Friday, July 8, 2016

Any Minute Now

Sprinting to Cliff,

Vladimir Putin is extremely serious in his warning to western journalists that the world is really being dragged right to the edge of nuclear WW-3. He truly does not want this, and wishes that people could understand that this is exactly where western military actions are headed, preparing to attempt a nuclear first strike on Russia, which would result in a rapid global exchange of nuclear destruction, including "here", wherever the hell that may be for you and me.

Putin cancels planned trips and calls Obama on 7/6/16, with a lot of concern over sudden ramp-up of forward positioning of Ukrainian military on border with DonbassSprinting to Cliff,, and increased shelling by those expanding forces. It looks like another summer offensive from the Ukrainazis.

Almost 2 years since MH-17 was shot down over Ukraine, and the US jumped to blame Russia, all the information remains completely secret, and nothing is official. The investigators cannot allow the world to see what they have. It's bad for NATO.

"My prediction is that life on earth would not survive Hillary's first therm. Elect Hillary and die." Paul Craig Roberts  (I think Professor Roberts is being overly harsh. Hillary has shown that she will receive the office of Commander-in-Chief-of-the-Global-Imperial-Army whether people actually vote for her or not. Just look at the vote rigging in state after state, and Puerto Rico, and the FBI. She's it. Keep your cyanide close.)

"Are you planning your retirement? Forget about it, you won't survive to experience it." More PCR (This is really the silver lining, since we've seen how economically impossible it will be to support a bunch of old retired people in a few more years. I'm breathing a sigh of relief.)

The collapse of the Italian government, soon, is more than just a possibility. People are at the end of their ropes with how they are being cheated, squeezed for every drop of blood, lied to and taken for fools.

Italy has so many bad loans out, but Europe (this means you, Deutsche Bank) has massively unstable derivatives-exposure to all of these financial changes which are now starting.

Deutsche Bank is "coming unglued" really fast, with stock suddenly worth little-to-nothing.

Spain and Portugal are in violation of deficit rules and must pay heavy fines to EU until they turn all of that around, which they cannot do. 
Boom! Accelerated collapse is the obvious outcome to be expected, then, rule by bank-representatives.

China is rapidly devaluing the Yuan/Renmenbi, under cover of Brexit turmoil. Chinese currency cuts are aimed at boosting plummeting exports, by making them cheaper. This "exports deflation" and destroys industry in trading-partner countries. The Chinese debt bubble is the largest in history, by far.

Elizabeth Warren mounts a large public campaign against the TPP, which is expected to be slyly passed and signed this December, probably during some further shooting crisis. The conclusion from Huffington Post is that Clinton is not really considering Elizabeth Warren for VP, since she keeps working against the interest of global banking, who own team-Clinton, as does Daddy Warbucks.

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