Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What It's Worth

Energetic Consumers,

I make a long scientific article short here by showing the two most important graphics. Cheap energy enabled all of the wonderful and creative things we humans credit ourselves for discovering in the last 400 years or so. Our industrial and "information" economy cannot afford expensive energy, and it needs lots of liquid fuels, too. Of course, global warming is now baked-in, and liquid fuels are much more expensive, taking a lot of the energy per barrel to get the next barrel, transport it and refine it. We can't keep putting it in cars. We need the plastics, and drugs,  and we need the diesel trucks and trains to run. What will be the politics of that existential reality? Trump is denying climate change. Why acknowledge what is unavoidable and pretend to address it with the toothless Paris Accord lie? Lie differently. Just deny it. You and I need to work out our own micro solutions. That may be all that there is in 200 years. Pass-on something useful. Industrial civilization will burn coal. It will burn oil and gas while they are cheap, then use them for synthetic materials and fighter-jet fuel when they are costly. Forget tar sands and biodiesel. There is no more hydroelectric to build... Wind can build out more, but the best spots are rapidly taken, and wind farms change the wind patterns by extracting energy. Solar panels will be with us as long as we have the fossil fuels, mining and factories to make them. Can we live without air conditioning? Really? How about no internet? You can't get fuel, electricity and groceries without the internet these days. It all stops. Everything stops.

Pepe Escobar presents "The G20 from Hell" (Lots of dysfunction detailed here)
“We take note of the decision of the United States of America to withdraw from the Paris Agreement."
“The Leaders of the other G20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible."

Israel will kill anybody it sees fit to kill in Syria, no matter what Trump and Putin, and everybody else agree to.

Saudi Arabia already kills whoever it sees fit to kill within it's borders, whole towns, "citizens", with white phosphorous, whatever works. None of your business. Thanks Eleni.

The American Police State's Answer to Free Speech is Brute Force", Thanks Bill. 
Wearing black, and body armor, and covering your face, and having powerful guns, all make a person use the gun and the club more, lots more. Nothing else is possible...

"The false reality constructed for Americans parallels perfectly the false reality constructed by Big Brother in George Orwells’ dystopian novel 1984
Paul Craig Roberts points out more lies from our wholly-oligarch-controlled free media. Our owners will protect us from Muslim terrorists and Vladimir Putin and North Korea, no matter how poor it makes us, or how much more security they need to hire for our protection.

Mish Shedlock: "The Clinton Foundation received actual monetary donations. Trump received useless information from Russians hoping to switch the conversation to something else." "Fox News dropped a bombshell report officially confirming, via anonymous FBI sources, what many had suspected for quite some time, that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks source for leaks which proved that the DNC was intentionally undermining the campaign of Bernie Sanders." 

Here is the link to 28,882 emails from Hillary Clinton's private server, when she was Secretary of State, and killing Libyans, and so on. Thanks Eleni.

Kim Dotcom

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