Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last Night For Internet

Curiously Yellow,

Who is Emanuel Macron, the next president of France, and why is it so cool that he seduced his high school drama teacher away from her husband and kids, and got the sweet fast-track at Rothschild bank, then chuted into the top tier of French politics? 
He's young, intelligent, well spoken, fresh and charming, sort of like Barack Obama used to be...

Here are the results of the French election, first round, explained in maps, which really seems to work for me.

Is weather manipulation a weapon of trade warfare? (Wow, hadn't had that much on the radar!) CIA says plant wheat in Southern France this year for a good crop. Thanks JW.

Last Friday's bicoastal power outage looks likely to have been caused by solar storm.

"The North Koreans are supposed to test another nuclear device on or about the 25th of this month.  “Coincidentally,” that EMP “drill” named Operation Gotham Shield is supposed to run through April 25th, and possibly a little longer.  Coincidentally, there was a power outage in three different U.S. cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City on Thursday.  Coincidentally, Russian bomber and intelligence-gathering aircraft have been flying test runs along the coast of Alaska, for four days straight with the U.S. and even Canada scrambling fighters to intercept.  Coincidentally, the Russians claim to have electronic devices with an EMP-type effect, already used against the USS Donald Cook, a guided missile destroyer with Tomahawk missiles back in November of 2014.  Coincidentally, the U.S. naval armada is set to arrive in the waters off the Korean coast on April 26th… right in line with the EMP drill “Operation Gotham Shield". All these factors point toward a false-flag attack.”

The US will test launch a North-Korea-ready ICBM tonight from southern California, "just to make sure all our stuff works right".

The US military is setting up the Anti-Ballistic-Missile system in South Korea. (Don't worry, this'll protect ya!)

Falsifying History is Uncle Sam's Way to War, Finian Cunningham (good essay)

The US refuses to take part in any investigation of whatever that chemical thing was in Syria earlier this month ("confident" as you may recall), but will go ahead and put financial sanctions on a bunch of Syrians, freeze their accounts and so on. It's easier this way...

If this is Freedom and Democracy, what is Tyranny? (OK then, what if it isn't freedom and democracy?) Paul Craig Roberts

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