Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Previous Human Extinction


It really looks as though history is all different again, due to a giant comet that smacked North America 13,000 years ago, causing and ice age, woolly mammoth extinction, and the near extinction of advanced human societies, particularly around the mediterranean. There has previously been speculation about what caused that human genetic bottleneck, of some few thousand who successfully repopulated the world, but now it seems to have been the natural version of nuclear armageddon.
There was another group of people already in North America, and some of them did survive and passed down the oral history. A small group of people who sustained the old knowledge were able to correctly depict the astronomic event 11,000 years ago on finely carved stone, at Gobekli Tepe, near Turkey's border with Syria. The positions of the constellations spell out the correct date of our last extinction. 
The Taurid Meteor Stream which done this evil deed has long, long passed away from our fair planet, but is still tracked by astronomers. Theoretically it has so much big, rocky space junk that it could do this again some day, when it comes back around. We don't need to worry about that, because it's not for another 13 years, 2030. Whew!  (second link better pictures only)
Picture of Gobekli Tepe Quarry

America's Financial War Strategy (as seen from China) The outsourcing of manufacturing by the empire is fine as long as it can flood the world with dollars for stuff, then crash the foreign economies and buy up their factories, and rinse, and repeat. This article postulates that we are in the last cycle of all that. China will replace the $US with the old global reserve currency, during the next financial crisis. China has a lot of the old currency, they say, and it all came from space, from meteors and stuff... gold. Thanks Eleni.

Japan seeks to restore it's sovereignty (by making peace with Russia. It's a serious ongoing negotiation. Probably feeds right into this big reset, huh?)

More analysis of the American tomahawk missile attack on Syria last month is here. It lays out something I had really been thinking about, but not addressed so much. 59 Tomahawk missiles got fired at a Syrian airbase, and 23 got there, confirmed by aerial photography, and flights took off the next day... What happened to the other 36? This article says the Russian air defenses just dropped them, probably without missiles, just electronics, but not sure. This was a massed attack, meant to overwhelm air defenses. It didn't. Good thing it wasn't a bunch of guys in those new F-35s, huh? This analysis is toward the end of a long article. Thanks Eleni.

Putin and Trump have another phone conversation and agree to work together some on Syrian and North Korean situations. They might meet this summer, around the G-20 meeting July 7-8, maybe... (It's about damned time.)

Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa May had a nice dinner at Downing Street, spoiled only by their attempts to talk about the start of Brexit negotiations. Ms May dismayed Mr Juncker, convincing him that she was actually from one of Dr Who's parallel universes, or at least another galaxy. It appears to be a coy form of hardball. "Let's talk about everything I want first. OK, now time to talk about what you want, but we can't, because I can't tie the hands of the next government, to be elected this summer, which will be me and my friends again." (I think they are waiting for something to blow up and then it will all get done in a panic.)

"An electric auto will convert 5-10% of the energy in natural gas into motion. A normal vehicle will convert 20-30% of the energy in gasoline into motion. That's 3 or 4 times more energy recovered with an internal combustion vehicle than an electric vehicle."  (It's an easy choice, as long as there is liquid fuel and personal cars, but a corporate fleet of driverless electric taxis might be what's for dinner, with resistance-is-futile for an appetizer, probably by 2030 :-)

Warming Globally

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