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Fidel Castro 8/13/1926 - 11/25/2016

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Fidel Castro, who tried to meet with President Eisenhower after overthrowing gangster-puppet Batista, but was rebuffed, has finally met his mortal end. 
Very few historical figures last this long. He was in power from 33 until 90, if you count these last few years with brother Raul as President There was rigidity at home, and graciousness, with a revolutionary flair, throughout Latin America. Cuba was, and still is, a zit-on-the-face of the world's greatest superpower.
(Fidel's dad was a rich Spanish plantation owner and his mom was the housemaid. Fidel was a Jesuit-trained lawyer, brilliant and charming. He eventually gave up cigars.)

World Leaders offer words of respect.

Thierry Meyssan on Voltairenet has this excellent article on the intrigues and botched plots and wars in Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Ukraine. (Russia is doing remarkably well as the martial artist, successfully fighting multiple opponents.) There are things here I had not seen before. Thanks Eleni.

Should a single person have the authority to flip a switch and bring all trade, transactions, indeed, the entire economy to a halt? What happens when 88% of the money in India is declared non-negotiable? We are only beginning to see... Food rots. Farmers cannot sell their crops, or buy seed or their own food and fuel. Money changing Mafia has taken over all transactions. No "legal" notes are used. They are all salted away. Only the banned notes are circulated, with deep discounts. Crime is the main business, and people are beginning to rob for food in mobs. The bottom 50% of Indians are completely crippled and without any recourse.

Black Friday for department stores. They are dying. Nothing new there.

After telling-off top media execs and reporters in off-the-record meeting, and sneaking out to a family dinner without reporters, Donald Trump bypasses them completely by just using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. (I guess he'll have to be taught a lesson if he's expecting good press. All he really has left is the "fake news". Very embarrassing.)

Australia is having such severe financial problems that it has had to stop donating to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Campaign now "backs" Jill Stein/Green-Party vote recount in Wisconsin and other states. Wisconsin recount has begun. Green Party has collected over $5 million in 3 days, having collected about $1.8 million for the whole previous campaign season. Lawyers say all they collect has to go to the recount (or?).

Richard Branson and Bob Geldof are bankrolling a start-up business to publicize bringing Tony Blair back to the helm of British politics. Let's see how this plays out. (Blair is deeply reviled in Britain, and those parts of the world where he has smiled, sucked blood and shit in the wounds.) Thanks Eleni.

Innovation has been flogged pretty hard as a fix-all, like "growth", "progress", "free" anything, and "democracy. 
Maintenance is what matters, and what most of us work at, the unglamorous supporting role, more necessary than profitable.

Assuming Too Much

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