Thursday, July 28, 2016



We all feel something deeply disturbing moving in our world, in our societies. There is a spirit of unease pervading the world, and there is window-dressing that everything is OK, business-as-usual. 
We are appealed to within narrow identities, like race, gender, income, region, religion and sexuality.
When systems collapse, as happened in the world after WW-1, all people have to work together to create a new structure from the ground (food-garden) up. Things get really basic, and as old systems collapse under the weight of inefficiency and parasitic load (both Trump and Clinton, for instance), we enter an era worse than the collapsed regime. Parasites extort on a more personal level, threatening people and beating them up and killing them for cash "for the cause". The hierarchy deploys special-forces to kill the new parasites, who talk a just-cause, but survive and spread through injustice. Just killing people under false-pretenses by the bully boys of the "revolution" and the "police" and "army" is depicted here, by an Indian policeman whose family was extorted again and again by revolutionaries. They then beat him close to death and left him at the gate when he argued the injustice if it with them. He was 17, and he was ready to kill them at that point. He joined a weak Indian local police force that was being reorganized around counter-insurgency lines, and became a very effective and self-disciplined executioner.
He never took money or booty from the bodies, always held to the official lie, always cleaned himself in the alley before entering his home, and he always looked the men in the eye when he killed them. He never killed a woman.
Eventually the government machine he served so very effectively turned on him, when pictures were taken, proving the last of his executions to be what it was. He became somebody who had to die and be forgotten. He saw that, and sidestepped it effectively. He became the first such executioner to tell the facts, and that was a tortuous transition for him, which led him through the use of drugs, and into addiction. He is now alive, free of drugs, and telling the whole story. He won't live long. This is as true a view of human nature in hard times as we might hope to see before we see with our own eyes. It is not the only way things can go, but aspects of it, the deep, humiliating injustice, for instance, should inform our decisions today. 
We can do things to hide, but they strengthen injustice, right? 
This man began with righteous intentions, passed through the Inferno, killing over 100 humans, after lying to many of them, and as he looked into their eyes. 
He became one of the hunted, and was almost totally consumed in eluding the elites he had served so faithfully. 
Now he is ignored as he speaks the truth, the only one from this position to do so, and he will soon die this way, but he HAS spoken first.  Thanks Dan.

Looking Into Eyes of Future

We finally got a good rain after a month with none. Jenny snapped me in the garden at dawn the next morning.

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