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Anticipating Big Mistakes

Observing Human Actions,

Seymour Hersh, who broke the My Lai Massacre story when I was in 7th grade, and busted the false-flag Sarin attack in Syria a few years ago, always gets his facts and sources straight before breaking a story, so it takes awhile. Here is as good and clear and detailed a version of the events of early April, when the Syrian air force hit an ISIS meeting in a place that had chlorine for cleaning dead bodies, bombs and agricultural supplies (organophosphates) stored. The US was notified ahead of the specifics. All the military and spooks knew there was never any Sarin, but President Trump was energized by the TV news and saw a moment to catch the wave by bombing Syria. The "Gorilla Option" was chosen (beat chest and bellow). The Russians were advised ahead of time, so they advised the Syrians. Fuel was blown up. Most missiles never got there. Only broken planes got blown up in hangars. The intelligence and military people reportedly didn't like this decision. (Hersh had to get this published in Germany. Go figure.) Thanks Ray.

After recent hype, the Trump Administration seems to be walking back that red-line about another chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Russia and Islam, Connecting the Dots and Discerning the Future
Oh, this is really good and deep. Russia solved the Chechan-rebel problem by making Sunni Islam strong and healthy within Russia, and not the radical Salafist Wahhabi faction, not at all. This strong, healthy and integrated Islam is presented here as the biggest threat to the Saudi backed Islamic reactionary extremists.
This is a long article, but with excellent focus. All the information is useful. Thanks Eleni.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt still stand prepared to eject Qatar from the Gulf Cooperation Council if Qatar does not accept becoming a Saudi satellite and accepting Saudi foreign-policy, and muzzling Al-Jazeera, as well as ejecting those Turkish soldiers. This is an ultimatum. Qatar said "non" and will keep resisting it. 
(Turkish Muslim Brotherhood government really must support Qatar's Muslim Brotherhood. Germany also seems to support Qatar. Israel showed support for Saudi Arabia's ruler recently with those fighter jets, but Israel really supports Israel. Mohammad Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's impetuous crown Prince, architect of the war against Yemen, is not good at listening to prudent counsel. He wants that big gas field between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He wants to be in the pipeline-to-Europe party. Turkey is the critical member. Syria won't let an enemy pipeline through, and Syria is going to stand, not fall. The obvious fix is to get Qatar and Iran and Syria on the same side, cut out the House of Saud, and pipe all the natural gas to Europe ASAP and until it runs out. Saudi attack on Qatar could be like Iraqi attack on Kuwait.)

The Syrian tension between the US and Russia has increased since the US shot down a Syrian plane, which had been attacking retreating ISIS forces. The pilot is alive and pictured here. What the Russians said is that they would track any planes or drones in Syrian airspace as targets, meaning that a pilot would keep hearing that he is targeted on the special radar that guides the deadly S-300 and S-400 missile systems, and could die within 30 seconds or so. It's hard to concentrate. (Not stated here is the effectiveness of Russian electronic measures in causing US military systems to suddenly fail. Less dramatic. Equally destructive.)

Cardinal Pell, the Vatican Finance Chief, has been charged with multiple sexual assaults on children, after a long investigation in Australia. (Pedophilia is one of the ties-that-bind in the networks of elite power. The sharing of this secret binds together those who know they cannot otherwise trust each other. It's in the US, too. Comet Ping Pong "Pizzagate" may still be investigated in this administration, the nuclear-option of domestic politics.)

John Podesta answers some questions in a closed door session with House Intelligence Committee. (He'd better make some deals to guaranty his own safety, if he gets such a nice option, which he shouldn't. Tortured lizard...)

"Prestitutes, not Russia, interfered in the US election", Paul Craig Roberts

In California, where there is a Democratic super-majority in Congress, and a Democratic governor, who vigorously supported single-payer health insurance in 1992, there is nothing to stand in the way of this momentous transformation, except Democrats. It won't be voted on this year, so all the "supporters" won't be forced to vote against it by their real backers. Jerry Brown must also be relieved not to be put on the spot.

Does Janet Yellen, who does not believe she will "see another financial crisis in her lifetime" have late stage pancreatic cancer? 
Just askin'. Desperate statement, isn't it?

Professor Steve Keen says there is no place for Yellen's complacency. He's being polite. He knows that she knows: 
"She knows who Minsky was. She has spoken at conferences at the Levy Institute at Bard College, in upstate New York, where Minsky worked for his final years. She gave a speech there just 18 months after the crisis began, at a conference named after Minsky, in which she praised Minsky."

If we don't change the way money is created, rising inequality and social disorder are inevitable, Charles Hugh Smith 
(Wealth is sucked form workers and producers and golden-showered upon financial elites.)

UK government announces that it won't pay to remove flammable covering from high rise apartments. The locals will have to pay for it, but they are already broke and over-extended. (We still don't know how many died at Grenfell Tower. They have to leak it out little by little to avoid riots.)

Losing Class War

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