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Hand Of Friendship

 Reaching Out,

​  An Epistle to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.​ , Ed Curtain
​  As you know, I have supported your bid for the presidency even before you declared last spring. I have admired and believed in you for years, and when you entered the race I felt hope for the first time in decades that your non-violent impulses, honed by your tragic family history and a deep revulsion for our country’s imperial wars and violent history, would triumph and usher in a new era of peace. Despite the naysayers who dismissed you from the start, I said Yes, that you would shock those who ridiculed and maligned you and that you would be the man to carry out President Kennedy’s American University speech and fulfill his and your father’s legacy of “not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women” because “we all breathe the same air” and “we all cherish our children’s futures” and “we are all mortal.”
​  I suggested that you would heal the divide and not expand it. Seeing you stumble on your way by throwing your full support to the Zionist leaders of Israel has been a body blow to me. At first I thought it might be explained by your reaction to the false antisemitic accusations that were hurled your way once word emerged that you might enter the presidential race. But as time went on it dawned on me that I was wrong and that you were in sync with the powerful Israel Lobby. So now, I feel as if we are in the tenth round of fight for your soul’s compassion. That you have not defended the children of Gaza and condemned their massacre by the thousands has shocked and sickened me.

​  US Calling on Israel to Speed Up Gaza Operation Behind Closed Doors - Russia’s Intel Service
​  The United States is calling on Israel to accelerate its operation in the Gaza Strip behind closed doors as it may negatively affect President Joe Biden’s reelection bid in case of prolongation, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) said on Monday.

​  Netanyahu Warns America: "You're Next" If IDF Doesn't Decimate Hamas "Barbarism"
​  US officials want to see the White House become more publicly critical of alleged Israeli war crimes, given also the immense death toll, at over 11,200 Gazans killed - with some half of these believed to be women and children.
​  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now taking his message to the American public, in a Monday night appearance on Fox News' Sean Hannity, warning that the US will be "next" if his military doesn't decimate Hamas.

​  Scott Ritter, The October 7 Hamas Assault on Israel. Scott Ritter , The Most Successful Military Raid of this Century​ 
 There is a truism that I often cite when discussing the various analytical approaches to assessing the wide variety of geopolitical problems facing the world today—you can’t solve a problem unless you first properly define it. The gist of the argument is quite simple—any solution which has nothing to do with the problem involved is, literally, no solution at all.
​  Israel has characterized the attack carried out by Hamas on the various Israeli military bases and militarized settlements, or Kibbutz, which in their totality comprised an important part of the Gaza barrier system, as a massive act of terrorism, likening it to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks against the United States. Israel supports this characterization by citing the number of persons killed (some 1,200, a downward revision issued by Israel after realizing that 200 of the dead were Palestinian fighters) and detailing a wide variety of atrocities it claims were perpetrated by Hamas, including mass rape, the beheading of children, and the wonton murder of unarmed Israeli civilians.
​  The problem with the Israeli claims is that they are demonstrably false or misleading. Nearly a third of the Israeli casualties consisted of military, security, and police officers. Moreover, it turns out that the number one killer of Israelis on October 7 wasn’t Hamas or other Palestinian factions, but the Israeli military itself.
​  Recently released video shows Israeli Apache helicopters indiscriminately firing on Israeli civilians trying to flee the Supernova Sukkot Gathering held in the open desert near Kibbutz Re’im, the pilots unable to distinguish between the civilians and the Hamas fighters. Many of the vehicles that the Israeli government has shown as an example of Hamas perfidy were destroyed by the Israeli Apache helicopters.
​  Likewise, the Israeli government has widely publicized what it is calling the “Re’im massacre,” citing a death toll of some 112 civilians it claims were murdered by Hamas. However, eyewitness accounts from both surviving Israeli civilians and military personnel involved in the fighting show that the vast majority of those killed died from fire from Israeli soldiers and tanks directed at buildings where the civilians were either hiding or being held hostage by Hamas fighters.​..

​..The Israeli government treats the Kibbutz as being purely civilian, and yet has publicized how armed security teams of several Kibbutzes—drawn from the so-called “civilian” residents—were able to mobilize in time to successfully repel the Hamas attackers. The reality is that every Kibbutz had to be treated by Hamas as an armed encampment, and as such assaulted as if it were a military objective, for the simple fact that they were—all of them.

​  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 39: Health official says Israel ‘sentencing Al-Shifa hospital to death’ as doctors dig mass grave
​  Al-Shifa Hospital medical staff forced to dig a mass grave to bury 170 bodies as the hospital can’t refrigerate bodies without electricity. Israeli minister Bezalel Smotrich says “voluntary migration” is the only solution for Palestinians in Gaza Strip.

​  Yet another, bigger State Department dissent memo has emerged which slams President Biden's handling of the Israel-Gaza crisis. The memo obtained by Axios is signed by 100 State Department and USAID employees and bluntly asserts that the United States is supporting Israeli "war crimes".
​  Axios notes that the memo was organized by a foreign affairs officer who has in the recent past made public statements saying Biden is "complicit in genocide" - given the soaring Palestinian death toll, now at over 11,200 Gazans killed since Oct.7.
​  The memo characterizes the Israeli aerial and ground assault as follows: "all constitute war crimes and/or crimes against humanity under international law"--but says it's made worse by the US doubling "down on our unwavering military assistance to the (Israeli government) without clear or actionable redlines."

The Myth of the UN Creation of Israel
​  Following the Second World War, with the dissolution of the League of Nations, responsibility for the Mandate system was transferred to the newly established organization of the United Nations (UN).
​  The British government, seeking to extricate itself from the conflict it had created with its policy of denying self-determination to the Palestinians, requested that “the question of Palestine” be brought before the UN. To that end, the General Assembly established the UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP), which put forth a majority recommendation that Palestine be partitioned into separate Arab and Jewish states.
​  At the time, Jews remained a minority and owned less than 7 percent of the land in Palestine. Arabs owned more land in every single district in Palestine, including Jaffa, which included the main Jewish population center of Tel Aviv.
​  The partition plan nevertheless called for the Arab state to be comprised of just 45 percent while the Zionists would get about 55 percent for their Jewish state. Moreover, even within the area of the proposed Jewish state, Arabs owned more land, and when not excluding the Bedouin population, Arabs were still a majority.
​  The UNSCOP report readily acknowledged that inequity of the partition plan and that it constituted a rejection of Palestinians’ right to self-determination. The “principle of self-determination”, the report explained, although expressly recognized as an inherent right of all peoples under the UN Charter, “was not applied to Palestine, obviously because of the intention to make possible the creation of the Jewish National Home there.”
​  On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly proceeded to adopt Resolution 181, which endorsed the partition plan and recommended that it be considered by the Security Council, whose resolutions are legally binding on UN member states. It did go to the Security Council, where it died because, as the US representative Warren Austin rightfully pointed out, the UN had no authority to partition Palestine against the will of most of its inhabitants.
​  Encouraged by the General Assembly’s endorsement of the partition plan, ethnic cleansing operations by Zionist forces got underway. By the expiration of the Mandate on May 14, 1948, a quarter million Arabs had already been expelled from their homes.
​  The same day the Mandate expired, the Zionist leadership unilaterally declared the existence of the “Jewish state” of Israel, citing Resolution 181 for legal authority. Contrary to the popular myth that the UN created Israel, Resolution 181 neither partitioned Palestine nor conferred any legal authority to the Zionist leadership for their unilateral declaration.
​  Neighboring Arab states then intervened militarily in Palestine in a mostly failed effort to stop the ethnic cleansing. By the time armistice agreements were reached, most Palestinians were confined to an area comprising just 22 percent of historic Palestine: the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

​  Netanyahu Outlines Zionist Permanent and Total Occupation of Palestinian Lands  ("Revisionist Zionism" seeks to completely take and hold "Greater Israel".)
​  Israel’s plans for the Gaza Strip are becoming increasingly clear. Zionist pro-war propaganda relies on the narrative of a supposed “fight against Hamas” to convince public opinion, but Israeli officials are becoming explicit in their statements, making it clear that the “problem” they see in the region goes beyond of Hamas, having a dissatisfaction with the Palestinian control over that territory.

​  For more than 30 years, Washington has failed to build a just order, which is why we are now experiencing unprecedented crises ,​ Dmitry Trenin
​  The ongoing conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East have the same root cause. Essentially, the self-proclaimed victors in the Cold War – above all, the United States of America – have singularly failed in creating a lasting international equilibrium to succeed the post-WWII bipolar setup. Moreover, the innate arrogance of its elites, their complete disregard for the interests of others and unlimited self-righteousness have gradually undermined their own once unchallenged position of power and dispelled a lot of respect and goodwill that many other countries initially had for them...
..Thirty years ago, at the end of the Cold War, the US, as the world’s principal power, had an opportunity to begin building a multipolar world in which it would secure the role of a balancer and moderator. There was even a historical precedent for such a course. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s blueprint for the UN was headed precisely in that direction. In 1991, the situation was uniquely propitious for that – much more so than in 1945. Russia, having just shaken off communism, was dreaming of integration into Western institutions and councils. China was busy building capitalism and focusing on itself. The Oslo accords sent a ray of hope that the Middle East could be reformed on a platform of peace.  
​  Sadly, America’s political class chose instead to celebrate its victory in the Cold War, and then indulge itself in unipolarity, indispensability, and exclusivity. Our wars of today are the price people in various parts of the world have to pay for Washington’s dereliction of its duty as the architect of a world order. Never before in the history of the world has so much depended on a single power. But that power failed them all.

​  Somehow not The Onion.  (Jeremy Corbyn or George Galloway would be legitimate.)
Israel said seeking to appoint UK’s Tony Blair as Gaza humanitarian coordinator
With pressure on Jerusalem growing to do more for Strip’s civilians, Netanyahu reportedly hopes former British PM will take on task, providing war effort with greater legitimacy

​Simplicius looks at intrigues of impending Ukrainian regime change and war-policy changes, Wild Day as the Ukrainian Game of Thrones Revs Up! 

"Gradually at first, then all at once" , From AAA to AAARGH! Here's Why Moody's US Credit Warning Will Accelerate Dedollarization

​  Michael Hudson, Radhika Desai and Pepe Escobar panel discussion , Multipolarity: China, Russia, Israel, India, and the difficult birth of a new world
​  Radhika Desai: Obviously, between war and development, it’s a no-brainer.​ 
You know, if you are a responsible policymaker of your country, you’re going to choose development.
​  But there’s something bigger involved. You know, think about the fact that since at least the 19th century, since Halford Mackinder was writing his stuff about Eurasia and everything, the whole point was who was going to control this nodal area, which allows them to control essentially all of Eurasia.
​  Well, the West’s approach, which has always been about domination, war and exploitation, is manifestly failing.
​  And what’s emerging now is the fact that it is the Russians and the Chinese in cooperation with one another. And I hope and pray that we will have a government in India that can also take part in this, which will see the sense of cooperating with the Russians and the Chinese.
​  Because imagine a world in which the Russians, the Chinese and the Indians could get together and work collectively. I mean, that would simply transform the world into something else.

​  Europe’s New Digital Identity Wallet: Security or Tyranny?​  Resist by doing anything but this in every way that you can. Cash is good.
​  Last Wednesday, Thierry Breton, EU’s Internal Market Commissioner, proudly announced on Twitter/X that he had struck a deal with MEPs to create a European “digital identity wallet,” which would permit all EU citizens to have “a secured e-identity for their lifetime.”
​  According to the European Commission’s own website, the European Digital Identity can be used for a whole range of transactions, including providing personal identification on and offline, showing birth certificates and medical certificates, opening a bank account, filing tax returns, applying for a university, storing a medical prescription, renting a car, or checking into a hotel...
​..Initially, presumably the certificate would be optional and citizens could use other methods for validating their identity. Then, under the pretext of enhancing citizens’ “security,” the certificate might very well become obligatory for an increasing number of transactions.
​  The next step would be to gradually expand the information contained on the certificate, and use the certificate as a way to deny or approve citizens’ access to certain services based on their spending habits, their vaccination status, or their “social credit” score. Of course, this is not something we can be 100% certain will happen. But the recent implementation of vaccine apartheid in Europe should disabuse us of any illusion that Europe’s political leadership are committed to respecting and defending our civil liberties or our equal access to public amenities and services.
​  Politicans like Thierry Breton and Ursula von der Leyen, and those MEPs and member state goverments that cheered them on during the pandemic, were prepared to treat citizens like cattle or disease vectors to be vaccinated and tested en masse, with scant regard for their personal medical history and risk factors. It is surely only a matter of time before people with this sort of contempt for individual liberty would be inclined to take advantage of a technology like a universal digital ID as a lever to control people’s private choices with a view to advancing their own careers and policy goals.
​  Quite a few citizens said “no” to an experimental vaccine, and quite a few citizens still question the scientific and political rationale for imposing burdensome carbon taxes, forcibly expropriating farmland based on climate directives, living in “15 minute cities,” making space for transgender ideology in their hospitals and classrooms, or abstaining from whatever the powers that be deem to be “hate speech.”
​  What better method to induce public compliance with unpopular or controversial public policies and laws than to reward compliance with enhanced mobility and enhanced access to social amenities and services, and punish non-compliance with reduced mobility and reduced access to services and amenities? Isn’t that exactly what the digital Covid certificate, a brainchild of the same Commission, did?
​  Obviously, advocates of a European digital ID will publicly claim they are only interested in promoting the security of our transactions and protecting our privacy. But since these are the very same people who dare to claim that medical segregation and coercion via vaccine passports “reassures us of (the) spirit of an open Europe, a Europe without barriers,” their assurances regarding citizens’ privacy and liberties have no credibility whatsoever.

​  Meryl Nass MD,  What does the WHO say about its power to enforce the Pandemic Treaty (and International Health Regulations, another treaty)?
​  Many people have insisted that the WHO could not make the US do anything. Let me remind those people that the US government under Biden is instrumental in pushing forward the WHO proposals, and so it will comply.​..
..Furthermore, the WHO demands censorship of information not in agreement with the WHO’s narratives, not free sharing of information—so much for information equity—and its so-called expertise was used to overdose hospitalized patients with HCQ without informed consent, when these unfortunates were enrolled in the WHO’s “SOLIDARITY” trial. Its expertise led to demanding that nations stop the use of HCQ and ivermectin for COVID and administer more shots. Who needs this expertise?​ ...
​..[Bill Gates, who was the largest funder of the WHO the year Trump defunded the organization, gets the lion’s share of input, while we peons get none. Trump then turned around and funded Gate’s’ charity GAVI with the money, and GAVI turned around and gave it back to the WHO. That was our money, by the way.]

​  Meryl Nass MD, Eight items of major concern regarding the proposed WHO treaty and International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments
1.  Biological warfare agent proliferation.​   The treaty and the proposed amendments instruct nations that they must perform surveillance for potential pandemic pathogens, build or maintain sequencing labs, and both share actual specimens with the WHO (where a BioHub has been created for this purpose) and also share the sequences online.  This demands the proliferation of biological weapons agents...
2.  Giving the WHO a blank check to create new rules in the future​ ...
3.  Liability-free vaccines developed at warp speed will be produced​   The treaty calls for rapid vaccine development /production and shaving time off all aspects of vaccine development, testing and manufacture.  This requires vaccines to be used without licenses, and the treaty calls for nations to have laws in place to issue Emergency Use Authorizations for this purpose, and to “manage” liability issues.
4.  Human rights guarantees have been removed in the new amendments​  
5.  Social media surveillance and censorship of citizens is required​  Both the amendments and the treaty call for nation states to perform surveillance of their citizens' social media, and to censor and prevent the spread of information that does not conform to the WHO's public health narratives.  Yet the treaty also calls for citizens to be free to access information, while they are to be protected from "infodemics," which are defined as too much information. Citizens must also be stopped from spreading mis- and disinformation.
6.  We may not learn what is in the amendments until after they are passed​ (AKA: "The Pelosi Rule")   
The WHO's principal legal officer has provided a legal fig leaf to avoid the obligation of making them public 4 months ahead of the vote.  Will the public even see the amendments before a vote on them occurs?   Why is there such secrecy regarding the proposed amendments?
7.  The WHO Director-General could become your personal physician​   According to the proposed amendments, the WHO D-G would be able to commandeer and move medical supplies from one country to another, decide what treatments can be used, and restrict the use of other treatments.
8.  When will the WHO be able to use its newly minted powers?​   [Whenever the Director General wants to, so "always".]
The amendments will come into force after a declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) is made.  However, a declaration of a potential PHEIC will also trigger these powers.  The powers can be extended even after a PHEIC is over, as we have seen with COVID and monkeypox (MPOX) declarations by the D-G.
The treaty will be in force continuously, requiring no declaration or pandemic to confer new powers to the WHO.

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