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Modeling Transition

Engaging Complexity.

Overly Simple Energy-Economy Models Give Misleading Answers: Gail Tverberg
This is the latest from Gail-the-Actuary, about how economists, economic models and oil-company models have all missed some major jitters in price and production of oil markets, because all the "constants" turn out to be complex co-variables.
Yes, it looks like global oil production is in terminal decline, and the postwar globalized economy, too. (I think Trump, Clinton, and the elites they front for are really nervous about these facts, and desperately seek control of the system on their terms as it goes over Seneca's Cliff.)

Why Real Reform Is Impossible, We Can't Believe The Mighty Titanic Could Actually Sink, Charles Hugh Smith

Japan's Exports Decline again in June for 9th Straight Month. (Globalism is shriveling. Localism is what we need to survive, especially local necessities of life. Globalism wants to keep control of those, of us.) 

IMF admits disastrous love affair with the Euro and apologizes for the immolation of Greece (Yeah, but now what, Ambrose? More of the same until financial-regime collapse, is all I can see.) Thanks Anthony.

Russia and China will hold "completely routine" joint naval drills in the contested South China Sea. (This is the next step in Eurasian cooperation, the classic competitor to the oceanic empires of England, and now the US. New global currency will soon be fought out.)

Growing food at the local-cooperative scale, a righteous livelihood.
Our Table Cooperative's vegetable crew

Squatting in Lettuce

Thursday, July 28, 2016



We all feel something deeply disturbing moving in our world, in our societies. There is a spirit of unease pervading the world, and there is window-dressing that everything is OK, business-as-usual. 
We are appealed to within narrow identities, like race, gender, income, region, religion and sexuality.
When systems collapse, as happened in the world after WW-1, all people have to work together to create a new structure from the ground (food-garden) up. Things get really basic, and as old systems collapse under the weight of inefficiency and parasitic load (both Trump and Clinton, for instance), we enter an era worse than the collapsed regime. Parasites extort on a more personal level, threatening people and beating them up and killing them for cash "for the cause". The hierarchy deploys special-forces to kill the new parasites, who talk a just-cause, but survive and spread through injustice. Just killing people under false-pretenses by the bully boys of the "revolution" and the "police" and "army" is depicted here, by an Indian policeman whose family was extorted again and again by revolutionaries. They then beat him close to death and left him at the gate when he argued the injustice if it with them. He was 17, and he was ready to kill them at that point. He joined a weak Indian local police force that was being reorganized around counter-insurgency lines, and became a very effective and self-disciplined executioner.
He never took money or booty from the bodies, always held to the official lie, always cleaned himself in the alley before entering his home, and he always looked the men in the eye when he killed them. He never killed a woman.
Eventually the government machine he served so very effectively turned on him, when pictures were taken, proving the last of his executions to be what it was. He became somebody who had to die and be forgotten. He saw that, and sidestepped it effectively. He became the first such executioner to tell the facts, and that was a tortuous transition for him, which led him through the use of drugs, and into addiction. He is now alive, free of drugs, and telling the whole story. He won't live long. This is as true a view of human nature in hard times as we might hope to see before we see with our own eyes. It is not the only way things can go, but aspects of it, the deep, humiliating injustice, for instance, should inform our decisions today. 
We can do things to hide, but they strengthen injustice, right? 
This man began with righteous intentions, passed through the Inferno, killing over 100 humans, after lying to many of them, and as he looked into their eyes. 
He became one of the hunted, and was almost totally consumed in eluding the elites he had served so faithfully. 
Now he is ignored as he speaks the truth, the only one from this position to do so, and he will soon die this way, but he HAS spoken first.  Thanks Dan.

Looking Into Eyes of Future

We finally got a good rain after a month with none. Jenny snapped me in the garden at dawn the next morning.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Keep Fooling Me

Permanently Robbed,

(Nuclear) Armageddon Approaches, Paul Craig Roberts The German government leak reveals a further stress within the Mutual Assured Destruction paradigm, with which we have grown so complacent. Is this going to be the big "solution" to all our problems? Neocons get us all killed and let God sort us out?

What Makes a Great Power War Possible.
Military Asymmetries and the Risk of War
A really illuminating scholarly investigation.

Who is "Putin's Useful Idiot" this week, or this afternoon? So many have been distinguished by this accolade. Look at these headlines.

Donald Trump, one of "Putin's useful idiots" gets a better laugh at Debbie Wasserman Schultz who rigged the fake Democratic primary and got caught doing it. She got bood-down at a little breakfast meeting of Delegates from her state, Flor-i-duh. She's this week's Putin, or Hitler, or Bernie Madoff, or something. The Republican Convention set a high bar for hypocritical lunatic circus, but the Democratic Convention is taking a very serious run at that bar.

Facebook blocked links to Wikileaks download of DNC emails, and got caught, and had to admit such an obvious thing...

"How can I join this class action lawsuit against the DNC?" I'm glad you asked yourself that question. 
If you donated to the Democratic Party or the Sanders campaign, you were harmed.  
Email for further information on joining this suit. You'll get an auto-reply with some links. I did.

How Much Should Food Cost? 
It's a really thought provoking dissection of our neoliberal economic system, and what was considered normal and obvious, not very long before globalists took over.
How do we count the cost, when so much of it is externalized, and rolled into a deathly tomorrow?


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hottest Year Ever


14 record-setting hot months in a row, as of last month.
"Climate change, caused by heat-trapping greenhouse gases, will not (disappear). This means we face more heatwaves, more extreme rainfall and potential for higher impact tropical cyclones," said WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas.

It's not hot air melting the Antarctic Polar Icecap; it's hot water.

129.2 degrees F. in Kuwait. How many people will live there when the oil runs out? How about Phoenix, El Paso and Las Vegas? 

We are the only species to be able to use the lakes and rivers of fossil water deep beneath the ground, and we figured out how to use the oil under the ground to pump it all up here to the surface. It gives us drink in the desert, and a swimming-pool, and a nice golf-course, and feeds billions of us daily, rain or shine. We have really figured this one out. Now what?
Ilargi, at The Automatic Earth, looks at essentials of restructuring an economy in a period of financial collapse (your pension first)
Setting up a basic income system in a society that, for example, imports its clothes and furniture -and sometimes even food- from China, is a doomed proposition. The number one requirement for a successful basic income is that the money issued stays inside the society it’s being issued in. If not, it would merely speed up bankruptcy. The money must be spent locally, on local products, as much as possible, because then it will be worth much more to the local economy. This will also go far towards fighting deflation, because the velocity of money will increase. To ensure that as much as possible is spent inside a community/society, the manufacturing base will need to be (re-)built.
Across the pond, Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn looks to actually have a much stronger position after this whole coup-that-failed thing, even though the insiders tried to exclude anybody who joined the party in the last couple of years from the vote. That backfired, didn't it? Corbyn could be a really effective Prime Minister if they will just keep plotting against him and getting exposed for it.
Wikileaks "Part 1" of the Clintoon emails, induces DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign.   (This is called "Damage-Control". The rigged results are agreed-upon, and a scapegoat is sacrificed, forced to head up Hillary Sauron's campaign and get nicely paid. Superdelegates get somewhat downgraded, but onlyafter a lock on the results. Clinton is the nominee, as decreed, and Sanders says he's fighting to get her, not Jill Stein MD, elected POTUS.)        
Trump's strategy, like Nixon's "Southern Strategy" is to take disaffected voters that the Democrats have previously owned, but who are just screwed these days. They used to be called "hard-working-Americans" and things like that.    "But finally came Trump’s speech, and this was for the first time, policy was there. And he’s making a left run around Hillary. He appealed twice to Bernie Sanders supporters, and the two major policies that he outlined in the speech broke radically from the Republican traditional right-wing stance. And that is called destroying the party by the right wing, and Trump said he’s not destroying the party, he’s building it up and appealing to labor, and appealing to the rational interest that otherwise had been backing Bernie Sanders. So in terms of national security, he wanted to roll back NATO spending. And he made it clear, roll back military spending. We can spend it on infrastructure, we can spend it on employing American labor. And in the speech, he said, look, we don’t need foreign military bases and foreign spending to defend our allies. We can defend them from the United States, because in today’s world, the only kind of war we’re going to have is atomic war. Nobody’s going to invade another country. We’re not going to send American troops to invade Russia, if it were to attack. So nobody’s even talking about that. So let’s be realistic...  Trump also opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the TTIP trade and corporate power grab [inaud.] with Europe to block public regulation. And this was also a major plank of Bernie Sanders’ campaign against Hillary, which Trump knows. The corporatist wings of both the Republican and the Democratic Parties fear that Trump’s opposition to NAFTA and TPP will lead the Republicans not to push through in the lame duck session after November. The whole plan has been that once the election’s over, Obama will then get all the Republicans together and will pass the Republican platform that he’s been pushing for the last eight years. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement with Europe, and the other neoliberal policies. And now that Trump is trying to rebuild the Republican Party, all of that is threatened. And so on the Republican side of the New York Times page you had David Brooks writing “The death of the Republican Party.” So what Trump calls the rebirth of the Republican Party, it means the death of the reactionary, conservative, corporatist, anti-labor Republican Party."    
Retrofitting Suburbia (Hey, it's all we've got to show for the last 70 years.)  
How does the forest feel with us?  What is her name?  Will she sing to us? Kingsnorth tries to explain an odd trip he took.                                                              
 Song Briefly Sung by Mother Earth

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sugar And Fat

Frozen Diners,

Hillary Clinton, certain of her coronation, chooses a sure-thing, politically-palatable career politician as running mate. 
Meet What's-his-Name, er, Tim Kaine, who has been Governor of Virginia, Senator from Virginia, speaks fluent Spanish, and never met a global trade deal he couldn't endorse.

Wikileaks releases over 19,000 emails and over 8000 attachments, showing that the entire Democratic primary process was rigged to bring Hillary Clinton in as Presidential nominee. No other course was ever considered viable. Sanders was media smeared and minimalized with full media collusion. He was crashing Hillary's party.
Wasserman Schultz seemed to have already counted Sanders out of the race in a May 21 email, when there were still nine primaries to go. “This is a silly story,” the chairwoman said. “He isn't going to be president.”

"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half." Jay Gould 
America has become a Parasitocracy, Bill Bonner

French President Hollande (who needs more than the most expensive hairdresser in the world to be "popular") quickly moves to bomb Syrian women and children, blaming ISIS for the Nice truck-murders ("Oops, it wasn't?") and quickly extending the emergency-martial-law-fascism.

Nice Brings to Mind Operation Gladio, Paul Craig Roberts (He's politely saying that evidence points to this being more false-flag terror-for-democracy from our very own deep-state, to get us in the right mood. Yeah, it's for the white French, but it's for us, too, like 9/11 got shared around.)

Millennials are the new Hero-Generation. The GI Generation is now all but gone. The Millennials will have to find some path through the energy collapse of modern industrial civilization, environmental degradation and vast overpopulation. Death in the desert... Life in a vegetable garden... No trips to Mars.

David Stockman describes the current illusionary global stock markets in terms of a cocaine binge with free cocaine. Free debt-money that can never be repaid with value in the future, but can still acquire something of value for the elites today.

CETA globalist trade-pact between EU and Canada is rightly under attack, and is standing on weaker legs, since Canada is now dealing with a much smaller trading block, but still has to give up as much for it. German "center-left" Die Linke Party sues... (Maybe this will scuttle that pirate-ship.)

Why Russia warned Erdogan ahead of the failed coup and saved his bacon. (Yeah, I can't prove this is what happened, but it seems most-likely.) Thanks Eleni.

Turkish pilots who shot down Russian jet were part of the coup. Thanks Tom. 
(Maybe Erdogan had nothing to do with the shoot-down, but had to endorse it or look ineffectual, which is not the image he promotes. If the US was behind this latest coup, and it has been behind the four prior successful military coups there in 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997, then both Russia and Turkey, and potentially Syria and the whole region may be served by aborting it. I wonder what Kerry and Putin talked about in Moscow the day before it happened.)

The Greek Air Force, which has a lot of radar in the area, says Erdogan's jet was never harassed by rebel F-16s on coup-night. (Just a story...)

Post Failed Coup Geopolitics in Turkey. This article picks up where the Russian jet was shot down and Erdogan had to act quickly, and takes us to the present situation of massive cull of suspects in Turkish politics, military, courts and higher education. Iran also says Russia tipped-off Erdogan. Thanks Eleni.

How Sugar and Fat Trick the Brain Into Wanting More, More, MORE:

Deep Fried Twinkie 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Losing Mobility

Outta' Gas,

Transport fuel is about to start going away, and will be done going away from ordinary people within a decade. Nothing else will be the same, either. Trains should keep running, and we should have electricity most of the time, if we have a paycheck and a place to stay. 
This is part one of a 3 part series. I look forward to part 2, but I'm sure not waiting for it. Adapting now, while options remain, is my focus.

This is a really good color rendition index (CRI) light bulb, available for pretty cheap at Costco. The Feit bulbs screw right in, and are quite easy on the eyes. The soft white (2700 Kelvin color temperature) bulbs are efficient, due to using a blue (not violet) phosphor, but have been able to get fully away from the harshness of blue-phosphor LEDs, which we all know as glare. 
Look for the little rainbow color badge on the front of the box, announcing 90+ CRI. Lasts 22 years.

Friday night, in the air over Turkey, President Erdogan was in his presidential jet, when 2 Coup-Rebel F-16s flew up behind it, locked it into their targeting radar, ... and eventually disengaged. Why didn't either one of them pull the trigger. These 2 pilots decided the outcome of the coup. Where are they now?

6000 Turks are under arrest, pretty much everybody on Erdogan's usual-suspect list. This clears the deck for him. We'll see how this plays out, huh?

2 years ago MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine, over a war zone, where Ukraine controlled the air, and the US immediately blamed Russia. Where is the proof? Since no proof has been released after 2 years of very expensive investigation, we can only assume that the US/NATO have what lawyers call "bad facts". Ukraine did it, is the obvious conclusion.

New Zealand has officially recognized the legal personhood of a natural ecosystem, and also of a river. Monsanto won't like this... It must be killed in the cradle.

It's been validated. Cigarettes are the actual "gateway-drug". Marijuana might actually be the escape -hatch from addiction. Weird, huh?

"Bush Doctor"

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Heat

​Dressed Wrong for the Event,

John Kerry (still Secretary of State) just dropped in to the Kremlin to arrange a little US/Russia-cooperation, which is a nice and novel idea. (It seems that the ISIS Minister-of-War, "Omar-the-Chechan, got killed in the war this week.)

Here is an update on the leak of the proposal, with details. (This may have been leaked by neocon elements who oppose it, some surmise.)

Friday night military coup in Turkey fails. The military plotted a coup against Erdogan early in his Prime-Ministership, over a decade ago, but never got a chance to pull the trigger. The current military had Erdogan loyalists in top positions. A couple of weeks ago, when Erdogan surprisingly apologized to Russia and normalized relations with the Israeli government, I sent out a story with the viewpoint that this was to appease the Turkish military. At least Erdogan reduced his enemies abroad by those acts, undercutting support for a coup, ahead of the fact. We might expect more President Erdogan and less "Sultan" in the near future. (To me, this really casts the Thursday/Friday meetings between Kerry and Putin in a broader light. This is bound to influence US/Russia relations, hopefully for the better.)
"The people are afraid of a military government," a 38-year-old man who gave his name as Dogan told AFP. "Most of them have been in military service, they know what a military government would mean."

French President Hollande (every hair in place) takes the Bastille Day truck-massacre in Nice as a cause to extend the fascist-emergency-powers of his government for another 3 months. His approval rating hovers in the single digits these days, but he doesn't need approval.

Last November, Friday the 13th at the Bataclan Theater in Paris, there was a massacre carried out by Islamic terrorists, and there were suppressed reports of gruesome atrocities. Those reports of men being castrated with their balls stuffed in their mouths, women being bayoneted in their genitals, and humans being disemboweled in the upper level of the theater, where suppressed. Those reports have now surfaced again. They came up at government hearings in March 2016, but were not made public. (Snopes patches together an official denial, but major news outlets across the world are running with this story. Is a Snopes refutation necessary for confirmation, these days?) 

I didn't get polled by The Guardian, but I'd have fit right in.

Green Presidential Candidate, Jill Stein announces that if she is elected President, she will pardon Edward Snowden, AND appoint him to a cabinet-level positions. (Makes sense to me. He's shown resourcefulness, integrity and a willingness to sacrifice his life and perquisites for moral reasons.He went up against the empire and has a stalemate so far. Pretty good.) Chelsea Manning would be pardoned and released from solitary confinement in a military prison, also.

Jeremy Corbyn is the only certain name on the Labour Party ballot for Party Leader, which he already got voted accidentally last year, when they let the hopelesslyidealistic simpleton onto the ballot and he won. Do-Over! (What's Plan-C if he wins again?)

"We found that inside the brain's reward centers, sweet sensation is integrated with energy content. When sweetness versus energy is out of balance for a period of time, the brain recalibrates and increases total calories consumed," said lead researcher Associate Professor Greg Neely. The sweeteners essentially cause the brain to send a message that not enough energy has been consumed, triggering a kind of starvation response that makes food taste even better.

What if just staying stoned on pot all day really turns out to be the cure for Alzheimers? (This is seriously something to follow going forward. This is a paradigm shift in medicine.)

Somewhat Disoriented

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Belief Systems


Israeli Defense Force Chief Rabbi, Col. Ayal Karim, explains that rape of Arab women during wartime is not against the Torah, if it is necessary to satisfy/motivate the Jewish soldiers in support of their cause.
“Although intercourse with a female gentile is very grave, it was permitted during wartime (under the conditions it stipulated) out of consideration for the soldiers’ difficulties,” he wrote. “And since our concern is the success of the collective in the war, the Torah permitted [soldiers] to satisfy the evil urge under the conditions it stipulated for the sake of the collective’s success.”

​Before European settlers enforced rigid gender roles, Native Americans generally recognized 5 genders. Hawaiians seem to miss the big deal about GLBTQ, too.​

​A reporter goes on a rescue mission off the coast of Greece, and shares the pictures and stories of the 26 refugees on the inflatable boat here.

​The nurse in the photo below, Leshia Evans, described the moment as "the work of God" and herself as "a vessel". 
This was a spiritual act, the practice of spirituality in life, no matter what religious language you may be most comfortable with. 
It translates without any words at all, doesn't it?

A demonstrator protesting the shooting death of Alton Sterling is detained by law enforcement near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge Police Department in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. July 9, 2016.  REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

Half of the food grown in the US gets thrown away. 
Hey, this is inevitable in the system. It can only be helped by changing the system. 
I don't throw away much food from my garden at all, unless the possum or squirrels have chewed into it. Stuff goes into the compost, and a lot of veggies get given away at work. I put a lot of work and money into this and efficiently give things away when they are perfectly ripe and more than we can eat. It's the opposite of capitalism. I do get paid for my other work, though...

Corporations, maybe your retirement too, are grabbing vast regions of farmland and underground water from the people who live and grow their food on it. This is a major eviction of African and other farmers.

​T​hese deals are large, long-term and determined to avoid the pitfalls that earlier deals ran into. Much of the Asian-led oil palm expansion in Africa, and the advance of pension funds and trade conglomerates to secure access to new farmlands, fall into this category.[6]Increasingly, gaining access to farmland is part of a broader corporate strategy to profit from carbon markets, mineral resources, water resources, seeds, soil and environmental services.

Leaked TTIP details show it would make environmental regulations, limits on fossil fuels and any restriction on natural gas export from the US, effectively illegal, or at least impossible in reality.

"Socialist" French President Hollande has a private hairdresser on-call 24:7, who gets pain $11,000/month. That is 2/3 of Mr Hollande's salary, and more than a member of European Parliament gets. (He does good work with what is made available to him and probably helps the president feel prettier and more sure of himself for his important work. Impressions are SO IMPORTANT. He's perfectly discreet, too.)

In the UK, they have really not gotten rid of Jeremy Corbyn, and odds are that they won't be able to, even if they manage to keep everybody who joined the Labour party in the past 6 months from voting. (Al Jazeera has the story, for some reason.)

"Here is What Bernie Sanders' Hillary Clinton Endorsement is Really About" (It's the kindest thing I could find and says Bernie just put Clinton's name into every sentence of his old stump speech. Actually, it's far worse than this, when you consider the slaughter Hillary pushed for and got in Libya.)

"Some Bernie Sanders supporters are feeling burned" (Yeah, Duh!)

"Dear Sanders Supporters: Don't Kill Your Revolution by Voting for Hillary Clinton" 
There are Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates. (I'll be voting for Jill Stein MD again, myself.)

Gestapo America, Paul Craig Roberts (I think it's more Stasi-esque, myself.) Why the FBI needs to know every keystroke on your computer, every link, every email, everything, always, to keep us all safe and enjoying our freedoms of privacy and speech and stuff.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Repair Crew

Reporting a Problem,

"America is Broken" (Duh!) These things happen periodically. We're working on it.

And then there is this image of one person making a noble stand within the midst of hierarchy, repression and anger.

What stage of insurrection is it when cops get shot as an act of war? I always forget. I think it means people are at some kind of breaking point or paradigm shift, or something. This author says that once things go this far they never stop until the power structure backs down, but it can take hundreds of years...
The Kennedy brothers backed down quickly from the top and prevented lots of tragedies in lots of cities. Whatever happened to those guys?

It says here that most Americans don't trust the government. It looks like the level of trust has kept dropping since right after John Kennedy was assassinated.

Jill Stein MD, presumptive Green Party candidate for President again this election invites Bernie Sanders to take her place on that ballot if the Democratic Party can't adopt a meaningful reform platform. (A lot of media is calling this things like "spoiler", but I see it as principled and visionary. The two parties are really one party these days. Broken status quo. This could be the year that "none of the above" translates to "Green Party".)

Donald Trump may select lifelong Democrat, General Michael Flynn, who was pushed out of the Pentagon for his strategic views, as Running Mate. Flynn likes Russians OK, too. Complex, thoughtful, straight-shooter who offends politicians with his directness.
"Michael Flynn not only foresaw the rise of Daesh describing intricately in a report ignored by President Obama and the State Department that the conditions were ripe for a fundamentalist Islamic terror group worse and more hardline than al-Qaeda to emerge from the group of US-backed rebels. Flynn routinely opposed the Obama administration’s policy of arming rebel groups against Bashar al-Assad and ominously warned that ousting Gadhafi in Libya would open Pandora’s box."

The Saker presents recent events that may foreshadow a major change in the Syrian war soon, but what?

The No State Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Thanks Tom. There's a lively debate in the comments section of this one. It seems like a factual and historically well researched article.

The Doomsday Forum is a free-event for mid to high level functionaries of the military arm of the military-industrial-complex. 
What's for dinner? $1 trillion for "preemptive-self-defense" nuclear attacks to destroy "4 rogue states", which pose threats.
"This important event –which consists in building a consensus in favor of a possible first strike pre-emptive US nuclear attack against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea– has barely been covered by the mainstream media."

The USA, and its European colonial forces, NATO, are massing forces along the Russian border for a major war, WW-3. What else could you call it?

Former Soviet President, Mikhail Gorbachev says, "the next war will be the last". (Can we not do this, please?)

The Italian economy can't heal itself, constrained by the Euro. It has not been healthy since entering the Euro. It's breaking and needs out. Italy is not thought to be long within the Euro, going forward.

Anatomy of a Failed Coup in the UK Labour Party: "Worst. Coup. Ever." 
This is a great article about the Blairite power elites in the Labour Party planning for over half a year to do an intervention at the right time, disgrace Jeremy Corbyn publicly in the media, all step away from the leftist leper, and let him step down and let a real politician take the helm. They ran this operation like clockwork; snick, snick, snick, the pins all fell into place perfectly and right on cue. Corbyn-the-Dolt refused to acknowledge that he had been bested. He just stood there and said stuff about "not betraying the trust of the people who voted for him". Stood there. Unmoving. Stupid, for the whole world to see. Shinned and oblivious. Then the Chilcot Report came out, and it was every bit as bad for Tony Blair and the MPs who voted to carry out that war of choice in Iraq, killing 250,000 humans and destroying millions upon millions of lives. Yeah, it was these same "Blairite" guys, and Corbyn-the-Dolt has more stupid working people behind him than ever. Well, they deserve what they're going to get from him now, don't they? Corbyn did manage a formal apology on behalf of Labour, to the bereaved families of British soldiers lost in the war. Proper form, that...

Jeremy Corbyn backs a motion to indict Tony Blair for "Contempt", a move by which Blair may still be brought to face legal proceedings, even though he is no longer PM.

Australia is dying, vast reefs and mangrove forests, just suddenly dead, all at once. It's not just the Great Barrier Reef.

Global insect die-off of 45% has happened in the past 45 years. It's not just bees, This is vast and ongoing.

Looking for Bugs