Wednesday, March 28, 2018

To Be Or Not To Be

Being There,

Kim Jong Un meets in China with Xi Jinping, and says that he is devoted to a non-nuclear Korea, the same as his father and grandfather were. Xi says the deep and abiding friendship between their countries is not affected by any isolated event, and will grow stronger and broader in time.
"Non-nuclear Korea" means "US-out-of-Korea-completely". This can only really be envisioned through Korean reuinification, which we may assume that China now supports. Kim will meet President Moon of South Korea, and later, President Trump. Everyone except Neocon-vampire-national-security-adviser John Bolton can put a happy face on that and call it "a win".

Ron Paul: Neocons are Back with a Big War Budget and Big War Plans (sigh...)

David Stockman says the suicide-by-war-budget is just part of the problem here. Suicide by war could come right away.
Trump's new War Cabinet of John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Gina Haspel and Mad Dog Mattis is arguably the most interventionist, militarist, confrontationist and bellicose national security team ever assembled by a sitting President. We cannot think of a single country that has even looked cross-eyed at Washington in recent years where one or all four of them has not threatened to drone, bomb, invade or decapitate its current ruling regime. 

US missile defense system in Saudi Arabia completely fails to intercept Yemeni garage-missiles, and does some other things wrong, like blow up taking off. 
The same day/night, Israeli "Iron Dome" completely prevented any homemade Palestinian rockets from falling upon Israelites, exploding high in the night sky with intercepts, costing $50,000 each, about $1 million worth. 
Good News: No rocket got through. Bad News: No rockets were fired at all. 
(Our missile defense against Russian, Chinese, Israeli, North Korean, French, English, and Saudi ICBMs and submarine launched missiles is bound to work better, right?)

March 2018, a historic month for the future (if any) of our planet. (The Neocons running the empire are not used to being told "no". They can capitulate to a multipolar world reality or double down. What do they always do?) Thanks Colleen.

Caitlin Johnstone: "Dear America, Please Stop This Shit, Signed, The Rest of the World

More Caitlin: We are One False Flag Event Away from World War 3 (And Josh Bolton just got that assignment!)

The Silent War, How Britain and Europe Support Slavery and Sex Abuse in Libya (This is the hardest to read. This is true. This is what our governments are doing while they smile and talk nice to us.) Thanks Eleni

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