Thursday, March 29, 2018

Canadian Castro

Strange Bedfellows,

Colleen sent this story, which appears to be real, long rumored in Cuba, and confirmed by the suicide note of depressed nuclear physicist, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, "Little Fidel", as he was known in Cuba. The circumstantial and facial evidence is strong. Pierre Trudeau raised Fidel Castro's son, who is Prime Minister of Canada now. (Our owners like to play with breeding us for certain roles, and always have  :-)

Jimmy Carter, 93 now, says that appointing war-crazy John Bolton as National Security Adviser may be the worst decision President trump has made. Strong words from the gentleman...

The Science of a Dying Planet: , Ilargi @ The Automatic Earth, by way of Eleni in Athens
"They are not ‘seed companies’. They are ‘seeds-that-need-our-chemicals-to-grow’ companies. And they are out to conquer the entire world. A 100-times worse version of Facebook. And our governments subsidize the use of their products. As we not-so-slowly see our living world be massacred by those products... It’s a failure to understand what science is: that you must proof harm first before banning stuff. The only real science is the one that has adopted the Precautionary Principle. Because science is supposed to be smart, and there’s nothing smart about destroying your own world. Because science should never be used to hurt people or nature. Science can only be good if it benefits us. Not our wallets, but our heads and hearts and forests, and our children. Do no harm."

Sleeping Alone

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