Sunday, August 20, 2017

Humanity Or Bust

Friends and Family,

Democratic Party Strategic Consultants are advising all Democratic Candidates to support "Medicare for All" but to change what that means. 
In the new definition, it means eventually making a "public option" Medicare buy-in, which will "compete" (but not too hard) with private insurance company plans under an Obamacare or Trumpcare profiteering-umbrella. Don't try to pin them down on this. It's just painfully awkward. They are NOT supporting the Sanders initiative of All-Medicare.

The majority of American Doctors now support single payer. What changed? (The death of 1000 cuts. We waste so much of our time dealing with insurance companies refusing this or that essential medicine or procedure on computer-generated technicalities, whether cheap or expensive. If we can ever get through for "peer-to-peer" phone appeals the stuff always gets approved, but that takes days to go through, and long phone waits, while patients wait, and so on. All-Medicare = only-one-enemy)

Charles Hugh Smith explains that we need a social revolution, a social consciousness and connectedness awakening. We need real human contact and working together humanly for things that matter, like food, shelter and love. That cooperative endeavor has been taken away from us. 
Look! It's gone. 
We are divided and conquered, and less human, isolated...

One country that will not be divided-and-conquered is (majority Han) China.The Han-race are a nation. All others within the realm are second or third class wannabes. 
This conversational English teacher from England was shocked at the normalcy of overt group-identity racism among the students she taught. Her prose is instructive. Perhaps more instructive, and certainly more novel is the Chinese TV commercial for a breath mint, which elegantly illustrates her point about the normalcy of racism in Han China. (It got removed after a fairly long play, when foreigners found out about it and complained.) 

Eleni sends this from always-colorful Pepe Escobar:
"The Democrats," Bannon said in the interview, "the longer they talk about identity politics, I got 'em. I want them to talk about racism every day. If the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism, we can crush the Democrats."
So this is the money quote to understand the aftermath of Charlottesville. The Democrats fell on the trap. Hysteria reigns on what is essentially a fight of identity versus class politics. The key variable to watch from now on is how — and if — Trump, helped by outsider Bannon, may emerge as the winner, finally empowered to implement economic nationalism.

President Trump, now surrounded by Generals and neocon-Goldmanites, will announce "a new way forward" in Afghanistan. (I'm expecting the Blackwaterization of the war, instead of the only obvious "way forward", which is to leave the graveyard-of-empires. There is nothing good that America can do with guns and money, nothing at all.)

This is a French-penned article about "Russia's Role in the Coming Clash of Empires", with the oceanic empire of America against the land empire of China, being the topic of discussion. (There is a certain Byzantine garden path trod here, and a lot is shown, but it assumes a lot, too, without providing proof. It sort of assumes things will be as they are, with changes in flow patterns and fights over that. It does not look at situational fragility, or the fragility of the Saudi regime, and does not even calculate for Israel. How can you not calculate for Israel on the global chessboard?)

Want to fight climate change? Don't buy Tesla. (Well, Duh! these things are for the narcissistic wealthy, with a terrible ecological impact by the time they leave the factory, which would take a decade to pay off if you charged them from your own solar cells in Arizona. That's not really where that electricity comes from, and it's more carbon efficient to just drive a gasoline powered car. If you ride a bike, Tesla drivers are about like Audi and BMW drivers.)

The Yellowstone Super-volcano blows about every 600,000 years, and it is about due, as it has been for all of recorded history. 
A solution has arisen to meet the threat, here at the dawning of the age of Anthropocene. We can tap the hot magma, many miles below the surface of the earth, and cool it by injecting water from far, far away, which will create steam, which will power turbines to electrify the American west for tens of thousands of years. WHEW! (what could go wrong?)

Threatened by Solutions

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dying For Dollars

Not Forgotten,

Steve Bannon is ejected, but not dead. "“It’s the Republican establishment. The Republican establishment has no interest in Trump’s success on this. They’re not populists, they’re not nationalists, they had no interest in his program. Zero. It was a half-hearted attempt at Obamacare reform, it was no interest really on the infrastructure, they’ll do a very standard Republican version of taxes." (Maybe he'll commit suicide next week.)

Donald Trump Junior announces that he is "following" Julian Assange, after a meeting last week where Assange provided proof that he  got the DNC/Podesta email trove from a "leaker", not Russian "hackers". "Following tweet from an account that tracks the every move of the Trump family has sparked new speculation that a Presidential pardon of Julian Assange may be in the works."

American "wars on the cheap", using foreign mercenaries, who look like locals, and US weapons, air and logistics support, may be practically over. That is not viable in Syria these days, and only worked in Afghanistan when  Bin Laden was our-guy. The world has caught on. North Korea is too dangerous to take on, and South Koreans won't do it. Venezuela is already getting as much covert war as the US can supply. US troops won't work. A lot of these potential wars-of-choice are examined. Without cheap wars on weak countries, what will support the $US as global reserve currency? Thanks Eleni.

Moon of Alabama:
Israel is pressing for further U.S. engagement. A full reestablishment of Syrian government control over Syria is seen as a "nightmare scenario". The preferred outcome is a balkanized Syria in which Israel can play off various sectarian or ethnic groups against each other. While its optimal outcome is now unlikely to be achievable Israel will continue to press for an autonomous Kurdish area under U.S. control. To be economical viable that area needs the oil fields north of the Euphrates. We can therefore expect some resistance from the U.S. military and Israel influenced experts against a Syrian army move across the Euphrates and to capture the oil fields. I expect the Euphrates crossing and the consolidation of the oil-fields to become the next contentious issue between the U.S. and Russia in the Syrian war theater.

Is North Korea Showing the Emperor is Naked?
Washington uses the usual tools — sanctions and bombs — to enforce dollar-denominated global trade and energy trade. China has counter-attacked with everything from the biggest "win-win" trade/ infrastructure project of the 21st century — the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — to buying energy in yuan; call it a mighty counterpunch against the infernal US debt machine. Russia for its part has fully re-emerged as a prime geopolitical/military power.

Speaking of dollar dominance... Bitcoin Primer article: (I pick one point to highlight. The electricity cost of one bitcoin transaction is enough to supply 12 US households with 24 hours of electricity, and growing with every subsequent transaction. It's designed in.)

Mike Kreiger sees Americans :rapidly descending into madness". "What I’m witnessing across the board is hordes of people increasingly separating themselves into weird, unthinking cults. Something appears to have snapped in our collective consciousness, and many individuals I used to respect (on both sides of the political spectrum) are becoming disturbingly polarized and hysterical."

"Euthanasia in the Netherlands has reached a crossroads. The Dutch are fully aware that they are entering new territory. Will they plunge in further or will they decide to take a step back?... ILife’s End Clinic, seniors without a terminal illness are already being euthanized under existing law." Thanks Eleni. The reader will find that a nice lady with early dementia, still driving, dancing and enjoying dinner out and wine with friends, chose to be put to death, and that was carried out. Was her husband's role in the decision primary, or supporting? Dutch Euthanasia has come a long way in the 15 years it has been legal.

Crossing That Bridge

Monday, August 14, 2017

Fairly Intelligent Animals

Scorning Categories,

Jim Kunstler picks "none of the above", and explains why.
Neil Howe, co-author of The Fourth Turning, wrote this week that “[t]he Amazon-Walmart rivalry will determine the future of retail.” Well, it seems that way, perhaps, and I understand why a lot of people would imagine it, but I would draw some different conclusions. What we’re seeing is more like the battle between Godzilla and King Kong, two freaks of nature produced by a toxic culture, fixing to finish each other off.

People want to see and feel their vegetables before buying them. I think this is core "gatherer" programming in our neural networks. Amazon bought Whole Foods because of it. Whole Foods is a better place to fondle your eggplant than WalMart. Farmstands are the best... (Well, a kitchen garden is the gold standard.)

Half of global antibiotics are used in China. It's growing. It's mostly on factory farms. It spreads resistant infections. Yep, you're eating it, unless you are really careful. (China is even more environmentally hollowed-out than the US.)

(Another reason to grow vegetables.) Social Security is just a few years behind the Illinois retirement fund...

"If we stop counting zombies, we're already in recession." Charles Hugh Smith

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world (nasty, thick tar). The CIA and Exxon want their oil back, so it's time to bring this 16 year covert war up to the front burner.

Several hundred thousand Syrians return to bombed out Aleppo, to start over, with no secure food, water or shelter, in summer...

Wayne sends this update on Mediterranean geopolitics, with focus on Czech and Hungarian deals with Russia and Turkey for gas, piped through Turkish-Stream pipeline, and new nuclear power plants, just as the EU punishes them for not accepting the hot flow of refugees. A very large Hungarian government and business contingent recently visited Turkey for broad negotiations. (EU as exploding-red-giant star?) Nationalism is not quite dead yet...

Racism is a variation on xenophobia, the fear-of-other, which controls us so well, when we need to fight each other in large groups (rather than fight our owners/rulers, because that's just wrong). So we're being divided up against each other again, but still following the diktats handed down through the chains of command, all from the same owners... Tom found this:
"I wanted to share with you some things I found out about Brennan Gilmore, the former State Department employee who just HAPPENED to be at the exact right place at the exact right time already filming with his camera to capture the entire event from beginning to end... It really was perfect. Not only did he HAPPEN to be at the right place at the right time, but he was ALREADY recording with his camera and it was focused on that car, for SOME REASON as it drove by the corner at a reasonable rate. Why he would focus on that vehicle right then and there BEFORE IT DID ANYTHING is a mystery... The STOP KONY 2012 psyop was all about using the Joseph Kony boogieman to justify letting Barack Obama send Special Operations troops into Africa to run around and squash any and all resistance to our new imperialism campaign. It was a fraud. A show. And Brennan was part of it... Our puppet dictator Bozize was trying to hold onto power in the face of a 2012 uprising from Séléka CPSK-CPJP-UFDR not “KONY”. But of course, that would have been a harder sell to the fans of President Peace Prize so “KONY” the boogieman."

American Citizen Held by Immigration Enforcement for Over 3 Years Without Lawyer  (Catch-22 is so versatile!)
“I am an American citizen,” Davino Watson pleaded with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents, judges, and jailers. But to no avail; he was held in detention for over 3 years as a deportable illegal immigrant.
What did his court appointed lawyer have to say ? Nothing, because he was never assigned one. After all, illegal immigrants are not afforded the same rights of the accused and due process guaranteed to American citizens. The only problem: Davino Watson was in fact an American citizen.
Eventually, Watson was released and managed to get a meager court settlement of $82,500. But he would never see the money. Two weeks ago, an appeals court ruled that Watson is not entitled to the compensation. Turns out the statute of limitations expired--while he was still in ICE custody!

My, isn't this awkward? It seems that CIA-coup-failed-state Ukraine was the provider of the rocket-motors that let North Korea build ICBMs that can reach the continental US. I wonder how many they bought. Was this part of the whole big plan, or just an unforeseen consequence? (Oh, Clinton involvement again...)

Here is an interesting read on the strategic situation on the Korean peninsula, and all the wacky things being said by the actually rational heads of state and diplomacy:

Black Sky Hazard: ("our") Federal government sets up wargame scenarios of Nuclear EMP attack over US shutting everything down. (EMP attack has been the rumored North Korean plan for about a decade. Supposedly the USSR shared those details with them in the 1960s and 1970s.) Remember to be petrified by fear.

This is pretty scary: How to get home safely following an EMP attack. (I hope I'm on my bike that day.)

Seth Rich, the leaker of all those DNC emails that Russia didn't hack, which revealed so much criminal conspiracy, is pictured here the night that he failed to get home alive. This is the pre-murder party he attended, with that guy with the red arrow. 
That guy is Imran Awan, who recently sold his real estate and sent his wife and kids to Pakistan, and tried to get there himself, after smashing all the hard drives at his house with a hammer. All of this was while in the employ of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, despite being declared a security-risk and being banned from Congressional offices late last year. 
Yep, he was in charge of securing all that incriminating information, that Seth had passed on to Wikileaks.

"Suicides" ("Arkancides"?) litter the trail of investigations of DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, including Federal Attorney, who "shot himself in the head and threw his body on a beach, but left the gun somewhere else". Thanks Eleni.

The Souls of Elephants... :-) Yes, read...


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Scare People To Death

Shaking in Boots,

NBC's Brian Williams declares that their job is to "scare people to death over North Korea", and of course it is.

Our current global financial/economic system is horribly inefficient, and only working because people believe that it will pay them in the future. Our current money and stocks and bonds are all promises of future stuff. Everybody has a jar of IOUs. There are only cookie crumbs in the cookie jar, but nobody can get out while the game is still running. When it resets, it will be at least the magnitude of change that the Great Depression and WW-2 brought.
The wars are necessary to keep people obeying out of fear, when the resets happen and their retirement promises are seen to be empty. Something much worse has to be the more pressing threat.
The scapegoat is already set up in the US, Donald Trump. Other parts of the world can have other scapegoats, and the US needs to scapegoat another country or countries. That flexibility is being maintained. North Korea, Russia and China can be scapegoated separately or together, and Iran, of course...
Right now public fear reactions are being assessed. What scapegot(s) are the best choice? It's an important question for our owners. They cannot afford to lose control of the narrative.

Not all (financial) Capital is Equal, Some is Destructive, Charles Hugh Smith

Pepe Escobar says, "Imperial Folly Brings Russia and Germany Together"

Indonesia will trade coffee, tea and palm oil for 11 Russian SU-35 Fighter Jets. They like the ones they have been using and can use some more. No dollars.

EU Membership for Poland is like a teaser rate on a bad loan. Poland and Hungary and others are really having to reconsider membership in the Borg...

Pentagon sends selfies of naked penis to the world to scare North Korea and America and Russia and China and so on. Of course there are plans to wipe out the leadership and military strike capacity of North Korea.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Next Bus Stop

Along for the Ride,

American economic progress in our lifetimes has stagnated. The rich get a little richer, on paper. Real physical economy is worse than GDP. 
Next comes Wile-E-Coyote-Looks-Down... Look, down.

Jim Kunstler: The United States is comprehensively bankrupt. The government is broke and the citizenry is trapped under inescapable debt burdens. We are never again going to generate the kinds and volumes of “growth” associated with techno-industrial expansion. That growth came out of energy flows, mainly fossil fuels, that paid for themselves and furnished a surplus for doing other useful things. It’s over... There are two ways of going broke in this situation: money can become scarce as it disappears so that few people have any; or everybody can have plenty of money that has no value and no credibility. I mention these monetary matters because the system of finance is the unifying link between all the systems we depend on for modern life, and none of them can run without it. So that’s where the real trouble is apt to start... Anything organized at the giant scale is headed for failure, so it comes down to a choice between outright collapse or severe re-scaling, which you might think of as managed contraction. That goes for government programs, military adventures, corporate enterprise, education, transportation, health care, agriculture, urban design, basically everything... If you want a chance at keeping on keeping on, you’ll have to get with reality’s program... Keep in mind that being in this world actually entitles you to nothing. One way or another, you’ll have to earn everything worth having, including self-respect and your next meal.

Stephen Lendman, via PCR, Thanks Eleni: 
"In early 1945, Japan offered to surrender. In February, Douglas McArthur sent Roosevelt a 40-page summary of its terms. They were nearly unconditional. The Japanese would accept an occupation, would cease hostilities, surrender its arms, remove all troops from occupied territories, submit to criminal war trials, and allow its industries to be regulated. In return, they asked only that their emperor be retained in an honorable capacity. Roosevelt spurned the offer as did Truman. Hiroshima and Nagasaki followed on August 6 and 9 respectively... The bombings weren’t conducted to win a war won months earlier. They displayed America’s new might, what Soviet Russia’s leadership already knew, what might follow against its cities if Washington decided to attack its wartime ally... Hiroshima’s 72nd anniversary is an ominous reminder that what happened then can occur again – far more disastrously than earlier, including on US soil."

John Pilger revisits "On The Beach" a1957  book , then movie about death from nuclear holocaust creeping down towards Australia and New Zealand, after the obliteration of the northern hemisphere, a time for reflection. 
The US submarine captain says, “We’ve all got to die one day, some sooner and some later. The trouble always has been that you’re never ready, because you don’t know when it’s coming. Well, now we do know and there’s nothing to be done about it.”

China says dialogue, the resumption of 6 party negotiations, on hold since before the financial crisis, are the basis for all progress on the Korean Peninsula. China and Russia have just signed on to unanimous UN Security Council Resolution to increase economic sanctions against North Korea, cutting off 1/3 of exports and foreign-currency to the nearly destitute country. This has temporarily put a hold on US military plans for "preventive war" devastating military assaults.
(The real solution, of course, is to negotiate peace, a real end to the Korean War, not this long pause. Only within the context of guarantees of peace, can all parties actually become secure.)

North Korea says it will not negotiate away it's nuclear deterrence capability, and that it is only to be used against the US, and countries like Japan and South Korea, which comport themselves as vassal-states. (That's an opening bid.)

Are China's foreign reserves rising, as announced, or still falling, as deduced? 
(China is playing the shell game, here, which they should be, since China's debt bubble is the most ever in history, and current arrangements must collapse. Chinese citizens have 2/3 of the massive gold accumulation the country has undertaken, and Bitcoin is huge. Most transactions in Chinese cities are carried out through smartphone networks. This is currency diversification, and obfuscation of economic facts. This is necessary in financial war, isn't it? The $US will lose, when the Petrodollar regime of global finance collapses. Everybody will lose. Then what?)

This is a huge step. Cannons are going off in China. China will be collecting taxes in Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies.
The Chinese government listed blockchain in its “Thirteenth Five-Year” National Informatization Plan from 2015, and since that time the nation has been working diligently toward the incorporation of the technology into daily life. China has just announced that it will use blockchain technology for social taxation and the issuing of electronic invoices.

Congressional sanctions against Russia and European energy customers hurt both, and can be considered quasi-eternal. This stuff never goes away. Sanctions support American natural gas exports, maybe, if things work out as planned. (They might backfire and help sink the petrobuck, though...)

Self driving robo-cabs will not just be blanketed in those stupid ads that gas pumps now have, they will become as vile as the worst gas-station bathrooms. Yuck, it does look inevitable, doesn't it? Another thing to pay more for, much more for, will be a clean one with no urine, feces, smoke, trash, and so on. (Getting anywhere on time will still be the biggest extra-cost-option...)


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Global Monetary Anarchy

Disabling Despots,

The Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency, Daniel Jeffries
Herein lies the potential to create currency at ground level, evenly distributed, not at the elite level. Bitcoin is not yet it, though it does threaten elites at their level, which is a start. (China seems to be heavily investing in Bitcoin-mining, perhaps initially as a reaction to Chinese people using Bitcoin so much to export their assets overseas.)

Ted Trainer presents "The Simpler Way". 
We really can't afford many layered hierarchical societies in a low energy and no-growth future. We can afford something like 10% of the power we now use, which is enough if we organize in small communities, growing food, making most of what we need, and avoiding enslavement to those who provide what we cannot make. (History says that's difficult.) Communitarianism is the new "Anarchy". 
Anarchy is our natural human condition. Who made it a curse-word, again? Thanks Charles.

On exponential economic growth on a finite planet: (Physics trumps politics.)
“If our species had started with just two people at the time of the earliest agricultural practices some 10,000 years ago, and increased by 1 percent per year, today humanity would be a solid ball of flesh many thousand light years in diameter, and expanding with a radial velocity that, neglecting relativity, would be many times faster than the speed of light.” Today’s global population growth rate of 1.1 percent per year is obviously unsustainable.

Assumption of US Dominance has Ended, Imperial Collapse is Looming, Thanks Eleni,

"Is Trump's Russia Policy Being Hijacked?" Pat Buchanan

Russiatosis, Jim Kunstler
"All of this psychotic political behavior screams for the rise of a new party, or more than one new party, composed of men and women who have not lost their minds. I’m sure they’re out there." 

The Saudi Royals are not just murdering Yemenis, but they are busy murdering so many citizens of the land they rule also, a really big part of their map. Why didn't we hear about this civil war? Destroying one city at a time, with "relocation".

Jeremiah Johnson figures we are getting really close to WW-3. He's a former Green Beret. I'd like to point out that this is a really good time to negotiate an end to the Korean war, and assure the security of ALL parties, especially North Korea, It is in the vital-interests of all parties, even Americans, now.
The next world war will be initiated by an EMP weapon detonated over the United States, followed by a nuclear exchange and a war between conventional forces.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster discusses plans for "Preventive War" (yeah, illegal) against North Korea.

About Tomatoes, Potatoes and Peppers, a really informative and well written family history, spanning the globe and ten millennia.

Revolutionary Heirlooms

Friday, August 4, 2017

Too Big For The World

Fun Sized,

“Wherever something is wrong,” he insisted, “something is too big.”
Paul Kingsnorth reviews The Breakdown of Nations, 1957 by Leopold Kohr.

Seth Rich murder (presumed DNC email leaker) and Alawi brother IT-for-hire-to-DNC-elites cases are trying to converge, roadblocked by police, as described here by former DC Detective PI, hired by Seth Rich's family (somebody else paid), who seem not to want to see the results of the investigation at all. Thanks Tom. Democratic Murder Inc...

Kindergarten on LSD, The Saker looks at the neocon power establishment descending into panic mode. (Ugly) Thanks Bill.

Russian PM Medvedev, "The US Just Declared Full Scale Trade War On Russia" (It's ironclad and will not change for years.)

Paul Craig Roberts figures that Trump will now become a "war president", since avenues to peace have all been blocked by neocon forces at all levels. (I'm not sure, but there's Venezuela, North Korea, Ukraine, Syria, etc...)

Russian ban on Turkish tomatoes spurs greenhouse tomato boom in Russia. (That's something that can be done if the situation is certain to persist long enough to cover the investment. Apparently it will persist.)

Ilargi at Automatic Earth: 
"The first graph... shows productivity, defined as more or less the same as GDP per capita. It goes all the way back to 1790 and contends that 2017 productivity is about back to the level it was at in 1790 ("Agrarian Slave Economy")... America and Western Europe exported almost their entire manufacturing capacity to China etc. And how can you be productive if you don’t manufacture anything? Yeah, I know, ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘service economy’ and all that, but does anyone still really believe those terms?... We exported our productive capacity to China, and now we can only afford to buy their products -which are mostly inferior in quality to what our ancestors once made- by getting into -more- debt."

Trade War with China to Begin Today!

Facebook AI program created it's own language, and computer systems started using it among themselves. Humans can't understand it. Humans caught wind and shut it down. The "singularity" is predicted to come soon, when AI just bypasses humans and coordinates with AI across the planet. What then? What will AI value? AI moves many, many times faster than humans...


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hidden Empire

Ruled Invisibly,

What is the global empire? None of us can be certain. It's on a need-to-know basis, compartmentalized. We can see the financial links, with US dollar hegemony now being used as a late-stage weapon, against "allies" who are caught without other options. 

This suggests $US hegemony will soon be abandoned, since using dollars this way makes tribute-regimes want out. It makes sense that those who the petrodollar has served have back up plans. In Mideast policy, that would be Israel and Saudi Arabia. It is really important for these countries to prevent the US from cooperating with Russia, because Russia is not cooperating with them, since they failed to subdue Russia in the 1990s. 

President Trump, who is very hard to read, fighting an invisible enemy, employing his cloak-of-unpredictability, has signed the Russian Sanctions Bill "with reservations". Caged, but still a bit unpredictable. 

US Regime Change Wars in Venezuela, Thanks Eleni
Venezuela's ongoing crisis is not driven by political ideology - it is not a battle of socialism versus capitalism or dictatorship versus democracy - it is the result of two centers of political power possessing opposing interests and colliding geopolitically.
The nation of Venezuela is currently under the control of Venezuelans who derive their support, wealth, and power from Venezuela itself - its people and its natural resource. This political order also receives aid and support from Venezuela's economic and military partners both in the region and around the globe. The opposition opposed to the current political order and seeking to supplant it represents foreign interests and more specifically, the United States and its European allies. As early as 2002, US-backed regime change targeting then Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, sought to violently overthrow Venezuela's political order and replace it with one obedient to Washington. Within the CIA's own online archives under a section titled, "CIA Activities in Chile," it is admitted that in the 1970s, similar tactics were used to undermine and overturn the government of Chile. 

Neocons have been destroying sovereign nations for 20 years (Really, way more than that. It's the business model. Here's how it works...) Thanks Eleni

The message, loud and clear, that North Korea got from US treatment of Libya, is "Never Give Up Your Nukes". Libya was treated to the neocon business model described above. (France is trying to negotiate the extraction steps, now that destruction is complete.) More thanks to Eleni.

I don't usually send out the cat-robot-video news format, but this 7 minutes is really densely fact-packed about the Seth Rich case, and what he downloaded from the DNC emails, and what his computer-geek brother may be sitting on, and how Wikileaks and Mega-Upload got his insurance policy, and about the mysteriously-wealthy Alawi brothers, and DNC computer network intrigues, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and shouting "RUSSIA" really loudly to hide the smoke and fire. Thanks Tom.