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Best Left Unsaid


  From New Zealand, where the government removed parental rights, when parents made every effort to secure safe, not-clotting-prone blood for their baby's heart surgery. (I find no new word on that.)
Second set of parents refuse vaccinated donor blood for toddler needing heart surgery​ 
  ​Two parents are trying to raise funds to fly their child overseas for urgent heart surgery because they only want to use unvaccinated donor blood.
It comes after a similar high-profile case which saw Health New Zealand be granted guardianship of a sick four-month-old baby last week.
​  ​The toddler, almost two years old, at the centre of the new dispute has hypoplastic left heart syndrome which means the left side of her heart is underdeveloped. She has already had four open heart operations, her mother was quoted saying on a fundraising page.
​  ​She needs urgent heart surgery but her family are now fundraising to send her to India to receive treatment because they were denied the guaranteed usage of un-vaccinated donor blood.​..
..Auckland University's Immunisation Advisory Centre medical director Professor Nikki Turner told The Project in reference to the sick four-month-old baby's case that taking blood from a non-vaccinated person to give to the child is not that simple.
​  ​"We need to offer this baby safe, quality blood product. We can't just give the baby any blood off the street," Prof Turner said.
She said doing a one-off emergency screening to get blood from someone who is unvaccinated for the baby would open up a whole other can of worms.
​  ​"Even if we could do that, then what if people think there is a problem and that's why we did it, so a hundred people ask us to do that and then 200 people, and we did it for no logical reason. We would be sort of opening up a problem that wasn't a problem," Prof Turner said.

​  Thanks Cat.  "Hold That Line!  Hold That Line!  Hold That Line!"
Newborn Baby In Washington State Dies Of Blood Clot After Hospital Gives Him Vaccinated Blood Transfusion Despite Arrangement Parents Had Made For Non Vaccinated Blood
His Name Was Alex, The Condition He Had Was 95% Survivable

​  Meryl Nass MD (Still permanently banned from Twitter​. Huh? Howzat, Elon?)  So, so, so many specifically-forbidden topics about how to save lives and reduce injuries from COVID and gene-therapy-vaccine-products... I picked just a few. All of this turned out to be real, didn't it?
Documents Uncover Secret Twitter Portal US Government Used to Censor COVID-19 Content
Claims about the safety or serious side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.
Claims about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.
Claims about how the COVID-19 vaccine was developed or its ingredients.
Claims involving conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines or vaccine programs.
​  ​Content deemed to have been “debunked” included among other things, “vaccines cause the disease against which they meant to protect, or cause the person to be more likely to get the disease,” that “natural immunity is safer than vaccine acquired immunity,” and  “vaccines are not effective to prevent the disease against what they purport to protect.”

​  ​Twitter owner saying Biden’s Covid czar should be prosecuted is “dangerous and disgusting,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre notes Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to accusations by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., as he testifies before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee...
​  ​The US government has come to the defense of President Joe Biden’s Covid-19 czar, saying that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a paragon of public service and that Elon Musk’s suggestions that the octogenarian bureaucrat should be prosecuted are dangerous “personal attacks” divorced from reality.

​  Biden family “allies” planning an offensive to blunt any investigation into the Bidens’ alleged multimillion-dollar influence-peddling schemes...
..The California meeting’s host was none other than Hunter Biden’s friend, agent and lawyer Kevin Morris. After Hunter was placed under investigation for, among other possible charges, tax evasion, Morris reportedly paid off as much as $2.8 million in back taxes for Hunter.
​  ​Morris, per The Washington Post, called for a “more aggressive” response to those seeking to investigate the alleged influence peddling. That plan includes hitting critics, such as Fox News, with possible defamation lawsuits.
​  ​The paper also reported Morris “outlined extensive research on two potential witnesses against Hunter Biden — a spurned business partner named Tony Bobulinski and a computer repairman named John Paul Mac Isaac.” “Spurned” is hardly the sole or most relevant description of Bobulinski: The businessman was recruited by the Biden family to manage foreign deals and later directly contradicted President Joe Biden’s claims he knew nothing of those dealings. His testimony could present a serious threat in the coming House investigation in establishing not only the president’s knowledge but his possible receipt of proceeds from the deals.
​  ​Morris’ plan could easily be taken as a declaration of all-out war on potential witnesses against Hunter Biden.

​  ​Tucker Carlson Asks the Right Question: “Could It Be That Twitter Is Actually an Intelligence Gathering Apparatus and Propaganda Tool”
​  ​Yes. Exactly this. Yes.  It’s not that DHS had a factual portal into Twitter, now confirmed.  It’s the likelihood that DHS took over the operation of Twitter and controlled every element of it.  That would explain why profits and losses were never part of the viability equation.  DHS controlling background Twitter operations is the essential baseline for Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop.   Well done Tucker Carlson.

​  ​White House Won't Say Whether Biden Will Return Donations From FTX's Bankman-Fried
​  ​"White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wouldn’t say Tuesday whether President Biden" would ask aides to return the cash, the NY Post reported.
Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller asked her: “The president received campaign donations [from Bankman-Fried]. Will the president return that donation? Does he call on all politicians … to return those funds?”
​  ​“So look, I’m covered here by the Hatch Act — [I’m] limited on what I can say and anything that’s connected to political contributions from here, I would have to refer you to the DNC,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre answered.

​  It's just an object. It's not "documents".​ Yeah, we said we didn't have it. We could tell you were asking the wrong questions, because you misunderstood.
​  ​The Seth Rich Case Gets Richer
The FBI claims the second computer of the slain DNC staffer is not an “actual record.”
​  The FBI not only has possession of a laptop computer owned by slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich,” the Epoch Times reports, “but a report detailing forensic imaging of what’s being described as Rich’s work computer.”
​  ​The revelation came in a three-page forensic report about an “outside entity” working on imaging Rich’s work computer, also a laptop.​..
​..​Seth Rich was the DNC’s voter expansion data director. On July 10, 2016, the 27-year-old was gunned down in Washington, D.C. Police called it a street robbery gone wrong, but the shooters did not take Rich’s wallet, watch, or phone. Weeks after the murder, as the BBC reported, “Wikileaks published 20,000 emails obtained from Democratic National Committee computers via an anonymous source.”​ ...
​..​With Rich’s personal laptop, the FBI wants 66 years—a proxy for “never”—to produce data the bureau previously denied it even possessed. With Rich’s work laptop, the bureau is taking obstructionism to a new level.
​  ​FBI records boss Michael Seidel is claiming that the computer is only a physical object, not an “actual record,” and therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act...
​..​As it happens, those are not the only devices the FBI is harboring.
​  ​On February 21, 2020, the body of Philip Haney, author of See Something Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad, was “found deceased” in Amador County, California. He was killed by a gunshot to the chest.​  
("Suicide"​  ​ ) 
  The Amador sheriff “reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist in analyzing documents, phone records, numerous thumb drives and a laptop that were recovered from the scene and Mr. Haney’s RV. Those items and numerous other pieces of evidence were turned over to the FBI.
"​The FBI has performed a forensic examination of these items. We expect to receive these reports within the next few weeks.”
​  ​Two years later, the Amador sheriff reported no new information on the case, and the FBI has yet to reveal what was on Haney’s laptop, thumb drives, and such.
  It seems that a whole lot of the Ukrainian phone numbers on Twitter were "bots", and got "cancelled".
​  ​Zelensky aide accused Musk of hiding ‘war’ from Twitter trends
​  ​Mikhail Podolyak, a senior adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, has accused Twitter of hiding trends related to the ongoing conflict in the country. The official took to the social media platform on Tuesday, blasting the platform’s CEO, billionaire Elon Musk, directly.
​  ​“‘War in Ukraine’ disappearance from Twitter trends. Radical curtailment of tweets mentioning ru-aggression coverage. Users aren’t allowed to register or log into accounts with Ukrainian phone number,” Podolyak wrote.
​  ​According to Twitter, its trends are “determined by an algorithm and, by default, are tailored for you based on who you follow, your interests, and your location.” The algorithm “identifies topics that are popular now...
​  ​The presidential aide was apparently referring to Ukrainian media reports that users with Ukrainian phone numbers were no longer able to log in or register on the platform.​..
​..The poll on the peace plan itself was subjected to what the billionaire called the “biggest bot attack I’ve ever seen.”​ ...
(OUCH!)​ ​Twitter also began labeling tweets from Ukrainian state-run media – in the same way it does with a number of Russian government-owned outlets – causing a new meltdown among Kiev’s backers. (RT)

​  ​Peace advocates seen as ‘traitors’ in EU – former Austrian vice-chancellor
​  ​Those who don’t want to ‘freeze for peace’ are being branded Putin sympathizers, Heinz-Christian Strache has told RT...
​  “Unfortunately, I do not see any European political leaders who want to approach the negotiating table and call for a negotiated ceasefire agreement and a peaceful solution,” he lamented. “We Austrians in particular should adhere to our neutrality and our neutrality status could also play a decisive mediating role here. So far, this has not been practiced.”
​  ​“Of course, the media in the European Union are silent about all this,” he continued. “And if you express criticism here today, you are often branded and defamed as a Putin and Russia sympathizer and also as a traitor to Europe.

​  ​Earth’s magnetic poles could start to flip. What happens then?​  12/7/2018​
​  ​As Earth's magnetic shield fails, so do its satellites. First, our communications satellites in the highest orbits go down. Next, astronauts in low-Earth orbit can no longer phone home. And finally, cosmic rays start to bombard every human on Earth.
​  ​This is a possibility that we may start to face not in the next million years, not in the next thousand, but in the next hundred. If Earth’s magnetic field were to decay significantly, it could collapse altogether and flip polarity – changing magnetic north to south and vice versa. The consequences of this process could be dire for our planet.​ ​Most worryingly, we may be headed right for this scenario.

​  Ben Davidson's 3 minute morning update discusses magnetic fields, as pertains to Earth and magnetic pole-shift, due to magnetic coupling with the sun and the rotating galactic magnetic/current sheet now encroaching upon our solar system, as it periodically does.​ This begins at 1:30 and is part of the answer to the question posed above. Many people reject Ben Davidson, but many well educated astrophysicists accept his work. 
Ben says things that are supposed to be left unsaid...

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