Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Give And Take

Quietly Conferring,

"A whistleblower has revealed to Congress that clandestine, offsite meetings between high ranking FBI and DOJ took place in which officials discussed ways to undermine President Trump after the 2016 election, Rep. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told Fox News on Tuesday."

"These are some of the big questions that a nation not 100 percent distracted and misdirected will want some answers to. The even greater question is whether the USA’s institutional justice system remains sturdy enough to fairly inquire into all these things. It probably can’t happen without a deep house-cleaning at the Department of Justice and the FBI. For the moment, Trump is just observing the scene like the Cheshire Cat in his tree. Considering what a dope he is, it is one of the many miracles of his long and (so far) lucky life to have his enemies look even dumber."

Italy can't keep it's head above water in the EU. The ECB has extended vast credit (from where?) and bought ITalian government bonds like they were gold. Italy is not Greece, though Italians are feeling more like Greeks in recent years. What is Berlusconi's game?

Five maps and charts to look into 2018. Good visuals. A picture is worth 100 words.

Trumps tariffs (Coulda' been worse. Solar panels and washing machines is not "war".)

Rising interest payments on consumer debt are going to kill "consumers". Credit card defaults are rising. This is what all retirement accounts are invested in. Mine. Yours. Whatever. That's not going to work. Is it?

Could/Should Jubilee Debt Cancellations be Reintroduced Today? Michael Hudson (How about next week? Hudson is always brilliant and clear.)


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