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Fragmenting Dollar Empire

 Wage Earners,

  Sasha Latypova presents On US Dollar and Debt,  reviewing the workings of the vast fake-reality which is composed, in order to maintain the imperial system of wealth extraction through lending US dollars at low interest "loosely", then "tightening" with high interest rates, to gobble up factories, farms, mines and oil wells across the world. This cycling of deer-corn and hunting-season is on top of the steady return of lending fiat money at interest.  [Notably, the "going direct" actually began in September 2019, "before" COVID, even before Event 201, when around a $US trillion got injected into the repo crisis, because JPM, BoA, Goldman, Deutsche Bank and BlackRock couldn't trust each other overnight any more. They knew...]
​  ​Why a “Plandemic” Was a Convenient Method to Prop Up Failing US Currency in the Global Context
​  ​As previously described, the US was piling on debt that was becoming unsustainable for the economy as well as for the reserve currency status of the US dollar.  Traditional measures of stimulating the economy, such as interest rate decreases, were no longer possible as interest rates had already hit rock bottom by 2019.  At this point, clever central bankers and Blackrock had determined that going ‘direct’ to stimulate the economy, strengthen the dollar, and increase inflation to reduce the debt burden were the only solution to all of their problems.  However, some external event was needed in order to be able to justify these unusual steps.
​  ​As the pandemic was declared, the US went all-in on the going ‘direct’ approach.

​  ​US congressmen game out war with China in 2025​   (Thanks Christine. China knew this timeline in 2017, and it was already a few years old.)
​  ​At the Republican Party policy retreat in Orlando, Florida, retired US Navy Rear Adm. Mark Montgomery oversaw a simulated war with China that led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and the potential sinking of US aircraft carriers.
​  ​While the exercise was presented as a defensive response on the part of the United States to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the US is systematically working to provoke a conflict with China by ending the one-China policy, arming Taiwan and expanding the presence of US troops on the island.

​  Indian Punchline, Bhadrakumar, Thanks Eleni. Russia's answer to DU from British tanks is to even the old score of the US arming NATO countries with American nuclear warheads. Bhadrakumar thinks the UK might have a specific motive for its provocation.
​  ​Moscow calls out US’ rules-based order in Europe
​  ​Why is Britain behaving like an outlier? Britain appears to be creating conditions in Europe to justify the basing of nuclear-armed US bombers at Lakenheath in Suffolk, which were removed in 1991 in line with the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty.

​Poland suddenly cancels the transfer of 28 Mig 29s to Ukraine. What underlies that decision.?
The Mig 29 is a capable and versatile early 1980s Soviet fighter jet.​ Will Poland need them soon?

​  Mexico sees this as a good moment to openly refuse to capitulate to Washington. This is like 1937, when Mexican President Cardenas (a military general) nationalized the railways and oilfields, just ahead of WW-2, while FDR's America was secretly preparing to join it.​ Is this presaging the US/China war?
​  ​President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly opted to escalate a trade dispute with Mexico, making plans to demand that its neighbor to the south opens up its power and oil markets to US suppliers or face an arbitration and the threat of retaliatory tariffs...
..At issue is Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s decision to roll back reforms aimed at opening Mexican energy markets to outside competitors – allegedly in violation of the 2018 US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USCMA), a trade deal that requires the countries to curtail protections of state-owned enterprises...
..The White House had held off on pushing forward with the trade dispute, trying to avoid an escalation of tensions as Biden sought Mexico’s help in addressing an illegal immigration crisis and drug trafficking, Reuters said. Relations between the two governments have deteriorated in recent months. Just last week, Lopez Obrador blasted US officials as “liars” after Biden’s administration accused Mexico of human rights abuses. “That’s just how they are,” he said. The US believes “it’s the government of the world.”

​  Bibi Netanyahu is such a wily weasel... Thanks Christine. 
​  While backing off of the controversial judicial reforms may be seen as a chink in the armor of Netanyahu that was once thought to be impermeable, a deeper examination into the recent on-goings in the Knesset proves the contrary. Veiled beneath the spectacle of civil unrest, Israel's legislature recently passed a law which dramatically limits the circumstances in which the nation's prime minister can be deposed. The new law may further insulate the embattled prime minister who only just reclaimed his title for the sixth time following an ouster not even two years ago.

​  The United States Embassy in Jerusalem has told Americans to "Leave Israel Immediately." The country of Israel is descending rapidly into what some have called "Civil War."
​  ​Unions have gone on strike.  The airports have all shut down.  Restaurants, banks, shopping malls, have all joined in a national strike against proposed changes to the government that would basically gut the Judiciary of Israel.
​  ​Members of the Israeli military are openly DESERTING after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu FIRED the Defense Minister for opposing judicial reforms.
​  ​Former Prime Minister Ehud Barack says Netanyahu and his "gang" are "acting insane and bringing civil war to the country."
​  ​Israel's Counsel General in New York has resigned.
​  For almost a whole week, hundreds-of-thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in every major city of the country.
​  ​There are now open calls from the far right inside Israel, for people to "take up arms" against left-wingers in the country.

M. K. BHADRAKUMAR​  ​US is stirring up the Syrian cauldron​   
Thanks Eleni​  ​​ [Israel sure could use a quick war next door to forestall civil war at home.]
  Saudi Arabia has established an air bridge with Syria to send relief supplies for those affected by the devastating earthquake in February.
  The backdrop is that the normalisation of relations between Syria and its estranged Arab neighbours has accelerated. It must be particularly galling for Washington that these regional states used to be active participants in the US-led regime change project to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad. The Saudi-Iranian rapprochement badly isolates the US and Israel.
  From such a perspective, it stands to reason that the US is once again stirring up the Syrian cauldron...
..Israel too is a stakeholder in keeping Syria unstable and weak. In the Israeli narrative, Iran-backed militia groups are increasing their capability in Syria in the last two years and continued US occupation of Syria is vital for balancing these groups. Israel is paranoid that a strong government in Damascus will inevitably start challenging its illegal occupation of Golan Heights.
(The source of critical water for Israeli agriculture.) ...
 ..Syria is an exception as a battleground against “terrorism.” The US is vastly experienced in using extremist groups as geopolitical tools.
  The US’ real intention could be to confront Iran on Syrian soil — something that Israel has been espousing — taking advantage of Russia’s preoccupations in Ukraine. The Russian-Iranian axis annoys Washington profoundly.
  The spectre that is haunting Washington is that the stabilisation of Syria following Assad’s normalisation with the Arab countries and with Turkiye will inexorably coalesce into a Syrian settlement that completely marginalises the “collective West.”
  In retrospect, the unannounced visit by General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff to northern Syria in early March falls into perspective. Milley told reporters traveling with him that the nearly eight-year-old US deployment to Syria is still worth the risk!  

​No, no, it really is an even-break this time. Go ahead!​
BioNTech comes to Jerusalem: Mayor Moshe Lion announces new mRNA vaccine center
Israeli govt signs agreement with BioNTech to build R&D center for mRNA-based vaccines in Jerusalem.

​  Yeah, but Pfizer never claimed their product would not cause excess deaths; never claimed that, and never studied it...​
​  ​We were all told that the vaccine itself was supposedly 95% effective against hospitalizations and deaths, if not against transmission. Yet a new preprint study estimates that Aussie excess deaths in 2021 were seven times higher than during the pre-vaccine pandemic year of 2020 and an unfathomable 19 times higher in 2022. That was the year of mild Omicron, and everyone was boosted. Checkmate.

​Gardening definitely helps, too, partly by improving your microbiome. This meta analysis looked at over 1000 review papers.
Study Confirms Physical Exercise Should Be First Choice For Mental Health Treatment
​  ​Anxiety is the most common problem—and seems to be becoming more pronounced among children and younger adults—while depression poses the greatest burden to normal life function.
​  ​The Australian researchers discovered that exercise provided the best results when used for treating depression. More specifically, exercise was 150 percent more effective than pharmaceuticals or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
​  ​It was also better than psychological consultation or “talk therapy.” In fact, exercise was shown to reduce depressive symptoms by 42 to 60 percent, whereas talk therapy and pharmaceuticals only reduced symptoms between 22 percent and 37 percent.
​  ​Exercise was shown to be the best treatment for both anxiety and depression, even though pharmaceuticals are the most commonly recommended treatment for both.
​  ​Every kind of exercise worked.

​Bagging Lettuce (pictured with bags of lettuce)​

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