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Farewell World War Three

 Unwitting Participants,

  Today's meme seems kind of odd, but I like the analogy presented by Thierry Meyssan that the Global War On Terror was World War Three and the "evil empire" lost and had to agree to some terms at the recent meeting between Putin and Biden. 
  Europe is having to foot the bill for now, but the price of the bill can be negotiated down, which is why Merkel wants to meet directly with Putin (and Macron). (NATO tool) Poland is currently objecting to that, but it looks inevitable. My personal opinion is that this negotiation was better settled before the global financial collapse/reset, so it could be less-worser. The days of the petrobuck are numbered. I just don't know what the number is.
   Thanks for sending me this collection of articles, Eleni (in neocolonialized Greece). The one I found about the new war on domestic middle-aged white racist terrorists in America fits right in, since the same tactics that worked so well against Sunni and Shia Muslims can be readily adapted to work against woke and un-woke Americans.

First, the basis of the failed Global War On Brown People in oil and mineral places.
The Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine, by Thierry Meyssan
  For two decades, the Pentagon has been applying the "Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine" to the "wider Middle East". Several times, it thought of extending it to the "Caribbean Basin", but refrained from doing so, concentrating its power on its first target. The Pentagon acts as an autonomous decision-making center that is effectively outside the power of the president. It is a civil-military administration that imposes its objectives on the rest of the military.
The 2001 map from the Pentagon showing how the middle east would be restructured better after the GWOT was successful.

Biden-Putin, a Yalta II rather than a new Berlin , ​by Thierry Meyssan
​    ​The United States, defeated in Syria, went to Geneva to accept the conditions of the winner, Russia. The summit of June 16, 2021 should put an end to hostilities on the condition that the Biden Administration holds its troops. Western Europeans will have to pay the bill. China is confirmed in its position as Russia’s partner.
​  ​The Third World War, which pitted 119 states against each other in Syria, ended with the victory of Syria, Iran and Russia and the military defeat of the 116 Western states and allies. The time has come for the losers to acknowledge their crimes and pay back the damage and costs they have caused (at least 400,000 dead and $400 billion in damage in Syria, $100 billion in Russian armaments).
​  ​However, the West has not experienced this war on its own territory and has not suffered from the fighting, which they have mostly carried out through mercenaries (the "jihadists"). They have retained some of their power.

​The background story, as presented pre-summit. (The US/NATO has not aligned with Russia or China, has it. This multipolar-world concept might be ok.​)
Why a Yalta II ?  ​by Thierry Meyssan
​  ​The United States is not the hyper-power it dreamed of being. It has endured a terrible military defeat in Syria with a hundred allied states. Even if they continue to delude themselves, the time of reckoning has come. To survive, Washington has no choice but to ally itself with one of its adversaries. Russia or China? That is the question.​..
​  ​In 1945, the Yalta Conference laid the foundations for the division of the world into the zones of influence of the three great victors of the Second World War: the USA, the United Kingdom and above all the Soviet Union. Throughout the Cold War, each side publicly insulted the other, but they always got along under the table. Historical research has shown that, although at any moment the agreement could have turned into a confrontation, the invective was rather intended to weld each side together than to hurt the opponent/partner.

Washington set to give up “Endless War”  
  ​In accordance with the Geneva summit agreements (known as Yalta II), on 17 June 2021, the House of Representatives voted to repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force of 2001.
  This text had granted all United States presidents the authority to launch a war against the authors of the attacks of September 11, 2001. According to the Congressional Research Service, this text was invoked on 39 occasions with regard to 14 countries [1].
  It had been adopted on September 18, 2001, approving the Rumsfeld / Cebrowski doctrine which had not yet been made public [2]. Its abrogation is expected to be confirmed by the Senate by the end of June.

US pulling Patriot missiles from Middle East
​  The United States is withdrawing its anti-aircraft defense from the Greater Middle East. The removal of Patriot missiles has already started in Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which is also seeing the dismantling of the Thaaad system (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) [1].
​  ​Moscow’s new ambassador to Iraq, Elbruz Kutrashev (former chargé d’affaires in Syria) [photo], recommended a take over from the US and equipping the country with Russian S-400s, like in Syria. They could be operational in 2025.

Biden Admin Walks Back U.S. Recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli Territory​ (It is Syria​n​)

The sooner the Europeans negotiate their separate peace with Russia, the lower the bill will be.
Merkel urges ‘direct contact’ with Putin, defending Franco-German overture
The German chancellor’s remarks come after EU countries chafed at the proposal Wednesday night.
​  ​“In my opinion, we as the European Union must also seek direct contact with Russia and the Russian president,” Merkel told the German Bundestag in a government statement ahead of an EU leaders’ meeting in Brussels on Thursday afternoon, where relations with Russia will be discussed.
​  ​“It is not enough for U.S. President Joe Biden to talk to the Russian president — I very much welcome that — but the European Union must also create formats for talks here,” she added, referencing Biden’s recent one-on-one meeting with Putin in Geneva. “There is no other way to resolve conflicts.”

​Hey, this guy is in one of the pictures from that first story. Same guy!​   (What if I identify as Ashli Babbit? She was a lady, not a guy.)
What is Behind Gen. Mark Milley's Righteous Race Sermon? Look to the New Domestic War on Terror. , Glenn Greenwald
The overarching ideology of Pentagon officials is larger military budgets and ongoing permanent war posture. T
heir new war target, explicitly, is domestic "white rage."
...Yet there appeared to be a great awakening at the Pentagon on Wednesday when Gen. Mark Milley, the highest-ranking military officer in the U.S. as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified at a House hearing. The Chairman vehemently defended the teaching of critical race theory at West Point and, referencing the January 6 Capitol riot, said, “it is important that we train and we understand ... and I want to understand white rage. And I'm white."​ ...
(Please wake me up now!)​  ... ​ Some prominent liberal commentators warned that conservatives are now anti-military and even seek to defund the Pentagon.

​Racking up unserviceable debt to fund the shale revolution was a flash in the pan. The US has had to import oil since the 1960s. We need to use little enough that we can export strategically to maintain some alliances. (Yeah, I bet there IS more oil in Alaska, but it's not for SUVs, see?)​
​ ​How Energy Transition Models Go Wron​g ,​ by Gail Tverberg
...At some point, our ability to extract resources becomes constrained. At the same time, population keeps increasing. The usual outcome when population is too high for resources is “overshoot and collapse.” But this is not a topic that the politicians or central bankers or oligarchs who attend the World Economic Forum dare to talk about.​  (Well, ​at least ​not to US.)
​  ​Instead, world leaders find a different problem, namely climate change, to emphasize above other problems. Conveniently, climate change seems to have some of the same solutions as “running out of fossil fuels.” So, a person might think that an energy transition designed to try to fix climate change would work equally well to try to fix running out of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the way it works.

​More demoralizing news from the Russians: (Don't worry. We'll create good paying jobs with feminine green technology as we build back better.)
Solar panels are creating 50 times more waste than predicted, and much of it is toxic. Our race to ‘net zero’ is madness

13-Year-Old Michigan Boy Dies 3 Days After Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine, Aunt Says ‘Moral, Ethical, Health’ Questions Need Answers
​  ​Initial autopsy results showed the previously healthy boy suffered from myocarditis, an inflammatory heart condition CDC officials have acknowledged is "likely" linked to mRNA COVID vaccines.

​  ​It took an RN at my clinic over an hour to report a case of apparent ​post-Moderna-vax ​myocarditis in a 35 year old male patient of mine. 
The adverse event reports are widely considered to be under 1% of the actual adverse vaccine events in the us. 
They really do not want to hear it.​ Put a big multiplier on these official numbers.​
NOT MAKING HEADLINES: CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus – Including HUGE Number of Heart Problems Reported

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