Friday, September 16, 2022

September Shock Scenario

 Feeling Uneasy,

  It looks like crunch-time for the western military-financial-spy-propaganda empire. The $US is the value-extraction solvent that feeds the banks, armies, navies and media networks. 
I suspect that the "Red Sermon" , given by "President Biden" on September 1, the first day of the month, marked September as a month of decisive action for the power elites. the two US Marines could not be missed in those visuals. 
  September, when the darker half of the year begins, has long been an unsettling time for people, which is notable in stock-markets. We just had the anniversary of 9/11/01, which rapidly opened the door to global war on oil-supplies and any "terrorists" selling oil in anything but $US. The energy behind 9/11 is spent, especially with the humiliating US failure in Afghanistan.
  What kind of justification would be needed, what new-new-Pearl-Harbor might be arranged to fire people up for a global-war-on-Russia-and-China? Can China possibly be split-off to attack Russia?
  What if Donald Trump visited Germany and got blown up with a tactical nuclear warhead by Putin and Xi? Would that unite the west against them? I'm straining, but I never could have planned the hit that was 9/11, either. So many "problems" got solved that day, from asbestos insulation to missing $US trillions from the Pentagon budget, and the oil, "Cheney's energy policy".

 What did Xi and Putin need to urgently discuss? It was Xi who left China, so Xi needs something. China's economy is hobbled by a rapidly decaying financial system, which seems to be a big reason for the lockdowns. Xi is coming up for re-election so to speak, as the President will soon be chosen again by the CCP Standing Committee. Not all players are happy with Xi's "cult of personality", or his so-so competence.  
  Xi wants all the cards stacked in his favor, military and economic, which is not possible, certainly not Putin's to give. He wants to avoid the west's sanctions-tripwire, and also wants to have Russian military support. Xi is not brilliant or very insightful nor is he bold, mainly narcissistic and ruthless, hence worried-a-lot.

 In Thursday's much anticipated bilateral meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Uzbekistan, the two leaders agreed that the end of a unipolar world where the US dominates is at hand. Putin called it "ugly" and pointed to the rejection of American hegemony by the "vast majority" of countries in his introductory remarks.

  The geopolitical flashpoints of Ukraine and Taiwan were high on the discussion list, with the Russian leader telling Xi the West's "attempts to create a unipolar world have recently taken on an absolutely ugly shape and are absolutely unacceptable to the vast majority of nations on the planet," according to a state media translation. However, many Western pundits are now seizing upon a cryptic reference to China's Xi raising "concerns" over the Ukraine situation.

  There must be a lot of arm-twisting being brought to bear upon Xi. He is under pressure, and he's not naturally strong and resolute, just used to winning.
​  ​White House spokesman John Kirby said on Thursday that the US wants China to side with Washington and its allies in opposing Russia and its military operation in Ukraine.
“Our message to China has been consistent: this is not the time for any kind of business as usual with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” Kirby told CNN. Failing to condemn Russia, he continued, is leaving China “isolated from the rest of the international community which has largely condemned what [Putin] has done in Ukraine.”

​  ​"The growth of mutual trade exchanges is undoubtedly facilitated by the consistent policy of our three countries to expand the use of national currencies in commercial settlements," Putin said on Thursday. He was speaking at a trilateral meeting with the leaders of these countries on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Samarkand.
​  ​He noted that earlier on Thursday at a bilateral meeting with Xi Jinping, they stated with satisfaction that in the first quarter of this year, the share of settlements in national currencies in Russia's trade with China had grown to 27.5%.

​  ​Clearly, the only certain thing in the Ukraine is that Western aggression is being ‘monsterminded’ centrally from the Pentagon and Brussels. The current counterattacks by NATO-guided, Western mercenary-led and Western-armed Kiev forces around Kharkov, Kherson and elsewhere in Eastern Ukraine against the Allies, the new attacks by Azerbaijan on Armenia, the new Special Forces exercises in southern Moldova, the new threat of war against Russia from Georgia ‘by referendum’, the new disloyalty to Russia by the Kazakh leader, the new friction on the Tadzhik-Kirghiz border on 14 September, the constant attacks on Russia and Russians in the Baltic States and all the ultra-aggressive word and actions of the US/UK/EU towards Russia, are not coincidental. They have led some to predict an imminent World War III and a nuclear holocaust.

​These weapons-systems are the "red-line" Russia is talking about. US/NATO seek to trigger a response by Russia against NATO forces by incrementally increasing provocations.
​  ​Something Ukraine has additionally long been asking for is longer-range missile systems. A Monday Wall Street Journal report detailed that Kiev is now requesting from the Pentagon the Army's Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS, a surface-to-surface missile system with the capability of reaching about 190 miles. This would be far and beyond the range of missiles transferred to Ukraine thus far in the conflict.

  Thanks Eleni. This appears to be permanent, the new-normal war-economy.    Weapons and billions for war  by Manlio Dinucci
  The Ukrainian battlefield is the most subsidized in the world by the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union. This massive investment is aimed at supporting not the Ukrainians, but the Banderists, in total contradiction with the goals of the Alliance during World War II. This money is taken from the social programs of the donor countries, i.e. the Western poor are out of pocket...

  War of attrition of human and military equipment in Ukraine: Ukraine is burning through Ukrainian conscripted soldiers and also trained military units, as well as depleting NATO weapons stockpiles. 
Russia is burning through artillery and precision missiles, but not soldiers: Who will run out of resources first?

  The US specifies the targets for US-supplied weapons like HIMARS. The US is targeting the nuclear power plant.
Ukraine has put world on brink of ‘nuclear catastrophe’ – Moscow
Kiev’s attacks on the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant are acts of terrorism, Duma chairman Volodin says

VIENNA, September 15. /TASS/. Western countries are aware that the Ukrainian side has been shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (NPP) and bear responsibility for possible nuclear incidents since they have not yet called on Kiev to stop the bombings, Russian Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov said at a session of the IAEA Board of Governors on Thursday.

Moscow responds to UN resolution on nuclear plant
Shelling by Kiev’s forces was not even mentioned, Russian diplomats point out

​  Who just shelled Izium? I seem to have forgotten.​ Who was rounding up "collaborators"?
​  ​Mass grave of more than 440 bodies found in Izium, Ukraine, police say
​  ​President Volodymyr Zelenskiy put the blame on Russia and likened the discovery to what happened in Bucha, on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv in the early stages of the late February invasion by Russian forces. Ukraine and its Western allies have accused the Russian forces of perpetrating war crimes there.

​Turkey is doing very good business lately...​
​  ​In response to Western sanctions that prevented Russians from accessing services like Visa and Mastercard, the Kremlin rolled out the Mir payment system as an alternative. Five of Turkey’s most prominent banks use Mir.
​  ​One of the sources speaking with FT said Western nations would no longer allow the Turkish banks to use Mir without occurring risks. “We’ll send a message very clearly that, for example, third-country financial institutions should not be interconnecting with the Mir payment network because, you know, that carries some sanctions- evasion risks,” the official said.
​  ​Two of Turkey’s top banks told FT that they would enforce the sanctions, and it appears Russians are being impacted. Middle East Eye reports several Russians at Turkish resorts had their Mir cards declined. However, it is not a blanket ban at hotels, and Mir card users report being able to access ATMs.
​  ​Ankara does not appear willing to institute Washington’s sanctions targeting Mir. Turkey’s foreign ministry said that Ankara has a long-standing policy of only enforcing UN-issue sanctions.

​  Turkey might just sell extra gas to somebody, right? Pipelines are in place...​
​  ​Russia ready to increase gas supplies to Turkey — Deputy Prime Minister
If Turkish partners increase gas consumption and apply for additional volumes, Russia will ensure these supplies
, Alexander Novak says

  Russian LNG supplies to Japan grew by 211.2% in quantity compared to August 2021. In terms of value, imports of Russian LNG soared by more than 380%.​..​
​..​Japan’s exports to Russia also grew last month, with shipments of computers increasing 107.1%, and computer parts, 161.6%. However, due to sanctions, supplies of semiconductors to Russia ceased earlier this year. Export of buses and trucks to Russia dropped, while the export of cars increased by 5.8%.

  The International Energy Agency’s Oil Market Report suggests that global oil demand will grow by 2 million bpd this year, 110,000 bpd lower than last month’s estimates. The revision in oil demand was driven by continued lockdowns in China, where oil demand is set to fall for the first time since 1990.     (That means the Chinese economy contracted.)

  Facebook has always been a CIA front, right?
  According to DOJ whistleblowers, Facebook has been spying on Americans' private messages and reporting them to the FBI if they express 'anti-government or anti-authority' statements - including questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 US election.
​  ​"It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause," said one of the whistleblowers, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "Facebook provides the FBI with private conversations which are protected by the First Amendment without any subpoena."

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