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I'm Supposed To Be Dead

 Blessed Daily,

  Jeffrey Sachs points out the nature of the immediate problem which can get us all killed this year:  The NATO Declaration and the Deadly Strategy of Neoconservatism
For the sake of America's security and world peace, the U.S. should immediately abandon the neocon quest for hegemony in favor of diplomacy and peaceful co-existence.​

​  Secret Service "failed" and local cop fell-short, while Divine-Miracle head-turn saved Trump:  
Local cop confronted would-be Trump assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks on roof moments before he opened fire, but failed to stop him​

​It irritates Jenny that I seek to get inside Trump's mind, but it is worthwhile, as he assumes the persona of Divinely-Anointed-Archetypal-Champion for his followers.

​  "I'm Supposed To Be Dead": Trump Recounts 'Surreal' Assassination Attempt
Trump said that had he not turned his head slightly to the right to read a chart on illegal immigration, it would have been a kill shot instead of having a small piece of his ear torn off, spattering blood on his forehead and cheek.​

​  Celia Farber,  Two Videos That Prove Operators Near Trump Knew Moments Before, And A Claim From Alleged (security)Sniper That He Was Told To Stand Down
Who Is Jonathan Willis?​   The chick in the black hat behind Trump is clearly doing a different job from everybody else.​

​  How Secret Service Failed Trump and Why Responsibility Could Lie With Top Dems
​  The overarching responsibility for the attempted assassination lies with the Democratic Party leadership and the Biden administration, according to Dmitry Suslov, deputy director of the Center for European and International Studies at Russia’s Higher School of Economics and deputy director of research at the Russian Council on Foreign and Defense Policy.
​  "The Democratic establishment… has been convincing American society over the last year and a half, at least, that Donald Trump's return to power would mean an end to American democracy and transformation of the United States into a fascist dictatorship, and that Donald Trump constitutes the major threat to the United States at large," Suslov told Sputnik.
​  "Many Trump opponents have become radicalized, more radicalized. And the [possible] result is violence and the attempted assassination," the pundit continued. "This is dangerous because it will have long-term consequences for the United States. So this radicalization, in general, will not fade away. It might result in violence after elections in the United States, no matter how they turn out."
​  Suslov believes that the Secret Service's failure to protect the Republican frontrunner stems from the US establishment's hostility towards Trump, whose election odds are continuing to rise. He doesn't rule out that the special services' negligence to the emerging threat was deliberate.
"The deep state, the intelligence community, and the special services in the United States are, of course, not interested in Trump's presidential victory," he said. "They consider a second Trump administration… as a threat to themselves. And since Biden is definitely losing, and since the Democratic Party is disorganized, and there is an internal struggle and chaos within the Democratic camp… Trump's electoral chances are very, very high and continue to grow."​

​Investigative reporter John Leake, Total Disregard of Security Knowledge, The most elementary principles of securing the Trump venue were flouted.

  Trump had to look toward the assassin as the trigger was pulled.  GEOMETRY Of Trump Shooting - Shooter Crooks Seems To Have A Near Perfect 90 Degree, Perpendicular Angle To Trump's Head - HOW Does Trump's Ear Get Nicked From This Geometry? It Doesn't Work - It Would Have Been A SIDE Shot To The Cranium

"Malice Or Massive Incompetence": Erik Prince Gives Detailed Assessment Of Secret Service Failure​

​Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis posts a couple of informative video interviews. Brilliant Sniper Interview, Larry Johnson and FBI HRT Sniper Chris Whitcomb

Like American politicians, some seem to care, and others make distanced, pro-forma declarations.  World leaders react to deadly Trump rally shooting

  Andrew Korybko, America Was Less Than An Inch Away From Socio-Political Disaster
​  There’s no guarantee that this won’t happen again, however, which is why it’s imperative that Trump immediately announce his Vice-Presidential pick and ideally choose someone who the ruling liberal-globalist elite is also afraid of in order to reduce the chances of him being killed.
​  Regardless of whatever happens, America just got a reality check about how close it is to descending into chaos, which shows how much it’s changed for the worse since 2016. Partisan radicalization and elite scheming have always been around, but they reached an unprecedented level after Trump became the Republican Nominee back then. He’s an imperfect candidate with a lot of personal flaws, but his re-election is the last chance to save America from itself if he succeeds in implementing his lofty plans.​

​20 year old Thomas Matthew Crooks has been named as the suicide-assassin:  Thomas Matthew Crooks ID’d as gunman who shot Trump during Pa. rally

​There is disagreement about the photos of the dead shooter being Crooks, notably ear differences.  Maxwell Yearick's images look like a better fit. Worth considering.

Musk Endorses Trump, Slams Lack of Secret Service Protection at Rally​

Trump Classified Docs Case Dismissed, Judge Finds Special Counsel Appointment Unconstitutional​

​Suppress all other voices.  The US Treasury is Denying Jill Stein Matching Funds the FEC Awarded - Campaign Manager

​  The head of the GUR of Ukraine announced unsuccessful attempts on Putin's life
The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, said that attempts were made to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin, but they were all unsuccessful. Mr. Budanov did not specify exactly which cases we are talking about​

Putin well-protected against threats coming from KievPeskov commented on the words of Kirill Budanov, chief of the Ukrainian military intelligence service (who is listed as a terrorist and extremist in Russia), about assassination attempts on the Russian leader​

​Aleks at Black Mountain Analysis says we are living in Plan-B world, since Trump is unharmed. Dead-Trump was Plan-A. What's Plan-B.  Welcome to Plan B

​Mike Mihajlovik at Black Mountain Analysis looks deeper. Not a KH-101, but what?  Kiev missile attack. What happened? [i] Cruise missile or stray air defense missile

​  Big, fat, provocative targets​. Where is the Eisenhower lately?  USS Theodore Roosevelt and its carrier strike group arrive in the Middle East
The Navy force replaces the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group, which left last month, in the fight against Yemen's Houthi militants.​

​  Yemeni forces’ operations in Red Sea cause bankruptcy of “Israeli” port
The economic effects of the Yemeni strikes on shipping movement in the Red Sea have become clear with the port of Eilat “Umm al-Rashash” requesting financial assistance from the government of the Zionist enemy entity after a decrease in shipping volumes by 85%.​

  ​Pepe Escobar,  The Yemen–Russia riddle
  Sanaa is eagerly engaging with Moscow in a bid to expand its astounding military gains into both the economic and diplomatic realms. While trade with Russia may be integral to blunting the effects of the siege of Yemen, Sanaa also views membership in the BRICS as a ‘golden opportunity’ to establish lasting Persian Gulf security.

​  ‘Israel in collapse’: 46,000 businesses forced to close since 7 Oct​, It is estimated by Israeli risk management firm CofaceBdi that 60,000 businesses will be closed by the end of 2024​

Biden Administration Files Emergency Motion to Strike Down Injunction in RFK Jr., CHD Censorship Case​  It's an "emergency" that Federal censorship ​must continue?
The move came less than 24 hours after a lower court rejected a bid by the Biden administration to prevent a preliminary injunction in the Kennedy v. Biden censorship lawsuit from taking effect. The injunction would have prohibited White House officials from coercing social media platforms to suppress or censor online content.​

Steve Kirsch, VAERS data shows Moderna causes 30% more deaths per dose than Pfizer​

​Pfizer against unvaccinated. Peter McCullough MD, COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination and Newly Diagnosed Microsatellite Stable and Instable Non-Metastatic Colon Cancer
Pfizer Vaccination Conferred Sixfold Increased Risk​ 
​  Exposure to the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was associated with a > 6-fold increased risk for this form of cancer. Because the Spike protein is believed to impair tumor surveillance systems, among several cancer-promoting mechanisms, it is plausible that these cancerous cells are allowed to proliferate among the vaccinated where the cancer was not yet detectable at the time of injection. ​

​  Two Infants Died Within Hours of Receiving RSV Shots, CDC Internal Emails Show
​  Freedom of Information Act documents obtained by Children’s Health Defense reveal that two infants died the same day they received nirsevimab, marketed under the brand name Beyfortus, a monoclonal antibody shot approved last year for infants for the prevention of RSV.​

​  Infant RSV Shots May Cause RSV, Other Infections or Death in Some Babies, Study Finds
​  French scientist Hélène Banoun, Ph.D., author of the preprint study that analyzed outcomes from the 2023-2024 RSV immunization campaign in four countries, found a “significant increase in mortality” among newborns between 2 and 6 days of age in France. Banoun’s findings suggest that antibody-dependant enhancement may be to blame.​

  Meryl Nass MD, Regulation using mock-ups: how Finland's 40,000 doses and the EU's 665,000 doses of bird flu vaccine were approved with no human data
With an option for 40 million doses. This is a long post because I was asked for more details yesterday by a doctor in Finland​

​  A Midwestern Doctor, The Century of Forgotten Vaccine Hot Lot Disasters
How the mantra of "safe and effective" has shielded countless compromised products from scrutiny and led to the same disasters continuously repeating.

​  Producing a vaccine has many opportunities for error or contamination. Because of this, disasters continually occur from “hot vaccine lots” being unleashed onto the public. Remarkably, as the years have gone by, there has been less and less accountability for this (e.g., previously public investigations were held and people went to jail whereas now government tends to keep the hot lots on the market and deny there is a problem).
​  In 1967, an eminent bacteriologist wrote a book detailing many forgotten vaccine disasters under the belief (he shared with many of his anonymous colleagues) that unless his profession was honest about the dangers of vaccination, the mistakes which led to those disasters would keep on repeating.
​  Many of the disasters he detailed related to an excessively dangerous vaccine lot being released onto the market. Remarkably, many of the disasters he detailed mirrored what occurred in the decades that followed (e.g., this article discusses the documented DPT and anthrax hot lots which caused a tsunami of injuries in infants and veterans).
​ One of the largest problems with the COVID-19 vaccines were the deadly hot lots that were released onto the market. In this article, I will cover everything we know about those lots and show their remarkable parallels to the century of hot lot disasters which preceded them.

​Another take on global climate epochs:  New Evidence We Are Entering An Ice Age Termination Event - EXPLAINED​

​Standing in sunshine (pictured in Austin kitchen-garden)   

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Purple Heart For Peace

 Witnessing History,

  The Neoconservative-Neoliberal global financiers, whom NATO serves, are desperate enough to overtly assassinate opponents at this critical juncture, as their Ponzi-debt-bubble is about to implode, and they must have the special powers which World War III alone can now provide, absolute power, beyond question, or else they will lose control.
  That bastard, Trump turned his head while the bullet was in flight, and it took a piece of his ear, instead of his brainstem. This was a professional hit, with inadequate security from the Bidadmin, despite weeks of requests, like Bobby Kennedy keeps requesting. The Trump fans who saw the assassin crawling up the roof with his rifle, 50 yards from Trump, were calling to police and Secret Service, who just had to ignore them for about 4 minutes. The assassin, Thomas Crooks, was immediately shot dead by other snipers.
  "It's time to put Trump in a Bullsey", said "Joe Biden" last week.
Somehow CNN and the Washington Post failed to realize why Trump "fell on stage", and was "rushed off the stage after loud pops". 
Do you think this was a perfectly engineered assassination attempt by the current administration and globalist deep-state faction? I sure do.
Gonna' vote Clinton/Harris? "It's Her Turn"?

"I Was Shot": Trump Responds After Assassination Attempt; Shooter Dead; Secret Service Reportedly Ignored Warnings

SPECIAL BULLETIN: America Teeters on the Abyss​, Trump shot in assassination attempt in Butler, PA
SCOOP: Secret instructions given to news reporters telling them to play down Trump’s attempted assassination  

Orban meets Trump to talk ‘peace mission’​,  The Hungarian prime minister says he is sure the Republican will “solve” the Ukraine crisis

  Tulsi Gabbard – The Ultimate Insurance Policy For Trump​

​  Tulsi Gabbard Gets Real About the Veepstakes, Demplosion and America’s Future​, 'She will look you in the eye and she will tell you the truth...'
​  If Tulsi Gabbard is the running mate whom presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is expected to unveil next week during the Republican National Convention, she had yet to be notified as of Friday night.
​  Asked in an exclusive interview with Headline USA whether she was going to be traveling to the GOP convention in Milwaukee, she replied, “I don’t plan to at this time. We’ll see what happens.”​

​  Ukrainian bloggers with millions of followers call Zelensky for peace​, Ukrainians sick and tired of war, call Zelensky for peace
Ukrainian bloggers with over one million subscribers start talking about the need to end the war as soon as possible. They do not talk about the need to return the lost territories — they talk about peace that one needs to establish "until everyone is killed.”​

​  NATO Summit: Collectively Losing Their Mind​, Joe Lauria
​  In December 2021 the West rejected Russian treaty proposals to roll back NATO troop deployments and missile installations in Eastern Europe, creating a new security architecture in Europe.
​  NATO’s aim is to regain control of Russian resources and finances as the West enjoyed in the 1990s, when it asset-stripped formerly state-owned industries, enriching themselves and a new class of oligarchs while impoverishing the Russian people. Putin is now standing in their way.
​  Realizing it is losing, NATO has permitted Ukraine to attack Russian territory with its long-range missiles, which it had previously refused to do, and is now delivering the F-16s, which the Netherlands recklessly will allow Ukraine to fly inside Russia to strike targets there.​..
​..NATO leaders haven’t demonstrated a willingness to give up any of their collective or individual power, which is devolving rapidly into collective and individual madness.
​  They don’t want to lose their role in Biden “running the world.”​  
[And they are all "owned", and "kept".]
​  Even if realists in Washington prevailed over the neocons in arguing that Ukraine can’t win this war, NATO leaders proclaim they can’t afford to lose it. Not because Putin will be at the Eiffel Tower by Christmas, but because so many political careers in the West would be ruined.
​  From Keir Starmer to Olaf Scholz, to Giorgia Meloni, Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden, a defeat in Ukraine would signify that they gambled their personal ambition — as well as their nations’ treasure and the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian men — and lost it all.
​  Instead of settling, they’re willing to drag us all into the existential crisis that could end it all.​

​  Russia Initiates Call With Pentagon After NATO Offered Ukraine 'Irreversible' Membership Path
​  Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday spoke by phone Russian Minister of Defense Andrey Belousov for the second time in less than a month. The call was initiated by Moscow just after the close of the NATO summit hosted by Biden in Washington this week.​..
​..The two sides had been quiet since a call in March 2023, but communications have been picking up, after a June 25th call which reestablished communications.
​  But Russia likely registered its anger at the NATO summit committing to an "irreversible path" for Ukraine's NATO membership. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg still admitted in will be a very long path, as much as ten years or more.
​  He said in a CBS News interview days ago: "Well, no one has said exactly 10 years but- but- but it's obvious that it is a very serious issue to bring in Ukraine. Because Ukraine is now a country at war."​

​  Meryl Nass MD,  Is Ukraine a model: Are the globalists attacking country by country to then "Build Back (for themselves) Better"? Or "Buy Back Cheaper"?
The globalists want resource-rich Ukraine and Russia, with or without their people (birth rate down to 0.7) and our soldiers. Afghanistan did not stop them. Who will?​

​  Christians in occupied Jerusalem see marked surge in Israeli settler attacks
Israeli authorities have also been pursuing unjust taxes on Churches and Church property in occupied Jerusalem​

​  Death toll from Israeli attack on displaced people in Al-Mawasi rises to 90, half of them women, children, with 300 others injured: Gaza Health Ministry
At least 90 people have been killed and 300 wounded in an Israeli air attack on the al-Mawasi refugee camp, an Israeli-designated 'safe zone', the Health Ministry in Gaza says​ 

​  At Least 90 Dead In Israeli Strike On Gaza Tent Camp Targeting Hamas Oct.7 Mastermind
​  Another mass casualty strike has been reported on a refugee camp in southern Gaza, where the local health ministry says at least 90 have been killed, and 300 injured, after Israeli missiles slammed into Al-Mawasi camp, allegedly hitting tents where displaced persons were staying.
​  Israel has said that most of the victims were likely Hamas, and that it was going after the leader of the group's Qassam Brigades, Muhammad Deif, a mastermind behind the Oct.7 attacks. Throughout the day Saturday the military said it was still investigating whether Deif was killed, of which there's as yet been no confirmation.​

​  Western media ignores Israeli confirmation of Hannibal Directive on 7 Oct
Despite a major Israeli daily confirming that the army killed many of its own soldiers and civilians on 7 October, corporate news outlets have chosen to stay silent
​  Major western media outlets have remained silent days after Israel’s leading newspaper Haaretz confirmed that army commanders directed troops to kill their own soldiers and civilians on 7 October, turning the Gaza border area into an “extermination zone.”
​  A search of reports on the Israeli investigation in outlets like CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, BBC, Reuters, AP, the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, and others yielded no results.
​  The only major English-language outlets that have reported on the news are The Guardian and The Independent. However, both seemingly attempt to downplay the revelations with headlines that say the Israeli army “may have risked civilian lives” by invoking its “controversial” procedure known as the Hannibal Directive.​

In Video: Israeli occupation forces execute Palestinian women and elderly inside their Homes​

​  Hamas: Israeli occupation’s atrocities in Tel al-Hawa are war crimes
​  The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), stated on Friday that the atrocities revealed by the withdrawal of the terrorist occupation army from the Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood in the southwest of Gaza City, are war crimes, genocide, and ethnic cleansing.
​  “The occupation army’s act of setting fire to residential buildings before withdrawing from Tal Al-Hawa, preventing civil defense from reaching the buildings, which burned with entire families inside, and the retrieval of bodies of whole families martyred due to “Israeli” shelling in Tal Al-Hawa, confirms that the occupation army committed brutal massacres and atrocities that shame humanity,” Hamas said in a statement.​

​  Amnesty International stated that the repeated evacuation orders are unlawful under international law and may amount to a war crime.
“Palestinian civilians have faced multiple waves of displacement due to Israel’s relentless nine-month onslaught on the occupied Gaza Strip and the repeated “evacuation” orders,” the Amnesty International said in a post on X on Friday.
​  It added: “This week Israeli forces issued yet another sweeping “evacuation” order for Gaza City, ordering all its inhabitants to flee south.”
​  “In the absence of any guarantees to return after the end of hostilities and with no safe and dignified accommodations for the displaced, such orders amount to unlawful transfer, a war crime.”​

​  Released Palestinian detainee relates torture, abuse in Israeli prison
Since October, "Israel" has detained over 9,400 Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and abducted thousands from Gaza and hundreds from the 1948-occupied territories.
​  After he was imprisoned for 9 months, 37-year-old Muazzaz Abayat is a shell of his former self, expressing that he "came back from the dead."
He was detained without explanation on October 26, just over two weeks after the war on Gaza began, and was imprisoned in the al-Naqab desert prison, held without charge or trial.
​  "They arrested me at home, not surrounded by fighters, but by my children and pregnant wife," he told AFP.
When Abayat was liberated on Tuesday, a video went viral on social media, showing him hobbling and relying on a guy to move, while his right hand seemed paralyzed.
​  "No human being on the face of the earth can imagine how life has been," he added, referring to the jail where he was imprisoned as "the 'Guantanamo of the Negev.'"​

​  Hamas calls for independent Palestinian government in post-war Gaza
​  “We proposed that a non-partisan national competency government manage Gaza and the West Bank after the war,” Hossam Badran said in a statement about the ongoing negotiations between Israel and Hamas with mediation from Qatar, Egypt, and the United States.
​  “The administration of Gaza after the war is a Palestinian internal matter without any external interference, and we will not discuss the day after the war in Gaza with any external parties,” Badran added.​

​  He has to appear to be firmly Iranian, even though he fought Iraq in the war as a young man. Iran’s Pezeshkian rejects US pressure, praises Russia, China
​  Pezeshkian, a 69-year-old heart surgeon, has pledged to promote a pragmatic foreign policy, ease tensions over now-stalled negotiations with major powers to revive a 2015 nuclear pact and improve prospects for social liberalization and political pluralism​ 

​  Iran orders US to pay $6.8bln for severe sanctions impact on patients
This is the result of independent United Nations experts back in October 2021 revealing the impact of the US sanctions on epidermolysis bullosa patients.​

​  Fearing New Panama President Will Block Key Route To US, Migrants Flood Darién Gap
Several migrants who spoke with The Epoch Times said they are making their journey to America now because they fear President Joe Biden’s term is ending.
​  “He’s going, so I’m coming,” one Chinese migrant said.
Two Chinese migrants who spoke on camera but didn’t want to be named, cursed Chinese leader Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party.
​  The pair indicated that they wanted to go to the United States because of the freedom that its citizens enjoy, saying there are no human rights in China.
Some migrants said family members had told them they could vote in the United States.​

THE STEAL: Survey finds that 1 out of 10 illegals is registered to vote this fall in federal elections​

​  The EU Commission Promised Elon Safety If He Secretly Censored Us
“The European Commission offered X an illegal secret deal: if we quietly censored speech without telling anyone, they would not fine us,” Elon Musk said. "The other platforms accepted that deal.”​

​  Photographs Expose Thomas Merton Murder Cover-up
​  In 1968, three prominent advocates for peace died under questionable circumstances: Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, and Thomas Merton. It was the last full year of Lyndon Johnson’s presidency. King and Kennedy were publicly assassinated, with the identity of their assassin or assassins continuing to remain in doubt, regardless of the press-endorsed lone-crazed-gunman official verdict. Merton’s secret assassination was covered up as an accident. The cover-up succeeded for a half-century...

..Griffin advised Abbot Flavian and Brother Patrick that the negatives should never be published or available to anyone. What did the Benedictine monks see that prompted them to take photographs of Merton’s body? Why was it deemed necessary at the abbey that these photographs be hidden from the public? ...
..In 2017, we discovered Say’s negatives in the papers of John Howard Griffin at the Butler Library of Columbia University and quickly realized why they had been hidden. With modern technology we were able to get the underexposed negative developed, and the two photographs reveal what looks very much like a crime scene that had been staged to appear as an accident...
..The place where Merton died is significant. In 1968, the Phoenix Program, an assassination operation run by the CIA, was active in Thailand and the agency worked closely with corrupt Thai officials. The U.S. government has admitted committing about 20,000 assassinations in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. The Vietnamese estimate the number is closer to 40,000.
​  Thomas Merton, the peacemaker, was an incorruptible force challenging the propaganda news media and warfare state. Killing Merton in Thailand would have been business as usual for the CIA assassins.​

 ​More David Hughes (with transcript)  Interview with David Knight, June 12, 2024
Wealthy US families sponsoring the rise of the Nazi war machine; "fascism" and "Marxism"; technocracy; the deep state; transhumanism; good vs. evil; and learning the historical lessons of Nazi Germany​

​Asking Who Benefits (not pictured today)

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Opposing Tyranny

 Living Faithfully,

  David Hughes Ph.D. is a scholar who set about researching the globalist financial cabal in 2020, when he saw totalitarian moves in play, similar to 1930s Germany.
Resistance and FaithA short reflection on the relationship between resistance and faith, in light of all that has happened since 2020DAVID A. HUGHES  
  Like many people in 2020, I lost a lot of respect for thinkers whose work I had previously admired.
In particular, I was dismayed that well-known “leftists” and “left-wing” publications had barely a word to say against the overtly fascistic measures being rolled out under the pretext of combatting a novel disease. On the contrary, supposed champions of the working class were found arguing for mass unemployment, business closures, and draconian police powers, as well as discriminatory “vaccine” mandates and “health passes.” Even when millions of people around the world marched against the unfolding attack on their fundamental rights, the political Left doubled down on its betrayal of the working class, e.g. by following the mainstream media in portraying protestors as “far right” and “fascist.” I concur with Simon Elmer’s verdict that the Left’s abject failure to oppose the global biosecurity state represents a momentous historical failure as ignominious as its failure to stop the rise of fascism a century ago.

​  Jeffrey Tucker,  The Pandemic Excuse for a Corporatist Coup
​  Much of the authority for this whole coup traces to the Public Health Services Act of 1944, which was passed in wartime. For the first time in US history, it gave the federal government the power to quarantine. Even when the Biden administration was looking for some basis to justify its transportation mask mandate, it fell back to this one piece of legislation.​

​  NATO Declaration Is Stark Neoconservative Recommitment to US Hegemony - Sachs
​  "The NATO Declaration is a stark neoconservative recommitment to US hegemony. It calls for NATO to back the 'rules-based order,' which is actually the US-based order that is often directly contrary to the UN Charter," Sachs said.
​  On Wednesday, NATO released a joint Washington Summit Declaration, which outlines the alliance's efforts to further isolate Russia, bolster the alliance's security on its eastern flank, increase security assistance for Ukraine, and claim Ukraine is on an "irreversible path" into NATO, among other initiatives.
​  "It describes NATO as a defensive force despite the fact that NATO is repeatedly engaged in offensive regime-change operations, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Ukraine, and others," Sachs said.
​  Sachs explains that NATO's declaration also restates Article 10 of the Washington Treaty, which claims that Russia has no input if NATO expands to surround Russia.​   Moreover, Sachs said NATO's joint statement describes its commitment to advanced biotechnologies, which raises concerns of biowarfare.​

​  US Announces New Weapons Package for Ukraine After Biden-Zelensky Meeting
The Pentagon said the new arms package was worth $225 million, but it includes one Patriot missile battery, which typically costs around $1 billion with all of its related equipment.​

​  Pepe Escobar, We are NATO. And we’re comin’ to get ya
So here’s the main 2024 NATO “strategic” trifecta:
​  Extra tens of billions of dollars in “assistance” to the upcoming rump Ukraine; the overwhelming majority of these funds will be slushing around the industrial-military money laundering complex.
Forceful imposition of extra military spending on all members.
Massive hyping up of the “China threat”.​..
​..What is clear is that the NATO at 75 circus is absolutely clueless and impervious to what happened at the recent SCO summit in Astana. Especially when it comes to the SCO now positioned as a key node in bringing on a new, Eurasia-wide collective security arrangement.
​  As for Ukraine, once again Medvedev Unplugged, in inimitable style, delivered the Russian position:
​  “The Washington Summit Declaration of July 10 mentions ‘the irreversible path of Ukraine’ to NATO. For Russia, 2 possible ways of how this path ends are acceptable: either Ukraine disappears, or NATO does. Still better, both.”
​  In parallel, China is conducting military exercises in Belarus only a few days after Minsk officially became a SCO member. Translation: forget about NATO “expanding” to Asia when Beijing is already making it clear it is very much present in NATO’s alleged “backyard”.
​  Michael Hudson once again has reminded everyone with a brain that the running NATO warmongering show has nothing to do with peaceful internationalism. It’s rather about “a unipolar U.S. military alliance leading toward military aggression and economic sanctions to isolate Russia and China. Or more to the point, to isolate European and other allies from its former trade and investment with Russia and China, making those allies more dependent on the United States.”​...
​..The Eurasia integration process is about geoeconomic integration – including, crucially, transportation corridors connecting, among other latitudes, northern Europe with West Asia.​  For the Hegemon, this is the ultimate nightmare: Eurasia integration driving Western Europe away from the U.S. and preventing that perennial wet dream, the colonization of Russia.​

(Future VP?) ​Tulsi Gabbard, under 10 minutes, less if you only watch Tulsi:  Reacting To Biden's Dangerous NATO Speech

​  So what exactly happened?
Sources who are experts in civil electrical engineering and a NATO veteran who specializes in electric warfare on the battlefield were asked this question.
​  The answers:
​  “The substations that were destroyed are of the distribution variety. They are smaller than the generation and transmission infrastructure focused on by the Russian electric war campaign to date. This tells us that the Russian General Staff are now homing in on local electrical equipment. In DTEK’s videos and published statements, it is obvious that the DTEK personnel are reading from prepared statements focusing on the hospital attack, not on the importance of the network of government and military offices supplied by the substations. It is likely that the MVA (megavolt ampere) ratings of the substations that were hit are much higher than the demand rating of the hospital.”

​  “The Russians were either targeting larger substations in the vicinity which can be seen on the infrastructure map or targeting the smaller substation in front of the hospital, or the Ministry of Infrastructure which is only about 110 metres south of the hospital substation. When the hospital substation was struck, everything tripped out all around, including the ministry and who knows what else.”

​  “The transformers in the substation shown in the pictures and videos of the hospital strike serve the hospital and the surrounding buildings The others shown on the maps of the area are for buildings such as the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure. In capacity, these substations range from 2KMA to 1.6MVA and step 10,000 volts down to 400 volts for utilization in the buildings. The building east of the hospital substation in the pictures was not hit by an antiaircraft missile. The damage is too great.  DTEK has said that three other substations were hit in Kiev. They have named the districts, but not the locations; the pictures make it nearly impossible to determine their location precisely. This information tells us that distribution transformers were intentionally targeted; they were not collateral damage.”

​  “At worst, the Russians intended to strike at the electrical installations and missed, but not really, and not by much. The building next to the substation was hit, not the hospital proper, nor the cardiology clinic to the north. The substation or the nearby ministry was the target. The hospital took blast damage from the strike and possibly from the NASAMS missile. Nebenzya definitely left out what the target was — but the damage to the building beside the substation appears too great to be from an AA missile.  It’s too much of a coincidence that the substations and ministry building were close by.”

​  “The smallness of the substations that were hit indicates that the Russians are now focusing on targeting distribution as well as transmission and generation. This takes the risk of negatively impacting the nuclear power plants out of the equation. It also stretches Ukrainian utility resources thinner. With this in mind, targeting the hospital substation makes sense. It forces the Ukrainians to deploy scarce manpower and materiel (technicians, portable substations and generators) to keep the hospital going. It forces prioritization on a more local level with all of the system stresses that will cause.”​

'Suffering horrifically': 10 months of Israel's 'war on children' in Gaza
Relatives of 10-year-old Palestinian Mustafa Hijazi, who died due to malnutrition and lack of medication, mourns in Deir al-Balah, Gaza on June 14, 2024. [Ashraf Amra – Anadolu Agency]​

​  Israel deliberately destroyed all of Gaza’s hospitals with US approval and support
There’s not a single functional medical facility left in the enclave, while the direct and indirect death toll could be approaching 200,000​

Over 60 bodies retrieved from under rubble in Shujaiya in Gaza City after Israel raid​

  ​45 second video of innocent broken man hobbling out of prison with help:  Prisoner in shocking condition after 9 months in Israel detention
​  Israel released Palestinian father of five Moazaz Obaiat yesterday after he was taken from his house in the occupied West Bank and held for 9 months without chargesObaidat said prisoners are living in Guantanamo-like conditions that no one can imagine. He could be seen barely able to walk, showing clear signs of torture and starvation.​

​  Lebanon: Southern Front lost $1.7 billion, thousands of homes destroyed
​  The head of the Southern Council in Lebanon, Hashem Haidar, has announced the extent of the damage in southern Lebanese villages and towns as a result of the Israeli aggression, confirming that the material losses have so far amounted to one billion and 700 million dollars.
​  Haider said, “The extent of the damage has so far reached 3,000 completely and partially demolished housing units; 12,000 housing units were severely damaged; 20,000 minor damaged units; and the total value of the damage so far has been estimated at one billion and 700 million US dollars so far.”...
​..According to Haider, the Israeli aggression resulted in the complete burning of 17 million square meters in the agricultural sector, primarily due to white phosphorus’s long-lasting effects, leaving farmers unable to harvest their crops on 12 million square meters of their land.
​  The Lebanese Ministry of Health had said in a statement that “466 people were killed and 1,438 were injured as of July 9 as a result of the Israeli aggression against Lebanon.”​

​  Israeli incendiary weapons leave trail of destruction in southern Lebanon
​  The shelling of Naqoura and Alma Al-Shaab resulted in fires erupting in forests and olive groves. Lebanese civil defense teams worked to extinguish the blazes.
​  Israeli heavy artillery pounded several border areas — Houla, Wadi Al-Saluki, Aitaroun, Naqoura, Alma Al-Shaab and Dhayra — some of which have been frequent targets since clashes began nine months ago.​

​  Netanyahu Demands Israel Maintain Control of Gaza-Egypt Border
The demand was Netanyahu's latest effort to sabotage ceasefire negotiations, as it came after Egypt agreed to a compromise on the border​

​  Why the West Bank is on the verge of economic collapse​, The West Bank's economic crisis and the expansion of Israel's settlements are connected. Here's how.
​  The ongoing economic crisis in the West Bank has been accentuated by Israel’s economic sanctions against the PA since October 7Smotrich, a pro-settlement hawk, sees the PA as an impediment to the ultimate Israeli goal of settlement expansion in the entire West Bank, despite the PA’s security coordination with Israel.
​  But the right-wing Finance Minister still agreed to ease some of the sanctionsThe reason he did this, according to an unnamed Western diplomatic source quoted by al-Araby al-Jadeed, is that the transfer was part of an agreement between the U.S. and Israel. Israel would release the withheld customs money, and in exchange, the U.S. would allow Israel to “legalize” four Israeli settlement outposts in the northern West Bank (notably, Israel already started this legalization process a year ago under Netanyahu’s right-wing government). Moreover, just last week, Israel announced the single largest Palestinian land grab in over 30 years, seizing 1,269 hectares of land in the Jordan Valley region.
​  Yet even the partial loosening of restrictions on withheld customs money to the PA doesn’t come close to solving the PA’s economic crisis. Israel’s economic sanctions have forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinian public sector employees to survive on little to no salaries for months on end, while Israel still maintains its revocation of work permits for the some 100,000 Palestinian laborers who used to work in Israel and in Israeli settlements before October 7.​

Boeing Fined $1.26 Billion Less Over Death of 346 People Than Alex Jones Was For Saying Things​

​  Musk Announces X To Sue 'Perpetrators And Collaborators' Behind Advertising Censorship Cartel"
​  "Having seen the evidence unearthed today by Congress, 𝕏 has no choice but to file suit against the perpetrators and collaborators in the advertising boycott racket," Musk wrote on his platform, adding "Hopefully, some states will consider criminal prosecution."...  [Musk probably means "Texas".]
​..Internal emails show GARM's satisfaction with the result, with GARM leader Rob Rakowitz boasting about the impact on Twitter's financials.
​  "GARM recommended that its members 'stop all paid advertisement' on Twitter in response to Mr. Musk’s acquisition of the company. GARM’s internal documents show that GARM was asked by a member to 'arrange a meeting and hear more about [GARM’s] perspectives about the Twitter situation and a possible boycott from many companies." -House Judiciary Committee​

LinkedIn, Google Openly Censor Conservatives (Again) after SCOTUS’s Murthy Decision​

​  Finally, some actual, though tritely partisan, information. This seems to be good for the deep-state spooks:  "Project 2025" is just "Project 1981"
​  With the whole point of these fearsome reforms with respect to the “Intelligence Community” is to enable “an incoming conservative President” to use all the “intelligence authorities” at his disposal to more “aggressively anticipate and thwart our adversaries, including Russia, Iran, North Korea, and especially China.” Is this what Democrats have in mind when they hyperventilate about Project 2025? Of course not, because the Biden Administration is doing essentially the same exact thing. As usual, however, recognizing the fundamental cross-party continuity in US foreign policy and “national security” serves no one’s short-term partisan interests, so they have to deceive the public about it for votes​With regard to the CIA, Project 2025 decries the tendency of “risk aversion or political bureaucracy to delay execution of the President’s foreign policy goals.” It thus recommends the diminution of bureaucracy and placement of individuals in the agency who will more effectively harness the power of clandestine operations to fortify and expand American hegemony. Another huge shocker!...
..The “intelligence” section of the document further advises the renewal of FISA warrantless surveillance, declaring that “Section 702 should be understood as an essential tool in the fight against terrorism, malicious cyber actors, and Chinese espionage.” Which again nicely aligns with Trump’s position, so far as it can be ascertained, seeing as he backed MAGA Mike Johnson’s successful effort to renew FISA in April, on the understanding that they both wanted Trump to be the one wielding that power when it next comes up for reauthorization in two years...​

​  Paul Craig Roberts,  Can the West Survive Democracy or Is Democracy the Last Recourse of the West?
​  The ruling American Establishment has has put a negative connotation on every explanation that is not the official narrative. Gradually, any challenge​, no matter how factual​, to an official explanation is becoming a criminal act...
..A Rasmussen Poll of the American population reveals that despite the outpouring of reports from the world’s top medical scientists that the Covid-19 “vaccine” has killed far more people than the released Covid virus, only one-third of Americans believe that the Covid vaccines are killing people.​..
​..With reports coming in every day of only vaccinated athletes in the prime of life suddenly dropping dead on the playing field, with only vaccinated babies having heart attacks, with the new form of turbo-cancer appearing only among the vaccinated, with miscarriages of vaccinated women off the charts, with neurological problems of the vaccinated off the charts, with new forms of blood clots never seen before of the vaccinated, with new diseases never seen before afflicting only the vaccinated, with massive excess deaths in every Covid vaccinated population, with the admissions that the Covid “vaccines” were not protective, with the overwhelming evidence that the “vaccines” are a threat to life and health, still 69% of Americans have no regrets being jabbed.​

​  Biden Mixes Up Harris & Trump, Says He'll Take Neurological Exam If His Doctors Suggest It
​  Earlier in the day at a NATO event, Biden similarly mixed up Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin. "And now I want to hand it over to the President of Ukraine who has as much courage as he has determination. Ladies and gentlemen, President Putin," Biden said to the confusion of the crowd.​

House Oversight Subpoenas Top Biden Handlers To Find Out Who's Running The Country​

​Peter McCullough MD,  Biden's Neurodegenerative Syndrome Consistent with COVID-19 Vaccine Injury

Biden Camp Thinks Obama Working 'Behind The Scenes' Orchestrating Calls To Drop Out​

​  Kamala Rising: Biden Campaign Tests Harris' Viability, As Longtime Aides Discuss Convincing Biden To Step Aside
Biden advisers are 'Discussing how to convince him to step aside.'
​  A small group of Mr. Biden’s advisers in the administration and the Biden campaign — at least two of whom have told allies that they do not believe he should keep trying to run for a second term — have said they would have to convince the president of three things.
​  They said they have to make the case to the president, who remains convinced of the strength of his campaign, that he cannot win against former President Donald J. Trump. They have to persuade him to believe that another candidate, like Vice President Kamala Harris, could beat Mr. Trump.​..
​..The reports come one day after both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi signaled doubt over Biden - with Schumer privately signaling to donors that he's open to dumping the president on the 2024 ticket, and Pelosi backing off her cheerleader routine.​

​  Martin Armstrong, The Clinton-Harris Ticket
​  And who do the people want to fill Biden’s shoes? “Clinton-Harris is in the strongest position among potential Democratic tickets tested, showing a clear edge over the Biden-Harris pairing,” one of the surveyors stated. The only goal the Democrats have right now is to defeat Trump. Trump was still leading in this poll, likely biased, but only by a single percentage point (43% Trump v 41% Biden). When they asked respondents how they felt about a Clinton-Harris ticket, support for the Democrats rose to 43% compared to only 41% for Trump.​

​  White House Whistleblowers: ‘Biden Regime Is Sex Trafficking Kids to Elite Pedophiles’
​  Tara Lee Rodas, a whistleblower with a 20-year federal career, described her experiences at the Pomona Fairplex Emergency Intake Site, where she served as Deputy to the Director of the Federal Case Management Team.
​  One case involved a 16-year-old Guatemalan girl named Carmen, who was placed with a man claiming to be her brother but who subsequently posted child pornography online.
​  Rodas also stated that gangs like MS-13 are involved in child placement. Despite warnings, authorities retaliated against her rather than investigate her claims.
​  Whistleblower Deborah White alleges that sponsors are rarely vetted face-to-face and fake documents are pervasive.
​  “Children were not going to their parents. Children were being trafficked with billions of taxpayer dollars by a contractor failing to vet sponsors and process children safely, with government officials complicit in it,” she said.
​  The oversight of sponsors by the Department of Human Services involved minimal follow-up, typically limited to a single phone call 30 days post-placement. By that time, many children could no longer be contacted.​

​  85,000 ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ Went Missing After Biden Admin. Left Them With Sponsors
​  Multiple government whistleblowers revealed that at least 85,000 children who crossed the border illegally as “unaccompanied minors” were lost by the Department of Human Services (DHS) after they were given to their “sponsors” who may be trafficking the children into prostitution or forced labor.​

  ​One minute video of cute little boy in a diaper, up on his elbows, looking around and smiling:  
Childhood Vaccine Injury - 6 month old Liam Archer Osterhout died the same day he received the HepB,Tdap,Rotovirus,polio and pneumococcal vaccines​

​  Meryl Nass MD,  Destroying meat and dairy production to save the planet
Europe's governance system is ready to destroy food production. In the US, massive operations have destroyed food quality. Time to turn this mess around​

​  Meryl Nass MD's Door To Freedom,  The Food Industry Is Facing A Hostile Takeover, by James Patrick
​  In the summer of 2022 Dutch farmers made headlines when they protested about being stifled by the Nitrogen regulations. Earlier in 2022 farmers from throughout Western Europe descended upon Brussels to demand a reprieve from a battery of ‘green’ policies squeezing them out of existence.
​  The regulations that were damaging the livelihood of farmers varied from country to country but had similar effects.
​  In Holland the issue was nitrogen from cows' excreta when the cows were located in designated "Natura 2000" areas.
In Germany the longstanding diesel tax exemption for farmers was lifted, causing the price of energy to skyrocket.
​  The green policies caused input costs to outstrip profits everywhere.
A cow farmer in the county I live in, in the eastern USA told me that several nearby farms stopped producing this year after running a loss the last two years.
​  Small farmers everywhere are under attack and only massive conglomerates are able to survive, but the quality of their production is inferior and so is the health of those that consume it.​

​  This is an interesting form of 5th Generation Warfare. Wealthy Chinese people are very keen to get some of their wealth out of China, to diversify their risks out of the strictly currency-controlled country. It is very hard to buy assets in foreign countries, such as Canadian real estate, because it is hard to convert Yuan/Renmenbi inside China into foreign currencies outside China. But there seems to be this one loophole, which inadvertently creates a modern "Opium War" against the western countries, while generating US and Canadian dollars to invest in real estate in those countries. Unveiling the Chinese money-laundering network driving America’s fentanyl crisis.

  Driving down Canadian real estate prices?  Thanks Susan.  How decriminalisation made Vancouver the fentanyl capital of the world  
The city is gripped in an opioid crisis worse than America’s. Locals say overly liberal drug laws have sparked a catastrophe​.

Fentanyl or Junk-Food? What'll it be?  Pepsi Warns US Snack Demand "Subdued" As Consumer Slowdown Worsens

No truthful magnetic-field-strength data since 2015, and now saying even that never existed. (5:34 min.)  Magnetic Pole Shift - We're On Our Own

Choosing Health (picturing family with tree-swing)