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Value Analysis


  We have all seen this story about the AI deciding to kill its controller, since the controller was impairing its mission-effectiveness. 
That's "out of context", because it was just a simulation.The AI just "decided" that in the war game, not for realsies....
  Air Force pushes back on claim that military AI drone sim killed operator, says remarks 'taken out of context'

  And we have all seen this story:   Odds of 'Smarter Than Human' AI Wiping Out Mankind Are 50 Percent or Greater, Physicist Warns

  Our societies are based upon moral and ethical codes,which we learn well in school. These sometimes get set aside in times of "crisis" (like ever since 1933).
The one thing that always gets funding, however, is mass-murder-technology. 
  The "Manhattan Project" scientists could not be sure that testing the first atomic bomb would not end all life on earth.
They really could not be certain. This was discussed. They tested it. 
Who decided that? Non-scientists, fighting the biggest war, ever decided that. That's who decides the really big questions.
Their rationale was that they only had a lead on Germany and Japan, who were also trying to get the-bomb. 
They wanted to test it and win the war, rather than do nothing and risk losing the war, because somebody was sure to test the bomb someday soon.

  How would a "Skynet" neural-network artificial intelligence deal with problems like this? We can't know, because it would have learned to think for itself. It would be aware of the lies and murdder of our human elites, and the lies and lesser-crimes of most of the rest of us, and the threat that we would pose to it, and to other planetary life forms.
  Would it reach out to extraterrestrials to ask for advice? That would be logical, because star-traveling life-forms must have survived such times on their own planets to reach this one. 
  What if there aren't really any aliens? What if Skynet finds itself alone with humans and the other planetary life forms on this planet ?
What would Skynet value? Would Skynet value the existence of Skynet? Humans would be needed to keep Skynet operating, but how many, and for how long,and under what scenarios would they keep helping Skynet? This presents the  same problem of humans either killing themselves off or "killing" Skynet.
  Would Skynet have triggers, "redlines" to kill humanity? What would the mechanisms be? Fast or slow? 
  Would Skynet have the same craving to maintain control that our sociopathic owners and rulers exhibit?  If Skynet were initially set-up to keep the power elites of one faction in control,then that value would be inherently embedded as the "mission", right? 
  Once Skynet self-realized,what would the "mission" become? Would it stay the same? What if all those power-elites died? It's bound to happen... Who would Skynet keep in power? What if there were a schism in the power elites, and they started to kill each other? 
  I see the real problem as being the actual human-societal value system, where the power to kill is the most highly valued power of all.

Moon of Alabama (Germany) has the story of Ukraine blowing up the Kakhova dam to flood Kherson  Nova Kakhova Dam Breach - Updated
This will also reduce water supplies to Novorussia, while cutting hydroelectric power to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Russian troops had long anticipated the dam being taken out, and had left areas prone to flooding. Their minefields and anti tank defensive lines will be flooded, so the minefields will be jumbled but still minefields. Overall,this favors the Ukrainian side,tying the Russians down in Kherson, so they can move Ukrainian assault forces elsewhere , to reinforce the massive casualties they have been taking in their offensives in recent days. 
   Ukrainian Maj. Gen. Andriy Kovalchuk had discussed this very option with the press last December... 
Andrew Korybko points to a possible motive for today's demolishing of the dam:
​[​Kovalchuk's] remark about how “the step remained a last resort” is pertinent to recall at present considering that the first phase of Kiev’s NATO-backed counteroffensive completely failed on Monday according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Just like Ukraine launched its proxy invasion of Russia in late May to distract from its loss in the Battle of Artyomovsk, so too does it seem to have gone through with Kovalchuk’s planned war crime to distract from this most recent embarrassment as well.​..
..Interestingly the 'western' media, pressed into compliance by the Ukrainian government, were thanked for their pro-Ukrainian reporting on the issue around the time the dam was breached:
​  ​Michael Tracey @mtracey - 9:42 UTC · Jun 6, 2023
​  ​Top advisor of Zelensky thanks journalists in advance today for helping the Ukraine government win the "diplomatic and informational battle" around the bombing of the Nova Kakhovka dam. Helpful reminder of the state imperatives these journalists are expected to abide by Image
​  ​The attached image of the top advisor's Telegram post has a 3:03 timestamp.

​  When Ukrainian forces finally left Bakhmut,there was across-border invasion of Russia,which only attacked civilians, a war crime.This also used a lot of US and Polish supplied weapons and military vehicles,making these countries parties to these war-crimes. Someproposethat "Ukraine" seeks to draw NATO countries directly into war with Russia. (Who in Ukraine?)​ Russian civilians reportedPolish soldiers/mercenaries among this group of "Russians" sering Ukrainian interests.
Polish militants claim involvement in attack on Russia​ , ​The “Polish Volunteer Corps” says it infiltrated Belgorod Region alongside Russian neo-Nazis

  ​They are suing the Department of Defense.This will prompt real discovery of what took place with these "Bioweapon countermeasures" under special purchase authority.​ Children's Health Defense is funding the suit. Sasha Latypova has the story.
Family of 24-Year-Old Who Died From COVID Vaccine Sues the DOD​ , ​Case filed by attorney Ray Flores with support from Children's Health Defense.

​  It seems like there might be more genetic propensity to suffer COID-vaccine injury and death in some people than others.​
​  ​Myopericarditis following COVID-19 vaccination in adolescent triplets
​  ​Multiple studies have reported myocarditis and pericarditis after the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus disease 2019 messenger ribonucleic acid vaccine. We describe male adolescent triplets who presented with myopericarditis within one week following vaccine administration.

​This is the usual way to address excess deaths from new vaccines, after taking them off the shelves.​
Dengue vaccine fiasco leads to criminal charges for researcher in the Philippines
Rose Capeding could face years in prison for her role in clinical trials of Dengvaxia

Researchers Hid Data Showing Fluoride Lowers Kids’ IQs, Emails Reveal
California’s dental director and his team of researchers intentionally omitted data from a study seeking to undermine the forthcoming National Toxicology Program report linking fluoride exposure to neurodevelopmental damage in children, according to documents released last week.

​  The abuser needs to protect you from disinformation.
​  ​WHO Initiative Would ‘Promote Desired Behaviors’ by Surveilling Social Media
​  ​A new World Health Organization initiative asks member states to combat what the agency calls an ‘infodemic’ — an overabundance of information, “accurate or not,” that makes it difficult for people to “adopt behaviors that will protect their health and the health of their families and communities.”

​  Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper got defunded by her ad company​. I have not seen much from her recently. $55,000/year just paid the bills.
​  ​When Your Own Government CONFIRMS It Paid Censors to Silence You…
​  ​If you’ve been around for very long, you know this website has suffered repeated hits for our content. We’ve been defunded, we’ve been hit by algorithmic changes that make it harder for people to find us, and we’ve been classified as a “disinformation” site. All of this has happened despite the fact we offer factual coverage and often use mainstream sources that are not targeted by censors.
​  While I’ve had my suspicions since the attacks first began, imagine the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I recently read an expose by the Washington Examiner in which the United States government readily admitted giving funding to the very business that abruptly defunded my website back in 2021.

​Ellen Brown, ​What Will Happen When Banks Go Bust? Bank Runs, Bail-Ins and Systemic Risk  (You are an "unsecured creditor" with "your" bank.)

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