Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hey Hey LBJ

Learning From History,

Tom sends news of a new book, Remember The Liberty, about the attack on the USS Liberty, by Israeli fighter planes and PT boats, during the 1967 "6 Day War". What is new is the focus on LBJ, who really wanted to get elected for another term, but was unpopular, due to the Vietnam meat-grinder. LBJ had justified massive bombing of North Vietnam with the false flag attack on an American ship, the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident", leading to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and full scale war. Lyndon lacked organized Jewish support in large American cities because of that, and sought to gain it with more war. The 6 Day War was planned long in advance to be spontaneous. Expansion of the State of Israel, and destruction of Arab forces were Israeli goals, and LBJ wanted his third term. The US was to fully enter the war against Egypt and Syria, and possibly go-nuclear, for the sinking of this spy ship, but it refused to sink. Three surviving crew-members co-wrote this book, by LBJ Historian Phillip Nelson. 
Failing to kill all American witnesses, Liberty survivors were sworn to secrecy and threatened. Now, they and other members of the US Navy, involved in the cover-up, have spoken very clearly, before they die. Tom will have interviews on his radio show, which airs in Austin, and is available online everywhere (for now) INN World Report:

Real News: CNN Associate Producer, Jimmy Carr is caught intimating that American Voters "are stupid as shit", by which he may mean that they believe most of the lies they are told by organizations like his.

"Russiagate" is a scandal in search of a crime" (still looking...)

Qatar has been selling gas for Chinese Yuan, having to compete with Iran doing the same thing. Qatar can't accept the purposely-unacceptable Saudi demands, and Saudi Arabia wants all the gas that lies on their common border.
Saudi Arabia can't expect to separate Qatar from Iran and Turkey, which would mean total isolation and subservience. 
What is the plan? Saudi Arabia wants an excuse to seize Qatari assets. Saudi Arabia wants dominance in the Gulf, and wants the US to be at war with Iran. 
Trump did that sword-dancy thing with the Saudi royals, so it's a done-deal, right? 
(Again, I think that Iran, an ancient society, and nearly impossible to invade, is the best long term partner for the US. The House of Saud sits on big, but dwindling oilfields, and will inevitably be replaced by somebody. They have to spend a lot of oil to keep the population compliant, too.)

Trump wants tariffs. Make America Great Again. "Trade war" is the decision in recent cabinet meeting. Trump sides with American populists here, as we slide toward a real global financial reset.

China is officially upset that the US is selling all those high tech weapons to Taiwan, again, as always.

Kyle Bass, who is always worth attending to, says that China will have a massive reset of all of her bad debts, which are being serviced, but can never be paid. This is well known, but he sees a current urgency. That is what Team Trump may also see, hence timing their tariff attack to give a little shove. What's then?

The US has $64 trillion in debt, which I can't fathom... 
David Stockman paints the picture that the US has performed "a leveraged buyout on itself over the past 40 years" in a way that I clearly understand. 
Hollowed out and mortgaged off...

Illinois is now 3 years out from it's last state budget, and Judge Lefkow has lost patience over the patients, and ordered Illinois to pay out $2 billion in Medicaid arrears this month. That's a slosh from the $15 billion bucket of unpayable and unserviceable debt. Next? Junk bond rating for Illinois...

James Kunstler looks at bankrupt Illinois and bankrupt Americans. "Illinois is dead broke. It can’t pay the contractors who fix things like roads and storm drains, and supply food to its prisons. It’s over $200-billion deep in pension obligations that will never be honored."

Chris Martenson interviews Joseph Tainter on The Collapse of Complex Societies. Transcript and interview here:
"One of the major problems in sustainability and in this whole question of resources and collapse is that we did not evolve as a species to have this ability to think broadly in time and space. Instead, our ancestors who lived as hunter-gatherers never confronted any challenges that required them to think beyond their locality and the near term. And so, our species never evolved an inclination to think broadly in time and space."

Central Banks prepare to make the rich (not ultra-rich, of course) poorer.

Only bad, subprime credit is worth $2000 more than cash-on-the-barrel for a new $11,995 to $13,995 Chrysler. Really. Precisely... (US car markets approach collapse. Buy used for cash in 2018.)

"Why has Washington been at war for 16 years" asks Paul Craig Roberts. Among the usual answers (good for war-bidness and global empire) PCR has a specific resource-war objective which is novel to my understanding, and which I'll have to study more.

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