Thursday, May 18, 2023

Bobby Kennedy With Krystal Ball

 Planning To Vote,

  Krystal Ball and Saager Enjeti interview RFKJr. for 49 minutes on Breaking points. Thanks Christine. 
  Krystal exhibits stress at the outset, seeking to distance herself from Kennedy's positions on vaccine harms, makes that point, then holds those questions for late in the interview, when she again exhibits stress and is unable to accept Kennedy's answers to her questions. 
  When asked why he wants to be President, Kennedy expresses the need to separate the conflicts of interest caused by corporate financial capture of government, from the core purpose of serving the American people well. On his first day he would "pardon Julian Assange" and remove the pharmaceutical funding from the FDA and CDC, which captures and conflicts of interest he explains in detail.   
  Kennedy supports wind and solar installations, but not nuclear energy, due to long term and demonstrable risks of catastrophe, and very high costs per kWhr. 
  He says "show me a polluter and I will show you a subsidy". He advocates bringing externalized costs back to the profit centers, such as the mercury contamination of fish and sterilization of lakes to the cost of burning coal. He points out the need to safely store nuclear waste for 30,000 years, Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc. No insurer will insure a nuclear power plant. He states that he does believe in anthropogenic climate change, and that Exxon company scientists in the 1970s quietly laid it out to company officials as a benefit, since warming the north pole would make arctic oil accessible to drilling. He says that he feels "every abortion is a tragedy" and that he continues to "absolutely support bodily autonomy and privacy of all medical decisions", specifically including abortion.
  Later in the interview, when Krystal asks pointed questions about Kennedy's position on vaccines, she is unable to debate the merits of the medical arguments with him. She says he has no studies, then will not hear his citations of specific studies. (I know his positions to be correct, myself, having followed all the information I could find closely from December 2019, and treated many patients with various antiviral combinations, including myself, and paying attention to the treatment-responses.) Krystal does recurrently return to the question of "how will you deal with people who believe as I do?" This is Kennedy's everyday life, of course, and he demonstrates by how he patiently answers Krystal. When asked how he would deal with a pandemic, he answered that seeing what known drugs could help, and what was working for practicing physicians would be the traditional approach and his first choice of approach. It is certainly what I and many other physicians did do. 
  When asked if he would support the Democratic candidate, he said that he intended to be that candidate, but could not support any candidate who was supporting a war, quoting JFK's statement that the main job of a president is to keep the country out of war. When asked if he would run third party, he said he "had no plan-B". When asked if he would support (anti-war) Donald Trump, he said that he thought they "were probably too far apart for that to ever happen", but did not strictly say "no". 

I am heading down to Yoakum to do chores this morning, but wanted to share this. Bobby Jr. answers a lot of important questions here, sincerely and within his principles, honorably...

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  1. RFK! I bought 2 tee shirts, 4 pins, 10 bumper stickers, and made a donation for starters. I've never been more excited over a canidate:) Dennis Boston