Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Russian Vindication

Momentarily Silent,

Israel set up snipers, tanks, and aircraft with orders to shoot unarmed civilians walking home. And they did. These civilians are the survivors and descendants of survivors of the illegal Israeli military invasion and occupation of Palestine. Here is some video of Israeli snipers following orders to shoot and kill unarmed people walking in the desert.

Jim Kunstler casts a sideways look at foreign involvement in Syria (the usual suspects)
And so just the other day, the latest POTUS declared (in his usual way) that “we’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it now.” The utterance sent the neocon partisans in government into a paroxysm. Cries of “Say What?” echoed up and down the Great Mall. Which “other people” was Mr. Trump referring to? The United Auto Workers? Gandalf the Grey? The cast of Glee? 

Oh, France might be the "other people" going in to protect "western assets" in Syria.
They had better be careful confronting Turkey to do so, since Turkey outguns ("ally") France, so very heavily.

The President of the U.S. of A. goes-off-the-reservation  again and plots to make peace with Russia in an off-the-cuff phone conversation with President-overwhelming-re-elect Putin.
Trump congratulated Putin on his victory in last month’s presidential election during their phone call, without first reviewing written guidance from White House advisers. The Washington Post reported that talking points for the call included specific advice not to congratulate the Russian leader. Trump later described the call as “very good” and said he planned to meet with Putin “to discuss the arms race, which is getting out of control.” 

Russian diplomats (somewhere) have 14 questions for their UK counterparts about the alleged poisoning with immediately-fatal-nerve-agent-of-Russian origin (Novichok), of a Russian double-agent the Brits got in a trade a long time ago, and his daughter, who is perking up nicely, while dad is still 'only mostly  dead'. The last 2 questions seem rather the most important.

Hillary Clinton ordered diplomats to suppress discussion of Novichock nerve-poison information. There seems to be a lot of that information, and in a lot of different hands, especially the US and UK,

This is looking a lot like "Operation Hades" a German Secret Service false flag operation, meant to prove Russian plutonium was being smuggled out of the collapsed Soviet Union, and the West had to go in and help secure it. Also other 4/3/18 updates to this intrigue, you won't see on CNN.

Eleni found this online link to wonderful color photographs of Russia, far and wide, before the Bolshevik Revolution.
Respectfully Offered 

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