Thursday, November 16, 2017

Turning Slowly

Turning Inward,

For those within spitting-distance of Austin, there is a Tibetan Buddhist teaching Friday night at 7:00 PM at Trinity Church 40001 Speedway, by Anam Thubten. Donations accepted, not required. (Practical insight and advice)
Anam Thubten: 

The Unbearable Slowness of fourth Turning, Part 2 (The details of how history rakes us over the coals if we've not studied and prepared, and even if we have...)

Israel is ready to share intelligence information with Saudi Arabia ahead of war against Iran. (The enemy of my enemy is rich and stupid. Ha-ha-hahahahaaa!)

Brndon Smith calls NWO Reset and Mideast war, with proxy battles, which is an easy call at this point. Then what?
(Gosh Christine LeGarde looks uncomfortable, sitting next to Mohammed Bin Salman, who looks supremely comfortable.) 

Tulsi Gabbard update: "One of these things is not like the others..."  She keeps telling the truth, and the truths from last year keep getting confirmed. Democracy is broken, not just the Democratic and Republican parties. She does interviews and refuses to take bait, or PAC contributions.

A few thousand years of history of economy in the Greek and Italian city states is presented here. Thanks Eleni, who points out that this is only news in English language media.

"Franken-Furter, It's all over"... Former Playboy bunny says comedian-cum-Senator, Al Franken kissed , fondled and groped her without her consent in 2006 (Was that the "Lies and Lying Liars" book tour?).

Turning the other Cheek

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