Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Sun

Warming Hemispherically,

I remain thoughtful about the case for near-term human extinction, mostly by 2030, as I presented in Guy McPherson's work yesterday, 6/20/17.
I'm not going to try to negotiate that away. It is really hard to completely sterilize any surface, but our species may be the easier targets, except a few humans living in remaining natural areas, or subsistence farming..., except that their ecosystems will also be destroyed. The issue at hand is whether we are about to get 6 degrees C of global warming in a couple of decades, something that living ecosystems cannot quickly adapt to. You may have some kind of ecosystem after a thousand years, more after 10,000, and so on. That high temperature may drop hard after a thousand years. I don't know, and I will never know. You neither. Here is a graph of global mean temperature over the measurable life of our planet. The only time there has been a 6 degree C rise in temperature, suddenly, was at the Permian Extinction Event. What we are already locked into is faster than we think that was. The oceans are already dying, since they have been accepting most of the excess heat in recent decades. The Arctic ice cube is their thermal buffer. If critters like us do survive this century, it won't likely be with industrial civilization, which is bad and good, because industrial civilization is the cause of this predicament. Again, we can't really know much until later. Our species has existed in that little area of Pleistocene forward, under pretty stable climate conditions.
Pyrosomes, "fire bodies" are bizarre, glowing sea creatures, found in the warm equatorial oceans, and now off the coast of Washington, and other cool climes. Nobody understands them, because nobody noticed them before. Thanks Ray. (Oceanic cockroaches?)

"Regenerative Agriculture, an Effective Response to Climate Change" (It's obviously what we need to do, create food-bearing, regenerative ecosystems, to rebuild soil and life. How "effectiv"? Does it matter if it is the best that our species can do going forward?)

How Amazon Will Kill Your Local Grocer, A lot remains to be sorted out before 2020.  There will be economic reset, and maybe WW-3. Amazon taking over all food distribution centrally is really scary, but there may not be time, either...

100% Chance of Recession This Year (We are in an economy controlled by Central Banks, so all bets are sorta'off, but it has always happened before with several of the current omens.)

We're in a Boiling Point Crisis of Exploitive Elites, Charles Hugh Smith (History used properly, again)

Ron Paul Interviews Ed Snowden on the Deep State (To the point, as you would expect.)

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