Sunday, April 1, 2018

Game Changers


Since large, concentrated societies contract to the Core to protect themselves and their critical assets, those in the core historically won’t offer time or resources to help anyone but themselves: the army, the police, the roads, the tax officials. When that is true, you may want to localize, decentralize and maintain your own Core, with your own people, at home. This re-localizing will re-establish the balance of power in the Periphery where most people live."
This guest essay on The Automatic Earth really looks at the gross overall structural malaise happening in this country for the last 40 years,  with a more thoughtful analysis of some comments Hillary Clinton made in Mumbai about really having won most of the people in the most important parts of America. (Everything else is so ... well, "peripheral". It was not that way when America was healthy and productive.)

Here are two essays by Murray Bookchin on local-governance-based political structure, where political power as-well-as-wealth transmit from the human-scale groupings of small economic-political entities. Bookchin calls this "libertarian Municipalism", and there is nothing Ayn Randy about it. "Libertarian" here means that the humans in this body-politic are the primary political actors, not awaiting orders from afar, as in our current political paradigm. (The first link is more succinct, second is more technicolor.)

"You Know the US is Losing, We're Willing to Talk", Tom Luongo (It's very interesting about how we might all negotiate a reasonable status for Korea, and maybe not attack Russia, if we can just get over this Putin-fit we are having.)

Russia's other Game Changing Weapons, that Putin didn't mention in his recent speech. (WOW!)

Don't worry, America! Lockheed Martin's "Skunk Works" is working on a compact-fusio-reactor that will fit on the back of a truck, power a fighter plane, power a huge aircraft-carrier or city of 100,000 people and be working as a model within a year, marketable within 3 years.
(What? that was the 2014 press release? It's 10 times bigger and oh-so-much-heavier now, but should still be working in a year or two...)

Russiagate isn't about Trump, and not really even about Russia? (How's "containing China" goin' for ya, Mate?) Caitlin Johnstone. Thanks Eleni

China activates "Sky Net", comparing 3 billion faces every second to stamp out petty crime and kidnapping, the Chinese way. Look up when you cross the street, please.
Why doesn't America have this working yet?!


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