Thursday, July 16, 2020

Status Reminder

Sentient Life Forms,

Today is different for me, though many of the actions and outward patterns are the same.
Jenny and I got up in different rooms at 4:00 AM, because she has been having to distance from me since she got the COVID swab Monday, prior to the 6.5 hour surgery she is now undergoing. It was negative. The show must go on.
Jenny showered with disinfectant again. We wore masks in the car and blew mask kisses. 
I deposited her and her bag at Seton Hospital at 5:00 AM. I went home and held her in meditation for about 2 hours, until it seemed to just end. 
She had called me from surgery at 5:50 AM to say she was turning off her phone. 
I said I was meditating with her. 
"I love you", we said.
I've looked at emails, and a little news, gathered in the garden, and eaten vegetable soup I cooked last night, with eggs and toast. Good coffee, as usual. It's time to dress out, ride the bike to work, work the afternoon and bike back
I await word on how things are going for Jenny, which is out of my hands.

Doing What I Can

(Pictured in photo Jenny took a few days ago in Yoakum)


  1. John,

    I occasionally leave a comment at TAE, but wanted to tell you this sort of in private. I assume Jenny is your wife. (?) I hope she is okay - or will be okay - whatever the issue is.

    There is so much pain and sadness now, pretty much everywhere. Not much I can offer, except to tell you that I am sending some positive thoughts/meditations for you and your dear one.

    - Teri

    1. Thanks Teri,
      My wife, Jenny came through her cervical spine surgery well and is taking a nap.