Friday, July 29, 2016

Modeling Transition

Engaging Complexity.

Overly Simple Energy-Economy Models Give Misleading Answers: Gail Tverberg
This is the latest from Gail-the-Actuary, about how economists, economic models and oil-company models have all missed some major jitters in price and production of oil markets, because all the "constants" turn out to be complex co-variables.
Yes, it looks like global oil production is in terminal decline, and the postwar globalized economy, too. (I think Trump, Clinton, and the elites they front for are really nervous about these facts, and desperately seek control of the system on their terms as it goes over Seneca's Cliff.)

Why Real Reform Is Impossible, We Can't Believe The Mighty Titanic Could Actually Sink, Charles Hugh Smith

Japan's Exports Decline again in June for 9th Straight Month. (Globalism is shriveling. Localism is what we need to survive, especially local necessities of life. Globalism wants to keep control of those, of us.) 

IMF admits disastrous love affair with the Euro and apologizes for the immolation of Greece (Yeah, but now what, Ambrose? More of the same until financial-regime collapse, is all I can see.) Thanks Anthony.

Russia and China will hold "completely routine" joint naval drills in the contested South China Sea. (This is the next step in Eurasian cooperation, the classic competitor to the oceanic empires of England, and now the US. New global currency will soon be fought out.)

Growing food at the local-cooperative scale, a righteous livelihood.
Our Table Cooperative's vegetable crew

Squatting in Lettuce


  1. The lettuce growers in the last article look to be a contented lot. Compare to the vicissitudes of rural life posed by this invasion of an organic spread in Oregon:

    Farmers are in one of the riskiest businesses on the planet, at least as far as making a profitable crop is concerned.

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