Thursday, October 18, 2018

Divided House Of Saud


The first Khashoggi-murder fall guy, the rude one, who threatened the Saudi Consul, is dead in a car accident. Some say the Consul is next. 
MbS says nothing, nothing at all.

Trump's Alliance with Body Choppers, Death Squads and Child killers, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Israel (The title is overt, but looks at the necessity of raw and widespread power to be brutal, in order to keep controlling and extracting wealth.)

Why Israel Gets Away With Murder In Occupied Palestine (still, same as ever)

There is fear and embarrassment inside Saudi Arabia, and dissension, and insecurity at all levels, and tattling, and billionaires in "confinement". There was royal family consensus-rule in the past, but now tyranny from MbS. MbS spends more time out at sea on his yaght, lately, they say...

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchen cancels his attendance at Saudi Investment Summit. Trump told him to.
In a succinct tweet, just minutes after SecState Pompeo suggested President Trump give the Saudis more time to come up with an excuse for killing WaPo journalist Khashoggi, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has announced that he will pull out of the Saudi investment conference...  

The White House gives the House of Saud a few more days to come up with an adequate deal/lie. (It may be that Washington has had enough of MbS)

Saudis transfer $100 million to State Department, which is way to small to be anything close to a deal.

Escalating Bribe

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