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Rejecting Reality


  A Tale Of Two Economies, Dr. Tim Morgan, Surplus Energy Economics, looks at the financial economy and the physical economy. The financial economy is supposed to be an accurately workable representation of the physical economy, but with some time flexibility on the use of money, and the risk and reward relationship over time, which is "investing". The flexibility afforded by the parallel economies is of great advantage to the working of the physical economy because most trades are not equal and are not even in the same place or the same time, like trading harvests of beans for harvests of corn.
  The managers of the financial economy have more leeway than farmers who grow corn and beans. They can use things like fractional-reserve-lending to create money, as long as they hold 10% of the value they create in deposits, to back it up, so that routine withdrawals of cash are covered. Over time, this leeway begets more leeway, and "financial innovation", so that claims on future prosperity greatly exceed the actual potential for future prosperity, even with robust economic growth presumed. Over time the claims keep assuming lots of growth, and keep getting rolled forward, greatly exceeding actual prosperity/wealth, as long as there is not a run on the financial system, as long as the music does not stop, as long as faith in the system persists. This is the same as a Ponzi scheme.
  Physical economy is contracting, since about the second half of 2019, based on various assessments, including oil consumption, CO2 production and financial statistics. Growth has been less than projected for at least 2 decades. Many novel mechanisms have been employed to maintain faith in the system, to keep it operating. It is a global financial system and a global real economy. It is all being nibbled away at every corner, both financially, and in terms of global trade, and the cheap fuel that runs the system is being withdrawn here and there for various "reasons". The ECoE, energy cost of energy, is subtracted from prosperity, as it must be paid first, before energy is made available.
  GDP is more than physical/real economy, debt is more than GDP, and "financial instruments" greatly exceed debt. Since physical economy will actually contract going forward, all of the claims upon it need to be reduced to meet it, somehow. This is done through inflating the money supply to make it worth less, so that debts may be repaid in the financial economy with money that buys much less of the real economy. 

  One can look at the graphics and imagine that "enough" inflation might cover debts in this way over time, but not financial-assets. Financial assets will need to collapse to a large degree. Somebody will pick the losers, which will be corporations, big financial institutions, wealthy individuals, and especially retirement plans. 
  Picking the biggest losers is a political decision. This is the current core problem as I see it. The owners need to extinguish claims on future wealth while maintaining enough faith in the system to keep it functioning, which is necessary to maintain their wealth. When a financial system collapses, nobody works for the money they are proffered, so "wealth" ceases to exist. 
  This economic divergence would sure be easier to settle if a lot of retirees died pretty soon, and if there was a big enough emergency to make everybody just follow orders until the real and financial economies could be organized to match each other better.
  Different groups of owners appear to have different plans for how to manage this. Each alliance of owners/oligarchs would like to impose more losses on the other oligarchic alliances, as well as the retirees. Some countries are fairly unified under an executive, such as Russia, China, Turkey, India, Iran and even Hungary. Oligarchs within the "western financial empire" are mostly divided and unwilling to accept the massive losses necessary to stabilize the western financial system and real-economy. 
  Western finance stagnates, awaiting collapse.

  Moon of Alabama (German)  U.S. Argues For More Protectionism And Subsidies    Thanks Christine. Does this seem realistic?
  Last week Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen gave a speech on the U.S.-China economic relationship. I called it a declaration of war.
  Yesterday National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan held a speech on 'Renewing American Economic Leadership' which touched on some of the same themes as Yellen's speech.
  Sullivan argues that the U.S. must change course from opening markets and liberalization to targeted protectionism and subsidies for specific sectors. The main argument for it is 'national security' but the real aim seems to be the suppression of competition from others...
​..​The U.S., by pressing its 'allies' in Europe and Asia, is trying to deny China the ability to acquire or produce computer chips. The newest lithographic machines The Dutch company ASML produces are now prohibited from export to China. Its CEO says that if the restrictions are held up others will build similar machines​...
​..​Computer chips are not a 'narrow slice of technology'. They are used in many daily products. A modern car has some 1,400 of them. China has been importing chips for $300 billion per year. Confronted with U.S. attempts to block it from access to chips it has ramped up its own production and its imports of chips are now in steep decline​...
​..​Sullivan's whole speech is an argument against free markets and for protectionism and sector subsidies. It does away with the economic framework the U.S. had build after the end of the second world war. This is supposed to be replaced it with bilateral and block wise agreements that are to the advantage of the U.S., to the disadvantage of its agreement 'partners' and which exclude China and other 'hostile' economies.
​  ​The so called 'decoupling' or 'de-risking' from China is actually an attempt to isolate it. It creates a dynamic that will lead to import replacements in China.
​  ​This will lower exports to China from the U.S. and its allies.

​  Michael Hudson on the same topic:  
​  "We must maintain as large of a lead as possible” in high tech sectors like microchips, Sullivan said, previewing new Commerce Department rules released in October that sought to grind Chinese chip development to a halt.
  Spelling the U.S. plan in detail, the Politico article points out that U.S. “policymakers last year considered including up to five major Chinese industries — microchips, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, biotechnology and clean energy.”
  This has nothing to do with national security. The U.S. plan is to use a national security umbrella as an an excuse for economic warfare.
  Martin Sandbu, “Europe has to be much clearer when it comes to China,” Financial Times, April 24, 2023, points out that European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen gave a speech before her trip to China describing it as a systemic rival simply because it is an efficient economic competitor. “But she went much further in threatening to block China’s economic opportunities with Europe if Beijing stays on its current course.”
  “But something is changing,” Mr. Sandbu noted: “‘Access to China’ for EU corporations increasingly means expanding production in China itself, not exporting 5 Yellen and China, April 25, 2023 Europe-made goods and services there. Before the pandemic, EU carmakers shipped about half a million cars to China — but they built 10 times as many European-branded cars there. Some will even con- sider it easier to build electric vehicles there to ship back to Europe than to expand production at home.”
  “The gains from such trade will mainly benefit corporate shareholders in the EU and not the workers, small companies and countries currently tied in to Germany’s car supply chain. Eventually politicians will wake up to the fact that the benefits are not broadly dispersed. Only then are we likely to see economic considerations firmly conditioned on geostrategic interests in EU-China policy. … It is time for Europe to learn that what is good for VW is not necessarily good for Europe.”
  So the anti-China trade strategy is to appeal to labor to support America’s New Cold War against China and the rest of the Global Majority.
  In the U.S. view, socialism is the enemy of labor, not its means of raising its living standards. That is the upside-down logic of what America’s economic students are taught.
  The problem is that America cannot reverse time and undo the enormous burden of debt, privatized monopolies (including health care) and a dysfunctional financial system.
  Korea is being promised a wider U.S. market if it will stop exporting chips to China. It is being forced to choose. The U.S. diplomatic tactic is to say, “You’re either with us or against us.” The US will impose sanctions this autumn if Korean companies continue to produce chips in China. They are being told to close down their factories. 
(Samsung is building a $30+ billion chip factory near Austin, a strategic industrial center to make all kinds of chips, including those previously made for the US military in Taiwan.)

  More from Christine, Gilbert Doctorow , Meeting of the Defense Ministers of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Delhi
​  ​The SCO is one of the two principal bodies that bring together the nations that are today challengers to the US-dominated world order. The other such body is BRICS.
​  ​Whereas BRICS is primarily an economic fraternity with focus on commercial relations among its members, meaning a platform of Soft Power, the SCO is primarily a Hard Power fraternity focusing on the security of its member states. It is also more limited geographically, concentrated on Eurasia. Its founding members were China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Today it also includes Uzbekistan, India and Pakistan. Among the states accorded “observer” status are Afghanistan, Mongolia and Iran. And at its edges as “dialogue partners” are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Egypt, Nepal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Turkey.
​  ​There were a couple of outstanding and newsworthy developments at the SCO gathering in India today. One was the speech delivered by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Several minutes from this speech were carried on Russian news channels and what we heard was Shoigu declaring that from the start of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine the Collective West was throwing all of its military assets against Russia.
​  ​The other noteworthy development was the side meeting of Shoigu and his Chinese counterpart Li Shangfu. They were shown on television walking side by side to that meeting. Russian news tells us that Li used their meeting to extend an invitation to Shoigu to visit him in Beijing, and that Shoigu accepted.​..
..​ Among other things, this spells the end of opportunities for Central Asian states to play Russia off against China in obtaining favors, as Western media believed they were doing. It completely vitiates all efforts by U.S. Secretary of State Blinken over the past several months to pressure these same Central Asian countries into loosening or breaking ties with Moscow. These states are now all caught between a rock and a hard place.
​  ​The drama of the Russian-Chinese entente also will bear on the future conduct of India and Pakistan.

​  From March 9, an important consideration. NATO is reorganizing Europe around a Greater-Poland with western Ukraine, Baltic and Scandinavian states, according to Hungarian PM Viktor Orban's assessment. Russian energy and minerals will be eschewed by industry.
​  ​PM Orbán: Europe's power and economic architecture is being reshaped by the current war
​  Viktor Orbán started out by saying that the current war is also about restructuring Europe's fabric of power and economy and warned that with Europe disconnected from the Russian economy "one dependence has only been replaced by another".
​  ​On this, PM Orbán added that with the possibility of Ukraine joining the EU and NATO in the future, a “previously unseen Central European hub will rise up” that will be Polish-Ukrainian centered.

​  We know it is "yours", but we feel like it is OURS...​  Unease in Israel as US depletes reserve stockpiles to fuel Ukraine war

  Pepe Escobar points out that the use of a currency in trade is different from holding a lot of it as a "financial reserve".
​  ​De-dollarization kicks into high gear​  The US dollar is essential to US global power projection. But in 2022, the dollar share of reserve currencies slid 10 times faster than the average in the past two decades.
​  ​When corporate western media begins to attack the multipolar world’s de-dollarization narrative in earnest, you know the panic in Washington has fully set in.
​  ​The numbers: the dollar share of global reserves was 73 percent in 2001, 55 percent in 2021, and 47 percent in 2022.

Yuan overtakes dollar in China’s cross-border payments
The Chinese currency was used in 48.4% of Beijing’s international settlements
, figures have shown

  ​Decide now whether you can openly support such a tarnished champion. There will be relentless attacks from every direction.​
​  ​'Too much baggage.' How Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s history of drug addiction, womanizing and self-described 'lust demons' makes his run for president a long shot - as even his own powerful family is unlikely to support him, source claims
​  ​Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent anti-vaxxer and son of RFK, is officially challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination
Insiders say he has too much baggage to have a realistic chance of winning due to his history with drugs, womanizing and 'lust demons'

​  Bobby Jr. flew with Jeffrey Epstein an undisclosed number of times, on undisclosed dates, to undisclosed destination(s). "Pedo Island"?​

​  ​ABC News Liberally Censors RFK Jr. Interview Over Vaccine Comments
​  ​ABC News openly censored presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in an interview that aired Thursday and was later released online.
"We should note that during our conversation, Kennedy made false claims about the COVID-19 vaccines," ABC News Live anchor Linsey Davis said toward the close of the 14:46 minute interview segment.
​  ​"Data shows that the COVID-19 vaccine has prevented millions of hospitalizations and deaths from the disease. He also made misleading claims about the relationship between vaccination and autism. Research shows that vaccines and the ingredients used for the vaccines do not cause autism, including multiple studies involving more than a million children, and major medical associations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and the advocacy group Autism Speaks. We've used our editorial judgment in not including extended portions of that exchange in our interview."

​  ​Megyn Kelly, who left Fox News in 2017​..., weighed in on Carlson's sudden abdication from the reigning top cable news TV show.
Speaking on "The Megyn Kelly Show" on SiriusXM, the former Fox News anchor spoke about Carlson's sudden departure from the network.
​  "I want to, I think break some news for you. Tucker Carlson hasn't actually been fired," Kelly said on her podcast.
​  ​"He's still an employee of the Fox News Channel," Kelly stated. "What happened was Suzanne Scott called him, she's the CEO, on Monday morning and said he was not going to be allowed to do any more shows and that he had been kicked out of his company email."
She added, "And now they're going to have to negotiate an exit, some reporting, to me, suggests that she said it's going to be an amicable parting."
She said that the departure caught Tucker "completely off guard."
According to Kelly, Carlson inquired as to why he was being let go from the cable news network and that they refused "to tell him why."
​  ​Kelly noted that Carlson is "not free to launch a podcast or a digital show or negotiate with other employers at all," adding that he is "still under contract."
Kelly said that Fox News fired Carlson's executive producer, Justin Wells.

 I have long been interested in this, having lived in most of these regions.  ​How about you?​
The American Nations: The United States is Actually 11 Nations​ ​  ​Pfizer & FDA knew about safety concerns for pregnant and nursing women from day one
​  ​The eight-page confidential document was dated April 20, 2021, but tracked 458 pregnant women and 215 lactating women from the time the shots were released until February 28, 2021. That was the same date that Pfizer already recorded over 1,200 deaths and over 1,000 categories of serious adverse events. Here are the gory details, courtesy of Trial Site’s Sonia Elijah.​..​
54% of the 458 pregnant women reported adverse events. These included symptoms in line with AEs experienced by others who took the shots.
​  ​53 of the women (11.6%) experienced miscarriages, which is definitely on the high end of what we should expect.
[Most vaccinated after the first trimester, so should have low rate of pregnancy loss.]
​  ​Most notably, six of the babies experienced serious AEs that Pfizer admitted were caused by the vaccine transferring “transplacentally.” This likely caused them to be born prematurely. So Pfizer knew from day one not only that the shots do not remain in the shoulder muscle and do indeed spread throughout the body, but that the spike protein could spread to​ 
[through]​ ​the placenta.

​  Dr. Marian Laderoute gave expert testimony, which is presented here. It is technical, but clear to a layperson.​
​  ​The Important Differences Between Innate and Adaptive Immunity for Pandemics​ ​
The adaptive immune response to a pathogen never seen before is not very useful. It typically takes 2 to 3 weeks for its full activation whereas the pathogen could have killed the host long before this. That is where the innate immune system, “the first responders” comes in.
​  ​D​r. Laderoute points out data suggesting that the single best support to immune function may be keeping serum vitamin-D levels in the upper half of the normal range.​

Adapting to Life  (pictured in garden after generating some vitamin-D)

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Censorship Long Emergency

  Propaganda Hesitant,

​  ​Big Pharma's Destruction of American Journalism
​  , A Midwestern Doctor
  ​In 2016, Barack Obama gave a speech at the private research university Carnegie Mellon where he argued that the internet had become too much of a Wild West and that some curating function (no one was asking for) would need to be created to protect the public from things online that were not the truth.
​ ​A massive push against "disinformation" followed this, and it rapidly became much more challenging to get accurate or unbiased information off internet platforms (e.g., Google) where it had previously been very easy to.​..
..What is such a shame about all of this is that a few decades ago, Tucker Carlson would not have been an anomaly in discussing these issues (e.g., consider the previous 60 Minutes segment). Things have just become so censored almost no one will touch anything that threatens a vested corporate interest.​..
​..As Greenwald has pointed out, we are now witnessing many of the same policies we saw pushed forward two decades ago during the War on Terror. They are harder to recognize (since the other party is doing them, and they are cloaked behind all sorts of progressive labels like “diversity”), but fundamentally they are the same. Many of the same players are also involved.​..​

..​This monopolization of the media is why we frequently hear the same message simultaneously disseminated on almost every news network (including the local “independent” ones). Thanks to the herd mentality instinct, this thus makes the lie of the day rapidly become a widely held belief throughout America.​..
..Because we live in such a monopolized media ecosystem, our Democracy cannot function without independent media.
​  ​The corporatocracy and, sadly, the current political establishment are trying to eliminate any independent voices.​..
..Previously, Tucker’s conduct was the expected standard in journalism. Instead, what we have now is simply an exercise in forcing you to hear a specific viewpoint everywhere you go until you submit to the social pressure of agreeing with them.

​Matt Taibbi has part 1 of his series on the Censorship Industrial Complex:
​  Democracy relies on the dynamic tension between liberalizing institutions like the press, NGOs, and the media, but the CIC seeks to unite these groups and homogenize information flow. This is not only morally wrong, but ridiculous: there’s no way to keep a cap on 8 billion voices forever. The people you’ll be reading about in this series want to try, however. How? Raw numbers. Money. The sheer application of political will and computing power. As you’ll read and see, if they have to build one NGO for every human on earth, they’ll do it.
  Franz Kafka dreamed up the “one gatekeeper per person” idea over a century ago as ironic metaphor in Before the Law, but the modern United States is moving in that direction as political reality. It’s the ultimate convergence of the huge-scale-waste approach to governance as perfected across generations of forever wars and Pentagon spending, and the authoritarian thinking that flowered all over in response to episodes like 9/11, Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump. The core concept is too much democracy and freedom leads to mischief, and since the desire for these things can’t be stamped out all at once but instead must be squashed in every person over and over and endlessly, the job requires a massive investment, and a gigantic bureaucracy to match.

Meryl Nass MD posts: An Insider's Guide to "Anti-Disinformation" by Andrew Lowenthal, by way of Taibbi (full text)
​  ​I underestimated just how much money is being pumped into think tanks, academia and NGOs under the anti-disinformation front, both from the government and private philanthropy. We’re still calculating, but I had estimated it at hundreds of millions of dollars annually and I’m probably still being naive - Peraton received a USD $1B dollar contract from the Pentagon.
​  ​In particular, I was unaware of the scope and scale of the work of groups like the Atlantic Council, the Aspen Institute, the Center for European Policy Analysis and consultancies such as Public Good Projects, Newsguard, Graphika, Clemson’s Media Forensics Hub and others.
​  ​Even more alarming was just how much military and intelligence funding is involved, how closely aligned the groups are, how much they mix in civil society. Graphika for example received a $3M Department of Defense grant, as well as funds from the US Navy and Air Force. The Atlantic Council (of Digital Forensics Lab infamy) receives funds from the US Army and Navy, Blackstone, Raytheon, Lockheed, the NATO STRATCOM Center of Excellence, and more.
​  ​We have for a long time made distinctions between “civilian” and “military.” Here in “civil society” are a slew of military-funded groups that mix and merge and become one with those advocating for human rights and civil liberties.

​ THE EU HAS designated 19 online platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, as having user numbers so big they will come under stricter regulatory rules for content.
​  ​The list features platforms with more than 45 million monthly active users, which also includes certain services from Amazon, Google, Meta, Instagram and Microsoft.
​  ​The volume of users puts the platforms under a new EU law, known as the Digital Services Act (DSA), imposing measures from August such as annual audits and a duty to effectively counter disinformation and hate content.
​  ​In four months’ time, “these platforms and search engines will not be able to act as if they were ‘too big to care’,” Thierry Breton, the EU’s internal market commissioner, said in a statement.
​  ​“This new supervision system will cast a wide and tight net and catch all points of failure in a platform’s compliance,” he added.

​  Expatriate English blogger, John Ward left his once-comfortable home in rural France recently after the repression and dysfunction (always in favor of government & bank) became too much to bear.​ (He had a lot of financial losses getting most of his savings out of France... Many of us speculated on his next destination, but failed to pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey named "The Gambia".) John illustrates the micro-granularity of censorship.
  Since roughly 7.45 am Gambian time yesterday, I have made thirty seven (that’s 37) attempts to open such an (anonymous email) account. It’s not just that every attempt has failed, it’s that there’s been a stunning variety of what passes in the Silicon Valley classes as ‘an explanation’ – but is of course a lie backed up by suitably incontestable gobble-dy-gook. Examples included:
  Anti-robot Captcha failed; unknown error 302, try again; verification failed; smartphone number not recognised; password inadequate; email address unfound; location fault, try again; passwords don’t match; local phone number untraceable; Whatsapp number inoperative; user error 207 identified; dialling code mismatch; compulsory sections incomplete; and of course not forgetting, ‘an unexpected error has occurred’.
  Living in Africa, one becomes accustomed to the unwillingness of hypocritical EUNATO bleeding hearts to use any rationale – however surreal – to avoid risk in Africa. So I asked a bright young jet-black person here to fill in one of the sign-ups. She had a new email address in under four minutes. But Fatue doesn’t blog, doesn’t have a Twitter account, prefers Facebook as her medium of choice and hardly ever joins comment threads: she’s very smart, but perhaps wisely, she keeps quiet about it except in job interviews. Having been around the block a few times in Niger, Mali, Senegal and Somalia, one can sort of understand why.
  I gave the same task to Abdulla the taxi driver, Lamin the admin bloke, and James the gatekeeper. All of them got a new email address in less than six minutes.
  So wozzit ‘cos I is white? I very much doubt it. And even an old Luddite like me can’t get it wrong 37 times in a row.

  The obvious conclusion could be that somebody up there doesn’t like the idea of me being anonymous….and the reason is – relatively online Minnow or not – I have a high social media profile, and a record as long as the long arm of what’s left of the Law for being “off message”.

​  ​After Tucker Carlson's surprise split from Fox News, the #1 rated cable news host in history re-emerged from his home office on Wednesday to offer a stunning 8PM monologue covering his thoughts on the media landscape, and his future.
​  ​According to Carlson, one of the things one notices when one takes a little 'time off' is "how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are. They're completely irrelevant. They mean nothing.
​  ​"In five years we won't even remember that we had them... and yet, at the same time, the undeniably big topics - the ones that will define our future - get virtually no discussion at all. War, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, natural resources. When was the last time you heard a legitimate debate about any of those issues?"
​ ​"Debates like that are not permitted in American media," Carlson continued, adding "Both political parties, and their donors, have reached consensus on what benefits them - and they actively collude to shut down any conversation about it.​"​
​  ​"Suddenly the United States looks like a one-party state," Carlson said.

​  Robert F. Kennedy Jr.   I'm Running for President of the United States
​  ​Both my Democratic and Republican friends speak of America’s polarization in apocalyptic terms. It is difficult for them to see a safe exit. Many Americans worry about a grim dystopian future.
​  ​My mission during this campaign, and throughout my presidency, is to heal the toxic divisions that have Americans battling each other. I will spend the next 18 months on the campaign trail emphasizing the values that bring us together, rather than exploiting the issues that keep us apart. I will use my Presidency to tell ​  ​  Americans the truth, end our ruinous addiction to warfare, and reinvest in rebuilding the American middle class. I will reverse the merger of state and corporate power that has subverted our democracy, destroyed the economy, and sickened our people and our environment.
​  ​As President, I will quickly dismantle the culture of corporate capture that has corrupted our regulatory agencies. My objective will be to restore the public’s faith in the democratic process, through honesty and transparency.​ 

​  ​One of the talking points of people who cast doubt that vaccines or other substances or medical practices have caused the autism epidemic is, “Now, we have better diagnostic processes.” However, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. argues that that explanation doesn’t account for the 29-fold autism rate increase because “missing autism is like missing a train wreck. So it’s an absurd [claim].”
​  ​Mr. Kennedy added, “There is study after study after study that shows that this epidemic is real. It is not the result of changing diagnostic criteria. It is not the result of better recognition. It is an epidemic. And it’s common sense because if it was changing diagnostic criteria, you’d see people my age with full-blown autism. [At] sixty-nine years old, I have never seen somebody my age with full-blown autism … And yet, in my kids’ schools, there are many, many children who look like that.”​ 
(I remember friends with limb reduction defects from thalidomide.)
​  ​“Why aren’t we asking the question” of what’s causing this? he asked. Because “there’s a report that came out a couple of weeks ago that shows that the cost of autism alone to the American economy will be — just of caring for people as this group now ages — it will be a trillion dollars a year by 2040.”
​  ​“So something happened in 1989,” Mr. Kennedy attested, based on an EPA report to Congress. “And we know that it is an environmental insult because genes don’t cause epidemics. And the only thing is we just have to figure out what it is. There’s a limited number of culprits of chemical toxins that became ubiquitous around 1989.”
​  ​“And by the way, it wasn’t just those neurological disorders that started, and all these autoimmune diseases started; if you’re my age, you never saw anybody with rheumatoid arthritis or juvenile diabetes when you were younger,” he added. “The allergic diseases, food allergies, peanut allergies, eczema, anaphylaxis, which now are ubiquitous. 27% of our school budgets are now going to special education. This is crippling to the middle class in this country, and we need to figure out what it is.”

​  ​Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Blasts Fox News for Ousting Tucker Carlson and Presents an Interesting Theory on Why it Happened​ 
 ​Tucker spent part of his April 19 monologue calling out the corporate media shilling for Big Pharma and promoting their products. Tucker then went on to praise RFK. Jr. for being completely right about how “ineffective and potentially dangerous” the COVID vaccines are.
​  ​RFK. Jr. says this speech five days earlier is exactly why Tucker is gone.
​  ​Fox fires @TuckerCarlson five days after he crosses the red line by acknowledging that the TV networks pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers.​  
[Pharmaceutical companies could not advertise directly until 1997. It can be stopped.]

​  It's about pervasive evil.
​  Tucker Carlson, now ousted from Fox News, gave a speech last week at the 50th Anniversary of the Heritage Foundation on the bigger picture of good and evil within our society.
  The conflict is no longer about politics, it's about the very moral foundations of civilization.
  The new ideological movements are based on old and dark premises, and their motivations are solely to destroy what they can in order to take what they can.

​  ​Persistent myopericarditis after heterologous SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination​   
Thanks Jeremy
​  Heterologous vaccination with BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 vaccines may be associated with higher rates of vaccine-related myopericarditis in males.
​  ​Myopericarditis related to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine may uncommonly persist for months, with ongoing troponin elevation and abnormalities on cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.
​  ​Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and colchicine therapies are effective in treating the symptoms of myopericarditis related to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines.
​  ​A healthy 41-year-old man on vacation presented to the emergency department of a local hospital with central, constant, stabbing chest discomfort that worsened with inspiration. He reported no recent illness, and no medication or recreational drug use. His only medical history was Gilbert syndrome. He had received a BNT162b2 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine 4 months previously and an mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine 2 weeks previously...
..A hypothesis for vaccine-related myopericarditis is that the spike protein and its derivatives are potentially proinflammatory.6
 ​  ​Indeed, circulating exomes containing spike proteins and antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 spike protein can be detected in human plasma 4 months after mRNA vaccination.7 
​  ​Our patient’s persistent myocarditis may have occurred because of a prolonged autoimmune reaction to spike protein complexes.

​  ​Why Sunlight Deficiency Is as Deadly as Smoking

​  ​“Women with active sun exposure habits were mainly at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and noncancer/non-CVD death as compared to those who avoided sun exposure.” ...
..“As a result of their increased survival, the relative contribution of cancer death increased in these women.”  
  This finding may be a bit tricky to understand, so let’s look at it a little closer.
  Because cancer risk increases along with biological age, the longer you live, the higher your cancer risk will be. Therefore, because increased sunlight exposure actually increases your longevity, it will also appear to increase your risk of cancer. But this does not necessarily mean that sunlight is intrinsically “carcinogenic,” which is commonly assumed.

  Avoidance of sun exposure as a risk factor for major causes of death: a competing risk analysis of the Melanoma in Southern Sweden cohort
​  ​Results: Women with active sun exposure habits were mainly at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and noncancer/non-CVD death as compared to those who avoided sun exposure. As a result of their increased survival, the relative contribution of cancer death increased in these women. Nonsmokers who avoided sun exposure had a life expectancy similar to smokers in the highest sun exposure group, indicating that avoidance of sun exposure is a risk factor for death of a similar magnitude as smoking. Compared to the highest sun exposure group, life expectancy of avoiders of sun exposure was reduced by 0.6-2.1 years.
​  ​Conclusion: The longer life expectancy amongst women with active sun exposure habits was related to a decrease in CVD and noncancer/non-CVD mortality, causing the relative contribution of death due to cancer to increase.

Suntanned nonsmoker (took this picture of Jenny with pole beans)

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Murderers Pay For TV Ads


  Tucker Carlson got fired from Fox News over the weekend after berating other networks for ignoring the RFK Jr. Presidential candidacy in deference to the massive advertising income from big pharma, which supports TV these days. Carlson had Kennedy on his show to briefly state his case that his presidential objective was to eliminate the corrupt influence of corporations within the US government.

​  ​Pfizer Quietly Financed Groups Lobbying for COVID Vaccine Mandates​  Thanks Christine.
Many of the supposedly independent consumer, medical and civil rights groups that created the appearance of broad support for the mandate received funding from one of the vaccines’ manufacturers.

​  ​Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Wednesday officially launched his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, telling an overflow crowd in Boston that if he has not “significantly dropped the level of chronic disease in our children by the end of my first term, I do not want you to reelect me.”
​  ​Kennedy, Children’s Health Defense founder and chairman on leave, spoke for nearly two hours and covered a wide range of issues — everything from his family’s history in American politics, to the military-industrial complex, to widespread censorship and to the attacks on civil liberties, the environment and public health.
​  ​Throughout his speech, Kennedy frequently referred to how all of these issues directly affect children.
​  ​He reminded the audience of the obligation America’s leaders have to protect children — from toxic pesticides, from dangerous pharmaceuticals and from the “corrupt merger of state and corporate power” that robs future generations of their health and of their ability to achieve financial security.

​   Kim Dotcom: "​Seth Rich contacted me and offered information about the DNC. I rejected receiving the data personally and forwarded him to someone close to Wikileaks. That’s how Wikileaks got the DNC and Hillary Clinton leaks.​"​

​  ​A book written about Chinese history 3,000 years ago has become an unlikely bestseller. In Revelation, or Jian Shang in Mandarin, historian Li Shuo concluded, through the study of oracle bone scripts and archaeological discoveries, that the Shang Dynasty in the early bronze age had embraced brutal cannibalism and human sacrifices. Further, the book describes how that part of the country’s dark history was rewritten by the succeeding Zhou Dynasty, which overthrew Shang in 1,046 BC.
According to the book, the Shang rulers believed in day-to-day intervention by gods in human life and offered human flesh to the heavens like the Aztecs did – prisoners of war, slaves and tribal leaders were tortured and slaughtered to “celebrate” occasions such as building a new house or commemorating a deceased noble. The founding father of the Zhou Dynasty, King Wen, lost a son in a brutal sacrifice and started to question the rituals. His other son King Wu overthrew Shang’s rule, and came up with a new ritual system so that people would forget about the human sacrifices...
..As part of the Shang-Zhou transition, the church retreated from Chinese state affairs at a very early stage and Chinese politics has no representation for priests. History is an important source of legitimacy, starting a tradition of the state building up a narrative about the past.
​  ​Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher born five centuries after the collapse of Shang, uncovered the truth of the Shang dynasty but agreed with King Wen and the Duke of Zhou to cover up disturbing facts with a unified narrative. Confucius further articulated these coded messages into classic texts that formed the origins of Chinese beliefs and society’s moral compass. The famous Confucius quote of “do not do to others what you would not have them do to you”, for instance, is a subtle but strong warning against any resurrection of human sacrifices.​  
Thanks Christine.

​  ​New developments in the story of Hunter Biden's infamous laptop suggest that US intelligence officials were involved in “blatant partisan activity" aimed at affecting the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in the United States.
​  ​Maupin pointed out that claims about Hunter’s laptop being some kind of Russian conspiracy meant to interfere with US elections – claims based on a letter signed by some 51 US intelligence officials – turned out to be false: the laptop and the data on Biden family’s shady dealings it contained are quite real.
​  ​Furthermore, none other than former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrell has recently stepped forward and confirmed that he signed the letter after getting a call from Anthony Blinken - then a Biden campaign adviser – and that the intention behind this move was to help Joe Biden win the election.
In light of these revelations, it would appear that these intelligence officials were lobbied to act in a “political partisan manner to serve Joe Biden’s presidential campaign,” argued Maupin.

​  Moon of Alabama (Germany)​:  Biden Prepares To Give Up On Ukraine
​  ​The much ballyhooed Ukrainian 'counteroffensive' is destined to fail its purpose of severing Russia's supply line to Crimea and to liberate 'occupied territory'. The Biden administration has finally recognized this and is out to lower expectations and to preemptively blame everyone but itself.

​  ​Ukrainian commander laments state of army
​  Kiev needs up to six times more troops and firepower than Russia for its counteroffensive to succeed, General Sergey Melnik says 
​  ​Kiev needs more troops, ammunition and equipment to continue its military conflict with Moscow, Ukrainian Brigadier General Sergey Melnik told Spain’s El Pais in an interview published on Monday. Ukraine has already lost most of its professional soldiers as the conflict drags on, he admitted.
​  ​“The problem is that we have a lack of people and equipment,” said the general, who commands troops near the Russian border in Kharkov Region. “Professional soldiers… are already exhausted, injured or recovering. Or… dead,” he added.
​  ​Melnik said Kiev is now relying on “people without military experience,” who first need to be trained and have an “adequate [level of] preparation to face the enemy.” According to El Pais, the general also “stressed several times during the interview” that Ukraine needs more air-defense systems, citing the threat posed by Russian aircraft.

​  ​The Empire's Revenge - Set Fire To Southern Eurasia​ , Pepe Escobar  Thanks Christine
​  ​General Andrei Gurulyov, retired, is now a member of the Duma. He considers that the NATO vs. Russia war on Ukrainian soil will end only by 2030 – when Ukraine would basically have ceased to exist.​..
​..Gurulyov is essentially saying that the Kremlin and the Russian General Staff will make no concessions. No Beltway-imposed “frozen conflict” or fake ceasefire, which everyone knows will not be respected, just like the Minsk agreements were never respected.​..
​..​“Russia’s goal is to emerge in 2027-2030 not as a mere ‘victor’ standing over the ruins of some already-forgotten country, but as a state that has re-connected with its historic arc, has found itself, re-established its principles, its courage in defending its vision of the world.”​ ...​
​..​He outlines how southern Eurasia is peppered by conflicting borders – as in Kashmir, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan. The Hegemon is bound to invest in a flare-up of military conflicts over disputed borders as well as separatist tendencies (for instance in Balochistan). CIA black ops galore.​..
​..​“Russia has very big advantages, because we are the biggest producer of food and supplier of energy. And without cheap energy there will be no progress and digitalization. Also, we are the link between East and West, without which the continent cannot live, because the continent has to trade. And if the South burns, the main routes will not be through the oceans in the South, but in the North, mainly overland.”
​  ​The biggest challenge for Russia will be to keep internal stability: “All states will divide into two groups at this historic turning point: those that can maintain internal stability and move reasonably, bloodlessly into the next technological cycle – and then those that are unable to do so, that slip off the path, that bloom a bloody internal showdown like we had a hundred years ago. The latter will be set back ten to twenty years, will subsequently lick their wounds and try to catch up with everyone else. So our job is to maintain internal stability.”

​  ​Treaty Law Enforcer Endures Prison, While U.S. Nuclear Bombs in Europe Give Putin an Idea​   Thanks Christine
​  ​On March 23, (American Vietnam veteran, 80 year old Dennis) DuVall began a 60-day prison sentence in Germany for refusing to pay fines for nonviolent interference with the lawless stationing of U.S. hydrogen bombs in Deutschland, at the Büchel air base. (U.S. H-bombs are also ‘forward deployed’ in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey.)​ ...
​..DuVall is shining a spotlight on the risk escalation posed by the United States and NATO...
..Two days after DuVall entered Bautzen prison, east of Dresden, Russia’s Vladimir Putin announced plans to station Russian nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, causing a loud if hypocritical reaction from the U.S. and NATO...‘“… the United States has been doing this for decades. They have long deployed their tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of their allied countries,” said Putin.’ Then, after French President Macron declared, ‘In no case can nuclear weapons be deployed outside the territory of nuclear power, especially in Europe,’ the Russian Foreign Ministry asked with a smirk: ‘Is Paris’ demands ‘not to deploy nuclear weapons on foreign territory’ addressed to Washington?’

​  ​New Instant Digital Payments System Isn’t a CBDC, Feds Say — But Critics Say It’s Still About Control
​  ​After reports about FedNow started circulating in November 2022, and after the Fed’s March announcement that the system would launch this summer, bankers, crypto experts and people concerned with personal financial autonomy​ ​lashed out, arguing that the system is a step toward a CBDC, or at least toward government control over the financial system.
​ ​A CBDC is a government-backed digital currency issued by a central bank — a purely digital form of money, promoted as a tool that could make transactions easy between individuals, companies and the state.
​  ​But such centrally controlled digital money is also programmable. It could be set to expire at a given time, or restricted to particular kinds of spending — and all transactions would be trackable by the federal government.
​  ​The FedNow digital payments system is not a currency, like a CBDC, but it does make instant and trackable digital payments possible.
​  ​The Biden administration last March issued an executive order giving the “highest priority” to investigating a CBDC for the U.S.

​  ​It's A "Defund-The-Global-Police" Moment, Jen Says De-Dollarization Is Happening At A "Stunning" Pace
​  ​Jen, who now runs money at Eurizon SLJ, warned in a recent briefing note, that the dollar is losing its reserve status at a faster pace than generally accepted, as many analysts have failed to account for last year’s frantic swings in exchange rates.
​ ​“The dollar suffered a stunning collapse in 2022 in its market share as a reserve currency, presumably due to its muscular use of sanctions,” Jen and his colleague Joana Freire wrote.
​  ​“Exceptional actions taken by the US and its allies against Russia have startled large reserve-holding countries,” most of which are emerging economies from the so-called Global South, they said.
​  ​As The FT reports, Jen estimates that if you adjust for price changes the dollar’s share of official global reserve currencies has gone from about 73 per cent in 2001 to around 55 per cent in 2021.
​  ​Then, last year, it fell to 47 percent of total global reserves.

​  ​Mother of 7 Denied Kidney Transplant for Refusing COVID Shot in Georgia​   (​Even today, after all of the deaths and injuries, and ​having natural immunity.)
​  ​On dialysis and potentially facing death, a 41-year-old homeschooling mother of seven young children has been rejected as a candidate for a life-saving kidney transplant by Emory Healthcare Inc. of Atlanta.
​  ​The reason? The woman, who has already had COVID-19, refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on religious and medical grounds.

Miscarriages and Dead Infants Were Described in a Secret FDA Review, but Hidden from The Public
​  ​Pfizer Tried to Hide Its Report for 75 Years

The heightened risk of autoimmune diseases after Covid​  (Vaccination effects not examined, but spike protein seems to be the main antigenic component.)

​ ​While internal-combustion cars often match or exceed their EPA highway fuel economy numbers, a new paper using data from C/D's highway tests show that EVs are far worse at meeting expectations.
​  ​On Car and Driver's 75-mph highway test, more than 350 internal-combustion vehicles averaged 4.0 percent better fuel economy than what was stated on their labels. But the average range for an EV was 12.5 percent worse than the price sticker numbers.
​  ​The way the tests are conducted also skews the reported range figure. Unlike Car and Driver's real-world test—carried out at a constant 75 mph—the EPA's cycle is variable, with the speed increasing and decreasing over the course of the test. While this is detrimental to the results for gas vehicles, which tend to be most efficient at a steady rpm, the ability to regenerate energy under braking leads to higher range results for EVs, which are shifted even higher by the slight bias towards the city results in the combined rating.

​Cheap Kennedy 2024 bumper stickers, $2.54 each for 4 or more. I ordered 10.

​Driving Change (pictured transplanting tomato volunteers into the tomato rows)​

Friday, April 21, 2023

Reality Based Kennedy

Actually Alive,

  We all have simplified working models of the world in our minds. We must navigate the world, and none of us can fully comprehend it, so our models must be simpler than reality. Some work better than others to predict the near future. 
  None of them is very good at predicting the more distant future, except in certain mechanical details, like where the Earth will be in its orbit on any given future date, or the depletion of known mineral reserves, based upon certain rates of consumption. Hubbert's Peak of US oil production, predicted  in the mid 1950s, by America's premier oil geologist, happened in 1971, as he predicted. It was easier than it would seem, as he had fairly good data, a slide-rule and knew calculus.  
  In 1972 a book was published that extended this prediction to the larger global context of human industrial civilization using oil, coal, iron ore and industrial processes, based on their availability and 20th century historical trends, not economics. This book was The Limits To Growth. It predicted a peak of industrial output some time around 2020, based on the famous "Business As Usual" graph here:    
  I am certain that the line is drawn in the wrong place. One might easily divide between 2000 and 2050 by our current year to properly place it.
My best estimate, using a pen and paper is that 2023 is at the point where the declining orange line of "services per capita" intersects the brown line of "population".  It is evident that life is projected to get harder for people until population begins to decline after 2050. Then it will continue to get harder...

I addressed this in posts:

  This model of "business as usual" assumes that society does not intervene in the depletion process, the pollution it creates, or in rates of death and reproduction.
An update a few years ago showed that birth rates and death rates had both declined slightly from predictions, and that population growth was about as predicted.
That reflected changes in family planning and improved global health. We have seen a campaign in recent years to address global-warming, now "climate change", which follows on the successful movements in the 1960s and 1970s to reduce and clean up industrial pollution. By the 1990s industrial pollution was being outsourced from the US to China and Mexico at lower cost, producing higher profits.
  The Limits To Growth model is robust over time, particularly so now. Nuclear sub commander Jimmy Carter embraced the predictions, which were easily understood in Arab Oil Embargo years. President Ronald Reagan politically refuted the assertion "that there were any limits on America". That was more popular than Carter's sweater speech about turning down thermostats, but dishonest. 
  "Happy Days Are Here Again" set the tone for the future. Lies would be used to direct the American people and economy along a chosen path.

  My hypothesis, which I keep testing against developing events, is that peak industrial economy, roughly mirrored in net oil consumption and/or CO2 production, peaked in the second half of 2019. This was the same time as COVID was beginning to spread, Event 201 was held in NYC to plan response to the pandemic, and the "Repo-Crisis" was being dealt with by the Federal Reserve stepping in to cover critical overnight lending between the biggest global banks, which could not trust each other until the next morning for some reason.
  The financial crisis was managed by "going direct" to massively infuse the biggest banks and financial institutions with $US during the MArch 2020 COVID crash, but also in September 2019. The ongoing systemic financial stress is that economic growth is over and that is how finances are managed. Growth is assumed.
  What we keep seeing is government policies which claim to do one thing, but which result in another thing. The thing they result in is economic contraction. Mandating such tight pollution controls for US cars by 2035 as to force 3/4 of them to be electric will not really do that. It is already increasing new car prices, reducing availability, and has doubled used car prices as a result. It is pricing people out of car ownership, which will be rapidly progressive.
  Depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its lowest level since 1983 provides political cover, but it will soon be part of the kind of oil crisis Americans knew in the 1970s. The solutions will all make that worse. The solutions will all lead to structural reductions in oil and gas by Americans. California wants to outlaw gas stoves and gasoline powered cars to reduce CO2. The electric grid will be the sole limit on that, and it will be a very hard limit. It is easy to constrain electrical generation in California. 
  This central choke hold on usage, aided by "smart meters" provides centralized choke controls on what were once known as "citizens".
  When I look at so many current themes I see reductions in population, reductions in personal wealth, increases in regulations, and climate-mitigation strategies as being aimed at the coercive reduction in "consumption" by humans, still generally referred to as "consumers". Social Security doesn't keep up with inflation? Consume less. Transgender now? Don't have kids. Can't afford a new or used car? It will be impossible in a few years. Still burning fossil fuels? How backward; go all-electric! 
  Tragically, people who have been injected with mRNA and viral-vector DNA COVID "vaccine" products, which induce their cells to produce spike-protein, and release it into their bloodstreams for months, have increased mortality, not just from COVID, but from various cancers, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune disease and more. Life insurance companies first noticed this in late 2021, and it continues.
  The numbers we have all seen over the years are that a human population of 500 million is a long term sustainable number for planet earth, not relying on fossil fuels for agriculture, transportation, food storage and climate control in our homes. 
  My hypothesis is that our "owners" are helping us all get there faster, now that the crisis of terminal oil decline is already here. It's a bit of a rush. Nuclear holocaust is the fall-back solution. These offers are from the "good cops" as they see it. Please keep moving forward in your lines...

  Robert Kennedy Jr's son Coner secretly went to Ukraine last summer to fight in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, without telling anybody where he was going or what he was doing. He operated drones, then a machine gun in the Kherson area, before returning alive after a couple of months.  (I'm sure there is more to that tale.)

  "He had just landed," Robert remembers. "He promised that when he came back he would tell me what he was up to."
  Robert — who has spoken passionately about his thoughts on the military industrial complex — admits that he and Conor haven't seen eye to eye on the war in Ukraine.
  "When he got back, I kind of expressed some — I don't know — whether it's anger or whatever," Robert tells PEOPLE. "He said to me, when he heard maybe a little bit of anger and concern, 'Dad, this is what you taught me to do: to stand up for what I believe in.' And I was like 'Okay.'"
  Robert continues: "I'm very proud of this. Of my son. And I knew his views about the war were not aligned with mine. Although he's not naive at all about it. He knows Ukraine has problems and he understands ... that there's corruption. But he doesn't like Putin. He thinks he's a gangster and a bully and he doesn't like bullies."

From Today News Africa,  Kennedy Jr. shared his stance on the ongoing war in Ukraine, which he believes is driving the Russians closer to the Chinese and is the worst thing for the United States from a geopolitical standpoint.
  Kennedy Jr. stated that while Americans care about the suffering of the underdog, they need to question why the US is in Ukraine. He argued that if the US is there to depose Vladimir Putin, as President Biden has said, or to exhaust the Russians, as Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has stated, then killing Ukrainians as pawns in a proxy war between two great powers is not justifiable.

  Robert Kennedy Jr. gave a presidential candidacy announcement Wednesday night in Boston. Fox News has the most complete and least sneering description of his political platform that I can find. Bobby describes himself as "pro-safe-vaccines", and ha consistently taken that stance. He is against corporate capture of government, and the current complex deep-state-military-industrial-media-AI-complex version of that ("techno-fascism" , anybody?).
  Bobby had a long career as an environmental lawyer, getting the Hudson River and others cleaned up by reporting and suing illegal polluters. Mercury poisoning was the transition into his founding of Children's Health Defense, which has been a defender of human rights in the pandemic and vaccine-mandate epoch.
He took a standard anti-pollution position on global warming in the early 200s, as did I. It seemed straightforward, another kind of pollution problem. In recent years I have kept tracking the data, and for the past decade it just does not show progressive warming or loss of polar ice mass. Additionally, I have become aware of more CO2 emissions naturally, as from deep oceanic volcanic rifts, and of what might be overriding climate effects of solar emission cycles and "space weather". Recurrent climate catastrophes have occurred even in written human history, and more extremely in the fossil record. It seems to me that "climate change" is a convenient stalking-horse for forcing a reduction in oil consumption upon people without telling them the truth. "Climate Change", to whatever degree it is true or false, is primarily a control narrative, employed to force our compliance with the decisions of the powerful. 
  Bobby has softened his position on climate change.

  "There's no daylight between good environmental policy and good economic policy," Kennedy said. "Good environmental policy is good economic policy."
Kennedy's speech did not mention climate change, and his webpage does not either. Instead, The Democratic candidate emphasizes supporting sustainable agriculture with subsidies, incentivizing a transition to clean energy sources, and protecting wild lands from mining, logging, oil drilling and suburban sprawl.

  Some video clips from RFK Jr's announcement speech, and the tone:

  Kennedy asserted that “my mission over the next 18 months of this campaign, and throughout my presidency will be to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that is threatening now… to impose a new kind of corporate feudalism on our country. To commoditize our children, our purple mountains’ majesty, to poison our children and our people with chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs, to strip-mine our assets, to hollow out the middle class, and keep us in a constant state of war.”

  Dan sends this article about the mechanisms by which American military equipment costs about 15X as much as the equivalent equipment costs  Russia and China. There was a large DoD audit of defense contractors which greatly clarifies reality. Not everybody in the Pentagon is satisfied with the corrupt management which does not even deliver.
  The Military-Industrial Stock Buyback Complex
Why is the US military ceding ground to China? As a new DOD report shows, big defense contractors are middlemen whose main purpose is stock buybacks and dividends.

  Biden’s DOJ Indicts Four Americans for Their Political Views on Russia
  The allegation is that members of the African People’s Socialist Party were involved in a 'foreign malign influence campaign'. 

The DOJ claims that Ionov used the AGMR to conduct Russia’s “malign influence campaign” and recruited Americans to spread “Russian propaganda.” The indictment alleges the Russians were involved in a 2019 local election in St. Petersburg, Florida (not Russia), one city where the APSP is based...
..Offices and homes affiliated with the APSP were raided by the FBI in 2022 over the group’s connections to the AGMR. Omali Yeshitela, the leader of the APSP who was indicted by the DOJ, pointed out after the raid that his group has worked with organizations around the world for decades.
  “At our First Party Congress held in Oakland, California in 1981, we received solidarity statements from organizations and governments from around the world,” Yeshitela wrote in an article published by in March 2023.
  “This helps to give lie to the notion that our connection to a Russian NGO is evidence of an illicit relationship that we would have with a ‘foreign power,'” he said.
  Yeshitela strongly denied that his group was working for Russia, and they appear to have been targeted for their political beliefs. The APSP has expressed support for Russia and denounced US involvement in Ukraine, but the group has been speaking out against US foreign policy since it was formed in 1972.
  Yeshitela said in the article that he expected to be indicted and that the government would likely use the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) to go after him and his group.
  “This is selective prosecution. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and other Israeli lobbying organizations are seemingly immune from prosecution under the FARA law despite their obvious public function as agents of the Israeli government,” he wrote.

UK police arrests French publisher from work trip in London over anti-Macron protests in Paris  Thanks Christine

  In a bizarre incident, two plainclothes Scotland Yard detectives stopped a well-known French publisher as he was on his way to the London Book Fair in Kensington and questioned him about his involvement in anti-government protests back in his country.
  Ernest Moret, works as foreign rights manager for Éditions La Fabrique in Paris.
  Moret was reportedly stopped by ports officers and questioned for six hours under terrorism laws when he arrived at St Pancras station on the Eurostar from Paris at 6.30pm on Monday.

  He was searched and his phone and laptop were confiscated, and demanded his passwords; according to coworkers, he refused to comply...

  His detention is believed to be the first time a French person has been detained in the UK due to protests in his own country, though the Metropolitan Police has not confirmed this.
  It was revealed last night, as a diplomatic battle over his incarceration erupted, that the 28-year-old publisher is still being held after being arrested for refusing to reveal the passcodes to his computer and phone.
  The editorial director of the Paris-based publishing house, Stella Magliani-Belkacem, who was with him when he was arrested, told the Guardian: “When we were on the platform, two people, a woman and a guy, told us they were counter-terrorist police.”
  They claimed they had the right to question him about protests in France and displayed a document called Section 7 of the Terrorism Act of 2000.
“I’m still shaking,” she continued, “and we are still in shock over what happened.” ...
..On suspicion of willfully impeding a Schedule 7 examination in violation of section 18 of the Terrorism Act 2000, Moret was additionally detained the following day.
  La Fabrique referred to the arrest as a “assault on freedom of expression” and asserted that the British and French governments conspired to imprison Mr. Moret.
  The police officers claimed that Ernest had participated in demonstrations in France as a justification for this act, a quite remarkably inappropriate statement for a British police officer to make and which seems to clearly indicate complicity between French and British authorities on this matter,’ said a spokesman for the publisher, calling his arrest’scandalous’.

French Poll Finds Le Pen Now More Popular Than Macron   (but she's the French Trump!)

  Stop feeding Europeans. Save the planet for the "owners"!
  European farmers are furious over a bullshit plan by the European Union which would force then to be treated as industrial plants, similar to steel mills or chemical works, in order to force them to cut greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution.

  A Midwestern Doctor sees the same thing I see and remembers what happened to Jewish family members in Germany. Peek at the comments section.
  Don't Be a Sucker , Medical Apartheids Lead to Very Dark Places

  Sasha Latypova looks at the Moderna "vaccine" contracts, which are different from the Pfizer contracts. A few excerpts:
  First study ordered - Development and Reproductive Toxicology (DART), the only GLP or Good Laboratory Practice-compliant study required in the entire program. Clearly, pregnant women and unborn babies were the target right from the start. The US Government wanted to see whether sterility and fetal death/malformations could be achieved after 5 doses or so, using the rat as a model. The Government ordered GLP-grade work to make extra sure that the results would be validated, i.e. reliable: ...
..Next comes the reference to the studies to be done by the Vaccine Research Center of the NIH (VRC): “continues to support nonclinical…” = they are running animal experiments for Moderna in their labs. They also clearly know this mRNA concoction will induce “disease enhancement”, aka VAIDS, aka “breakthrough” covid, maybe more severe deadly covid in the injected population. They want this studied and confirmed!

  Medical opinions contrary to government policy are illegal to express. Carry on.
  British Columbia’s dissenting physicians silenced as ‘bylaws mandating vaccines for any condition the government determines necessary’ are going into effect

​Speaking for Free (pictured in Austin garden this morning after heavy rains last night)