Monday, March 13, 2017

Enlightenment Lies


We were all born naked and human. What happened?
This article points out that the conceptual framework of our modern world is of the divorce between human-consciousness and all of the natural world.
We call that "The Enlightenment", which is nice, like saying "Department of Defense", instead of "Department of War".
The rational human mind is completely separate from animals, and plants, and even human bodies. "I think, therefore I am."
I am the master of this realm, and I shall do as I see fit. I'm rational. I can explain. I can make a nice profit, and it is futile and unevolved to resist that.
Great minds think alike. Let's leverage that idea, really scale it up. To make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. Forests grow back.
Here is an article, reviewing a book that says the enlightenment model has been taken too far, that it cast out all prior models, and that we need a new and more-enlightened approach to our places in the web of life that we took for granted in our sprint to subdue it.
This book review says that the forms of society which are fundamental to our (animal) species are our fundamental nature. Abstract reason is not our fundamental nature, not even the actual arbiter of our actions. We do not often act from pure rationality. Maybe we do in a chess game, but it's not rational to play chess, so why do we play chess, with a cigarette, and a Hershey bar... We have spent 400 years being rewarded for using our rational minds to burn forests to drive steam engines to make cloth and replace weavers, then to clean the cotton, then to step foot on the moon, and lately to become cartoon characters in interactive internet porn games. We need self driving cars.
Can we actually synthesize ourselves into healthy humans at all levels of person and family and work-party and garden?
Jenny snapped this picture of me in the kitchen-garden this morning. I'm working on it. It's a full-engagement thing, not just an intellectual exercise.
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Eleni sends this story about Steve Bannon's worldview. Don't stop there. Keep reading. It's important, and it is rational and coherent, and he came to it through a lot of life experience. Also, there's a conceptual framework for it. It all falls into place. 
"The Fourth Turning" is the reset that happens every four generations, like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Great-Depression/WW-2. 
It's that time again. That's his worldview. Alastair Crooke does a credible job of explaining. The title isn't the story. 

Paul Craig Roberts tells "Our Age of Folly", which is still this same age of Post WW-2 order, the order which is about to reset. (We suckers never get an even break.) Thanks Eleni.
The United States has been growing progressively insane for a long time. For my generation, the realization descended upon us in the 1960s when the military/security complex convinced Americans that if we permitted Vietnamese nationalist leader Ho Chi Minh to unify Vietnam, the dominoes would fall until the Communist World Revolution had us in its grip.

A burst-height-compensating super-fuse for nuclear warheads just made it 3 times more likely that a US warhead completely takes out a Russian missile silo. One submarine launched nuclear warhead is now almost certain to take out one Russian ICBM silo. That tremendously improves the odds of complete first-strike destruction of offensive weapons and removes the selfish-interest reason not to destroy half the world, for fear of getting singed. Thanks Dan. Important story and easy to miss.
The capability upgrade has happened outside the attention of most government officials, who have been preoccupied with reducing nuclear warhead numbers. The result is a nuclear arsenal that is being transformed into a force that has the unambiguous characteristics of being optimized for surprise attacks against Russia and for fighting and winning nuclear wars.

Half a century after United States B-52 bombers dropped more than 500,000 tonnes of explosives on Cambodia's countryside Washington wants the country to repay a $US500 million war debt. (So, we sent a bunch of agricultural surplus to the corrupt ruler of Cambodia, who we paid off while we bombed most of his people into the stone age. We told him we'd lend him the money if he would buy the corn. It made good pig feed. Everybody wants to eat more pig. Really, it was just a legitimate side deal. Pay Up!, a debt's a debt.)

Senator Rand Paul introduces Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard's Stop Arming Terrorists Act in the Senate. (Right-on!)

Yes Your Sleep Schedule Is Making You Sick (Again, take 3 mg melatonin at 9:00 PM every night and let the morning sun shine into your face.)

Changing with the Seasons

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