Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sugar And Fat

Frozen Diners,

Hillary Clinton, certain of her coronation, chooses a sure-thing, politically-palatable career politician as running mate. 
Meet What's-his-Name, er, Tim Kaine, who has been Governor of Virginia, Senator from Virginia, speaks fluent Spanish, and never met a global trade deal he couldn't endorse.

Wikileaks releases over 19,000 emails and over 8000 attachments, showing that the entire Democratic primary process was rigged to bring Hillary Clinton in as Presidential nominee. No other course was ever considered viable. Sanders was media smeared and minimalized with full media collusion. He was crashing Hillary's party.
Wasserman Schultz seemed to have already counted Sanders out of the race in a May 21 email, when there were still nine primaries to go. “This is a silly story,” the chairwoman said. “He isn't going to be president.”

"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half." Jay Gould 
America has become a Parasitocracy, Bill Bonner

French President Hollande (who needs more than the most expensive hairdresser in the world to be "popular") quickly moves to bomb Syrian women and children, blaming ISIS for the Nice truck-murders ("Oops, it wasn't?") and quickly extending the emergency-martial-law-fascism.

Nice Brings to Mind Operation Gladio, Paul Craig Roberts (He's politely saying that evidence points to this being more false-flag terror-for-democracy from our very own deep-state, to get us in the right mood. Yeah, it's for the white French, but it's for us, too, like 9/11 got shared around.)

Millennials are the new Hero-Generation. The GI Generation is now all but gone. The Millennials will have to find some path through the energy collapse of modern industrial civilization, environmental degradation and vast overpopulation. Death in the desert... Life in a vegetable garden... No trips to Mars.

David Stockman describes the current illusionary global stock markets in terms of a cocaine binge with free cocaine. Free debt-money that can never be repaid with value in the future, but can still acquire something of value for the elites today.

CETA globalist trade-pact between EU and Canada is rightly under attack, and is standing on weaker legs, since Canada is now dealing with a much smaller trading block, but still has to give up as much for it. German "center-left" Die Linke Party sues... (Maybe this will scuttle that pirate-ship.)

Why Russia warned Erdogan ahead of the failed coup and saved his bacon. (Yeah, I can't prove this is what happened, but it seems most-likely.) Thanks Eleni.

Turkish pilots who shot down Russian jet were part of the coup. Thanks Tom. 
(Maybe Erdogan had nothing to do with the shoot-down, but had to endorse it or look ineffectual, which is not the image he promotes. If the US was behind this latest coup, and it has been behind the four prior successful military coups there in 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997, then both Russia and Turkey, and potentially Syria and the whole region may be served by aborting it. I wonder what Kerry and Putin talked about in Moscow the day before it happened.)

The Greek Air Force, which has a lot of radar in the area, says Erdogan's jet was never harassed by rebel F-16s on coup-night. (Just a story...)

Post Failed Coup Geopolitics in Turkey. This article picks up where the Russian jet was shot down and Erdogan had to act quickly, and takes us to the present situation of massive cull of suspects in Turkish politics, military, courts and higher education. Iran also says Russia tipped-off Erdogan. Thanks Eleni.

How Sugar and Fat Trick the Brain Into Wanting More, More, MORE:

Deep Fried Twinkie 

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