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Forced To Face Reality

 Making A List,

  The Honest Sorcerer ,  The Net Zero Stragedy  (tragic strategy)
  So, why don’t we “just stop oil” and reduce our emissions right away? Well, that’s the beauty of the story, and the prime reason why people from the poorest farmer to the richest oligarch is reluctant to do so: because that would end this civilization. Sure, it is possible to run a civilization on the power of the sun and the wind alone, just not this one... Sorry to be so blunt, but its neither technically, nor physically possible to get rid of fossil fuels and continue with modernity. This is why the core tenet of the Net Zero belief system, namely that we can “decarbonize” the economy and survive it, is what it is: a myth.

​  Why California’s climate disclosure law should doom green energy
​  To lower their state’s carbon footprint, the legislature recently passed a law requiring all companies doing over $1 billion in business within California to “publicly disclose” (by 2026) all their “direct” greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions stemming from fuel combustion they utilize, as well as all “indirect” GHG emissions derived from the electricity, heating and cooling they consume.
​  By 2027, they must also disclose “indirect upstream and downstream” GHGs emitted by sources they do not own or directly control but from which they purchase goods and services
, including GHG emissions associated with the “processing and use of sold products.”​ This certainly appears to cover almost every mega-scale entity doing business in the once-Golden State.​..
​..The new mandates should also cover wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicle batteries, grid-scale backup batteries, transformers, expanded and enhanced transmission lines, and other equipment associated with California’s emerging “clean, green, renewable, sustainable” economy.
​  And they absolutely should also cover the extraction, processing, refining, and other activities required to obtain the nonrenewable metals, minerals, concrete, plastics, paints, other materials – and fuels – needed to manufacture and install those technologies...
​..If such an inventory is accurately taken, which is admittedly a bit “if”, it won’t paint a pretty picture for those touting renewables, Green building construction, and EV transportation “fixes”.
​  The International Energy Agency and other experts report that electric vehicles have six times more metals by weight than their internal combustion counterparts. Photovoltaic solar panels require six times more metals and minerals (other than steel and aluminum) per megawatt than a combined-cycle gas turbine that generates electricity pretty much 24/7/365; they also require at least 100 times more land area.
​  Weather-dependent, intermittent onshore wind turbines need 9-10 times more than a CCGT, and offshore wind turbines require fourteen times more raw materials...
​..For every 100,000 tons of copper (enough for 2,275 gigantic 12-MW offshore wind turbines), companies would have to blast and extract nearly 60,000,000 tons of ore and overlying rock and then use heat and chemicals to process almost 23,000,000 tons of ore. Every step involves fossil fuels.
​  Nickel for powerful nickel-cobalt-aluminum and nickel-manganese-cobalt EV batteries is found mainly in Indonesia, where companies mine the ore using diesel-powered equipment and send it to smelters fueled by coal. Once fully operational, a single nickel-processing industrial park in eastern Indonesia will burn more coal per year than Brazil.
​  Cobalt for cobalt-lithium batteries comes mostly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, involves extensive child and near-slave labor​...
..One can’t help but wonder what happens when Californian politicians realize their grand scheme to save Planet Earth from a manmade climate crisis actually results in possibly spewing out more greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

​  Surplus Energy Economics, “Peak almost everything”, part one , WORSENING STRESSES IN AN INFLECTING ECONOMY
​  There’s a growing feeling that ‘things aren’t working’, and that the continuing affluence of a minority is in striking contrast with the deteriorating economic circumstances (and worsening insecurity) of the majority.​ One can almost sense a collective holding of breath as we wait to see ‘what happens next’.​..
..Stated at its simplest, growth in material economic prosperity has long been decelerating towards a point at which the economy as a whole inflects from expansion into contraction.​ Some years ago, this decelerating rate of growth fell below the rate at which population numbers have been continuing to increase. Since 2019, the world’s average person has been getting gradually poorer, even as aggregate prosperity has carried on edging upwards...
..We’re now very near indeed to the moment at which prior growth in the overall size of the economy goes into reverse. This is when the Big Numbers – the size of product and service markets, revenues and profits in the business sector, employment, resources available to governments, and the quantity of sustainable credit – all start to get smaller...

..You’re likely to be told that the economy is ticking over pretty well, and would have been doing even better if it hadn’t been for the sheer bad luck of running into a global pandemic and a European war in quick succession.​ Some have alleged that these events have been engineered in order to disguise economic deterioration, and/or to cloak a grab for wealth and power by a self-serving minority...
..The economy is an energy system, not a financial one. Nothing that has any economic value at all can be provided without the use of energy. Money has no intrinsic worth, but commands value only as an “exercisable claim” on the output of the material economy.​ We know that the large and complex economy of today has been built on an abundance of low-cost energy sourced from oil, natural gas and coal.​..
..Energy is never ‘free’, but comes at a cost measurable in terms of the proportion of accessed energy needed to create and sustain the infrastructure required for energy supply. This cost is known here as the Energy Cost of Energy, abbreviated ECoE.
​  Globally, trend ECoEs reached their low point in the quarter-century after the Second World War, explaining the super-rapid economic growth enjoyed in that period.​ Since then, ECoEs have trended upwards because of the depletion of fossil fuel resources.​..
..Nobody needed credit deregulation, QE or sub-zero real interest rates in the 1945-70 period, because low ECoEs were driving the economy along, ‘very nicely, thank you’, without recourse to financial manipulation. Only as the economy has decelerated have we adopted various forms of monetary gimmickry in order to pretend that the illogical promise of ‘infinite economic growth on a finite planet’ remains a valid expectation...

..Accompanying this, financial stresses have been worsening. Debt has massively outgrown reported GDP as credit expansion has been deployed to create purely cosmetic “growth” (Fig. 3A). It required annual borrowing of more than 11% of GDP to sustain illusory “growth” at a supposed average of 3.5% (3B) over the past twenty years...

..The net effect of these trends is severe compression of the affordability of discretionary (non-essential) products and services. This, it should be stressed, is already happening, though ‘the powers that be’ are, with only limited success, managing to present this as a temporary ‘cost of living crisis’ rather than as the structural phenomenon that it really is..​.
..All of these processes are going to change the balance of forces in civil society, such that politics becomes ever more unpredictable.​ A point that cannot be emphasised too strongly is that economic deterioration, with all of its attendant stresses, is moving from the predicted to the experienced.
​  Some discretionary sectors are already contracting. Politics is already becoming dysfunctional. The hardship being presented officially as a temporary problem is, in reality, a foretaste of the shape of things to come – or, perhaps more aptly, the shape of things to go.

​  The moment of "truth" approaches, when promises of future repayment of investment will be broadly acknowledged to be imaginary. The elites know this, and seek to stage emergencies to justify emergency-powers for their puppets, so that current elites and puppets can maintain their positions of power. We non-elites will take all losses... simple.

​  Russia builds equality-based cooperation with partners, unlike West — foreign minister
Sergey Lavrov assured the congress attendees that Moscow, together with its allies, partners and associates from the countries in the Global South and East, will continue to work on shaping a more just multipolar world order

​  ‘Time is Running Out’ - Big Four Leave Oval Office Without Plan to Avert Shutdown​  [This ​delays funding for Ukrainian and Israeli wars.]
  According to one report, those meeting in the Oval Office with the US president “ganged up” on the house speaker to allow more money for Ukraine, with Biden telling him that history would “judge him harshly” if he did not act on the issue. Meanwhile, Johnson said his first priority is securing the US-Mexico border.

​  The shutdown will come in two phases - around 20% of government funding will run out in two phases - one on Friday night, and the other a week later on March 8. The other 80% of government agencies would see their funding expire on various other dates if Congress can't come to an agreement.

​  ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 145: Hamas warns Israel and U.S. of ‘political machinations’ amid ceasefire talks​. UN humanitarian officials say that thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are “just a step away from famine” by May. Russia calls on UNSC members to refrain from endorsing Washington’s resolution on Gaza, denouncing it as “a license to kill” for Israel.
Hamas armed wing launches volley of missiles from southern Lebanon at northern Israeli targets on Wednesday morning.
Hamas says it bombed “the headquarters of Israel’s 769th Eastern Brigade, and its airport barracks in Beit Hilal in northern occupied Palestine (present day Israel), with two missile salvos consisting of 40 Grad missiles.”
Hamas attack causes severe damage to Israeli buildings in Kiryat Shmona settlement in the Galilee panhandle area, close to the borders with Lebanon.
Ismail Haniyeh says “any flexibility we show in negotiations, out of concern for the blood of our people, is matched by a willingness to defend them.”
On ceasefire talks, senior Hamas figure, Basem Naim, says: “The gap is still wide. We have to discuss a lot of points with the mediators.”
Russia calls U.N. Security Council members to refrain from endorsing U.S. proposed resolution on Gaza, saying it constitutes “another license to kill” for Israel.
Carl Skau, deputy executive director of WFP, says there is “a real prospect of famine by May [in Gaza].”
Al-Awda Hospital in northern Gaza cancels all orthopedic and plastic surgeries after Israeli bombing destroyed two operating rooms.
The Commission for Prisoners warns that the life of Palestinian prisoner Moatasem Raddad, 38, is at risk inside Israeli jail.
Israeli settlers block Palestinian cars from traveling on road connecting Asira Al-Qibliya and Urif villages, south of Nablus.

​  Egyptian aircraft successfully dropped ten tons of foodstuffs on northern Gaza. At least 45 tons of humanitarian aid were dropped, in addition to the northern areas, in the central parts of the enclave, with the active involvement of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

​  Biden Moves​ (slowly)To Attach Conditions On Israel Using US Weapons In Gaza
"The Biden administration gave Israel until mid-March to sign a letter, provided by the U.S. on Tuesday, that gives assurances it will abide by international law while using U.S. weapons and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, three U.S. and Israeli officials told Axios."

​  Houthis Deny Israeli Media Reports They Sabotaged Internet Cables Under Red Sea
"We are keen to spare all cables and their services from any risks and to provide the necessary facilities for their maintenance. The decision to prevent the passage of Israeli ships does not include ships belonging to international companies licensed to carry out marine cable work."

​  US border a higher priority than Ukraine – Republican leader 
The House speaker faces renewed pressure from Democrats to approve a vote on $60 billion in military assistance for Kiev

​  Mitch McConnell - Longest Serving Senate Leader In US History - To Step Down From Position In November​   [What gave Mitch such sudden "clarity"?]
"As I have been thinking about when I would deliver some news to the Senate, I always imagined a moment when I had total clarity and peace about the sunset of my work," the prepared remarks continue. "A moment when I am certain I have helped preserve the ideals I so strongly believe. It arrived today."

​  An initiative organized by dissident Democrats outraged over President Biden's handling of the Israel-Gaza war has sent a powerful shot across the bow of his presidential campaign, as more than 100,000 Democrats voted "uncommitted" in the Michigan primary.​ That's more than 9 times former President Trump's 10,704-vote victory margin in his 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton, in a critical swing state that will be worth 15 electoral votes in the November general election.

​  Simplicius: Desperate Globalists Float Boots on Ground to Save Ukraine
“There are no words. The gap: here in Kiev the Supreme Commander-in-Chief says one thing, but at the front something completely different is happening. I want to say: beyond Avdeevka no field lines of fortifications have been built to this day. I saw our soldiers in holes in the middle of a field being attacked by Russian drones,” said Ukrainian military propagandist Butusov...
​..Officials are now getting worried. The next ‘thread’ which neatly follows the last report is the looming inevitability of Kharkov and/or the northern region falling.​..
..Schumer intimates “if we wait two or three months we will lose the war.”​  (also if "we" act today.) ...
​.. [Ukrainian soldier] “We have lost our fighting spirit. We simply do not have the means to fight. If this continues for a few more years, it will be a disaster: either we will run out of people, or everyone will simply leave the country,” one of them said.​ He added that now the Ukrainian Armed Forces are forced to leave advantageous positions and decide “which village to give to the Russians next.”​...
..CIA Director William Burns secretly visited Ukraine last Thursday, February 22 - New York Times According to the newspaper, this is Burns' tenth visit to Ukraine in two years. The purpose of the visit is to “calm down Ukrainian leaders” who fear that American intelligence services, due to the blocking of US aid, will become less active in helping Kyiv “fight Russia”...
..Western intelligence agencies report that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will exhaust their ammunition reserves by June...
..We’ve seen the repeated projections for two months or so being the time period when things could unravel. This happens to roughly coincide with when Zelensky’s presidential mandate runs out, and questions of his legitimacy will begin rising...
​..“Maidan-3”: Russia is preparing a special operation to question Zelensky’s legitimacy after May 20, when his term ends​. [The propaganda statement is published by the Intelligence Committee under the President of Ukraine.​]...
..Russia may strategically time a larger operation to coincide precisely with the political meltdown coming in May, which we spoke of at the start of this article. Suppose that May comes around and Zelensky is drowning amid a court whose ‘knives are out’ against him. The AFU situation is catastrophic with no aid nor ammo, and suddenly an even larger, perhaps unprecedented, Russian operation begins...

​  Transnistria Asks Russia For 'Protection' - Setting Stage For Military Intervention  [NATO wants the excuse to intervene​. Transnistria has always remained Russian.]
A special congress of pro-Russian officials passed a resolution which charges the Moldovan government in Chisinau with unleashing "economic war" against Transnistria with an aim to turn it into a "ghetto", which has included blocking imports.

​  Eleni sends this from Andrew Korybko: The Ukrainian Intelligence Committee Is Preparing For The Worst-Case Scenario  (How much will Russia take by June?)
​  What’s regarded as the worst-case scenario from the perspective of the ruling Ukrainian elite and their Western masters is the best-case scenario for the rest of the world. In the event that Zelensky is deposed and peace talks immediately resume right as Russia breaks through the Line of Contact, then NATO might not feel as pressured by its security dilemma with Russia to conventionally intervene in Ukraine, thus reducing the risk of World War III by miscalculation.

​  US not to send troops to Ukraine — White House​ . Earlier, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico said that a number of European Union and NATO countries were looking at sending their troops to Ukraine under bilateral agreements with Kiev

​  Gilbert Doctorow,  Emmanuel Macron’s provocative advocacy of European troops on the ground in Ukraine
​  Russia devoted a lot of attention to French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements during a meeting at the Elysée Palace of a Conference in Support of Ukraine which was attended by a great many European heads of government or their immediate deputies and at a press conference which followed. Macron yet again has positioned himself and France at the vanguard of a new direction for European foreign and military policy, namely to send ground troops to Ukraine to participate in the war directly and thereby ensure Ukrainian victory and, what is more important, Russian defeat...
..Macron’s proposal was immediately rejected by all major European leaders, including the hitherto most aggressive defenders of Ukraine among them, the United Kingdom, Poland and Germany. High-flying French ideological, geopolitical messaging ran into a brick wall of down-to-earth and justified imperatives of self-preservation...

​  Le Pen lays into Macron over comments that sending troops to Ukraine not ruled out
"Emmanuel Macron is playing military leader, but he is so careless about the lives of our children," Marine Le Pen stressed

​  French Civil Servants' ‘Secret’ Meetings With Le Pen Show Macron’s Waning Influence​ [The Economist is ​largely owned by Macron's Rothschild bosses.]
French civil servants have reportedly held secret meetings opposition National Rally (RN) leader Marine Le Pen, undermining President Emmanuel Macron.
According to a report in British magazine the Economist, party leaders and state officials have been meeting secretly in Paris to discuss a range of issues. Strategists are working on draft legislation shaping a detailed roadmap for a possible Le Pen presidency following the next election in 2027, the report claimed.

​Thnks Eleni. Andrew Korybko again. The Financial Times Is Freaking Out After Italians Started Souring On The Ukrainian Conflict

​  Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has come out against sending troops to Ukraine.
"We are not in a state of war with Russia, we are defending Ukraine. And I am personally against sending Italian troops to fight in Ukraine."

Majority of Germans support Scholz's decision not to send Kiev Taurus missiles
In addition, 28% of respondents believe what Berlin is currently giving Kiev is excessive

Polish Truckers To Rejoin Farmers In Border Crossing Blockades

​  With almost half of the world’s population residing in countries holding executive or legislative elections in 2024, it’s set to be the busiest election year ever recorded.​ (All before mid June except the US.)

​  Celia Farber, Ontario Woman Paralyzed From Neck Down After Moderna Booster Is Twice Offered To Euthanize Herself By Medical Staff: One MD Recorded Saying Vaccines Caused It, Another Suggested She Get Psychological Evaluation; Her Bowels Are Even Paralyzed And She Can't Even Turn Herself, And Is Helpless If No Helper Arrives

Shocking Findings of New Study: Excess Deaths in the UK Pandemic were Iatrogenic and Caused by Midazolam and Euthanasia.

Meryl Nass MD,  International CRISIS Summit #5 , I will blow up the slides for you here.

Meryl Nass MD, The Globalists' Threat to Sovereignty: the WHO and the Climate Agenda. An important panel at CPAC
Watch the video at the Sovereignty Coalition website. Join the movement.

​Meryl Nass MD, James Corbett and I discuss Solutions to stop the WHO Coup

Ride a regular bike. Wear a comfortable helmet.
E-Bike Injuries Skyrocket, With 1 In 10 Requiring Hospitalization

After 16 Years, Apple Abandons Work On Electric Car

The Official Solar-Heinrich-Magnetic Cycle​ (3:31 min short video)

Ocean Collapse, Weird Quake, Weirder Animal Migration​ (2:31 min short video)

​Investing in Spring (pictured planting biological solar collectors)

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