Sunday, December 31, 2017

Peace On Earth

Never Consulted,

There was a high level coordination meeting earlier this month between Israeli and US government and military planners to coordinate policy against Iran. Now, jihadis have blown up an Iranian pipeline and there are riots in some cities, with burning of Iranian flags (an odd thing for Iranians to do) and police cars (fun for any crowd). Moon of Alabama has the outline. (I think this is mainly a sand-in-the-face kind of fight-move. What is the big attack to follow? Will there be bombs, or just more sanctions, which will split Russia, China and likely Turkey further away from the current global finance system?)

The Times of Israel writes, "Assad may have retaken the Syrian Golan, but Iran is pulling the strings". 
This is Israeli pretext for attacking Iran. Israel apparently had to evacuate their moderate ISIS terrorists out of the Golan Heights in the past few days. They say Iran and Hamas are at their gates and they can't allow it.

Some peaceful protesters chanting "Death to Rouhani" and throwing Molotov cocktails are documanted here. (This is an anniversary of "Green Revolution" in 2009, a failed color revolution by western security services. in 2009 the coordinating smartphones were traced to British intelligence. It's a flash in the pan, at most.)

The actual protests began against high food prices. That's real. That's the actual discontent of Iranians, according to my friend who recently returned from a 4 month trip home, traveling that country. This open wound can be salted by Israel/US with illegal sanctions, of course. The pro-Rouhani voices are more in Iran, as noted here, but not mentioned much in western press.

Donald Trump tweets about the Iranian people he knows so well from his many years there. (Oh, no such knowledge?)  
"The people are finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism," the president wrote on Twitter. "Looks like they will not take it any longer." "The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!"
(This could all apply to the American people. Maybe he just got mixed up.)

Charles Hugh Smith on systemic control fraud in American finance/political-power, two sides of the same coin. In 1980, the top 0.01% were not getting a lot of financial gain, less than all the workers. Now they get it all. That's what makes things break, sez history. This is the open robbery.["Clawing back assets" , "wealth re-distribution" will be necessary. Millions of Americans will die before that happens (I want to be proven wrong.) Our owners throw us into war when things get like this, so we will obey.]

Jada sends this article by Ellen Brown, about Student Debt Slavery. This is the ideal form of low-cost slavery for the elite owner-class. This is straightforward and concise. With some documents from the elite debates about the benefits of chattel-slavery vs debt slavery from the mid 19th century, when communication across the seas was in printed word.
The advantages of slavery by debt over “chattel” slavery – ownership of humans as a property right – were set out in an infamous document called the Hazard Circular, reportedly circulated by British banking interests among their American banking counterparts during the American Civil War. It read in part: "Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery destroyed. This, I and my European friends are glad of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers, while the European plan, led by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages."

David Stockman explains "The Greatest Bubble of All Time", which is our current financial situation. When the bubble crashes, who will own the "real assets"? Who will have debts reduced? Who will have to be paid forever, even if you can't. What for those who can't? What for those who have nothing to live for at all?

From Snowden to Russia-Gate, The CIA and the media. Moon of Alabama lays out this particular piece of timeline of our owners exerting more complete and detailed control of all of our information inputs of all kinds. Facilitated by "complete information awareness" of the deep state. (You will not get this news from me or anywhere else forever.)

The Anthony-Weiner/Huma-Abadeen loose laptop reveals collusion between the US State Dept and Swedish government to arrest Edward Snowden for mutual benefit of vested interests in both both governments.

Where was Lee Oswald when John Kennedy was shot? 
Look, right here, in front of the school book depository building. That's Lee. He was hanging out drinking a Coke when the cops questioned him and moved on, and not on the 6th floor, but down on the second floor with his coworkers. Thanks Eleni. (CIA/Deep-State blast-from-the-past!)


Monday, December 25, 2017

As We Forgive Our Debtors


Professor Michael Hudson says the version I grew up saying every night, "Forgive us our debts , as we forgive our debtors", was right all along.

”The Christianity we know today is not the Christianity of Jesus,” says Professor Hudson... The Lord’s Prayer, ‘forgive us our sins even as we forgive all who are indebted to us’, refers specifically to debt. “Most religious leaders say that Christianity is all about sin, not debt,” he says. “But actually, the word for sin and debt is the same in almost every language.” 
”‘Schuld’, in German, means ‘debt’ as well as ‘offense’ or, ‘sin’. It’s ‘devoir’ in French. It had the same duality in meaning in the Babylonian language of Akkadian.”...
People tend to think of the Commandment ‘do not covet your neighbour’s wife’ in purely sexual terms but actually, the economist says it refers specifically to creditors who would force the wives and daughters of debtors into sex slavery as collateral for unpaid debt...
Similarly, the Commandment ‘thou shalt not steal’ refers to usury and exploitation by threat for debts owing.
The economist says Jesus was crucified for his views on debt. Crucifixion being a punishment reserved especially for political dissidents.
”To understand the crucifixion of Jesus is to understand it was his punishment for his economic views,” says Professor Hudson. “He was a threat to the creditors.”
Jesus Christ was a socialist activist for the continuity of regular debt jubilees that were considered essential to the wellbeing of ancient economies...
Jesus’ first reported sermon in Luke 4 documents his announcement that he had come to revive the enforcement of the Jubilee Year. The term “gospel” (or ‘good news’) was used specifically to refer to debt cancellation which became the major political fight of the imperial Roman epoch, pitting Jesus against the pro-creditor Pharisees, (a political party and social movement that became the foundation for Rabbinic Judaism around 167 BC).
The Pharisees, Hillel (the founder of Rabbinical Judaism) and the creditors who backed them decided that Jesus’ growing popularity was a threat to their authority and wealth...

”Over the last 1000 years the Catholic Church has been saying it’s noble to be poor. But Jesus never said it was good to be poor. What he said was that rich people are greedy and corrupt. That’s what Socrates was saying, as well as Aristotle and the Stoic Roman philosophers, the biblical prophets in Isaiah.”

Neither did Jesus say that it was good to be poor because it made you noble.
What Jesus did say is that say if you have money, you should share it with other people...

”When you have a massive build up of debt that can’t be paid, either you wipe out the debt and start-over like Germany did during ‘the 1947 Miracle’ when the Allies forgave all its debts except for minimum balances, or you let the creditors foreclose as Obama did in America after the 2008 crisis and 10 million American families lost their homes to foreclosure,” he said...

”Today’s world believes in the sanctity of debt. But from Sumer and Babylonia through the Bible, it was debt cancellations that were sacred.”

”If you want to be like Jesus then you become political and you realise that this is the same fight that has been going on for thousands of years, across civilisation – the attempt of society to cope with the fact that debts grow faster than the ability to pay.” 

The Great Unraveling: We are coming undone, all of us, all life forms here. A nonliving intellegence commands us, based upong aggressive growth, making machines to burn, dig, chemically corrode, pollute and kill, because it works so very well, one it gets started. It can't stop until it is done, with all of us, amoeba and blue-green algae to redwoods, whales who once lived for centuries, humans and pigs in filthy, tight cages. We are all together in a global cooperative web of life. Humans realized this until recently, and pretty much everywhere, because it was so obvious. it's not obvious in big cities. Not at all. That's where corporate rules of profit and ownership govern our thoughtless actions. 
The same central tyrranny-for-profit cannot save us. We must each become a stewrd of the life we touch, and act in that role. 
Wazzat mean? I'm finding out bit by bit as I go.

New research suggests that the hidden cost of developing nuclear weapons were far larger than previous estimates, with radioactive fallout responsible for 340,000 to 690,000 American deaths from 1951 to 1973.

Space, The Final Capitalist Growth Frontier: 
"Space is not a 'global commons',  not 'the common heritage of mankind", says US National Space Council Director, Scott Simmons. "These concepts are not part of the Outer Space Treaty, and the United States has consistently taken the position that these ideas do not describe the legal status of outer space.” Pace says the Trump administration will work with other governments and international organizations to develop fair rules for space, but that the goal is for the US to become “the most attractive jurisdiction in the world for private-sector investment and innovation in outer space…the task for the United States, if it wishes to influence how space is developed and utilized, is to create attractive projects and frameworks in which other nations choose to align themselves and their space activities with us, as opposed to others.”

Nature: "Now, for the first time, climate researchers are reporting that some weather events would have been outright impossible without the warming influence of humanity’s greenhouse-gas emissions." 

It's that time. Louisiana is making all the preparations to permanently evacuate the coastal plains. They are often and badly flooded, and getting worse. This is just like what we keep hearing will happen some day...

"California, The Flood That Could Change Everything"
This sounds speculative, but is not. The Sacramento flood of 1860 was the most recent of this kind of routine flooding that the land area called California has gotten regularly throughout the geologic epochs we can trace. The flat areas of California, where almost all the people live, become vast great-lakes, filled by Atmospheric Rivers, a new thing science discovered recently, but has always been around. We have filled California with people since that last one. It's ok. Modern science can give us about 3 days warning ahead of one of these, but can't tell us exactly how big it will be, or exactly how many people to evacuate. California's 1960s and 1970s infrastructure, much of it never tested, would be of some help buying some time in some places, like the old Oroville Dam was in it's first test.

Russia prepares for year round opening of Arctic Shipping Lanes with order for 60 Arctic Ice-Class Ships. Tankers, freighters, icebreakers. 
This changes global power dynamics.
"Only Russian vessels should have the right to carry oil and gas along the Northern Sea Route," proposed Vladimir Putin today.

The Pentagon has announced carrying out ground combat missions in Yemen through all of 2017. No comments about 2016. 
It's OK, they were just attacking ISIS, not Al Qaeda, who are now our friends. I'm sure they didn't harm any civilians.
“U.S. forces have conducted multiple ground operations and more than 120 strikes in 2017,” U.S. Central Command, Centcom, in Tampa, Florida, said in a statement, with the aim to “disrupt the ability of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS-Yemen to use ungoverned spaces in Yemen as a hub for terrorist recruiting, training and base of operations to export terror worldwide.”

Market Reforms with North Korean Characteristics:
It's not all a central command economy over there any more. It has quietly adapted. Interesting article.

North Korea's 1000 mile border with China is their main trade zone. Smugglers are respected middle class professionals, bribing soldiers to help carry loads across rivers. This has provided an unofficially permeable border to control trade, while officially being a closed country. This has benefited Koreans and Chinese at all levels. It has come upon hard times with the latest sanctions. The small smugglers are getting cut out. Fewer consumer items and rabbit pelts are crossing the border now. More good insight.

New Zealand has now declared the Mount Taranaki ecosystem bears the same rights as a human (prob'ly still short of corporate rights, though, huh?)


Sunday, December 24, 2017

No Coal In Stocking

Grasping the Nettle,

Professor Nate Hagans lays the conceptual groundwork explaining why we can't seem to adjust our ways, based upon knowledge, only upon panic. Some individuals and small groups can adapt a little ahead of the emergency. Does that describe you?
"Once we DO grasp the relationship between growth, energy, and money and realize a likely trend of contraction for advanced economies in coming decades, we paradoxically (and quite quickly) switch from a ‘there’s no problem’ attitude to an ‘it’s too late to do anything’ position... It means the majority of bright, pro-social people in our culture are working on ‘solutions’ that have little overlap with the likely shape of our economy in coming decades. Many of our friends (for good reasons, at least historically) just assume business as usual will continue and ignore increasing data to the contrary... We’ve designed a social system around physical growth and no longer have the conditions for growth. So far, each time we’ve encountered limits, we responded with rule changes, for example low-interest money, additional welfare guarantees, or increasing debt ceilings. But on the not-too-distant horizon, we have a - now unavoidable - date where the financial system will be recalibrating with the physical system that underpins it... This is an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ situation for our culture."  Thanks Charles.

Gail Tverberg presents the hypothesis that WW-1 was precipitated by the peak-coal that the UK went through in 2013. Anthracite coal is the good stuff, sharp, light, flintlike chunks that they used in steam locomotives and industrial engines, and home heating. I remember playing in piles of this stuff at a railyard on base when I was a kid, the original "clean coal".  England was the major producer and exporter until this played out, and the decay of the British empire began. After WW-1, England could no longer supply Italy, so ties frayed, and Italy got coal from Germany, and alliances shifted. There is a lot of really engaging detail presented here. The disruption of global coal supplies led to the Great Depression after that. WW-2 was the solution to that. 
High Grade Anthracite is gone. Steam locomotives are gone. Coal production is slow and intensive to ramp up. Changing over to oil was a big success. Natural gas is our next cheap fuel, but we have seen supply problems with that for decades, already.  More thanks, Charles.
Inline image 1

Pictures of North Korea (ignore the sensational title, please) What do you see? What do you not see?
Inline image 2

North Korea denounces latest UN sanctions as "act of war". Those are middle class working people pictured above. Millions of people like them have starved to death in North Korea since the Soviet Union collapsed and quite sending food. Whaddaya think? "Act of war", when the only effect is to starve and freeze millions of people?

The US will "cross a line" and "become accomplice in igniting war war", if Obama era antitank missile and other high tech weapons are provided directly to Ukraine by the US government, with US training on the ground, and the only possible use being to further destroy the 2015 Minsk agreement. Everyone has agreed the Minsk Agreement is the only acceptably peaceful way forward. The US repeats that it needs to be fully implemented, but always leaves out that Ukraine is the guilty party making war,

Vladimir Putin says that Russia will protect Russian interests. “Our strength is aimed at protecting against outside threats [and] terrorism,” “We are not seeking and will not be seeking confrontation with anyone, and will continue [pursuing] a transparent and honest foreign policy.” “But we will never sacrifice the security of our citizens and national interests of our people.” Putin said that “a strong, responsible, and free civil society” is a key factor of change, and is immune to attempts to destabilize Russia and plunge it into chaos or “make it veer off its way.”

Slovakia halts natural gas flow to Ukraine for failure to pay for gas long ago delivered. Slovakia has been Ukraine's largest supplier in recent years, since Russia shut off flows through the Ukrainian pipeline for theft and non-payment.

The CIA and President Trump passed on a tip to Russia about a terrorist plot to kill a lot of people in a cathedral in St Petersburg. Russia acted promptly. The attack was prevented, and many lives were saved. Putin called Trump to thank him and publicly thanked the CIA. This analyst says Trump wants payment, quid pro quo. (This is the good-Trump. Reference bad-Trump in "red line" story above.)

Russia tells US military to get out of Syria:  "Russian President Vladimir Putin’s envoy for Syria said on Thursday that there was no reason for US forces to remain in Syria and that Washington’s stated arguments for maintaining a military presence there were groundless."

Israeli politicians and military prepare for third war against Lebanon. (How can this not be a bloodbath?)

"Reform", Saudi Style: Saudi General successfully resists Royal torture by foreign mercenaries, and refuses to give up his fortune. His body is nearly unrecognizable to his family.  

Saudi Prince, al-Waleed  bin Talal, a cousin to Mohamed bin Salman, did give $1 billion right away for his release, and is trying to get the Saudi treasury to accept $6 billion in co-ownership of global corporations, instead of his having to sell massively for cash. His total wealth is estimated over $18 billion. (This is the "good" MbS, he's dealing with.)

Washington Post calls for American outrage against War on Yemen, including illegal blockade of food and medicine. The US is providing military logistics for the Saudis, weapons by the billions, helping enforce the illegal blockade, and totally supporting this holocaust against Yemeni families. (It's against the policy of the Washington Post to mention that the US government is at fault in any way, so they don't.)

Bad Cop

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mixed Terrain

Considering Alternatives,

The Saker, who has a background in Swiss military intelligence, says that Korea, especially North Korea, is composed of "mixed terrain", like Switzerland has. That means steep mountains, narrow gorges, rushing rivers, and rice paddies.  That means infantry, grunts in mud with guns have to invade North Korea. Volunteers? 
The North Koreans have been preparing for WW-3 on their own turf for 63 years. They have artillery pieces, lovingly dug into mountainsides and hidden, which can rain 10,000 rounds per minute on Seoul, for an extended period of time. Targeting these emplacements works badly, due to the ruggedness of the terrain and all the radar bounce. 
There are thousands of miles of deeply dug in underground bases and ammunition dumps, with hidden entrances and exits. The North Koreans taught the Vietnamese how to make them, recall? 
Japan is a big high value target, not just the American bases there. Japan cannot be defended from Korean missiles, with or without nukes. 
China has stated that it will be neutral if North Korea attacks first, but will stand with North Korea, if they are attacked. The Chinese army is huge and well equipped, and China could open a second front on the US. Russia would need to support China. Instantly a whole lot of nuclear powers are in this FUBAR War. Do WW-1 alliances come to mind? 
The US cannot rationally attack North Korea in a beheading strike, without bringing down 10.000 rounds per minute upon Seoul as the first response, whether ICBMs with EMP nukes are dispatched to the American east and west coasts or not. American regime change would result, along with lots of death and chaos that our elites would avoid themselves.

Everyday life in Puerto Rico is a low budget smartphone camera tour of the devastation in the part of America that isn't a state. The news moved on. Puerto Rico didn't. The Organic Prepper looked up some people, contacted them and compiled and edited their ongoing dail experiences here in this short video. No bombs went off in Puerto Rico, but lots of logistical dead ends got discovered.

Th Virtual Economy is the End of Freedom, A lot of this is about how the NSA/DARPA set up the code and overall strategy of Bitcoin, and the internet, so it's not anonymous (they have traced transactions/people), and it is not how to be a rebel and outsmart the global banking establishment from the war-room of your iPhone. (kinda'heavy...)

One in four people working (they all work, even if car-camping) in Silicon Valley has food insecurity, misses meals and doesn't know where their food is going to come from.
Because poverty is often shrouded in shame, their clients’ situations can come as a surprise. “Often we think of somebody visibly hungry, the traditional homeless person,” Brennan said. “But this study is putting light on the non-traditional homeless: people living in their car or a garage, working people who have to choose between rent and food, people without access to a kitchen.”

Dark Money Runs the World, Nomi Prinz (These people never go hungry.)
"When I moved abroad to create and run the analytics department at Bear Stearns London as senior managing director, I got my first look at how dark money flows and its effects cross borders."

Britain has to buy liquified natural gas from Russia, despite already enforcing sanctions against Russian natural gas. (It's cold, and that's just how the free-market works sometimes, and the North sea pipeline got some bad cracking last week.)

The "Russiagate" investigation keeps turning up collusion within the top levels of the FBI to take words out of Hillary Clinton's State Dept. investigation report and change them to words that don't mean "criminal". There is more, much more. This destruction of evidence against Clinton, and changing the conclusion from "indict", to "finger-wag", is clearly shown by evidence that does remain. There is a vague "insurance policy" against a Trump win, that we may or may not learn more about. One elite camp assaulted the other elite camp, and it is backfiring on them. (The article below projects that there will be a truce, not a Clinton in prison.) There's still no appearance of Russia in "Russiagate".

Moscow senses Trump's travails could be ending. He may actually be able to do business if the opposing political camp has to sue for peace, as above. They have no facts to support their allegations, but a whole lot of damning facts against Clinton and their political machine are now documented.

A weather station in Alaska has under reported Arctic warming for the last 2 years, because it was too much, and the software said "that can't be real", and didn't send it. The weather station is located in Utqiaġvik, the most northerly town in the US. It was giving funny high numbers because the sea ice had gone away, and wasn't stabilizing the temperatures any more.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rebuilding Consensus

Better Angels,

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping said Thursday that the North Korean nuclear crisis would be resolved through talks and negotiation rather than war..."The two leaders agreed on four principles for peace and stabilization on the Korean peninsula," said Yoon Young-chan, senior adviser to Moon in a televised press briefing. "First, not to accept war on the Korean peninsula. Second, to hold firmly to the denuclearization principle."  He said the third principle was to resolve all issues, including the denuclearization of North Korea, peacefully through negotiations. And finally, to improve relations between the two Koreas which will help solve problems on the peninsula. The Blue House said that Moon and Xi also agreed to open a emergency phone line between them.

The US State Dept. reversed Secretary of State Tillerson's statement that the US was open to completely open and un-preconditioned talks with North Korea, with President Trump understanding that North Korea couldn't easily change course before that. (What game is this? Is it intentional to sabotage any possibility of American dependability in negotiations?)

A Russian military delegation met with North Koreans in Pyongyang the day before South Korean/Chinese negotiations and statement detailed above. Coordination? Trust?

"In this complicated context, Donald Trump emerges as a destroyer of US interests in the (Middle East) region... Turkey is just an example of the delicate balance upon which the region rests. Moscow has become the sole mediator for all parties, and does not appear to have bad relations with any of them... The rest of the world, with mounting bewilderment, watches on while all manner of decisions are made with no rhyme or reason, such as the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The only ones to lose in this scenario are naturally the closest allies of the United States: Israel and all the Arab countries united behind the Saudi (money) state that are now obliged to stand up for the Palestinian cause. Whether out of incompetence or a strategic inability to take a position, it matters little why these decisions are being made. Donald Trump, MBS and Netanyahu are exactly what the region and the world needed. Why? Because these three figures, thanks to their actions, have reunited the axis of resistance in the Middle East, fortified the Russian presence in the region, and opened the door to Asian money for reconstruction, focused on integrating the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. These three stooges have open the door to total defeat thanks to their reckless decisions."

The U.S. "lets Assad stay" because there is simply nothing else it can do without waging a large scale war. It has tried everything else - and lost. In 2012 it attempted to assassinate Assad, but he wasn't at the security meeting that the CIA blew up. It send 100,000 Takfiri fighters from all over the world to Syria and shipped in ten-thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition. The global anti-Syrian propaganda campaign in favor of the Takfiris was unprecedented. It tried to build a political opposition and sponsored it with hundreds of millions. It lastly invaded the country and tried to split it by force. It failed on all fronts.

Again, Erdogan announced that Turkey and Russia are “determined to complete in the shortest possible time” the Turkish Stream (which will bring more Russian gas to Turkey and use Turkey as a hub to supply southern Europe) and the US$25 billion Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. The US opposes the Turkish Stream, which will frustrate its plans to export LNG to Europe. Putin joined Erdogan to criticize the US decision regarding Jerusalem. Putin said, “It is destabilizing the region and wiping out the prospect of peace”; Erdogan said he was “pleased” by Putin’s stand. Erdogan said the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) summit in Istanbul on Wednesday would be a “turning point” on the crisis; Putin promised to send a representative.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has declared East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, rejected the US stance as "dangerous" and called on the international community to follow in its footsteps. At a summit held in Turkey a week after US President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the group of Muslim leaders on Wednesday called on all countries to "recognise the State of Palestine and East Jerusalem as its occupied capital".

The Internet is the last commons, which must now be looted for short term profit and more complete mind-control:  
A poll released this week by the Program for Public Consultation and Voice of the People at the University of Maryland found that 83 percent of Americans—and 75 percent of Republicans—favor the current system (the group that conducted the poll clearly explained the current regulations as well as the proposed ones). Pai, meanwhile, has said that “volume and vitriol are not substitutes for actual arguments” and has stated that “desperate” people are raising “hyperbolic fears” about net neutrality violations that “never materialized before 2015.”

In an internal email to all of the FCC commissioner offices, CTO Eric Burger, who was appointed by Pai in October, said the No. 1 issue with the repeal is concern that internet service providers will block or throttle specific websites, according to FCC sources who viewed the message. "Unfortunately, I realize we do not address that at all," Burger said in the email. "If the ISP is transparent about blocking legal content, there is nothing the [Federal Trade Commission] can do about it unless the FTC determines it was done for anti-competitive reasons. Allowing such blocking is not in the public interest."

The Republican Tax Bill not only cuts corporate tax rates (which are effectively around 13% in many cases), cuts taxes for the top 10% some, but cuts open the throats of grad students and retirees, who are trapped without recourse, already. (but, it's not absolutely final, so it'll probably be just fine... no need to fight before Christmas...)

Jada sends this 2013 TED Talk from Alan Savoy, and Environmental Research Scientist, who discovered that the traditional wisdom about reclaiming lands from desertification was wrong. The North American Bison herds were part of the ecosystem that built the deep, rich soil of the Great Plains. Recreating the movements of large herds over vast lands, immediately and measurably begins rebuilding the soil ecosystem and retaining water. (File under: "Don't fence me in")

Growing Up Together

Monday, December 11, 2017

Grasping Tighter

Controlling the Narrative,

Not to rest upon it's laurels, YouTube hires another 10,000 humans to augment the army of bots, and keep you from seeing "fake news". Thanks Cat.
In November, YouTube removed over 51,000 videos concerning Anwar al-Awlaki, the Yemeni-American imam who was assassinated via missile raid by the Obama administration on September 30, 2011. Awlaki was never charged with, let alone convicted of any crime. The mass removal was praised by the New York Times, one of the largest mouthpieces of the American ruling elite, as a “watershed moment.”  

The US military planned first strike nuclear attacks on every city in Russia and China, and gave the authority to launch to field level commanders, Colonals and Majors. (I used to like Ike. this was his idea.) Daniel Ellsberg has finally been able to tell us about this knowledge, after all these years.

North Korea is ready for direct talks with the US, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. "Gotta' give up all your nukes before we can talk" is the US position.

These 8 places are actively preparing for nuclear war. (Hey, I live there!)

A Russian interceptor was scrambled to stop a "rogue" US fighter jet from actively interfering with an anti-terrorist operation, the Russian Defense Ministry said, describing the latest close encounter between the US and Russian air force.

Russia announces withdrawal of troops from Syria. (The US will leave unwanted troops there indefinitely, as you may recall.)

Iran's Revolutionary Guard issues order to US troops to leave Syria, where they are illegally stationed.

The Pentagon is not just missing trillions of dollars, but 44,000 active duty troops.

The site being considered for the US embassy in Jerusalem is stolen Palestinian private property (of course).

Turkish President Erdogan: "Palestine is an innocent victim… as for Israel, it is a terrorist state, yes, terrorist!” Erdogan said in a speech in the central Turkish city of Sivas. "We will not abandon Jerusalem to the mercy of a state that kills children."

A contractor of legal advisory services to the people of Arizona has decided to stand up for his legal rights and refuse to sign a certification that he will not boycott Israeli goods, because it is his constitutional right to do so. He is suing Arizona for that right. (Finally!)

Deliver for Amazon, pee in a bottle, eat granola bars, sleep, repeat, for under minimum wage...