Monday, June 14, 2021

Framing The Question

 Autonomous Human Vehicles,

  Societal changes do not just happen. Entire societies have  to work them out and enact them. It's not as simple as a good or evil government making a detailed plan and having it carried out in a series of laws and processes. WW-2 was a complex example of that, as was the Great Depression. 
  We are already well into failing processes to bring about "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" and "Great Reset". The elite owners plan a "transhuman" future, except for themselves, and whatever other faithful and capable human servants they need, but not 90% of humans. 
  The transition from the postwar societal contracts, where people could reasonably expect personal freedoms and the opportunity to earn a good/adequate living by working diligently, to whatever sort of hopeless slavery awaits us is going poorly at first.
  People are embracing the new rules on one hand, giving their teenagrs "the vaccine", like it's a good thing, completely innocent to the extreme dangers, even after "reactions" begin. "That just means it's working." I have a specific boy in my prayers, and have not yet been able to see the wise way to speak to his mother, my friend, about what is happening. He is away, visiting family. She doesn't understand. She loves him with all her heart.
  Other people, like the workers at Methodist Hospital in Houston, who are jobless, after the Federal Judge rejected their bodily rights argument out of hand, have found their hill to stand and defend:
  How does this become a first, crystalized choice for the rest of us? It is easier to delay that choice, but it seems to be crystalizing for our Western societies around bodily integrity, around the precedent of having to accept a genetic-engineering injection into your flesh to have the right to be a member of a failing social order. 
Live under a tightening noose of control /ownership by the same selfish, heartless, and now, increasingly desperate elites, or what?. 
  The Deep states and media are the iron fist and velvet glove of that order.
. Ordinary Doctors, teachers, government employees, grocery clerks, garbage men and policemen follow orders and respect rules, like they always have. 
At what point does one have to choose a side? 
How soon can one choose a side, having determined what side to choose? 
The sooner the better, I suspect. 
  Proactively framing the question at my clinic, instead of awaiting an ultimatum, might be possible for me, with the Houston nurses in mind. 
I will take that path, now that the specific decision is clearly coming, likely this fall.
I will explicitly state my firm conviction to refuse "vaccination". 
(My reluctance to suggest it for any but the highest risk patients has been clear all along. The vaccine machine has been going around me, like a critter in the road.)

  I'd like to sound like Rod Sirling giving an introduction to a Twilight Zone episode, and get that eerie music cutting in. Thanks "Antidote".
(Deep states and owners  cannot make a system that works. They only make working systems fail by converting them to extraction and coercion.)
  The Wizard of Oz: The Dark Reality that TheDeep State hides from The Rest of the World., Andrew Korybko
​  ​Nothing is ever as it seems, especially when it comes to the modern world in which everyone lives. "There Are No Democracies Or Autocracies, Only Governments", I wrote last week, and they're all comprised of permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies, or "deep states", which handle matters largely considered (whether rightly or wrongly) to be beyond the responsibility of the average citizen. This power structure is allied with influential perception managers in the Mainstream Media and the education system in order to hide a very dark reality from everyone that's much more nefarious than what the Wizard of Oz hid from Dorothy...
  ​The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in what can be described as WorldWarC, or the full-spectrum paradigm-changing processes catalyzed by the world's uncoordinated attempt to contain the virus (again, whether or not one believes that it's real, fake, or exaggerated). All preexisting trends are now being accelerated and compressed, including the geopolitical, military, economic-industrial, information-communication, healthcare (genetic engineering), governmental ("socialist/"fascist"), and "green" ("depopulation") ones. This means that everyone is truly living in an unprecedented era of history whereby literally everything about life as they know it will be completely different within a decade. The very nature of international, economic, civil-state, and even human-to-human relations is transforming at a record pace, with folks either choosing to remain asleep like the "deep state" wants or wake up and peacefully try to stop them if it's even at all still possible to do so.

Financial Blowout Ahead: Lobotomized Economists Clash on the Deck of the Titanic​.  ​Matthew Ehret
​  ​Under the new world order of “stakeholder capitalism” citizens will learn to own nothing and be happy​.
​  ​As the geniuses running the western financial bubble sometimes called an “economy” continue to double down on their obsession to pump a dead financial system with ever more trillions in stimulus spending, arguments are raging among brainwashed economists living in denial over the oncoming systemic collapse. The thought of engineers on the Titanic passionately arguing over whether they should accelerate or decelerate the speed of the boat whose hull has long been torn to shreds by an iceberg comes to mind.​..
  Among the many goals of the Trilateral Commission laid out Brzezinski in his 1970 Manifesto “Between Two Ages” was the need to drive the transition of society towards what Brzezinski referred to as the “technetronic era” saying:
​  ​“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”...
​  The COVID Pandemic did not “cause” the current systemic crisis as many fools have parroted for over a year, but has merely served as cover to obscure the real systemic causes of the long-awaited collapse and accelerate the controlled disintegration of the system as the world is prepared to transition into a “new technetronic age” which has come to be dubbed a “Great Reset” or “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.​...
​ As former Bank of England head Mark Carney recently wrote of the new age of “net zero” in his new book Values Building a Better World for All, (which many of recognized as a precursor to his replacement for Canada’s Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister):
​  ​“It could be generations before the gains of the fourth industrial revolution are widely shared. In the interim, there could be a long period of technological unemployment sharply rising inequalities and intensifying social unrest”.

​  Note that Carney's suggestion is not to replace the power and ownership structure that created the problem, but to enforce societal austerity and strict control of humans-without-rights.​
​  ​In his book Value(s): Building a Better World for All, Mark Carney, former governor both of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, claims that western society is morally rotten, and that it has been corrupted by capitalism, which has brought about a “climate emergency” that threatens life on earth. This, he claims, requires rigid controls on personal freedom, industry and corporate funding.
​  ​Carney’s views are important because he is UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance. He is also an adviser both to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the next big climate conference in Glasgow, and to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

​Huh?  Smoke & mirrors?                              
Cash Gone Nuts: Treasury General Account Drops to $674 Billion, as Fed’s Reverse Repo Cash-Drain Hits $534 Billion

This makes sense, in that they told everybody to stay home and they sent out all those unemployment benefits, half of which were fraudulently stolen and sent abroad, and borrowed to do it, so there is less economy and lots of dollars, especially in criminal hands.
It Gets Ugly: Dollar’s Purchasing Power Plunged at Fastest Pace since 1982. It’s “Permanent” not “Temporary,” Won’t Bounce Back
But it’s a lot worse than it appears.

​He cares deeply about Africans and has friends who will buy said gold, right-away., at market price.
France's Macron Urges G-7 To Sell Gold Reserves To Fund Bailout For Africa

​When The Music's Over (turn out the lights)

This makes it sound like it might take 50 years to agree on the electronic digital vaccination passports that we all need and want so badly. 
I bet it won't. I'm not going to have this kind of passport in this life. Thanks Jeremy.
 ​The pandemic has heightened digital transformation in nearly every aspect of our lives, from remote work to online shopping, and now digital vaccine passports. Vaccine passports are not a new idea. The World Health Organization has used the Carte Jaune (Yellow Card) since the 1930s as an international standard for proof of vaccination that your primary care physician can sign for you. It’s even still used today for certain vaccines like yellow fever, rubella and cholera. However, the Carte Jaune has always been a physical piece of paper, easy to lose and not impossible to counterfeit.
  As such, many of the proposed vaccine passports seek to update the Cart Jaune to a digital version that’s harder to lose and counterfeit.

Ray McGovern reads the tea leaves: He does not expect much. I suspect that they must do a few important things quietly.
Biden-Putin Summit: Boon or Bust?
Reading the tea leaves a week before Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin meet in Geneva puts a premium on the kind of media analysis we old-school Kremlinologists had to rely on back in the day.

Jim Kunstler: (Tony Fauci is an upper level deep state functionary, nothing else.)
​  ​Ordinarily, vaccines that produce a very few cases of dangerous side-effects are held back from distribution. But under the emergency declaration for Covid-19, the mRNA “vaccines” are proffered even more aggressively. Through May, 2021, The Science (Dr. Fauci) presses to “vaccinate” as many Americans as can possibly be rounded up, including people who have recovered from Covid-19 and have developed their own natural antibodies.  Lately, The Science (Dr. Fauci) has militated for children and teenagers to get “vaccinated.”
​  ​Only, now it turns out that scores of “vaccinated” young people are showing up with inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis), otherwise extremely rare in that demographic. Say what, plus huh, plus WTF?
​  ​Does it not seem as if The Science (Dr. Fauci) has lurched from one blunder to the next, while also withholding the truth from the public, lying about the origin of the disease, and its (his) role in the development of the “vaccines,” and now rather desperately, it seems, trying to cover its (his) ass?

​Should You Get Vaccinated?​Lots of detailed and useful information here. Lots.
​  ​I always get vaccinated. I have been fully vaccinated with the Moderna COVID vaccine. My three daughters have all been vaccinated.
​  ​I recently learned that these vaccines have killed over 25,800 Americans and disabled at least 1,000,000 more. And we’re only halfway to the finish line. We need to PAUSE these vaccines NOW before more people are killed.
​  ​Based on what I now know about the miniscule vaccine benefits (approximately a .3% reduction in absolute risk), side effects (including death), current COVID rates, and the success rate of early treatment protocols, the answer I would give today to anyone asking me for advice as to whether to take any of the current vaccines would be, “Just say NO.”
​  T​he current vaccines are particularly contraindicated if you have already been infected with COVID or are under age 20. 
For these people, I would say “NO! NO! NO!”

​A warning to all of us. This is exclusion from the economy and personhood, "shunning":  Pakistan province to block phones of the unvaccinated

Babylon Bee:  Republicans Propose Vaccination-By-Mail Program
​  ​“Since voting by mail went so smoothly last year, we wanted to apply those same principles to our COVID vaccination program,” said Senator Mitch McConnell. “Mail-in vaccines will ensure that we have the most secure vaccination process in American history!”
​  ​The Republican proposal is simple: every American will automatically receive a pre-loaded syringe in the mail, along with a COVID vaccine card. Individuals will then self-administer the vaccine and self-report their vaccination status, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Busy Bee


  1. Hey John. Always appreciate your thoughts as a front line care giver. My son, a UTSW med student, has had Covid(Sept) AND the vaccine(required) with no ill affects. His 3 roommates likewise, thus far. From only an anecdotal standpoint, my immediate family (5 brothers/sisters, spouses, some vaxxed children) have had inconsequential responses. We have attended 3 weddings in last 2 months, maskless and "close" with most attendees comfortably "medically altered" and no reports of negative consequences. My cousin and BIL, rabid antivaxxers, are having a civil family discourse with me about their concerns, which I hear. My children knew I thought it prudent for them to wait on the shot but they have made their own decisions. The point of all this could be Lilliputian control mechanisms for the hoi poloi and not just disease mitigation but I am going to need to see some good data(not propaganda or wishful thinking) on the adverse outcomes.

    1. Yes, look at "Should You Get Vaccinated?" for well compiled data.
      Look at today's blog, just posted, about "splitting the alternatives" after making a difficult decision. We are all human, and share the same limits and social engagement circuitry. All I can do is keep that in mind, while assessing the information as history careens forward. We create history/reality, often unknowingly. If we know that, maybe we can positively influence it going forward.