Monday, October 23, 2017

Same Name, Different Country

Just Waking Up,

Please let me preface everything included here with the thought that an oil crisis will begin within the next two years, an will never end, as the exponentially-growing-debt based financial system falls apart, because it needs unlimited liquid fuel to keep growing, and other things that are getting used up, like groundwater, farmland that isn't ruined yet, good weather, stable environment, and so on.

Infants and toddlers that use smartphones don't sleep as much. They have delayed sleep onset, and less total sleep, and it is proportional to how much they engage with the smartphone. 80% of the neuronal connections in a human brain are made by age 4. That's what decides what your chances of going to college are. That will take a long time to be sure of. How many millions have been permanently damaged already? How can they innovate in the real world, the physical world, with falling energy per capita?

"Giving your kid a smartphone is like giving her a grm of cocaine." 13 year old girls interviewed mostly considered sexting "normal", unless they get caught. Wonder what this may lead to?

It will really be better for America if the military is governing the country, rather than these crooked civilian politicians, right? All over the world, people turn to their countries generals to fix the problems in crises, right? The Presidency is controlled by those retired generals, says this article from Moon of Alabama, a stable view of this writer in recent months. Is this better or worse than being ruled by the heirs of the coup that murdered JFK, RFK and MLK? I guess we;ll find out soon. (I have been wondering what we may finally learn from those withheld and redacted 30,000 pages of government documents regarding JFK's assassination, which will be released by 10/26/17. Why so long, eh?)

US-backed "Syrian Democratic Forces", Kurdish Syrians, from the northern syrian border with turkey, nicely return a captured-from-ISIS gas field to Syrian government control, after talking with a Russian General. Who is considered the reliable partner in the Mideast these days?

US Department of State now casually says some Syrian rebels used nerve gas on civilians, like it was public knowledge, which it is, but was always denied by the US government before. "Terrorist and other violent extremist groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda linked Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham [dominated by Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Al-Nusra, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization], operate in Syria.” HTS is the group now holding Idlib province, which it captured in 2015 as part of a coalition of armed groups given direct support from a US-led operations room in southern Turkey .(These are the guys Turkey was using to disrupt Syria, and is now  failing to clean up, like they promised. Blaming them (rightly) may just be a way to put pressure on Turkey, which has not been good at following Washington's orders since that coup against Erdogan failed last year.)

108 F-35 fighter planes the US has already bought won't be usable in combat, probably ever. You see, these were basically the beta testing run the US bought, and it will be cheaper to buy nice, new, really sorted-out F-35s, than to try to fix this batch. They'll be fine for training, and putting at VFW posts and stuff, still plenty of value for the money...

The first amendment to the US constitution guarantees freedom of speech, unless you won't sign the paper saying you won't boycott Israeli products made in illegally occupied Palestine, by people without human rights. Citizens of Dickenson, Texas can't get any city disaster services unless they sign a paper saying they are not boycotting Israel, and won't boycott Israeli products for the period of time they may need their trash taken away, and such. It's State law, and Dickenson is just trying to follow it. Other examples of the new American constitution are included here, including a Menonite teacher who couldn't be hired unless she signed a paper stating she wasn't and wouldn't be boycotting Israel for violations of international law and human rights. (Top of the list, until that, too...)

Here is more detail on the Texas law, from Tom, in New York.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed a law in May actively targeting support for the non-violent Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. BDS is a broad effort opposing the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and actively working toward, among other things, the full rights of Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel... The bill prohibits state agencies from contracting with and investing in a number of efforts seen as pro-BDS... That’s now a problem for towns like Dickinson — and the timing is terrible...
Dickinson’s city attorney, David W. Olson, has said the city is only following Texas state law and intends to keep doing so... Residents of one Texas town are being asked to make an unusual promise in exchange for hurricane relief funds — they have to vow not to boycott the nation of Israel.


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