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 Gamers With Skin,

U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa announced that American B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers accompanied by military aircraft from twenty-one other NATO nations flew over all 30 NATO member states today. Those would include the five that border Russia – Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – of course.
The B-52s (designed to carry nuclear weapons during the Cold War), like their fellow nuclear-capable long-range bombers the B-1 and B-2, started deployment to Europe in 2018 under the aegis of the Pentagon’s Bomber Task Force...​   ​

Ellsberg explains why he hopes the courts take on the law used to crack down on whistleblowers.

  “The whole idea is to kill the bastards,” Gen. Thomas Power, commander of America’s nuclear forces from 1957 to 1963, once said about the use of atomic weapons. “At the end of the war, if there are two Americans and one Russian, we win.” The hold this nuclear lunacy had on the top of the U.S. government is terrifyingly illuminated in a top-secret study of U.S. war plans newly publicized by famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. The document, produced by the RAND Corporation and copied by Ellsberg at the same time he exfiltrated the Pentagon Papers from RAND, examines the U.S. response to the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis.   The study’s contents were first reported on May 22 by the New York Times.
  The crisis, now completely forgotten, began when China attempted to seize several small islands off its coast from Taiwan. The study shows American generals enthusiastically planning for the use of nuclear weapons against China. It is not simply that the officials looked with equanimity on the possibility of killing millions; rather, many seemed frustrated that there were any delays forced upon them by the rest of the government...   
“You shouldn’t be confident that the current calculations are any less crazy,” Ellsberg said. His apprehension about the potential use of nuclear weapons is intimately linked to another of his key concerns: the Justice Department’s accelerating use of the 1917 Espionage Act to prosecute leakers.​                                          ​

Doze Waskawy Wussians!

Russia Forming 20 New Military Units To 'Counter NATO' Near Western Border  On Monday Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced decisions reached in a meeting with top military officials which mark a continued significant escalation with NATO. The Associated Press described of his statements, "He pointed to a growing number of flights by U.S. strategic bombers near Russia's borders, deployments of NATO warships and increasingly frequent and massive drills by alliance forces."​ ​

Russia may be cut off from SWIFT banking payment system as part of West's ‘spiral of sanctions,’ warns country's foreign ministry​  ​
​  ​Russian banks may be blocked from using SWIFT, a payment system that enables reliable and secure financial transactions, as part of restrictions against Moscow, in what one official has called a potential “spiral of sanctions.”
​  ​“It's no secret that there are threats, primarily from the United States, to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system,” said Dmitry Birichevsky, director of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russia's $186 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Dumps All Dollar Assets​  ...  
GULP!​  It's almost time, now...​
​  ​Following a series of corporate cyberattacks that American intelligence agencies have blamed on Russian actors, Russia's sovereign wealth fund (officially the National Wellbeing Fund) has decided to dump all of its dollars and dollar-denominated assets in favor of those denominated in euros, yuan - or simply buying precious metals like gold.

Desperate Netanyahu Threatens "Elimination" Of Iran Threat Even If "Friction" With US Results

Just as negotiators were preparing to meet in Vienna on Wednesday to wrap up the latest round of talks on reviving the Iran nuclear deal, Iran's largest warship caught fire Wednesday in the Gulf of Oman and sank under unclear circumstances.

​Charles Hugh Smith  (The productive economy in America was peaking in 1970, so workers got paid a lot more and mostly did more valuable tasks.)
Why the Minimum Wage Should Be $18/Hour
What does it say about our "prosperity" if we can't even afford to equal the purchasing power of the minimum wage paid 50 years ago?
It says the 1% got the mine and the bottom 90% got the shaft.
Given the rising prosperity we keep hearing about, shouldn't we be able to provide minimum wage workers the same purchasing power they enjoyed 50 years ago in 1970?

​Great reset targets. (not that I advocate eating animals or people under most circumstances)
JBS Shutters All US Meat Plants As Cyber Attack Jeopardizes Food Supply

Employees began returning to JBS' shuttered meat plants on Wednesday, a day after the company's beef operations were halted across the country following a ransomware attack over the weekend. 

Russian hacking!
Email: Researcher Who Funded Wuhan Lab, Admitted To Manipulating Coronaviruses Thanked Fauci For Dismissing Lab Leak Theory
Fauci’s emails have been released via FOIA
​  ​“As the Pl of the ROl grant publicly targeted by Fox News reporters at the Presidential press briefing last night, I just wanted to say a personal thank you on behalf of our staff and collaborators, for publicly standing up and stating that the scientific evidence supports a natural origin for COVID-19 from a bat-to-human spillover, not a lab release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
​  ​From my perspective, your comments are brave, and coming from your trusted voice, will help dispel the myths being spun around the virus’ origins. Once this pandemic’s over I look forward thanking you in person and let you know how important your comments are to us all.

​I think he already deposited the advance payment. That's always the main thing. How much was that?​
"Expect the Unexpected" Indeed - Fauci's Pandemic-Profiteering Book Was Just Pulled From Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Global Preparedness Monitoring Board produced this 50 page report and released it in September 2019 (Knew about Ft. Detrick already?)​ Thanks Doc Robinson.
  Countries, donors and multilateral institutions must be prepared for the worst. A rapidly spreading pandemic due to a lethal respiratory pathogen (whether naturally emergent or accidentally or deliberately released) poses additional preparedness requirements. Donors and multilateral institutions must ensure adequate investment in developing innovative vaccines and therapeutics, surge manufacturing capacity, broad-spectrum antivirals and appropriate non-pharmaceutical interventions. All countries must develop a system for immediately sharing genome sequences of any new pathogen for public health purposes along with the means to share limited medical countermeasures across countries.  

​  ​New research shows that the coronavirus spike protein from COVID-19 vaccination unexpectedly enters the bloodstream, which is a plausible explanation for thousands of reported side-effects from blood clots and heart disease to brain damage and reproductive issues, a Canadian cancer vaccine researcher said last week.
​  ​“We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario, in an interview with Alex Pierson last Thursday, in which he warned listeners that his message was “scary.”
​  ​“We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin,” Bridle said on the show, which is not easily found in a Google search but went viral on the internet this weekend.
​  ​Bridle, a vaccine researcher who was awarded a $230,000 government grant last year for research on COVID vaccine development, said that he and a group of international scientists filed a request for information from the Japanese regulatory agency to get access to what’s called the “biodistribution study.”
​  ​“It’s the first time ever scientists have been privy to seeing where these messenger RNA [mRNA] vaccines go after vaccination,” said Bridle. “Is it a safe assumption that it stays in the shoulder muscle? The short answer is: absolutely not. It’s very disconcerting.”
​  ​Vaccine researchers had assumed that novel mRNA COVID vaccines would behave like “traditional” vaccines and the vaccine spike protein — responsible for infection and its most severe symptoms — would remain mostly in the vaccination site at the shoulder muscle. Instead, the Japanese data showed that the infamous spike protein of the coronavirus gets into the blood where it circulates for several days post-vaccination and then accumulated in organs and tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands, and in “quite high concentrations” in the ovaries.
​  ​“We have known for a long time that the spike protein is a pathogenic protein. It is a toxin. It can cause damage in our body if it gets into circulation,” Bridle said.

​  ​Chinese researchers have achieved a new world record after scientists developing an “artificial sun” ran the device on Friday at a record-shattering temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for over 100 seconds.
​  ​The experiment was held at the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) in Hefei, China.
The exercise is a part of the China’s efforts to develop new clean energy sources through the development of next-generation nuclear fusion reactor technology.
​  ​Known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), the “Chinese artificial sun” managed to generate plasma temperatures of 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds before scientists also realized a temperature of 160 million degrees Celsius for an additional 20 seconds.
​​T​​he goal of EAST is to create Sun-like energy using deuterium, a hydrogen isotope that is plentiful in the ocean and can provide a steady flow of clean energy.

Bill and Warren fund a molten-sodium cooled, "clean energy" natrium nuclear reactor project in Wyoming. 
What could go wrong?
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to build new kind of nuclear reactor in Wyoming
​  ​The project in Wyoming – the country’s top coal-producing state – is a small advanced reactor that runs on different fuels to traditional ones​...
​  Chris Levesque, TerraPower’s president and chief executive, said the demonstration plant would take about seven years to build. “We need this kind of clean energy on the grid in the 2030s,” he told reporters. Nuclear power experts have warned that advanced reactors could have higher risks than conventional ones.

Highway Cafe Of The Damned, Austin Lounge Lizards (For your brief consideration. What are those "seven vices" again?)

Franz Kafka

Pictured this morning at dawn in Austin garden after a night of rain.

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