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 Variously Coerced,

  I was able to pick up a piece of registered mail at the post office yesterday, and saw that it was from The American Board of Family Medicine, by which I have been certified since 1990, when I finished Residency in Family Medicine and took my first board-certification exam.
  I am informed by this letter that my Family Medicine Board Certification, renewed last year via extensive medical education, expense, and taking a written all-day examination, is cancelled due to my blog posts containing "false and misleading claims" related to observed and potential harms of COVID-19 vaccines. They cite more than 2 full printed pages of specific articles posted and linked on my blog(s) and
  I am impressed that somebody did all of that work, reviewing about 2 years of my blog posts, up through "January 27,2023: COVID-19 vaccines killed 278,000 Americans by the end of 2021."
  I thought to meditate and pray that this extensive review has been of benefit, or will be of benefit to the reviewer, and/or others, as I rode my bike for an hour after opening the letter.
  "ABFM has determined that the published statements, each standing alone and collectively, are not supported by prevailing medical evidence on the standard of care for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and, as such, represent breaches of your professional obligation to rely on evidence-based standards when providing medical information to patients and the public. ABFM has determined that all of the Published Statements include demonstrably false, inaccurate, and misleading statements about COVID-19, vaccination against COVID-19, and/or treatment of COVID-19 and represent an ongoing pattern of dissemination of health misinformation."

  If you, the reviewer for the ABFM, happen to read this, I personally wish you well, and hope that you have found value in this information, though it is politically unacceptable and I am now disassociated from that Board, from 2/9/2023 forward.

  This action does not threaten my Texas Medical License. This is merely a specialty-board certification in Family Medicine. I am maintaining my Medical Licensure in the State of Texas.

  A friend emailed me about possibly having long-COVID, which is hard to treat, has many manifestations, related to autoimmune disease, micro-and macro blood clotting, cardiotoxicity, neurotoxicity and more. Some of this very broadly overlaps with COVID-19 "vaccine" injuries, through the common factor of spike-protein toxicity. 
  FLCCC (Front line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance) treatment protocols for Long COVID, and discussion are found here:
  FLCCC detailed information on COVID-19 Post Vaccine Syndrome is found here, and reading it for understanding is advised before embarking upon treatment for vaccine-injuries of any kind. Most patients with vaccine injuries have multiple manifestations, involving various organ systems and symptoms.
  FLCCC therapies for post vaccine syndrome are discussed much more succinctly in this overview, I-RECOVER
Notable is that immune system support with vitamin-D and vitamin K2 are fundamental, and that fasting variations from time-restricted eating to 2 or 3 fasting days per week encourage "autophagy" within cells, to clear out intracellular debris from gene-therapy "vaccines". The anti-inflammatory propr=erties of ivermectin, and its binding to spike protein appear to be synergistic with the limited fasting (intracellular house-cleaning). Nattokinase is also a fundamental treatment for many people, and NAC has a role. NAC/Bromelain, and Nattokinase were mentioned in yesterday's post here:

Dissolution of Spike Protein by Nattokinase​ , Peter McCullough MD, MPH    The Holy Grail of  COVID-19 Vaccine Detoxification​
​  ​Nattokinase is an enzyme is produced by fermenting soybeans with bacteria Bacillus subtilis var. natto and has been available as an oral supplement. It degrades fibrinogen, factor VII, cytokines, and factor VIII and has been studied for its cardiovascular benefits. Out of all the available therapies I have used in my practice and among all the proposed detoxification agents, I believe nattokinase and related peptides hold the greatest promise for patients at this time.
​  ​Tanikawa et al examined the effect of nattokinase on the Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. In the first experiment they demonstrated that Spike was degraded in a time and dose dependent manner in a cell lysate preparation that could be analogous to a vaccine recipient. The second experiment demonstrated that nattokinase degraded the Spike protein in SARS-CoV-2 infected cells. This reproduced a similar study done by Oba and colleagues in 2021.
​  ​Nattokinase is dosed in fibrinolytic units (FU) per gram and can vary according to purity. Kurosawa and colleagues have shown in humans that after a single oral dose of 2000 FU D-dimer concentrations at 6, and 8 hours, and blood fibrin/fibrinogen degradation products at 4 hours after administration elevated significantly (p < 0.05, respectively). Thus an empiric starting dose could be 2000 FU twice a day.​ ​Full pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies have not been completed, but several years of market use as an over-the-counter supplement suggests nattokinase is safe with the main caveat being excessive bleeding and cautions with concurrent antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs.​..
​..​It will take up to 20 years to have a fully developed pharmaceutical profile to characterize the safety and efficacy of nattokinase in the treatment of vaccine injury and post-COVID syndromes. Large number of people are sick now and many believe empiric treatment is justified given sufficiently low risk of side effects and potentially high reward.

​ This combination also deactivates the spike protein:
​  The Combination of Bromelain and Acetylcysteine (BromAc) Synergistically Inactivates SARS-CoV-2
..We sought to determine the effect of BromAc on the spike and envelope proteins and its potential to reduce infectivity in host cells. Recombinant spike and envelope SARS-CoV-2 proteins were disrupted by BromAc. Spike and envelope protein disulfide bonds were reduced by Acetylcysteine. In in vitro whole virus culture of both wild-type and spike mutants, SARS-CoV-2 demonstrated a concentration-dependent inactivation from BromAc treatment but not from single agents. Clinical testing through nasal administration in patients with early SARS-CoV-2 infection is imminent...
(This may be of benefit in vaccine-related illness caused by persistent production of spike protein, by inactivating it in the circulation. These should both be safe for a reasonable period of use, though there have been some concerns about NAC reducing immune-system cancer surveillance in long term use.)

  Steve Kirsch (disparaged by ABFM)   >20X increase in perinatal death rate at funeral home used by UCSF in H2 2022
  Perinatal deaths are defined as fetal deaths (deaths after 20 weeks) and infant deaths (deaths after giving birth). These deaths are typically sent to a funeral home.
  I talked with one of the funeral homes used by UCSF. In the last 6 months of 2022, they saw the rates of perinatal death cases jump by a factor of over 20X above normal.
  I asked Dr. James Thorp about these numbers and his reaction was, “I’m not surprised.”
  The hospitals aren’t talking and the mainstream media isn’t covering this, but I thought you should know.

Steve Kirsch again,New Zealand government data shows that the COVID vaccines make you MORE likely to die from COVID (not less)
​  ​Warning: The data in this article comes from the results of a New Zealand FOIA request combined with published numbers on the official website (see the entire thread here).
​  ​The FOIA request does NOT ask for COVID-related deaths and the results provided were not age-stratified.
​  ​Therefore, I am currently unable to replicate these results, even though the results are consistent with other data I have from other sources.
​  ​Clearly, the all-cause mortalities are up in New Zealand in 2022 vs. 2021 by 4,500 deaths. Yet there is a high vaccination rate (82% of the entire population of 5.123M people) which they claimed is why they only had 2,331 COVID deaths. So why so many all-cause deaths? Clearly there is something that is killing these people.

​   A Midwestern Doctor (anonymous, so protected from Medical Boards of all feather) ​  There is a lot of broad medical pathophysiology context presented here, which I found useful, as it synthesizes some "alternative" approaches with good histories and the mainstream allopathic understanding and treatment approaches.
The antibiotic-resistance plasmids contaminating the "vaccines" are better discussed here than I have seen, and the potential implications are well presented.
Dangerous mRNA Vaccine Contaminants Were Just Discovered

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