Saturday, September 17, 2016

House On Fire

Relatively Relieved,

"Comrades Relax! The house is on fire." (We are not being arrested by the secret police.)  Thanks Eleni, for this insight into nations ruled by sociopaths.
“To men of violence . . . ideas are only a means of legitimizing their lust for murder to those for whom violence is not a natural course of action. Neither Stalin nor Yezhov were guided by Marxism or its promises when they had people arrested, tortured, and killed. . . . It had absolutely nothing to do with the writings of European Marxism.” 

The Cold War Is Over, is a wonderfully written perspective from an Englishman with decades of connection to Russia, in late Soviet days, and also recently. It paints color into the stark contrasts of the first story. It is also useful in comprehending our world.

"Without recognizing the desperation and despair of the Russian people during the Yeltsin era — and the soaring American arrogance in the 1990s — it is hard to comprehend the political rise and enduring popularity of Vladimir Putin, who became president after Yeltsin abruptly resigned on New Year’s Eve 1999."

“On the third day of the ceasefire only the Syrian Army is observing it. Meanwhile, the US-led ‘moderate rebels’ are intensifying the shelling of residential areas,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday. Thanks Eleni.

Syria's economy is half what it was before coordinated attacks from America's "moderate extremists" began. 25% of Syrian have left. 50% of Syrians are displaced. 35% reduction in grain harvest makes Syria dependent upon imports for food. Minimal oil is being pumped, and much of that has gone through mercenary hands. This article focuses on Russia and China helping rebuild the Syrian economy, as the war has turned decisively favorable for the Syrian government, since Russian help began in earnest a year ago. The government is paying people to grow food on small plots, too, "victory gardens". Thanks Eleni.

Libertarian, Gary Johnson and Green, Jill Stein MD, are excluded from the 9/26/16 presidential debate between Trump and Clinton. No surprise. (Could Clinton remain the Democratic candidate if Trump slaughters her?)

More details of the leaked Colin Powell emails: 
Hillary detests Obama, and he doesn't care if she loses. 
Nobody likes her and she's been looking unhealthy for years to those who know her. 
Powell resents the conflation of his (legal) use of personal email and Clinton's illegal use, which is probably why he has not endorsed her.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio. (This should be a good comparison of how crowds respond to the 2 most viable Clinton replacements.)

48% of Likely Democratic Voters believe Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s primary rival, should be their party’s nominee if health issues forced her out of the race. Twenty-two percent (22%) say Vice President Joe Biden should be the nominee, while only 14% opt for Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, the current Democratic vice presidential candidate. Nine percent (9%) of Democrats think it should be "someone else". (Those were only choices given.)

Jill Stein: "If elected president I will immediately pardon Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and John Kiriakou for their important work in exposing the massive, systematic violation of our constitutional rights. I would invite them to the White House to publicly acknowledge their heroism."

"Fully 63 percent of respondents now say the country is on the wrong track, while only 31 percent believe it is heading in the right direction. These are remarkable numbers, and they correspond precisely with the Lichtman-DeCell keys.
Based on my scoring, the incumbent Obama administration carries the burden of eight unfavorable keys, with another two that could turn against it before Election Day. If there is any merit in the Lichtman-DeCell framework, then the Democratic Party stands today as ineligible for rehire by the American electorate. There will be no third consecutive Democratic term under Hillary Clinton."
(I suspect that the Democratic Party, global capital, and neocons are watching closely, and are ready to put in a last-month replacement to capture the electoral desire for systemic reorganization. I would specifically score both economic indicators the other way, even worse for the status-quo.)

Why Obamacare Didn't Work: There is no profit-based-solution to public health. I can sure tell you that.

Gas shortage emergencies declared in Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia

Frozen in Headlights

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