Thursday, October 20, 2016

Race To The Bottom

Neck and Neck,

Chris Wallace more or less won the last debate. (I just watched the beginning, myself. Damage control and holding constituents seemed to rule.)

"America Has Lost"
Philippine president Duterte sides with China and seeks closer relationship with Russia. (That's pretty bold. Philippine Presidents who buck the US have not lived long, historically. Maybe things are changing.)

"Did the White House Declare War on Russia?" 
(Which "America" are we talkin' about, here?)
MIT expert, professor Theodore Postol, has written that there is “no technical way that the US intelligence community could know who did the hacking if it was done by sophisticated nation-state actors.”
Authoritative (but inconclusive, "probably not") beltway analysis of the Biden comments.

What Happens When the Electricity is Off for 3 Days?
The experience of an Aussie friend of Charles Hugh Smith is instructive.

Cleaning the Fridge

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