Monday, July 24, 2017

The Real Machinery

Peeking Inside,

Murder, Spies and Weapons, 3 Deep State Stories from Moon of Alabama:
  • the weapons and ammunition are usual from east Europe (Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine ...)
  • the contracts are with U.S. companies themselves hired by the CIA and/or Pentagon as well as with Saudi and Israeli companies
  • offloading during unusual "fueling stops" allowed to disguise the real addressee of the loads
Ten thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition to al-Qaeda and other Takfiris in Syria also came first from Libya by ship, then on at least 160 big cargo flights via Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Turkey and during the last years by various ships under U.S. contracts from mostly east-European countries

Benjamin Fulford explains his personal and media history, which is impressive, and how he has connections, which tell him things, and that 9/11 and Fukushima were both planned attacks, according to his sources. He lives and works in Japan, impressively multilingual, with friends in weird places. (transcript, too)

Propaganda war on electronic media is official and pervasive and efficiently run now. Yep, all of our governments are carrying out information warfare upon us. Thanks Eleni.
In January 2015, the British Army announced that its 77th Brigade would “focus on non‐lethal psychological operations using social networks like Facebook and Twitter to fight enemies by gaining control of the narrative in the information age”. The primary task of this unit is to shape public behaviour through the use of “dynamic narratives” to combat the political propaganda disseminated by terrorist organisations. The United Kingdom is not alone in allocating troops and funding for influencing online political discourse. Instead, this is part of a larger phenomenon whereby governments are turning to Internet platforms to exert influence over information flows and communication channels to shape public opinion.”

We are now in the Frightening Endgame:
The system we now have is based on Fake News, Fake Money with no morals, no principles and no moral or ethical values.

Nobody uses cash in Chinese cities for the past 3 years, just smartphones. Rarely do credit cards get used. What are the implications of this? What if service goes down? Is this a new currency for the next reset? (China is investigating a national blockchain based currency.)

China has enough data and enough computational ability to study future-crime and prevent it, the holy grail of law-enforcement. Yes, Minority Report. Thanks Jeff. (They have no choice but to process all the data they are getting now.)

If Trump signs the latest anti-Russian sanctions into law, which hurt European countries, particularly German companies, retaliation and damage control from the EU will be fairly swift, according to the leaks.

Getting the Bill

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