLINES: CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus – Including HUGE Number of Heart Problems Reported

​Actively Non-Participating​

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Distributed Solutions

 ​Regular Humans,​

​  Cheap energy and plentiful, easily recovered and refined​ mineral ores are the resources which allowed industrial economy to grow, while consuming them ever more rapidly, by consuming them to consume them at an accelerating pace. Whether the owners are lying about stuff is not a question. They always lie, but they lie unpredictably. The opposite of what they say is not "the truth". To prove a lie and to take some form of the opposite as "truth" is a common logical flaw.
​For instance, we have been lied to as long as I can remember, and the oil crisis in the 1970s and early 1980s was made worse in America by holding oil tankers offshore, which raised prices and lowered supply. This was a sort of big test of what would happen and did let oil companies take windfall profits. We were lied to about part of what was happening. The 6 test wells drilled in Alaska under Jimmy Carter were capped, and what they found remains a secret to this day. 

  There is a lot of Great Power interest in the Arctic. I suspect there is a lot of oil up there, but it is clearly NOTgoing to be pumped into the failing exponential-growth eating-machine​ that is neoliberal global financial capitalism. That is the stuff to burn in the new economy of declining resources, Carter's ace-in-the-hole. We'll burn all that other oil up first. Then we will have an advantageous position globally. We will fuel our military, factories, farmers, trains and trucks. 
"We" will...

​  ​I think the owner class is split, a horse divided against itself, which cannot stand, in the western oligarchy.
Build Back Better World (now B3W) has the flaw of the gross inefficiency of keeping the same hierarchy that brought us neoliberalism, neocolonialism and nascent neofeudalism through technocracy controlling our thoughts and impulses. Right now it’s just smartphones-in-traffic, but soon it will be neural implants rewarding us directly for following that urgent though​t​ that just jumped to the front of the stack.

​  ​The easy problem to point out is inefficiency, though evil would do as well.
Inefficiency is distant decisions for local problems, which need to be solved promptly.
I need a bag of sheetrock screws to finish this work today.
I’ll call Washington for instructions.

​  ​It has been pointed out in one of the articles here :
that evil is completely parasitic and cannot contribute any positive solutions to a process.

​  ​One might argue that we are not owned/ruled by evil (how rude!) but by somewhat enlightened self-interests (nice Mr. Buffet, not kinky Mr. Bezos or Mr. Gates-behind-the-curtain). Inefficiency argument works for both. The somewhat creative owners have a solution, which is AI, directly connecting to the impulse and reward centers of our brains.

​  ​What could go wrong? Can you run a work crew this way?
Never been tried. Might be some problems.
Can the technology be sustained in resource decline?
Theoretically, yes, right?
Never been done, though. Looks like a stretch.
Most people would say “NO” if you told ’em. How ya gonna’ pull it off?

​  ​Wouldn’t it be easier for people to work together in smaller groups on projects that benefit them directly, which is the strong point of our good-old species?
Sure it would. (That was a rhetorical question.)
Distributed human-computing with every decision ever made being part of the mass computation, is what brought us here. It is sustainable, even if massive swaths of computation go “poof”.

​  ​The problem for the elites, the owners, is that the most important thing of all, to them, is that they maintain control, no matter how inefficient or unlikely that may be, going into the new economy of declining resources and declining energy.
They are the owners. They will use all of the powers (open and covert) of ownership to maintain their position astride the massive herd, even if the herd gets sicker and has to be culled repeatedly. The biggest problem for them right now is that the smarter ones can’t agree with each other or the more narcissistic ones about how to proceed, and they can’t even work out which group of owners to sneak-attack to move forward.
Elite gridlock.

​​Now is our chance to grow some vegetables, get out of debt, be friends in the neighborhood and ride bikes. Whoo, Woo!

Jim Kunstler looks at something I think may become important.
​  ​Just now, we have news of the strange case, revealed last week, of a “top Chinese counter-intel official,” a vice-minister of State Security, name of Dong Jingwei, defecting to the USA back in February. The strange part is that he came in from the cold to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) because he did not trust the CIA or the FBI to be outside China’s influence, and Dong sought protection from them. More American institutional failure? This raises a whole bale of questions, including whether Dong is a double-reverse disinfo agent, or what? It is rumored that he is proffering even more sordid dirt on “Joe Biden’s” son, Hunter, than is already known from the memo-and-email cache lodged on his infamous laptop-from-hell — not just sexual escapades while in China, but details of big money deals made for the Biden family business. And not just that, but heaps more dirt on other prominent political figures paid off by China. As if the US government is not already in a bad odor with at least half the country’s citizens.
​ ​This Chinese spy tale is ripening at exactly the same time that the Maricopa County, AZ, election audit concludes phase one of its operations — scaring the panties off of the DNC and its PR staff at MSNBC, CNN, and the WashPo — with a lot of noises coming in from Georgia and Pennsylvania about likewise conducting vote audits. All that, plus Dong’s garbage barge of toxic political dirt, suggests that “Joe Biden” will have an even shorter run than Konstantin Chernenko did. We may find ourselves in an intense constitutional crisis by mid-summer. Hold that thought….

​More: ​
  RedState’s sources confirmed that the defector is, in fact, Dong, that he was in charge of counterintelligence efforts in China, and that he flew to the United States in mid-February, allegedly to visit his daughter at a university in California. When Dong landed in California he contacted DIA officials and told them about his plans to defect and the information he’d brought with him. Dong then “hid in plain sight” for about two weeks before disappearing into DIA custody.
  According to Spy Talk, Dong’s name came up during the Sino-American Summit held in Alaska in March 2021:
RedState’s sources say that Chinese officials did demand that the United States return Dong, but Blinken didn’t exactly refuse; at that time Blinken wasn’t aware that Dong was with the US government, the sources say, and told China that the US didn’t have Dong.

  It’s only in the last three to four weeks that anyone outside DIA knew about the defector, according to RedState’s sources. Prior to that time, DIA was vetting the information provided and confronting Langley officials with what they’d learned without divulging the source.

​  ​Experts quoted in the Spy Talk piece essentially say that the defection is just a rumor and that rumors happen all the time, but that if it’s true it’s a big deal but “not game-changing.” Based on conversations with sources familiar with the information Dong has already provided and its quantity and reliability, that’s simply not the case. Not only does Dong have detailed information about China’s special weapons systems, the Chinese military’s operation of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origins of SARS-CoV-2, and the Chinese government’s assets and sources within the United States; Dong has extremely embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community and government officials in the “terabytes of data” he’s provided to the DIA.

​Cat sends this from Glenn  Greenwald. She points out that about 400 people who filed into the Capital on 1/6/21, unarmed, seeking to be heard, not trying to overthrow anything, and still not charged yet, are being held unconstitutionally, mostly in solitary confinement (psychological torture, ya'know?)..​ 
​  ​What would be shocking and strange is not if the FBI had embedded informants and other infiltrators in the groups planning the January 6 Capitol riot. What would be shocking and strange — bizarre and inexplicable — is if the FBI did not have those groups under tight control. And yet the suggestion that FBI informants may have played some role in the planning of the January 6 riot was instantly depicted as something akin to, say, 9/11 truth theories or questions about the CIA’s role in JFK’s assassination or, until a few weeks ago, the COVID lab-leak theory: as something that, from the perspective of Respectable Serious Circles, only a barely-sane, tin-foil-hat-wearing lunatic would even entertain.
​  This reaction is particularly confounding given how often the FBI did exactly this during the first War on Terror, and how commonplace discussions of this tactic were in mainstream liberal circles.

​Ilargi, Let's Save Some More Lives
I  I​t’s a closed club that all say the same thing. And put the onus on the -prospective- patients. Whereas if common sense had prevailed, and we had all given everybody enough vitamin D to bring those levels to an acceptable height, and we had given them ivermectin either as a prophylactic or an early cure, this pandemic would likely never have happened.
​  ​But if we had done that, the mRNA vaccines would never have gotten Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) , we couldn’t have locked everyone down, and there wouldn’t have been any reason for the huge-scale bailout programs. Sure, a few really old and/or really obese people, both with comorbidities, might have died, even with vitamin D and ivermectin, but they might have anyway. And we don’t know, because they never got that support.
​  ​That is the story that needs to be told today. Not why ivermectin today has a bad name, but why it got one a year and change ago. Why Capuzzo and Taibbi are so late to this game, and why politicians today are pushing vaccine passports while if they had acted a year ago, there would not have been a pandemic of anything the present size. Who are these people listening to, who controls the narratives?
​  ​Meanwhile the stories about the vaccines keep on piling up. Along the lines of: why is myocarditis among young men such a problem, if they mostly recover from it? Or: why are 10s of 1000s of spontaneous abortions among young America women a issue, when they can simply have another child? The benefits outweigh the problems, we hear it every single day.

Athlete Who Recovered From COVID Facing ‘Very Different Future’ After Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine Triggers Myocarditis
In an interview with The Defender, Marie Follmer said no one warned her that her 19-year-old son — a healthy, elite athlete who had recovered from COVID — shouldn’t get the Pfizer vaccine because it would put him at greater risk of developing myocarditis.

​Thanks Jeremy:  ​Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine linked to [previously] rare blood disease - Israeli study
A spokesperson from Shamir Medical Center stressed that the study of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine's connection to a rare disease should not deter vaccinations.

(The spike protein in your blood makes it clot ​uncontrollably ​and uses up all of the platelets, then the blood can't clot when it needs to.)

​I have not gotten a vaccinated family member to do the magnet test and tell me what they find yet, but internet-people I am in touch with are finding that high intensity magnet DO stick to SARS-CoV-2 vaccine sites ​much of the time, maybe a majority. 
Be The First On Your Block! Do The Magnet Test!  (I'd do it on myself, but I didn't get the shot, so it's pointless.)
Summary presentation of results for the week of study 1 st  June to 5 June 2021:
Only 30 vaccinated people and 30 unvaccinated people were finally interviewed while the objective was to interview 100 for the first group and 100 for the second.
The condition of gender distribution has been respected. In each group, 15 women and 15 men were interviewed.
In the unvaccinated group, out of the 30 individuals questioned, the number of people with magnet attraction is 0 (zero). The experience therefore stops there for this group.
In the vaccinated group, on the other hand, out of the 30 individuals questioned, 29 showed attraction to the magnet. That is, the magnet adheres to their skin without difficulty. All of them are vaccinated at the vaccinodrome.
NB  : The 30 th  person, which does not grip the magnet, has not made vaccinate vaccinodrome like any other. She was vaccinated by a nurse with whom she has worked for many years.

Unattractive Guy​

(Jenny does look quite fetching in our Austin vegetable garden this morning)

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Build Back Never

 Not Buying It,

Note: "Build Back Better World" is now B3W Pepe Escobar has the NWO horse-race story:
​  ​As for the threats from China – South China Sea, Taiwan, the Indo-Pacific overall – it was up to the G7 to come up with a plan.
​  ​Enter “green”, “inclusive” Build Back Better World (B3W), billed as the Western “alternative” to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). B3W respects “our values” – which clownish British PM Boris Johnson could not help describing as building infrastructure in a more “gender neutral” or “feminine” way – and, further on down the road, will remove goods produced with forced labor (code for Xinjiang) from supply chains.
​  ​The White House has its own B3W spin: that’s a “values-driven, high-standard, and transparent infrastructure partnership” which will be “mobilizing private-sector capital in four areas of focus – climate, health and health security, digital technology, and gender equality – with catalytic investments from our respective development institutions”
​  ​The initial “catalytic investments” for BW3 were estimated at $100 billion. No one knows how these funds will be coming from the “development institutions”.
​  ​Seasoned Global South observers already bet they will be essentially provided by IMF/World Bank “green” loans tied to private sector investment in selected emerging markets, with an eye on profit.
​  ​The White House is adamant that “B3W will be global in scope, from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa and the Indo-Pacific”. Note the blatant attempt to match BRI’s reach.
​  ​All these “green” resources and new logistic chains financed by what will be a variant of Central Banks showering helicopter money would ultimately benefit G7 members, certainly not China.
​  ​And the “protector” of these new “green” geostrategic corridors will be – who else? – NATO. That’s the natural consequence of the “global reach” emphasized on the NATO 2030 agenda.

​I personally think that none of these agendas will work well going forward, because all of the compensation mechanisms that modern industrial economy currently uses will decompensate at about the same time as oil prices spike above $100/bbl again, which impacts mining, shipping,farming, wages, profits, everything, Then even the Fed won't be able to keep the Ponzi bubble blown.​ Confidence, meet Panic. ("Don't Panic!")

The internet, like everything else in our lives, is not sustainable with a decrease in cheap energy, cheap mined ores and other natural resources.

Gail Tverberg, Our Finite World, Where Energy Modeling Goes Wrong
Summary: The economy is approaching near-term collapse, not peak oil. The result is quite different.
​  ​The modeling that comes closest to being correct is that which underlies the 1972 book, The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows and others. This modeling was based on physical quantities of resources, with no financial system whatsoever. The base model, shown here, indicates that limits would be reached a few years later than we actually seem to be reaching them. The dotted black line in Figure 1 indicates where I saw the world economy to be in January 2019, based on the limits we already seemed to be reaching at that time.
(I think that line is ​drawn ​at 2010, myself.)

​There are different global groups of elites, at war against each other, and the western elites are at war internally, too.​ I am on the side of complex living ecosystems.
Have the Great Reset Technocrats Really Thought This Through? Evil: Between Depopulation & Neuralink
​  ​The only thing left to destroy in a world populated by elites alone, are other elites. It would seem that the desire to dominate others does not simply come to an end on its own.
​  ​With the UN World Food Program announcing that some 270 million people worldwide now face starvation, the ongoing debate about the real aims of the technocracy is profound. The question is whether their aim tends more towards major population reduction, or more towards a new type of slavery.
​  ​It appears that philosophical and long-term practical questions remain​s​ a mystery. We will argue that evil, not simply the influence of the base upon the superstructure, is at the core of this endeavor. We have defined evil as inflicting the highest degree of pain upon the greatest number of resisting subjects. In short, we have defined evil as sadism, inflicting evil because it brings satisfaction to those inflicting it.
​  ​Because evil is fundamentally a destructive force, it cannot create anything: nothing in it is truly novel nor of use to humanity. Its pleasures are short-lived and spurious. It is unsustainable, self-defeating, ultimately leading to self-destruction.
[Lots of excellent facts and analysis.] ...
​  ​For these reasons, it is likely that some elites have seen the problem in this end game. This would explain the inter-elite conflict which we have explored previously, and will return to in the near future.

​CJ Hopkins,  Manufacturing (New Normal) Reality
​  ​During the changeover from the old “reality” to the new “reality,” the society is torn apart. The old “reality” is being disassembled and the new one has not yet taken its place. It feels like madness, and, in a way, it is. For a time, the society is split in two, as the two “realities” battle it out for dominance. “Reality” being what it is (i.e., monolithic), this is a fight to the death. In the end, only one “reality” can prevail.
​  ​This is the crucial period for the totalitarian movement. It needs to negate the old “reality” in order to implement the new one, and it cannot do that with reason and facts, so it has to do it with fear and brute force. It needs to terrorize the majority of society into a state of mindless mass hysteria that can be turned against those resisting the new “reality.” It is not a matter of persuading or convincing people to accept the new “reality.” It’s more like how you drive a herd of cattle. You scare them enough to get them moving, then you steer them wherever you want them to go. The cattle do not know or understand where they are going. They are simply reacting to a physical stimulus. Facts and reason have nothing to do with it.​..​
  The pressure to conform to the new “reality” is already intense and it’s going to get worse as vaccination passes, public mask-wearing, periodic lockdowns, etc., become normalized. Those who don’t conform will be systematically demonized, socially and/or professionally ostracized, segregated, and otherwise punished. Our opinions will be censored. We will be “canceled,” deplatformed, demonitized, and otherwise silenced. Our views will be labeled “potentially harmful.” We will be accused of spreading “misinformation,” of being “far-right extremists,” “racists,” “anti-Semites,” “conspiracy theorists,” “anti-vaxxers,” “anti-global-capitalist violent domestic terrorists,” or just garden variety “sexual harassers,” or whatever they believe will damage us the most.
  T​his will happen in both the public and personal spheres. Not just governments, the media, and corporations, but your colleagues, friends, and family will do this. Strangers in shops and restaurants will do this. Most of them will not do it consciously. They will do it because your non-conformity represents an existential threat to them … a negation of their new “reality” and a reminder of the reality they surrendered in order to remain a “normal” person and avoid the punishments described above.
​  ​This is nothing new, of course. It is how “reality” is manufactured, not only in totalitarian systems, but in every organized social system. Those in power instrumentalize the masses to enforce conformity with their official ideology. Totalitarianism is just its most extreme and most dangerously paranoid and fanatical form.

​COVID-Tracker Device Installs Itself​ Without User Consent, Including On Parental-Locked Devices
​...​Yeah, not creepy at all, right?
​I​t’s just an ap that tracks you and who you’ve been near, cross indexes you to external databases, and reports on contacts.
​T​hat claims to be anonymous, yet somehow knows everyone’s disease status.
​D​eveloped with google and apple but claiming not to share data with them.
​T​hat ghost installs itself automatically on your phone.​ ​without your request or permission.
and that has no icon and cannot be opened or used or disabled.
and that circumvents locked phones and parental controls.
and re-installs itself even if you try to remove it.
so, you know, like, what’s to worry about, ya know?

​When the enforcers leave, the regime topples. Usually, they have somewhere else to go. 
Group identity and loyalty matter a lot to humans in hard times.
Entire Portland Police Rapid Response Team Resigns After Officer Indicted for Breaking Up Antifa Riot

We Are About To RunOut Of Some Stuff

​  ​You’ve probably never heard of Yantian International Container Terminal, the busiest port of Shenzhen. Overall, Shenzhen is the third largest container port in the world, roughly three times as big as the largest US port, Los Angeles. Not that far away sits another place you’ve never heard of, Guangzhou Harbor, the world’s fifth largest container port. Together, these two ports handled nearly 50 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of cargo in 2018.
​  ​In about a week, these ports will be all you hear about.
​  ​The Chinese province of Guangzhou is dealing with an outbreak of the Delta variant of COVID-19, a highly contagious form of the virus originally discovered in India. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a history of aggressively dealing with localized COVID-19 outbreaks, and this time is no different, global supply chains be damned. And damned they will be. In late May, the CCP effectively shut down these two ports, leading to an unprecedented shipping logjam that will make the March 2021 blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given seem downright trivial.​  ​

Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection
A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines
Meta-analysis of 15 trials found that ivermectin reduced risk of death compared with no ivermectin (average risk ratio 0.38, 95% confidence interval 0.19–0.73; n = 2438; I2 = 49%; moderate-certainty evidence).

The Mechanisms of Action of Ivermectin Against SARS-CoV-2, Nature

​The Indian State of Goa, after having very good success with ivermectin, zinc, doxycycline and vitamin-D, suddenly recalls all of those home treatment kits that were working so very well, and makes a few foot-shuffling excuses.

​Fighting Food Shortages

(pictured picking black-eyed peas Sunday morning)​ 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Constructive Discussions

 Not Particularly Shocked,

​  ​Russian President Vladimir Putin said his meeting with President Biden in Switzerland on Wednesday was hostility-free, adding that "on the contrary … it was very constructive." Putin described Biden as a "balanced and professional man, and it's clear that he's very experienced," and said "it seems to me that we did speak the same language."

​Oh, "we" got something. We kept Germany as an ally; maybe more, but it's secret. What about that cyber-crime cooperation? Great Reset? Non-aggression pact?
​  ​Appearing on Hannity, Trump noted “We gave a very big stage to Russia, and we got nothing.”
He continued, “We gave up something that was unbelievably valuable. I stopped the pipeline, NordStream II, and the pipeline was stopped, and it was given back [to Germany and Russia] and nothing was gotten for it.”

​Moon of Alabama summarizes the 2 hour summit:
There were a few results:
The ambassadors of both sides, who had been recalled from Washington and Moscow, will return to their posts.
There will be new expert rounds about cybersecurity.
There may be talks about an exchange of prisoners.
There will be new rounds about security, which means strategic nuclear weapons.
A joint statement by both sides about Strategic Stability has been posted in Russian on the Kremlin site (machine translation):
  Today we reaffirm our adherence to the principle that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and should never be unleashed.
To achieve these goals, Russia and the United States will soon launch a comprehensive bilateral dialogue on strategic stability, which will be substantive and energetic. Through this dialogue, we aim to lay the foundation for future arms control and risk mitigation measures.
  That is a very important result and the upcoming talks will be interesting. The U.S. will have to end its Missile Defense Program if it wants limits on any of the new strategic weapon types Russia has introduced.

FBI Operatives Likely 'Unindicted Co-Conspirators', Organizers Of Capitol Riot: Report​:
  Tucker Carlson dropped several bombshells on his show Tuesday night, chief among them was from a Revolver News report that the FBI was likely involved in organizing the Jan. 6 Capitol 'insurrection,' and were similarly involved in the kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor Gretchin Whitmer.

​There are articles out about this being a "Cultural Revolution" in the west, destroying all things "old". 
I think it's just tyranny picking off vulnerable targets first. Russian News Alert:
Canada's treatment of religious communities is a prime example of using Covid as an excuse to bully just because they can

Emergency Use Authorizations for experimental and toxic "vaccines" are only legal if there is nothing else that works safely, so LIE BIG and DON'T STOP.
​  ​In April 2020, Fauci endorsed the high-priced anti-viral remdesivir, calling it the “standard of care” before the first study was published. Did anyone in those investigative powerhouses question the financial ties between the NIH and the drug’s maker, Gilead? Did they care that the study showed no mortality improvement, and the trial’s endpoint was changed to improve benefits so marginal that the WHO advises against the drug?
–Hospitals vehemently oppose ivermectin, forcing some patients’ families to obtain court orders to get it. Does this comport with their liberal use of treatments like monoclonal antibodies and convalescent plasma that are still considered experimental? Just 19 deaths were associated with ivermectin in 20 years; 503 were linked to remdesivir in its first year. Annualized, that’s roughly a 500-fold higher toll for remdesivir. Why is ivermectin — safe, FDA-approved — not used off-label, especially in dying ICU patients, when the potential harm is miniscule?
–The COVID pandemic has led to the most widespread, government-sanctioned wave of censorship and authoritarian message control in American history. Rather than fighting this, the media carries the water. When Merck disingenuously disavowed ivermectin’s safety — a drug it gave away by the billion in a life-saving campaign against parasites — widespread media reports failed to note the company’s potential to make big money on patented new drugs on which it was already working.
–More importantly, the evidence in favor of ivermectin aligns so uniformly that the odds of it being wrong are infinitesimal. 
Why not read the studies? Why not talk to doctors who have used the drug and patients who have taken it?​  ​(​$)​

​This Just In!   (They swore last month that mRNA vaccines could not convert their messages into long-lasting cellular DNA.)
New Discovery Shows Human Cells Can Write RNA Sequences Into DNA

Questioning the timeline of ersatz-reality again... 
I had a patient almost die of multi-organ infection in November-December 2019. All the hospital found was "coronavirus", nothing.
​  ​Confidential documents have surfaced in a Confidentiality Agreement between the U.S. National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Moderna showing they transferred "potential coronavirus vaccine candidates" to the University of North Carolina, on December 12, 2019
. . . which was nineteen (19) days BEFORE the outbreak of novel coronavirus in China!

​This experiment was carried out in Central America, too. The special tetanus vaccine causes "spontaneous"  abortion.
​  ​This “vaccine” against pregnancy was developed by Dr G.P. Talwar in 1972. The idea is to produce antibodies to the pregnancy hormone, such that the women would not be able to carry a normal pregnancy. Women who were pregnant would abort and those not pregnant would be rendered infertile. The report is indeed disturbing. A few months earlier an article entitled “HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World” was published by Oller and colleagues in the Open Access Library Journal.
​  ​The Oller report described young women in Kenya who were vaccinated with this “Talwar vaccine” on the pretext of preventing maternal and neonatal (baby) tetanus. Many of the samples of the tetanus vaccine that tested positive for hCG was sourced from the Serum Institute of India.
​  ​The vaccine programme was promoted by the WHO and the Kenyan government, funded by the Gates Foundation. Mothers-to-be were encouraged to take the vaccine to prevent tetanus in their unborn babies, without being told that the vaccine would prevent the baby from ever being born.

​Subject to Unannounced  Modification​
(pictured at turnaround point of mowed row with pear tree)

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Charm Initiative

 Charming People,

  I'm going on a charm initiative (I was going to say "charm offensive", but it's ...).
A couple of days ago I emailed the Medical Directors at my clinic about the Houston nurses (and others) fired for their refusal to accept experimental genetic engineering "vaccinations" into their bodies.
  I said that having given it deep consideration, and not thinking that our clinic would act this way (I don't), that if such an edict came down from Washington I would have to resign my position.
  My statement of principle and position was politely received, with the reply that this was not a near-term consideration.
  I have made the loss of my services a set-piece going forward. I don't really want that. I have worked 17 (discontinuous) years at this clinic. I am versatile in what services I can provide, broadly experienced, do very good work, as judged by patients and reviewers, grow the vegetable garden, and go pretty slowly. I am not "productive" as business managers judge those things, or as payers reimburse. I am a money loser.
  I have not taken a vacation, and have lost almost all of that time by not using it, in the 8 continuous years I have been working there recently. I work all day every Friday. Nobody wants to do that. I work a 12 hour long 8-hour shift, and I don't leave until everything is done. 
Since I am not monetarily "productie", I seek to be generally helpful and to prevent bad things from happening on my watches.
  Fifteen years ago, when "the kids" were teenagers, we sold the house and cars, and traveled around the world with bikes and backpacks. 
We were "home schooling" the kids. It worked out fine. They learned stuff. Nobody missed a year.
  Two places we visited taught the same lesson, Dachau concentration camp in Germany, and Tuol Sleng torture prison museum in Cambodia. 
The lesson was not that the people who did those things were monsters.
  The torturers and guards were ordinary people, which is a really important insight. They got mired in a sequence of slightly easier decisions to not quite do the right thing this time. They entered Hell gradually, having no-other-choice, each little step of the way, as they saw it. 
Things did not get better. Things did not go back to normal.
  Knowing this feature of history, one must determine how one would avoid getting caught in such a trap, should it be laid for them. One must act when one still has some autonomy. That is pretty early in the process, clearly before things "get bad". When does the frog jump out of the progressively warming water?
  What might be the signal? You can see that I have chosen the signal of forced injection of genetic-engineering black-boxes, the elimination of personal choice regarding bodily autonomy, as my hill-to-die-upon.
  I'd rather not die on that hill, so to speak, but I can't work in a setting that has adopted that human-as-property ethos.
I'm going to find ways to be even nicer and more useful than usual. I think the vegetable garden emails that everybody likes are going to become a bit more frequent.
  The garden is producing. It's June.

No "healthy young children" have died from COVID.
​  ​The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now claims that "healthy young children" can die from COVID-19. Marty Makary wants to see the evidence.
"In reviewing the medical literature and news reports, and in talking to pediatricians across the country, I am not aware of a single healthy child in the U.S. who has died of COVID-19 to date," the Johns Hopkins University professor of medicine and public health said Thursday.

19-Year-Old College Freshman Dies From Heart Problem One Month After Second Dose of Moderna Vaccine
​  ​Simone Scott underwent a heart transplant one month after developing what her doctors believe was myocarditis following her second dose of Moderna. She received the second vaccine May 1 and died June 11.

The Killer in the Bloodstream: the "Spike Protein"
​  ​The Spike Protein is a “uniquely dangerous” transmembrane fusion protein that is an integral part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. “The S protein plays a crucial role in penetrating host cells and initiating infection.” It also damages the cells in the lining of the blood vessel walls which leads to blood clots, bleeding, massive inflammation and death.
​  ​To say that the spike protein is merely “dangerous”, is a vast understatement. It is a potentially-lethal pathogen that has already killed tens of thousands of people.
​  ​So, why did the vaccine manufacturers settle on the spike protein as an antigen that would induce an immune response in the body?
That’s the million-dollar question, after all, for all practical purposes, the spike protein is a poison.

​  ​On 25 May 2021, the Indian Bar Association (IBA) served a 51-page legal notice on Dr Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO), for “her act of spreading disinformation and misguiding the people of India, in order to fulfil her agenda.”
​  ​The Mumbai-based IBA is an association of lawyers who strive to bring transparency and accountability to the Indian justice system. It is actively involved in the dissemination of legal knowledge and provides guidance and support to advocates and ordinary people in their fight for justice.
The legal notice says Dr Swaminathan has been:
“Running a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin by deliberate suppression of effectiveness of drug Ivermectin as prophylaxis and for treatment of COVID-19, despite the existence of large amounts of clinical data compiled and presented by esteemed, highly qualified, experienced medical doctors and scientists,”

​People "split the alternatives" once they have committed to a decision. The alternative they did not choose becomes, in hindsight, nothing-worth-considering, even though the decision was close and difficult. After more difficult decisions, the alternative-splitting effect may actually increase, to relieve stress of cognitive dissonance.
​  A new poll shows that Democrats and Republicans are just about as divided on an employee's right to choose whether to get vaccinated against Covid-19 as they are on a woman's right to choose whether to abort her unborn child.
  Nearly 80% of Democrats agreed that employers should be able to force their workers to get Covid-19 shots, according to a CBS News-YouGov poll released on Sunday. In contrast, only 39% of Republicans approved of giving businesses such authority over their employees' medical choices. The overall response was 56%-44% in favor of forced jabs.
  Supporters of the two major parties are more split on vaccine choice than on Covid-19 inoculation in general. While 95% of Democrats have already been vaccinated or are at least considering it, 71% of Republicans are on board or thinking about taking the jab, the poll showed.

Still not to be discussed, the multiple mechanisms of action of ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2. 
Thanks Marc MD. This is a technical paper with a good graphic.

After his name was mentioned on late night TV, Sen. Johnson shares letter from grateful constituent
​  ​Johnson tweeted on Tuesday that he enjoyed the pair's discussion on the show and the lawmaker shared a letter from a constituent who had written to say that Ivermectin greatly helped his wife who had suffered significantly with COVID-19...
​  ​"I am writing today to thank you for your leadership in Wisconsin as it relates to COVID and alternative treatments. My wife and I watched Dr. Pierre Kory testify before the Senate Committee about ivermectin, Dec. 8, 2020, and we were utterly dumbfounded that this treatment was not readily available as treatment and prevention to the general public," the constituent wrote.
​  ​The letter explained that the woman later became ill with COVID-19 in May and suffered significant symptoms.
"Her case was quite severe; she will report that she has never experienced the severity of headaches and body aches in her lifetime as well as severe nausea and high temperatures," the letter noted. "As the days progressed, she grew so weak that she was not able to walk without assistance."
​  ​"As her symptoms worsened, I remembered the hearing you hosted and Dr. Kory. Through your leadership on this issue, I was finally able to connect with a Green Bay doctor that provided my wife real treatment — Ivermectin and other support prescriptions. Within an hour of taking Ivermectin, her headaches were gone,"
the person told Johnson.​ 
(Your Mileage May Vary. Most people feel better within 48 hours, in my experience.)

​Russian "charm offensive": Thanks Wiggs. This is charming(ish) and not too long at all.
Full video of Vladimir Putin playing the piano and singing "Blueberry Hill". The Russian prime minister is used to taking to the stage, but this time it was not for one of his speeches.

​Please be informed that this article is Political Satire, a new category that Facebook (and the New York Times) had to discover after slandering the Babylon Bee as a far right extremist blog and censoring it.​ 
It turns out that Political Satire is an old and constitutionally protected (as such things go) form of public speech.
In Honor Of Pride Month, Biden Announces He Will Also Sniff Men's Hair
Biden was then quickly led off the podium by his wife before he could say any more.
​  ​"Every gender! I'll sniff 'em all!" Biden yelled, protesting as he was dragged out of sight of the crowd.
According to sources, no gay men have taken up Biden on his offer to sniff their hair. However, hundreds of straight male journalists have lined up outside the White House clapping and cheering, hoping for their chance to be sniffed by the President.

​Black Holes can only get bigger. 
Damned, ultimately, no matter whether you do or don't. (More Russian news.)
​  ​Splitting the gravitational wave data into time segments before and after the black holes merged, the researchers calculated the surface areas of the black holes in both periods.
​  ​The physicists found that the surface area of the new black hole was actually greater than the two initial black holes combined. The finding confirms a prediction made by famed scientist, Stephen Hawking, in the 1970s, in which he stated that black holes cannot decrease in surface area as it mirrored a rule in physics, that entropy or disorder can’t decrease over time.

​Plugging Away
(pictured a couple of days ago pushing the little mower through one of the more difficult areas, next to the Yoakum vegetable garden)​

Monday, June 14, 2021

Framing The Question

 Autonomous Human Vehicles,

  Societal changes do not just happen. Entire societies have  to work them out and enact them. It's not as simple as a good or evil government making a detailed plan and having it carried out in a series of laws and processes. WW-2 was a complex example of that, as was the Great Depression. 
  We are already well into failing processes to bring about "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" and "Great Reset". The elite owners plan a "transhuman" future, except for themselves, and whatever other faithful and capable human servants they need, but not 90% of humans. 
  The transition from the postwar societal contracts, where people could reasonably expect personal freedoms and the opportunity to earn a good/adequate living by working diligently, to whatever sort of hopeless slavery awaits us is going poorly at first.
  People are embracing the new rules on one hand, giving their teenagrs "the vaccine", like it's a good thing, completely innocent to the extreme dangers, even after "reactions" begin. "That just means it's working." I have a specific boy in my prayers, and have not yet been able to see the wise way to speak to his mother, my friend, about what is happening. He is away, visiting family. She doesn't understand. She loves him with all her heart.
  Other people, like the workers at Methodist Hospital in Houston, who are jobless, after the Federal Judge rejected their bodily rights argument out of hand, have found their hill to stand and defend:
  How does this become a first, crystalized choice for the rest of us? It is easier to delay that choice, but it seems to be crystalizing for our Western societies around bodily integrity, around the precedent of having to accept a genetic-engineering injection into your flesh to have the right to be a member of a failing social order. 
Live under a tightening noose of control /ownership by the same selfish, heartless, and now, increasingly desperate elites, or what?. 
  The Deep states and media are the iron fist and velvet glove of that order.
. Ordinary Doctors, teachers, government employees, grocery clerks, garbage men and policemen follow orders and respect rules, like they always have. 
At what point does one have to choose a side? 
How soon can one choose a side, having determined what side to choose? 
The sooner the better, I suspect. 
  Proactively framing the question at my clinic, instead of awaiting an ultimatum, might be possible for me, with the Houston nurses in mind. 
I will take that path, now that the specific decision is clearly coming, likely this fall.
I will explicitly state my firm conviction to refuse "vaccination". 
(My reluctance to suggest it for any but the highest risk patients has been clear all along. The vaccine machine has been going around me, like a critter in the road.)

  I'd like to sound like Rod Sirling giving an introduction to a Twilight Zone episode, and get that eerie music cutting in. Thanks "Antidote".
(Deep states and owners  cannot make a system that works. They only make working systems fail by converting them to extraction and coercion.)
  The Wizard of Oz: The Dark Reality that TheDeep State hides from The Rest of the World., Andrew Korybko
​  ​Nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to the modern world in which everyone lives. "There Are No Democracies Or Autocracies, Only Governments", I wrote last week, and they're all comprised of permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies, or "deep states", which handle matters largely considered (whether rightly or wrongly) to be beyond the responsibility of the average citizen. This power structure is allied with influential perception managers in the Mainstream Media and the education system in order to hide a very dark reality from everyone that's much more nefarious than what the Wizard of Oz hid from Dorothy...
  ​The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in what can be described as WorldWarC, or the full-spectrum paradigm-changing processes catalyzed by the world's uncoordinated attempt to contain the virus (again, whether or not one believes that it's real, fake, or exaggerated). All preexisting trends are now being accelerated and compressed, including the geopolitical, military, economic-industrial, information-communication, healthcare (genetic engineering), governmental ("socialist/"fascist"), and "green" ("depopulation") ones. This means that everyone is truly living in an unprecedented era of history whereby literally everything about life as they know it will be completely different within a decade. The very nature of international, economic, civil-state, and even human-to-human relations is transforming at a record pace, with folks either choosing to remain asleep like the "deep state" wants or wake up and peacefully try to stop them if it's even at all still possible to do so.

Financial Blowout Ahead: Lobotomized Economists Clash on the Deck of the Titanic​.  ​Matthew Ehret
​  ​Under the new world order of “stakeholder capitalism” citizens will learn to own nothing and be happy​.
​  ​As the geniuses running the western financial bubble sometimes called an “economy” continue to double down on their obsession to pump a dead financial system with ever more trillions in stimulus spending, arguments are raging among brainwashed economists living in denial over the oncoming systemic collapse. The thought of engineers on the Titanic passionately arguing over whether they should accelerate or decelerate the speed of the boat whose hull has long been torn to shreds by an iceberg comes to mind.​..
  Among the many goals of the Trilateral Commission laid out Brzezinski in his 1970 Manifesto “Between Two Ages” was the need to drive the transition of society towards what Brzezinski referred to as the “technetronic era” saying:
​  ​“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”...
​  The COVID Pandemic did not “cause” the current systemic crisis as many fools have parroted for over a year, but has merely served as cover to obscure the real systemic causes of the long-awaited collapse and accelerate the controlled disintegration of the system as the world is prepared to transition into a “new technetronic age” which has come to be dubbed a “Great Reset” or “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.​...
​ As former Bank of England head Mark Carney recently wrote of the new age of “net zero” in his new book Values Building a Better World for All, (which many of recognized as a precursor to his replacement for Canada’s Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister):
​  ​“It could be generations before the gains of the fourth industrial revolution are widely shared. In the interim, there could be a long period of technological unemployment sharply rising inequalities and intensifying social unrest”.

​  Note that Carney's suggestion is not to replace the power and ownership structure that created the problem, but to enforce societal austerity and strict control of humans-without-rights.​
​  ​In his book Value(s): Building a Better World for All, Mark Carney, former governor both of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, claims that western society is morally rotten, and that it has been corrupted by capitalism, which has brought about a “climate emergency” that threatens life on earth. This, he claims, requires rigid controls on personal freedom, industry and corporate funding.
​  ​Carney’s views are important because he is UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance. He is also an adviser both to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the next big climate conference in Glasgow, and to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

​Huh?  Smoke & mirrors?                              
Cash Gone Nuts: Treasury General Account Drops to $674 Billion, as Fed’s Reverse Repo Cash-Drain Hits $534 Billion

This makes sense, in that they told everybody to stay home and they sent out all those unemployment benefits, half of which were fraudulently stolen and sent abroad, and borrowed to do it, so there is less economy and lots of dollars, especially in criminal hands.
It Gets Ugly: Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunged at Fastest Pace since 1982. It’s “Permanent” not “Temporary,” Won’t Bounce Back
But it’s a lot worse than it appears.

​He cares deeply about Africans and has friends who will buy said gold, right-away., at market price.
France's Macron Urges G-7 To Sell Gold Reserves To Fund Bailout For Africa

​When The Music's Over (turn out the lights)

This makes it sound like it might take 50 years to agree on the electronic digital vaccination passports that we all need and want so badly. 
I bet it won't. I'm not going to have this kind of passport in this life. Thanks Jeremy.
 ​The pandemic has heightened digital transformation in nearly every aspect of our lives, from remote work to online shopping, and now digital vaccine passports. Vaccine passports are not a new idea. The World Health Organization has used the Carte Jaune (Yellow Card) since the 1930s as an international standard for proof of vaccination that your primary care physician can sign for you. It’s even still used today for certain vaccines like yellow fever, rubella and cholera. However, the Carte Jaune has always been a physical piece of paper, easy to lose and not impossible to counterfeit.
  As such, many of the proposed vaccine passports seek to update the Cart Jaune to a digital version that’s harder to lose and counterfeit.

Ray McGovern reads the tea leaves: He does not expect much. I suspect that they must do a few important things quietly.
Biden-Putin Summit: Boon or Bust?
Reading the tea leaves a week before Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet in Geneva puts a premium on the kind of media analysis we old-school Kremlinologists had to rely on back in the day.

Jim Kunstler: (Tony Fauci is an upper level deep state functionary, nothing else.)
​  ​Ordinarily, vaccines that produce a very few cases of dangerous side-effects are held back from distribution. But under the emergency declaration for Covid-19, the mRNA “vaccines” are proffered even more aggressively. Through May, 2021, The Science (Dr. Fauci) presses to “vaccinate” as many Americans as can possibly be rounded up, including people who have recovered from Covid-19 and have developed their own natural antibodies.  Lately, The Science (Dr. Fauci) has militated for children and teenagers to get “vaccinated.”
​  ​Only, now it turns out that scores of “vaccinated” young people are showing up with inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis), otherwise extremely rare in that demographic. Say what, plus huh, plus WTF?
​  ​Does it not seem as if The Science (Dr. Fauci) has lurched from one blunder to the next, while also withholding the truth from the public, lying about the origin of the disease, and its (his) role in the development of the “vaccines,” and now rather desperately, it seems, trying to cover its (his) ass?

​Should You Get Vaccinated?​Lots of detailed and useful information here. Lots.
​  ​I always get vaccinated. I have been fully vaccinated with the Moderna COVID vaccine. My three daughters have all been vaccinated.
​  ​I recently learned that these vaccines have killed over 25,800 Americans and disabled at least 1,000,000 more. And we’re only halfway to the finish line. We need to PAUSE these vaccines NOW before more people are killed.
​  ​Based on what I now know about the miniscule vaccine benefits (approximately a .3% reduction in absolute risk), side effects (including death), current COVID rates, and the success rate of early treatment protocols, the answer I would give today to anyone asking me for advice as to whether to take any of the current vaccines would be, “Just say NO.”
​  T​he current vaccines are particularly contraindicated if you have already been infected with COVID or are under age 20. 
For these people, I would say “NO! NO! NO!”

​A warning to all of us. This is exclusion from the economy and personhood, "shunning":  Pakistan province to block phones of the unvaccinated

Babylon Bee:  Republicans Propose Vaccination-By-Mail Program
​  ​“Since voting by mail went so smoothly last year, we wanted to apply those same principles to our COVID vaccination program,” said Senator Mitch McConnell. “Mail-in vaccines will ensure that we have the most secure vaccination process in American history!”
​  ​The Republican proposal is simple: every American will automatically receive a pre-loaded syringe in the mail, along with a COVID vaccine card. Individuals will then self-administer the vaccine and self-report their vaccination status, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Busy Bee