Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tsunami Of Lies

Silvery Surfers,

Breitbart News has this article, saying Tulsi Gabbard, not Mitt Romney, should be secretary of State. (Steve Bannon's thoughts or a trial-balloon?)

This update on Standing Rock Water Protectors vs pipeline shows some waffling. Governor Dalrymple says he wants to rebuild relations with Sioux Tribe, and that the proposed pipeline route is probably the only feasible one, but that they'll look at it again. Donald Trump supports the pipeline and supports the peaceful protesters, too. Veterans work in bitter cold to make some more shelters. There may be upwards of 3000 veterans arriving to support Water Protectors. (These chickens are not finished hatching.) 

Bitter cold will become life-threatening in a few days when Arctic Blast hits Standing Rock. Water Protectors are doing all they can to survive it.
A geodesic dome, which was donated in October, now serves as a community gathering space. It is one of many structures that have been erected in the camp to prepare for the long winter ahead.

Psy-Ops against the besieged Water Protectors and their encamped supporters.

(As predicted last week) Pennsylvania statewide recount is not going to happen. Threshold of evidence not met.
Thierry Meyssan believes that General Michael Flynn intends to reverse the post 9/11 criminalization of US "Intelligence" services, which have become expert at killing anybody, anywhere, anytime (with collateral-damage), but less good at gathering strategic intelligence and developing practical insight (the Neocon heritage).

John Pilger looks at US preparations for war against China, big preparations, scary. (Ashton Carter is mistakenly referred to as "Ashley Carter"; kinda' cute.)
In 2015, in considerable secrecy, the US staged its biggest single military exercise since the Cold War. This was Talisman Sabre; an armada of ships and long-range bombers rehearsed an “Air-Sea Battle Concept for China” – ASB — blocking sea lanes in the Straits of Malacca and cutting off China’s access to oil, gas and other raw materials from the Middle East and Africa.

John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov met in Rome Friday. There may finally be some coordination of humanitarian efforts around Aleppo (unless the US fails to keep it's word again...)

Two days after over 80,000 eastern Aleppo residents were freed from US-supported terrorists, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said the UN, America, Britain and France declined to provide any humanitarian aid.
On November 30, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said providing humanitarian aid to Syrians is increasingly politicized. Most UN aid goes to US-supported terrorists.

On Thursday, the Senate voted 99-0 for final passage of a bill, H.R. 6297, extending for 10 years the Iran Sanctions Act, which authorizes a president to prevent investment in Iran's energy sector and other sensitive industries. While President Barack Obama has waived those sanctions as part of the nuclear accord, congressional leaders said keeping them in reserve provides valuable leverage against Iran. When they made the deal with Iran, Obama administration officials pledged that sanctions would "snap back" in place if the Islamic Republic violated the requirements to curb its nuclear program. The Obama administration will "take a look" at the bill extending sanctions authority, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday, stopping short of threatening a veto of it. The administration says the bill isn't needed because the president already has the power to sanction Iran if needed.

House passes bill targeting "Russian Propaganda Websites". This is heading towards a declaration of official censorship and information war. (Domestic propaganda has always been hidden; subtle. Mainstream propaganda for Clinton "missed by that much"(Maxwell Smart.) in recent election. Damage Control Time.)

“It is the height of irony that an article about ‘fake news’ is built on false, unsubstantiated claims. RT adamantly rejects any and all claims and insinuations that the network has originated even a single ‘fake story’ related to the US election.”

Until now, Americans have had freedom to criticize US foreign policy, wars-of-opportunity, and the lies that justify them. 
That is being taken care of above. 
Now we need laws to prevent any criticism of Israeli genocide, too. 
Let's get this strict Federal Censorship Bill passed before Christmas, please. Thanks Cat.

[Soon to be censored] The UN passes yet another resolution, demanding that Israel withdraw from Syrian territory, militarily occupied in 1967 war, the oil-and-gas-bearing Golan Heights.

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