Thursday, January 4, 2018

Control Fraud Democracy

Likely Voters,

Charles Hugh Smith pins the tail on this donkey:
If we strip away the pretense of democracy, what is the core of our political System? Answer: control fraud, which I define as those with control/ power in centralized institutions enriching themselves at the expense of the citizenry by selectively modifying what's permissible, and doing so in a fully legally compliant process, i.e. within the letter of the law if not the intent of the law.

Global Military-Financial Empire retrenches against threats to hegemony with Trump tax plan. Good analysis. Here's the summary:
"In short: the main purpose of this tax law is to strengthen certain sectors of the U.S economy as part of the “America first” economic-military agenda. But there is no guarantee that lower corporate taxes will in fact stimulate major new investment. The “tax reform” will, however, lead to greater income and wealth inequality, and new hardships on the poor and many in the middle strata. The fascist regime’s gamble here is that they will be able to ram through to a more dominant role in the world economy; that they can kick-start higher levels of capital investment; and that they will succeed in jamming these vicious attacks on living standards down the throats of the masses."

Top 5 Buried Stories of 2017 (c'mon, just a peek  :-)

Russia and China are openly supporting Iran against already-fizzled US color-revolution face-slap.
(What's up? This was not a serious assault, just for Western media narrative-control. What are WE supposed to support next?)

So the Russiagate probe just keeps turning up Clinton-machine criminal conspiracy... When is the deep-state deal between elite factions coming? Trumpf team at tiller...

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