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Imposing A Crush Zone

 Directly Impacted,

  Charles Hugh Smith has an engaging perspective. If an economic depression is inevitable, some powers have the capability of weaponizing it against rivals, making harm happen to the rivals first, making rivals take the blame and financial losses, and maybe even deaths. 
Not everybody can play. There are prerequisites.
​  ​Weaponizing Global Depression
​  ​The general assumption now is that everything is propaganda, i.e. that every shred of content has been stripped of the 90% of messy reality to leave the shiny 10% that protects someone's vested interests and emotional stake. While propaganda is indeed ubiquitous and overabundant, not everything is propaganda...
​  ​We're quite fond of the illusion that our "likes" and "winning the argument" matter. They don't. Winning arguments, collecting "likes" and basking in the warmth of confirming our biases don't change anything...
​  ​A third illusion is that policymakers control everything. They don't...
Add up these asymmetries and we find a very few winners and many losers. The winners are limited to those nations with these five capacities:
1. Self-sufficiency in energy, or close enough to manage with modest imports from friendly neighbors or allies.
2. Not dependent on energy revenues for the bulk of national income.
3. The capacity to sell newly issued bonds without reducing the purchasing power of the currency, i.e. the risk premium and yield are more attractive than competing issuances of bonds.
4. Maintain a freely traded (i.e. price and risk discovered by the market), liquid market in size for its bonds.
5. A diverse, adaptable economy that maintains deep, liquid, transparent markets for goods, services, risk, credit, bonds and other financial assets.

​    Andrei, The Saker: The point being made is that well-funded, narcissistic political ideologues have commandeered think tanks in Washington and New York since the 1980s (previously known as "the crazies in the basement", but not these days).
​  Is Andrei Martyanov right in his criticism of US ruling “elites”?
​  ​I fully back him on this issue because for as long as the USA will be the proverbial “monkey with a (nuclear) hand grenade” the Neocons will continue to represent an existential threat to our planet.  And with the Neocons in total control of Zone A, that risk will remain with us until these crazies are sent back to some basement or they blow up the entire northern hemisphere.

​  ​Mike Whitney: The Plan to Wreck America​  Thanks Christine
​  In America, we have an oligarch problem, and it’s much bigger than the oligarch problem that Putin faced when he became president in 2000. The entire West is now in the grips of billionaire elites who have a stranglehold on the media, the political establishment and all of our important institutions. In recent years we have seen these oligarchs expand their influence from markets, finance and trade to politics, social issues and even public health. The impact this group has had on these other areas of interest, has been nothing short of breathtaking. Establishment elites and their media not only stood foursquare behind Russiagate, the Trump impeachment, the BLM riots and the January 6 fiasco, they also had a hand in the Covid hysteria and the host of repressive measures that were imposed in the name of public health. What we’d like to know is to what extent this group is actively involved in the shaping of other events that are aimed at transforming the American Republic into a more authoritarian system?
​  ​In other words, are the mandated injections, the forced lockdowns, the aggressive government-implemented censorship, the dubious presidential elections, the burning of food processing plants, the derailing of trains, the attacks on the power grid, the BLM-Antifa riots, the drag queen shows for schoolchildren, the maniacal focus on gender issues, and glitzy public show-trials merely random incidents occurring spontaneously during a period of great social change or are they, in fact, evidence of a stealthily orchestrated operation conducted by agents of the state acting on behalf of their elite benefactors? We already know that the FBI, the DOJ and the intel agencies were directly involved in Russiagate –which was a covert attack on the sitting president of the United States. So, the question is not “whether” these agencies are actively involved in other acts of treachery but, rather, to what extent these acts impact the lives of ordinary Americans, our politics and the country?​ ...
​  ​It (Soros statement quoted by McGregor) ​expresses the hatred that globalist billionaires have toward Christians and patriots, both of which they see as obstacles to their goal of a borderless one-world government. MacGregor discusses this phenom in relation to Russia which Soros sees as “the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of orthodox Christian culture with Russian identity at its core.”​ ...
​..What Nimmo is saying is that these billionaire elites are now so powerful, that they can openly say they’re going to “transition away from intergovernmental decision-making” (ie– representative government”) to a system of “multi-stakeholder governance.” If I’m not mistaken, that is a pretty unambiguous declaration of a new form of supra-national government, in which only the billionaire stakeholders have a vote in what policies are implemented. But isn’t that the way things work already?​ ...
​..​Repeat: the first phase of political activity ought to be to create the conditions favoring the installation of chaos in all of the regime’s structures… This destruction of the state must be carried out under the cover of (communist) activities…. Popular opinion must be polarized in such a way, that we are being presented as the only instrument capable of saving the nation.”
​..​In other words, the objective of the operation is to completely disrupt all social relations and interaction, cultivate feelings of uncertainty, polarization and terror, find a group that can be scapegoated for the wide societal collapse, and, then, present yourself (elites) as the best choice for restoring order.​      (Uh, Don't Bite!)​

​  Wow, this looks similar...
​  Manichaeism and ‘An Ideology of Liberal Empire’ – Biden’s Forever Cosmic War Against Russian ‘Evil’ Alastair Crooke  Thanks Figmund Sreud
  The reality is that the EU is gripped by the attempt to impose a ‘cultural revolution’ – in the sense that broad citizen conformity to its cultural norms and ‘emergencies’ is not enough. But rather, it is its’ thought-processes that have to be fully reflected in modes of thinking such that every citizen’s acts and thoughts reflect EU ‘right thinking’.
  We see this with the war party’s poster girl, Annalena Baerbock’s, lecturing non-aligned countries that there is no space for neutrality when it comes to Ukraine: ‘You are ‘either with us or against us’; and if the former, then GIVE U.S. AMMO!’.
  Well, the cultural revolution already is reversing. Today, the Civilisational States (Russia, China, Iran, etc. and link) see the future as theirs and view the woke globalists – and their financialised economic structures – as passé. This reversal increasingly is evident in the popular war in the U.S., but not in Europe.
  But can the EU change? – since all the bridges by which it might reconnect to the future have long since been burned down. In essence, the EU is a steam-roller ‘offensive’ ever incrementally moving towards ‘more Europe’.


​  Katherine Watt explains clearly, in 16 minutes, decades of preparation of federal health emergency security laws, suborned to the US Department of Defense during emergencies, which create a national police state from the top down. 
  State and local laws still remain, which have not been superseded, and should be used​ at every opportunity to deconstruct this monster of military-medical-fascism. These are War Crimes. (I had posted this in comments and it was well received.)
Katherine Watt: In Her Own Words​   ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9mFc4_5S0A

​(There are rumors that other planned intrigues may have fallen-flat due to unanticipated failure modes)​
NATO Members Float Plan For Negotiations Amid "Growing Doubts" Ukraine Can Retake Territory

Zelensky Hints At Withdrawing From Russian-Encircled Bakhmut: 'Out Of Options'​   (The other option is just leaving the​ boys​ there to die)

​  Doctors For Disaster Preparedness, Jane Orient MD​ regarding a nuclear detonation near you:
​  ​The “duck and cover drill” that Beck like so many others ridicules would save millions of lives in those areas far enough from the bomb where flying glass and debris would be the main hazard.
​  ​Any type of shadow or cover can prevent burns from the thermal flash. At Hiroshima, skin under white clothing was protected, while skin under dark colors was burned.
​  ​There is no fallout of significance if a nuclear warhead is air burst.
​  ​Fallout from a ground burst decays rapidly by the “7-10 rule.” At 7 hours after detonation, the radioactivity would be decreased to 10% of the initial level, and at 49 hours, to 1% of the initial level. It does not take 2 weeks to fall to that level.
​  ​Fallout is visible (it looks like sand or grit). Levels can be measured easily—unfortunately, the U.S. destroyed most of its appropriate instruments, but Beck does not mention that fact, or the alternatives available to or makeable by the public.
​  ​The nuclear winter theory was thoroughly debunked in 1986.

​I would say "covert attack", or "sabotage", but everybody says "terrorism" these days.​
Turkey-Syria Earthquake: Is This An Act of Terror?
​  ​Author’s Update
​  ​The conclusion of “No Evidence So Far” in the title referred to the strong suspicion that this horrendous quake was the result of an ENMOD engineered disaster. (Environmental Modification Techniques). Up to this day it killed more than 48,000 people, injured more than half a million, and still tens of thousands are missing. ​  ​The “no evidence” statement is wearing thinner and thinner, especially, when listening to Serdar Hussein, the Head of the Turkish Space Agency talking on Russian TV.
​  ​He uses hyperbolic emblematic speech, when talking about the hard titanium alloy material being launched to the Earth. It refers to using the titanium alloy rods to send these deadly, super-power beams of energy to earth, deep into the ground to cause the earthquake..

​..​The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
​  ​The US Air Force’s “Weather Warfare” is related to The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) which was developed in the early 1990s.
​  ​A scientific report (HAL Id: hal-01082992) regarding HAARP (2011, 2014) explains that high-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere could cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and localized heating. The paper by Fran De Aquino Maranhao summarized the scientific findings as follows:
​  ​“HAARP is currently [2014], [the project was closed in Gakona, Alaska and transferred in 2014] the most important facility used to generate extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation in the ionosphere. In order to produce this ELF radiation, the HAARP transmitter radiates a strong beam of high frequency (HF) waves modulated at ELF.
​  ​This HF heating modulates the electrons’ temperature in the D region ionosphere and leads to modulated conductivity and a time-varying current which then radiates at the modulation frequency. Recently, the HAARP HF transmitter operated with 3.6GW of effective radiated power modulated at frequency of 2.5Hz. It is shown that high-power ELF radiation generated by HF ionospheric heaters, such as the current HAARP heater, can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and strong localized heating.”

​  ​The patents used to develop the HAARP program are owned by Raytheon through its E-Systems subsidiary.
​  ​It should be noted that with the closing down of  The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) program in Gakona, Alaska in 2014 for another location, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been actively involved in ENMOD research, most of which is classified. See this
​  ​At the time of writing, there is suspicion, but no concrete evidence that the Turkey-Syria Earthquake was an Act of Terror, triggered by Environmental Modification Techniques.
​  ​The above statements remain to be fully ascertained.  

​  Well, there are other reasons, too but this is an interesting take.
​  ​Why is Assange in Jail and Not Seymour Hersh?
​  ​The answer is this. Although President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland would love to throw Sy Hersh into a maximum security prison for the rest of his life, as punishment for revealing their complicity in blowing up the Nord Stream II pipelines – they don’t dare to. If they did, it would be tantamount to admitting that … what Hersh published is true.
​  ​Which would be embarrassing, to say the least, because Biden and Company have spent every day since February 7 denying that Hersh’s revelations are true. In other words, they claim he made it all up – which means, according to them, that he did not publish classified information. Therefore he cannot be guilty of any crime.

​  This is probably an hour of reading, upon which I spent about 15 minutes last night, but this one allegation jumped out at me. Thanks Christine.
​  ​Has Russia Already Won? Is it “Game Over” for the Rothschild/Rockefeller Empire?
​  ​July 2014: As Putin was returning to Russia after the BRICS summit in Brazil, his plane overflew Ukraine. 
The CIA targeted his plane, but the wrong plane was shot down – Malaysian Airlines MH17.

​  I'm embarrassed to say that I spent a very long time today trying to determine Vladimir Putin's schedule and flight path (if any) on July 17, 2014. All I could get was a haystack of "Putin Supplied Buk Missile That Shot Down MH-17", except for this one needle I eventually pulled out, with an attached rebuttal.
  CNN: Propaganda war: Russia offers alternate takes to what brought down MH17
​  THE RUSSIAN TAKE: Putin’s plane was the target
  According to some accounts in the Russian media, MH17 was traveling along almost the same route as President Vladimir Putin’s presidential plane, which was returning to Moscow from a summit in Brazil. Both planes have red, white and blue markings.
  “The contours of the airplanes are in general similar, the linear dimensions are also very similar and regarding the coloring, from a sufficiently long distance, they are practically identical,” an aviation source was quoted as telling the news outlet, RT.
THE WORLD’S TAKE: Another Russian media, the online news portal Gazeta.ru, reported that Putin’s plane has not flown over Ukrainian airspace for quite some time because of the conflict between the government and rebel forces.


​  Steve Kirsch: ​GAME OVER: Medicare data shows the COVID vaccines increase your risk of dying
​  ​This is why the CDC has NEVER used the Medicare data to prove the vaccines are safe. And this is why NOBODY in mainstream medicine wants you to see this data. EVER. They ALL want it hidden. FOREVER.
​  ​It shows that these shots increase your risk of dying and once you get shot, your risk of dying remains elevated for an unknown amount of time. And that’s in the very population it is supposed to help the most!
​  ​Now you know why the CDC, which has always had access to the Medicare records, has never made them publicly available for anyone to analyze to prove that the vaccines are safe. Because the records show the opposite. That’s why they keep the data hidden from view and it’s why they NEVER talk about it.​..   (114,000 records can be downloaded as he instructs with link)
​..You’ll soon see for yourself why the CDC will never release this data and why the mainstream press is NEVER EVER going to ask to see the data: because it would reveal they lied to people and killed over 500,000 Americans by recommending they take an unsafe “vaccine.”

​Last week I presented post-vaccine-injury treatment information on Nattokinase,​ Acetylcysteine and Bromelain, now this from Dr. McCullough:
Hope of Intravenous Spike Protein Detoxification​ , ​Alkaline Serine Protease derived from River Worm Neanthes Japonica (Izuka)

​Avoiding Contact  (pictured planting beans)​

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Growing Food

 Part 3: Growing Food

  In central Texas, climate zones 8 and 9, I can grow some food in the winter such as brassicas, the cabbage family, including kale, broccoli, collard greens and cabbage, but I really just get the broccoli greens, not big florets. Brussels sprouts need more sunlight, and head cabbage needs more sunlight than we get in winter. To produce mass takes a lot of sunlight, but producing leaves does not take as much. (Adjust your hopes and aspirations to the realities of photosynthesis.) Onions and garlic do well over winter, planting in the fall, but they have a long season, and most of their growth happens when it is sunnier and warmer. Lettuces, radishes and beets (including spinach and Swiss chard) also produce well in winter in climate zones 8 and 9.  

  I worked out a succession-rotational gardening plan over a 3 year period, which accommodates the transitions between winter and summer crops, which are roughly: legumes, nightshades and other. I finally posted this on my old blog on July 4 2016 as "Liberty Garden". 
This is a complete and flexible plan for 3 beds to rotate through 3 years, or 5 beds to rotate through 5 years.  http://www.johndayblog.com/2016/07/liberty-garden-central-texas-climate.html 

  In practice, I find that multiples of the 3 bed rotation scheme, with some differences in the rows, gives me the most flexibility, so I might use 3, 6, or 9 beds, for instance.

  If you don't have a winter growing season it is still good to have legumes in a bed every third year, because they fix nitrogen into the soil. Considering a 6 bed layout, you might want a bed for alliums (onions, garlic, leeks), brassicas (kale, cabbage, broccoli and brussels sprouts), and two separate beds for nightshades, one with tomatoes and peppers and one with potatoes and eggplant, for instance. If you want a row for salads, beets, spinach, chard and radishes, you would need to reduce to one nightshade bed.

  The reason to keep beds in rotation is to avoid the buildup of pests and fungal disease in a bed, and to even out the nutrient extraction in the beds over time. Some vegetables are "light feeders" and some are "heavy feeders". Renewing compost top-dressing in the winter helps renew soil nutrients. You may compost your own garden and kitchen waste. You may take some garden cuttings to chickens at change of season, which is good , if it is something the chickens will eat. it is particularly convenient to purchase a truckload of the compost you want if you have a little truck, but it is less convenient to have it delivered, and most inconvenient and expensive to buy it in bags.

  Sweet potato beds are different. First, don't buy the ornamental sweet potatoes at a nursery. They are white, hard and not very palatable. Buy the organic sweet potatoes in the fall, and grow the slips from them in water over the winter, or buy slips of specific types to plant in the spring. Sweet potatoes dominate a bed forever, coming back every spring, even if you dug "all" of them up in the fall.  https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-grow-sweet-potatoes-in-the-home-garden-1403479

  You will typically top-dress your sweet potato bed every winter and keep it watered, then dig them up in the fall when the leaves start to wilt and brown a bit. Sweet potatoes can be dug up at any time. They are always edible.
  I have experimented with a banana patch over the past few years, but I may never get a ripe banana, because it takes about 18 months for one to grow, and winters would have to be milder than they have been for me to get bananas. If I were more practical, I would take the banana rhizomes ("korns") out and plant sweet potatoes. Maybe next year. Banana plants are so impressive in the fall, and hope springs eternal. (Pictures before and after a hard freeze)

  Another experiment, one that is working well, is with cloches, little clear glass bowls to put over seedlings or young plants in the winter, to protect them from freezes. https://balconygardenweb.com/diy-garden-cloche-ideas/
These inexpensive glass bowls from Dollar Tree work fine, but they chip and break if stacked, so be careful. 
You can see them covering the stumps of some kale and spinach plants after harvesting the leaves before a winter storm. That worked well, and the tomato seeds I planted under them in December have mostly grown into small plants, which I just uncovered, since we don't have any freezes forecast for 10 days out, and we might be done with freezes (or not. I'm infamous for taking my chances before mid March).

Preparing Your Kitchen Garden

 Part 2: Preparing Your Kitchen Garden

  After you have located a garden area that will have adequate light, a good southern exposure to the sun, dig all the way around the perimeter with a sharp shovel, to determine if there are tree roots entering your garden patch. If there are and you cut through them with the shovel, they will grow back next year. If there are large enough roots that you cannot cut them with your shovel, then a tree is already drawing a lot of water from that area. You may use a pick-axe to cut through them, but they will also re-establish, and will out-compete annual vegetables for water.
  If there are a lot of rocks in the soil, they will be a lot of work to remove. I removed about 3 truck beds of rocks from my Austin garden one at a time, which took so many hours and a lot of work with a broadfork, and on hands and knees digging rocks from clay soil. You might not want to do that. You might have to pay somebody else a lot of money to do that. It might or might not be worth it for you.
  Is the soil sandy, dense clay, loose loam, sandy loam, clay loam? Does it have good "tilth", both sticking together when compressed, and breaking up easily in your hand?
  Dense clay soils may benefit from working in some sand as an amendment. Sandy sols will generally benefit from working in rich compost, and will need regular watering, since they won't retain water.
  It is good to send your soil off for analysis before choosing amendments.
It is also important to consider how you will get your amendments carried to your garden and hw you will work them in. a 400 square foot garden will need 2-4 cubic yards of composted mulch on top of the beds, if nothing else. That is 2 to 4 loads in my 25 year old Ford Ranger, which can carry 1 to 1.5 cubic yards of compost, but only half a cubic yard of heavy sand. I need to have a tarp over the bed, well tied down, to prevent compost blowing away on the road.
  When the compost or other amendment gets to the garden site, I need to shovel it out of the truck, into a wheelbarrow, and spread it onto the garden with a shovel. Some suppliers of soil amendments will carry them to your driveway and dump them for a fee, but you will still need to shovel them into the wheelbarrow, carry it to the garden, and spread the amendments on the surface with your shovel. The flexor tendons of my left wrist are still a bit sore from doing that with just one cubic yard of compost a few days ago. You might need to hire some help, and you would want help that is familiar with vegetable gardening, not just ornamental gardens.

  There are a lot of weed seeds in any soil. Covering the bed with a sheet of black plastic, held down with ground staples around the edges, for 4-6 months of sun, may help dormant seeds sprout, and then die, and partly sterilize the soil.  Something like this is what you seek.
  You might save  the used black plastic and cut it into border to go around your beds, to help reduce grass and weed invasion. I staple it down and put walkway pavers over it, myself, but most people don't. However, most people roto-till eery spring, and I don't.
  After "sterilizing" the bed for 4-6 sunny months, and spreading amendments evenly on the surface, breaking up the soil deeply with a broadfork will help get the amendments to drop down deep into it. This is fairly heavy work, more with clay soil, sometimes impossible with rocks. Not everybody does this, but it opens the soil up to about 10 inches. Doing this before using a heavy roto-tiller helps the roto-tiller work better also, getting a more even mix of soil and amendments.

  Light surface-tilling for weeds, as some people do annually, is not enough towork amendments into the soil. You might not need amendments. Some soil is wonderful. Superficial tilling for weeds will be adequate, but you will still want a layer of composted mulch on top to deter weeds, retain moisture, and leech nutrients into your soil.

  I like to be in my gardens, and I like room to walk between rows, and steady, dry footing, so I use 12" tp 14" concrete pavers to make walkways between rows and around the perimeter of each garden. This is very nice and inviting year-round. It is an investment in your own gardeing future, assuring that your garden will always welcome you. It is also a lot of work and expense, though these pavers are not individually expensive at hardware stores. They will probably deliver them for you, but somebody with a good back needs to lay them out.

  The 20 foot wide black plastic sheet leads to rows that are about 20 feet long, which is a convenient length. I like the beds to be about 30" to 36" wide between the pavers, so i can step over a bed, or straddle a bed to plant and pull weeds, with my feet on pavers. The bed width should fit what is comfortable for your body. It is your garden.
  This means that each row and paved-walkway is about 4 ft total width. If you want 6 rows, that is 24 ft total width. It is good to add another foot for the perimeter pavers.

  Some areas have mild summers with frequent and reliable rains. Central Texas does not. I need a timed drip watering system, watering daily, to keep a garden alive through Texas summer. The brown drip hose with close (6 inch) dripper spacing is pretty good, and a double loop for each row will be needed. https://www.homedepot.com/p/DIG-0-50-in-x-100-ft-Earthline-Brown-PC-1-GPH-Pressure-Compensating-Drip-or-Emitter-Line-Tubing-with-12-in-Spacing-700-B12100/308160232
  This can be bought in bulk, and other hose, fittings and pressure regulator will be needed. A battery operated timer on a city-water faucet is a necessity for me in central Texas.

  Winter work includes mulching, weeding, top-dressing the beds with compost. I top dress with nutrient rich organic compost in a no-till arrangement, after the initial bed preparation. The beds gradually absorb much of the nitrients. the soil is not compacted, because of the pavers, and not walking in the beds. The roots are left in the soiil, keeping it opened, and putting organic matter into it. I cut the plants off above the soil and compost them, locally in Yoakum, but the city composts in Austin, and makes a product , "Dillo-Dirt" for sale.

Deciding Where You Can Grow Vegetables

 Deciding Where To Grow Vegetables:

  Your kitchen garden should be as close to your kitchen as possible. You will see what is ready to harvest and cook, and you will see weeds that need pulling, and what the garden needs. It's also very nice to look at your vegetables growing.
  To successfully grow vegetables to be a substantial part of your diet you should ideally have 400 square feet or more, which is more than 20 feet from a tree, perhaps farther from any large tree, with a southern exposure to get adequate light for plants. Light builds our food through photosynthesis/ Less light makes less food. Fertile soil, which does not pool water, but that you are able to keep well watered. A drip watering system with a timer works well in central Texas. 
  Some areas may have fertile soil and regular rains, but you need to be certain that you can always give the plants what they need to live and grow.

  If you are considering the sun exposure of another site, you can look at Google Maps, and pick the overhead view with "overlay", which will show the north at the top of the screen, south at bottom, trees and houses. This can be a time saver, helping to eliminate places that won't be able to meet the needs of the vegetable garden.

  Your house might not have a south facing open area without nearby trees. Some people build raised beds to avoid tree roots, but tree roots seeking water will find their way into the beds unless there is a thick, unpunctured waterproof layer These are easily punctured when working the garden soil.
  Some places have community gardens, but there may be a waiting list, and access to water may not be ideal. It will be much more of a chore to travel to a garden that you don't see. This is a difficult way to start. Out of sight, out of mind.
  "Allotments", "victory gardens", "dachas" (in Russia) and community gardens have helped determined people to grow food away from home, especially in hard times, especially if they had done it before.
  You might have a neighbor who has a good location for a garden, who would like to garden with you there, but territorial and food-allocation disputes can easily arise, especially if you have not already cooperated closely on projects.

  Your area probably had agriculture before it had a city. You might be able to locate an old USDA soil survey from a century or more ago, which detailed what crops people readily grew without irrigation. I found this for Lavaca County, Texas, a detailed view of post civil-war agriculture from 1905: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth19773/

  You can find current USDA maps of soil types here (Web Soil Survey): https://websoilsurvey.sc.egov.usda.gov/App/HomePage.htm
Click on the big green button to begin.

  You can collect a soil sample from your prospective garden site and send it to your local agricultural extension service for analysis. I usually find that the Basic test, plus Trace Minerals, plus Organic Matter Content gives me a good idea of what amendments might be needed, or what should be avoided. 
  Here is the list of soil analysis sites by state: 
  You can determine if your soil is clay, loam or sandy by feel. Clay and loam are typically rich and fertile. Sandy soil will need more frequent watering, as it does not hold water well. It may need more organic amendments. Clay soil often cracks when dry, and water may pool after heavy rains. Experienced landscape or nursery professionals in your area may be able to tell you what soil types are good and bad for growing vegetables in your area.

  This may seem like a lot to consider before even beginning, but there is no virtue in trying to grow a vegetable garden in a setting where the plants will not have what they require to produce food for your kitchen. I have experimented enough to know this, and you may also have had garden disappointments. There is no such thing as a "green thumb". There is only giving the plants what they need.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Invisible Peace Rally


  I attended the invisible peace rally yesterday afternoon at the Texas Capital. Don't bother to Google it. It's not there. It wasn't there yesterday when I Googled it. I rode my bike 15 miles as sort of an act of faith. There were about 35 people, counting the band and speakers. They were playing "We Can Work It Out" by the Beatles when I rode up. I leaned my bike on a lamp post and started smiling and shooting peace signs at drivers coming from laft and right on 11th St. and straight up Congress avenue to turn either way, and all the pedestrians and bicyclists. I did get eye contact with a few pedestrians, and a few honks from passing drivers.
  My friend, Phil recruited me the night before last; said he would likely go to it, sponsored by the Texas Libertarian Party, but even the state information on such events had nothing. Maybe that's the Libertarian way, but Phil couldn't locate the original announcement he had seen, and it did not exist on the non-Google search engine he tried, either. There was no media, none at all, not a one, not a camera.
  I think I recognized some of the other participants from decades past. I've been going to these things since the 1970s. So have they. I talked to a couple of participants who looked familiar. The guy said he'd been coming since about 1965. He was my senior. The oldish lady (ack, My Age!) had a tie-dye tank top and started shooting peace signs when she saw me doing it. I like her. She's OK. My friend, Phil introduced me to a couple of friends of his, clearlyy also "boomers".   The lady got me to man the big sign after about an hour, so I did the "attract attention" thing with it as the lanes of oncoming traffic changed, smiling, moving it up and down, and side to side.
  The speakers sounded like they were from the 1970s, too. I did not get the impression that any of them saw our current situation as different. They advocated voting and making government listen to the people, listen to the majority, when we got to be the majority again... One guy was a classic Mexican-American Marxist, a chip off that old block. He had been Jill Stein's schedule guy in 2016 until they parted ways. She wanted to cancle a rally in Georgia to be on CNN. She was "letting the people down after they had worked hard for the event". 
  How could I not like this guy? However, when I talked about the class war against the people of the world, through the slow poisoning with COVID-"vaccines" and the massive increase in excess deaths, he came back with, "we don't even need to talk about that, look at the massive underfunding of public health". 
  I persisted. He quickly walked away. "Daddy is bad, but Daddy isn't That Bad."
  So I was manning the sign and eye-contacting motorists and pedestrians when Jenny called, about 4:30 PM, saying she was done at her school library for the day. That was my cue to find somebody else to hold or prop up the big sign I spotted a guy in his early 40s, the youngest guy there, and asked him to man the sign, as I had to ride over and meet my wife, who was finishing work.. He somewhat reluctantly accepted the honor (seeming uncertain of protest-etiquette expectations, perhaps) and asked if I was coming back. "No", I said, but explained how somebody had handed the sign to me and I passed it to him, "It's not that complicated". I let the lady who handed me the sign know. She called it "her sign", after all. 
  I rode 3 miles through the UT campus, where I had once been a student in the 1970s and early 80s. A lot of it looks kind of the same, but the vibe is really diifferent, corporate-globalist. Peace protesters are few, old, and invisible now.

The defeat of Ukraine does not mean the end of the war , ​by Thierry Meyssan​    ​Thanks Eleni.​
   In the face of the resistance that Moscow has encountered in enforcing Security Council Resolution 2202 (Implementation of Mi​n​sk Agreements), President Putin has declared that he still has to liberate Odessa and join Transnistria. This is precisely what the Pentagon is looking for since 2019. Already, it is preparing a second round in Moldova. Not because it wants to defend the Ukrainians, then the Moldovans, but because it intends to strip its own allies.​ 

World War III Appears Imminent as the Establishment Attempts to Sweep Vaccine Genocide Under the Rug​ 
 ​“Why is our administration insanely running into a World War III situation?” ​(Financial market expert, Ed) Dowd asked. He answered, “And I suspect — I’m a cynical guy — that World War III solves a lot of issues: solves the sovereign debt crisis and solves the vaccine murder that’s gone on — wipes a bunch of stuff off the map — and directs everyone’s attention to a world war.”
​  ​Edward expressed that he hopes he’s wrong, but that scenario is “definitely in play. And the capital markets may be starting to sniff this out.”
​  ​He elaborates. “The U.S. Dollar in a World War III situation would go up quite a bit. And the dollar, the DXY, the basket of currencies, bottomed about two weeks ago and is starting to go up. We think it put in a very significant bottom.”

​  Remember when we all said, "naw, I've already had that"? 
CDC funded study showed that natural immunity was tremendously better at avoiding Omicron infection last year than any of the "vaccines".​
Protection from COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and prior SARS-CoV-2 infection against COVID-19–associated encounters in adults during Delta and Omicron predominance

Contrary to what it claims, US massively imports Russian oil
  ​Washington is fully aware that Moscow has not invaded Ukraine, but is there chiefly to enforce Security Council resolution 2202. All the Atlanticist propaganda accusing Russia of the most egregious crimes is, therefore, not aimed at mobilizing Western forces against it, but at manipulating the Europeans into accepting an economic recession imposed in the spirit of the 1992 Pentagon policy paper masterminded by Paul Wolfowitz (photo) [2]. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his deputy Victoria Nuland belong to the same ideological group as Paul Wolfowitz [3].
​  ​At the time, he wrote: "Although the United States supports the project of European integration, we must seek to prevent the emergence of European-only security arrangements which would undermine NATO, and in particular its military integrated command structure." For the Pentagon, the main enemy is not Russia, but an independent Europe.​     [But Russia can be an an emy, too, of course. Thanks again, Eleni]​

​  The biggest arms cache in Europe is in Transnistria, a semi-autonomous part of Moldova, bordering Ukraine, left over from the USSR, the kind of ammo that eastern Europe knows how to use.​ There are about 1000 Russian soldiers guarding the base. Russia has no land or sea supply route to Moldova.
​  ​Ukraine now a ‘battle of logistics’ – NATO chief​    Russia is currently winning the race for ammunition, Jens Stoltenberg has said
 ​Stoltenberg has repeatedly called on NATO members to step up their ammunition production to close the gap, as have other Western leaders. The EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, said on Sunday that Ukraine’s backers need to resolve the ammunition shortage within “a matter of weeks” if Kiev is to have any chance of success on the battlefield.
​  ​Since last fall, the conflict in Ukraine has “moved into a war of attrition,” Stoltenberg said, adding that a “war of attrition is a battle of logistics; as in how do you get enough stuff – materiel, spare parts, ammunition, fuel – to the front lines.”
​  ​While Stoltenberg was clear about the need for NATO to step up arms production, he was vague about how the US-led alliance wants the conflict to end. He told Amanpour that “nobody knows how and when this war will end,” and that it will “maybe” be resolved at the negotiating table.

  What is up Nuland's sleeve, or is this just a propaganda statement for the folks back home?
The US stopped allowing Russian inspections in 2020, and Russia has followed suit.  The New START treaty is unmonitored, hence unenforceable, and "on hold".
​  ​The United States is ready to start talks with Russia on the New START nuclear arms control treaty "tomorrow" if Moscow is prepared for this, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said in an interview with TASS.
​  ​"We’re ready to do it tomorrow if the Russian Federation is ready. And we’re also ready to allow inspections," the diplomat said, answering a question if Washington is prepared for talks without preconditions and accusations.
​  ​Nuland once again stated that the US views the treaty’s suspension as an irresponsible move. "The US and Moscow have responsibilities to the world to keep our nuclear arsenal safe and secure, and we should do our jobs," Nuland said.

  ​This essay is unduly long, but the conclusion will do. I don't think it answers the question in the title. I think we must open to spirit, and be guided that way, in alliance with all of the other people guided by spirit.​ I went to the invisible peace rally yesterday, and I saw what I saw.
We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically and Technologically by the Elite’s ‘Great Reset’: Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively?
​  Conclusion: We are currently living in the final phase of a 5,000 year effort to impose total control over the human population. There are many reasons why it has reached this point. Some key reasons are explained above. And despite the comfortable delusion that the most obvious and onerous restrictions that we have experienced over the past three years have temporarily receded, the fact remains that a vast range of political, economic, medical and technological measures are being implemented as you read these words and we have only just ended the first round of what must be, if we are to be successful, a protracted fight.
  In essence, what we do between now and 2030 will determine the fate of humanity. If we can mobilize enough people to resist strategically, we will succeed. But there is little sign of that so far.
  Understanding how power works in the world system as well as who, precisely, is driving what is happening, what they are doing, why, and how they are doing it are crucial prerequisites for developing an effective strategy to resist the current Elite program to kill off a substantial proportion of humanity, enslave those left alive in a technocratic prison, enclose the Commons forever and consolidate all wealth in Elite hands.
  It is the failure to understand these crucial points that accounts for the ineffective ‘resistance’ that has characterized the past three years.
  And this is complicated by the fact that fear makes most people unable to learn either from their own failed experience or to seriously investigate what is happening and how to resist it most effectively. So they fearfully repeat what is familiar, without even asking if it has worked in the past.
  So each passing day we still witness fruitless attempts to convince one elite agent or another – a politician, a judge, a corporate media executive… – to take action that will turn the tide in our favour. But none of these individuals can help us.

Acting Independently (pictured shoveling compost after invisible peace rally)

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Slavery Or Autonomy

 Sweating In Darkness,

  I feel a lot of tension and urgency. It's not just me, I think. I'm sensitive to the vibes in our world. This feels like a critical moment of decision and action for our species, even though it just looks like another week of mounting threats of nuclear war. 
  Nuclear War is an existential threat, but the underlying threat, that nuclear armageddon is supposed to stampede us into accepting, is human slavery through technical means, the "Fourth Industrial Revolution". There is a series of steps to that end, each more inescapable than the last.

  Spartacus, Spartacast 7, with transcript:
​  ​The baddies are willing to drag us into World War III, right to the brink of nuclear war, to cover up what they’re doing. They’re using one manufactured phony crisis after another to terrorize the public. People must understand that this is a pattern of deliberate psychological abuse, perpetrated by extremely powerful and wealthy people who despise us and desire absolute, tyrannical control over all human activity on this planet. They use wokeism and anti-nationalism simply as a means of redirecting justifiable populist anger over economic stagnation and stalled upward mobility into other, irrelevant issues.
​  ​Let’s face it. All this rhetoric in the past decade about race, gender, sexuality, identity politics, it’s all divisive nonsense. There is only one fight, and it’s the fight around economic class, and that’s something that unites populists on the right and the left. There is no Left or Right anymore. It’s Us versus Them. And by Them, I mean the high-net-worth people. The human cattle ranchers.

​  Former Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard (got my write-in vote in 2020)​ speaking at the Washington DC peace rally, Sunday, talks about the 2018 "Incoming missile" alert in Hawaii, where millions of cellphones went off saying "Seek Immediate Shelter" and there was none.   (Thanks Rick)
  This is a 9 minute speech against the escalation to Nuclear WW-3, which "cannot be won". 
It is a sincere speech from the heart about nuclear holocaust. 
"Fire those warmongers in both political parties who serve their masters in the military industrial complex."  
The Power is the Aloha in our Hearts.

  It is difficult for (even) me to envision that the signature of Joe Biden on a piece of paper would surrender the Sovereignty of the United States to an unelected bureaucrat, appointed to be Director of the World Health Organization. If the bureaucrat declared a "pandemic emergency" he or she would be able to order lockdowns, massive spending by nations such as ours, and unlimited other "necessary measures". However, this is actually coming up next week.
  The US Senate does not need to approve the loss of national sovereignty, because this has been legally designed as an "update to an existing treaty", which only requires a presidential signature. This is the wide open barn doors to technocratic global government, of which we have only had a little taste recently.
  This is a crisis, but it just can't register in the human mind as such. It seems so ordinary... 
If patriots in the US are not able to prevent the signature on the document, the easiest step to prevent, what hope is there for later nationalist success?
I am not advocating assassination, which would only change the signer of the document to "President Harris".
  Meryl Nass MD has the story at her blog.
​  ​Republicans Push Back Against Accord Giving WHO Power Over US Pandemic Response
Legal experts question whether Senate approval is necessary. By Kevin Stocklin

​  The January 6, 2021 political prisoners are still being held in solitary confinement, without formal charges. 
Tucker Carlson should have countless hours of security film analysis within a week. This pertains to that heretofore suppressed video evidence.
​  A Jan. 6 defendant asked U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras to unseal a video allegedly showing an undercover Metropolitan Police Department officer shouting “drain the swamp!” and “our house!” and encouraging protesters to climb barricades and enter the U.S. Capitol.

  ​Sasha Latypova has this story about Florida Surgeon General Ladapo's letter to heads of the CDC and FDA, asking for clarification of the 4400% increase in life threatening events following vaccination, immediately following rollout of the COVID vaccines, as compared to all prior vaccine events in VAERS. 
(But why should they answer this obviously white-supremacist right wing fanatic? Eh?)
Florida Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo Found VAERS Safety Signal. Now What?

  "Vaccine" ​mRNA is found ​circulating in the blood 4 weeks after injection. It was advertised as not getting into the bloodstream, but it was designed to get into the bloodstream and lymph nodes, including the spleen. That's what those lipid nanoparticles were made to do for specific reasons related to product performance.   Notably, spike-protein was found in 6 out of 6 subjects 6 months after mRNA ``vaccination" in 2021, by an independent lab, as I recall. This explains why the body might make antibodies to "tolerate", rather than to destroy spike-protein.
mRNA Circulates at Least 28 Days after Injection​ , Peter McCullough MD , MPH

  This is a reminder of the kinds of people who find their way to the top of power elite hierarchies.​
​  ​The sheriff’s report on the disturbing scene where a top Bill Clinton advisor with ties to Jeffrey Epstein was found shot and hanged from a tree has finally been released, prompting sleuths to question why the death was ruled a suicide. Mark Middleton, 59, was a special advisor to the former president in the 1990s, authorizing Epstein’s visits to the White House seven out of the 17 times the infamous pedophile met with top government officials there. Additionally, he was also on the flight logs of Epstein’s private jet. According to the Perry County sheriff’s office, Middleton was found dead on May 7, 2022 with a gunshot wound to his chest and an extension cord tying his neck to a tree in Perryville, Arkansas...
..Ammunition and a gun case were found in Middleton’s vehicle, but the weapon itself never turned up.

​  Here is an official Chinese Government position paper, which details the moral justification for war against the US. This is the conclusion.
​  ​US Hegemony and Its Perils​ , Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
  ​While a just cause wins its champion wide support, an unjust one condemns its pursuer to be an outcast. The hegemonic, domineering, and bullying practices of using strength to intimidate the weak, taking from others by force and subterfuge, and playing zero-sum games are exerting grave harm. The historical trends of peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit are unstoppable. The United States has been overriding truth with its power and trampling justice to serve self-interest. These unilateral, egoistic and regressive hegemonic practices have drawn growing, intense criticism and opposition from the international community.
​  ​Countries need to respect each other and treat each other as equals. Big countries should behave in a manner befitting their status and take the lead in pursuing a new model of state-to-state relations featuring dialogue and partnership, not confrontation or alliance. China opposes all forms of hegemonism and power politics, and rejects interference in other countries' internal affairs. The United States must conduct serious soul-searching. It must critically examine what it has done, let go of its arrogance and prejudice, and quit its hegemonic, domineering and bullying practices.

​  Let It Rot, describes the hopelessness of young adults in China, who cannot get ahead, despite hard work, and become exhausted and disheartened. This reminds me of the analysis from Surplus Energy Economics last week, that China already has declining prosperity-per-capita. Thanks Charles.
​  So many of my peers are struggling to find, even their first job. Or if they had one, some quit because they are burnt out.
  Chinese society says you can only be successful if you go to a good school, get a high-paying and high-status job and buy a home. But, it seems almost impossible now.

  I excerpt Pepe Escobar's dissection of Russian President Putin's State of the Union speech Tuesday here:
​  ​In his Federal Assembly address, President Putin emphasized that Russia is not only an independent nation-state but also a distinct civilization with its own identity, which is in conflict and actively opposes the values of 'western civilization.' ...
​..​In myriad ways, what happened a year ago also marked the birth of the real, 21st century multipolar world.
Then two days later, Moscow launched the Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine to defend said republics...
..Ukraine, part of Russian civilization, now happens to be occupied by western civilization, which Putin said “became hostile to us,” like in a few instances in the past. So the acute phase of what is essentially a war by proxy of the west against Russia takes place over the body of Russian civilization.
​  ​That explains Putin’s clarification that “Russia is an open country, but an independent civilization – we do not consider ourselves superior but we inherited our civilization from our ancestors and we must pass it on.” ...
..“Ukraine is being used as a tool and testing ground by the west against Russia.” Thus the inevitable follow-up: “The more long-range weapons are sent to Ukraine, the longer we have to push the threat away from our borders.” 
​ ​Translation: this war will be long – and painful. There will be no swift victory with minimal loss of blood.​..
..Putin made it clear, once again, that the element of trust between Russia and the west, especially the US, is gone. So it’s a natural decision for Russia to “withdraw from the treaty on strategic offensive weapons, but we don’t do it officially. For now we are only halting our participation to the START treaty. No US inspections in our nuclear sites can be allowed.”...
​..​Bypassing the US dollar is the essential play towards multipolarity. During his speech, Putin made a point to extol the resilience of the Russian economy: “Russian GDP in 2022 decreased only by 2.1 percent, estimates of the opposing side did not become reality, they said 15, 20 percent.” That resilience gives Russia enough room to “work with partners to make the system of international settlements independent of the US dollar and other western currencies. The dollar will lose its universal role.”​ ...
..Putin went all out in praise of economic corridors, from West Asia to South Asia: “New corridors, transport routes will be built towards the East, this is the region where we will focus our development, new highways to Kazakhstan and China, new North-South corridor to Pakistan, Iran.”
​  ​And those will connect to Russia developing “the ports of the Black and Azov Seas, it’s necessary to build logistics corridors within the country.” The result will be a progressive interconnection with the International North South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) whose principals include Iran and India, and eventually China’s mega-trillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)...
.Putin remarked on how “our relations with the west have degraded, and this is entirely the fault of the United States;” how NATO’s goal is to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia; and how the warmongering frenzy had forced him, a week ago, to sign a decree “putting new ground-based strategic complexes on combat duty.”
​  ​So it’s no accident that the US ambassador was immediately summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs right after Putin’s address.
​  ​Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Ambassador Lynne Tracey in no uncertain terms that Washington must take concrete measures: among them, to remove all US and NATO military forces and equipment away from Ukraine. In a stunning move, he demanded a detailed explanation of the destruction of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, as well as a halt to US interference in an independent inquiry to identify the responsible parties.
​  ​Keeping the momentum in Moscow, top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi met with secretary of Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, before talking to Lavrov and Putin. Patrushev remarked, “the course towards developing a strategic partnership with China is an absolute priority for Russia’s foreign policy.” Wang Yi, not so cryptically, added, “Moscow and Beijing need to synchronize their watches.”...
..Sensing the waters, the Chinese themselves decided to take the offensive, presenting a Global Security Initiative Concept Paper...​  (below)​
..The Chinese affirm the necessity to “comply with the joint statement on preventing nuclear war and avoiding arms races issued by leaders of the five nuclear-weapon states in January 2022.” And to “strengthen dialogue and cooperation among nuclear-weapon states to reduce the risk of nuclear war.” ...
..Putin’s measured but firm address has made it clear that the stakes keep getting higher. And it all revolves on how deep Russia’s – and China’s – “strategic ambiguity” are able to petrify a paranoid west flirting with mushroom clouds.

The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper , Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China

​Yearning to Be Free​  (pictured pulling some weeds)