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Means Of Control

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   Richard Cook provides this focused context of how globalist control is exercised in the world we "know": 
   The modus operandi of the Deep State is to prepare the ground for destruction of any nation deemed a threat and to neutralize those individuals, foreign and domestic, considered a danger to the Controllers’ agenda.
  The Controllers’ overarching goal is world conquest, control, and resource extraction. They see themselves as partners with and heirs to the British Empire, with whose own Power Elite they are heavily wired. The desire to gain world military, economic, and political dominance for the U.S. had been around for decades, but the final decision to achieve it was made by the Controllers at the start of World War II...
...Today’s military doctrine of full spectrum dominance is a clear expression of the Controllers’ overall intent. Full spectrum dominance naturally translates into totalitarian control down to the level of thought, speech, and action of every human being on the planet. Some of the actions of the Deep State to exert this control have been explained by Matt Taibbi and others through the Twitter Files disclosures.
  Since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, presidents of the United States have had one primary job: to serve as the ceremonial head of a nation masquerading as “free” and “democratic,” while the Controllers and their Deep State henchmen go about their business of taking over and ruling the world. Presidents who came up short, like Nixon and Carter, were shunted aside...
..Particularly at risk is the exalted role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Once dollar hegemony is gone, so is the primary mechanism of world control.
  With the looming defeat of the U.S. in its proxy war against a Russia backed by China in Ukraine, panic has set in, with the danger of escalation toward World War III. As it anticipates this war, the U.S. is trying to complete its subjugation of the EU as its willing vassal, with the focus on Germany. Of course, the U.S. is still trying to exert control of China, the ultimate target.
  In order to fight World War III, a compliant U.S. president must be in office, ready to rubber-stamp decisions. Hillary Clinton was to have been that president after 2016. But out of nowhere, Donald J. Trump emerged. Trump was not interested in leading the U.S. into World War III. Nor were the Americans who elected him. Trump is a businessman...
..Tucker Carlson dates the beginning of the plot (to remove Trump) to the Republican candidates’ debate in Greenville, SC, on February 16, 2016, when Trump said we never should have been in Iraq when we went to war in 2003. Trump said the U.S. “destabilized the Middle East.” He said, “They lied. There were no weapons of mass destruction. They knew there were none.” To be fair, in his June 13, 2023, broadcast, Tucker Carlson did not use the word “assassination.” But he did say that the intent was for Trump to die in prison. So I think “assassination” is a fair word.
  Regarding the 2024 presidential election, the only individual the Controllers and Deep State have to cling to is the corrupt, doddering Joe Biden, with enough baggage to sink an ocean liner. Even more laughable is his parody of a vice president, Kamala Harris.
  But also appearing out of nowhere is a legitimate rival to the Biden/Harris comedy team in Robert F. Kennedy Jr., scion of the family that earlier stood in the way of Controller/Deep State rule but whose stalwarts were blotted out by assassinations–JFK, RFK, and, yes, I believe, JFK, Jr.

  Bobby Kennedy Jr. at the recently televised "town hall" is asked to explain his "unscientific" position on vaccines, which he does eloquently, clearly and factually. (13 min) Thanks Jeremy. "Antivaxxer" is a term used to silence and marginalize him, as he points out. He wants prospective long term studies on every vaccine to evaluate efficacy and all-cause-mortality in the treated vs. untreated groups, to avoid surprises, like Vioxx killing people's hearts when they took it for arthritis.

​  ​‘The EU is on the brink of bankruptcy,’ says Hungary’s Orbán at EU summit
The money that was approved to be spent and was supposed to be there for the next five years has already been spent, says Hungary’s PM.

  "Divide and rule" is the ancient adage, but when the enforcers change sides there is regime change. Can the "owners" maintain ownership?
  French Police Say "We're At War With Vermin" As Nationwide Riots Spread Like Cancer  (more like a bloodborne-infection, really)
  President Emmanuel Macron's government struggled to contain the violence, which was sparked on Tuesday after a teenager was shot dead by a police officer.
  In an update on Saturday, France's Interior Ministry said 2,500 fires were reported overnight. Rioters set fire to 1,350 vehicles and 235 buildings nationwide. About 1,300 people were arrested, while the government mobilized 45,000 police officers with armored vehicles to quell the violence.
  According to The Telegraph, French police said they were "at war" with "savage hordes of vermin" on Friday night. The country's top police unions threatened revolt unless Macron's government restored law and order.

  About 9% of the population of France is African, living in slums, and has raised at least one hopeless-generation to angry adulthood.
This article is coarse and edgy, uncensored, racist and rude, but there are lots of video clips. 
I do not share or condone the writer's perspective, but appreciate the collection of news. Caveat emptor.
  Earlier this week, the cops killed some Arab “youth” who was “fleeing the scene of a traffic stop.” His mother filmed it, and demanded a revolution, and the collective brown population obliged her.
  A revolution they have now.
  Though the riots center around the suburb of Nanterre, the entire city is on fire, in what can no longer be called “riots.” The immigrants are killing cops and seizing their weapons. This is now a war.
  Of course, this is the age of total censorship, so we can’t really confirm what is happening on the group, beyond what we see on video.

​ ​What happens in Russia after The Longest Day?   Pepe Escobar
​  ​Camps to accommodate at least 8,000 Wagner fighters are already being built in Belarus, in the Mogilev region – according to “Vyorstka” (“Layout”).
  The real story behind it is that Belarus, for quite a while, has been expecting a possible attack from rabid Poland. In parallel, as much as sending NATO into extra freakout mode, Moscow could be contemplating the opening of a new front between Lviv and Kiev.  
  Wagner in Belarus makes total sense. The Belarussian Army is not exactly strong. Wagner secures Russia’s western front. That will raise major hell on NATO – even figuratively, and force them to spend even more astronomical sums.

​The pizza parlor was attached to a high rise hotel full of military personnel.
Russia’s strike on Kramatorsk eliminates two Ukrainian generals, 50 officers — top brass

​ Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused Ukraine of allowing foreign mercenaries and Western generals to use civilian infrastructure to fight against Russia, and has vowed to destroy these groups.
​  ​Speaking at an online briefing on Friday, Lavrov said that Russia has “not seen confirmation of a single fact of deliberate shelling of civilian targets by the Russian army.” He claimed, however, that the Ukrainian side has been “violating international humanitarian law and committing a war crime by allowing mercenaries, Western generals and instructors to use civilian objects to hold all sorts of meetings.”
​  ​“If we discover such gatherings, for example, as in Kramatorsk, we will destroy them, because these are people who have declared war on us,” Lavrov said, referring to Russia’s recent high-precision strike on a temporary brigade base in the Donbass city of Kramatorsk on Tuesday.
​  The Russian Defense Ministry had claimed that the base was hosting a staff meeting involving dozens of Ukrainian officers and foreign advisers, and reported that the attack resulted in the deaths of “two generals, up to 50 officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as up to 20 foreign mercenaries and military advisers.”

​  ​Time to make peace in Ukraine, Trump tells Reuters
​  "I think the biggest thing that the US should be doing right now is making peace - getting Russia and Ukraine together and making peace," he said. "This is the time to do it," he added.
​  ​The ex-US leader also believes Ukraine may be allowed to keep what it has "earned."​ [How enigmatic...]​
​  ​"I think they would be entitled to keep much of what they've earned and I think that Russia likewise would agree to that. You need the right mediator, or negotiator, and we don't have that right now," he lamented.
​  ​Without either elaborating on what Trump meant under "earned" or citing the former US president directly, Reuters said that he did not rule out that Kiev might have to concede some territory to Russia. Everything would be "subject to negotiation" though, Trump added.

​  ​CIA Chief Made Secret Trip to Ukraine to Discuss Battle Plans, Ceasefire Talks
​  ​Citing officials familiar with the visit, US media reported that CIA Director William Burns during the trip in June met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine’s top intelligence officials.​..
​..Ukraine officials told Burns they aim to move artillery and missile systems near the boundary line of Crimea and push further into eastern Ukraine by the fall. Then Kiev intends to open negotiations with Moscow for the first time since they broke down in March of last year, the report said, citing people involved with the planning.
​  Officials reportedly later said they hope by agreeing not to take Crimea, Russia would accept whatever security guarantees Kiev can secure from the West.
​  ​One Ukrainian official told the outlet "the US agrees that Ukraine should enter the negotiations from a strong position."​ ...
..Burns’ trip occurred just before Wagner chief Yevgeniy Prigozhin's aborted mutiny. The report said the US intelligence community had detected in mid-June that Prigozhin was plotting something, but that those findings were not relayed to Ukrainian officials.
​  ​According to the report, Kiev is under extraordinary pressure from Western allies that provided Ukraine with billions of dollars in weaponry ahead of the counteroffensive.
​  ​Earlier Friday, US media reported that Burns recently called his Russian counterpart, Sergey Naryshkin, to inform him that the United States had no involvement in Prigozhin's aborted mutiny.​ ​

​  ​Wuhan Virologist Admits COVID Was Engineered As a ‘Bioweapon’
​  ​According to Shan, the Wuha​n​ lab’s task was to identify the coronavirus strain that would be most useful for spreading among various species, including people.​    ​He claimed that in 2019 his supervisor in Nanjing City gave him four coronavirus strains so he could determine which was the most potent and easily spreadable. Shan used the virus to test human ACE2 receptors, bats, and monkeys.​                                                                                                                              ​During the 26-minute interview, he also mentioned that a number of his colleagues went missing during the 2019 Military World Games held in Wuhan.​                  ​Subsequently, one of his colleagues revealed that they had been dispatched to hotels where athletes from various countries were staying in order to “inspect health and hygiene conditions.”

​  "There Was No Pandemic" by Denis Rancourt argues that the virus was too weak to cause so many deaths without a lot of "help" to make the "pandemic".
​  In conclusion, the excess mortality was not caused by any particularly virulent new pathogen. COVID so-called response in-effect was a massive multi-pronged state and iatrogenic attack against populations, and against societal support structures, which caused all the excess mortality, in every jurisdiction.
  It is only natural now to ask “what drove this?”, “who benefited?” and “which groups sustained permanent structural disadvantages?”
  In my view, the COVID assault can only be understood in the symbiotic contexts of geopolitics and large-scale social-class transformations. Dominance and exploitation are the drivers. The failing USA-centered global hegemony and its machinations create dangerous conditions for virtually everyone.

  BioNTech is "FDA approved" in the US, but never sent to the US. This gives reason to believe it is "safer" and also "non-identical" to the Pfizer EUA "vaccines".
​  Scientists have uncovered startling evidence that a substantial portion of the batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine deployed in the European Union may in fact have consisted of placebos – and that the German regulator knew this and did not subject them to quality-control testing.
​  ​The scientists, Dr. Gerald Dyker, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Ruhr University Bochum, and Dr. Jörg Matysik, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Leipzig, are part of a group of five German-speaking scientists who have been publicly raising questions about the quality and safety of the BioNTech vaccine (as it is known in Germany) for the last year and a half.

​  Sasha Latypova has more details of how the big American vaccine-scam was run through usual pharmaceutical end distributors, but with BARDA providing "bioweapon countermeasure" products to them, not pharmaceutical products, as everybody thought..
BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) is a federal agency within Health and Human Services, however its objectives are militarized:
​  ​The mission of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is to develop medical countermeasures that address the public health and medical consequences of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) accidents, incidents and attacks, pandemic influenza, and emerging infectious diseases.
​  ​In addition, BARDA is neither a regulated pharmaceutical manufacturer, nor a licensed distributor, nor a regulatory agency with a mandate to enforce consumer protection laws with respect to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.​..
​..Pharmacy distribution is licensed by each state. Here is for example a handy 800-page book from the State of California explaining all the applicable laws and regulations. The best part of this book is that NONE OF IT applies to BARDA who now admits that it is in charge of the distribution of all “covid vaccines”!
​  ​What then applies to BARDA? Apparently not much.

​  This is really an important step, but the WHO "treaty" assault on the US Constitution, overriding all rights of the citizens, can still go through with "Joe Biden's" signature.​
​  ​U.S. House Floats Bill to Defund WHO, WEF and ‘Misinformation’ Programs

​Misinformed but Unprogrammed (pictured with cantaloupes) ​ 

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