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Truthy Tucker

Questioning Motives,

[My personal view is that the critical Imperial interest in Syria is to get the Saudi-Qatari gas pipeline through to Europe, to hold the Western Empire and gulf sheikdoms together, and to make another war against Russia possible. Europe can't really make war upon Russia while expecting Russian gas to do so. The Empire really needs to control the European economy, and all oil and gas, including the Russian oil and gas.]

"What do we really know this time about chemical weapons attack in Douma?" "We know it's a fraud." Tucker Carlson , Thanks Tom.
(Who is protecting Tucker Carlson for him to say these things on TV? This is 13:40 of him calling the government liars and making his point as a Republican Senator obfuscates, implies Tucker is a Putin-enabler, and says the questions need to be asked, but not answered.)

The US State Department Accuses Syria and Russia of Gassing Civilians before any Investigation, Caitlin Johnstone

The big question is whether this development portends an impending US attack on Syria, bypassing the UN. The UN has refused to confirm there has been any attack at all. Russia and Syrian government insist there has been no attack and have approached the Organization for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for an international investigation. The good thing is that the OPCW is deputing two teams of experts to go to Douma later this week.

When a Government declares a Verdict before an investigation, it's because there's a Pre-exising Agenda, more Caitlin (There is real urgency for the Empire to get a full scale invasion of Syria going.)

"How did you go bankrupt?" "Two ways. gradually, then suddenly." Ernest Hemmingway character in "The Sun Also Rises". 
When does the "suddenly" part happen for the $US. That's critical. It is the extractive solvent for transport of wealth into the empire from the rest of the world.

"This revolution is non-ideological because the enemy that we are fighting does not have an ideology of its own. The nationless plutocratic power structure that is choking us all to death is not intrinsically socialist, capitalist, liberal, conservative, libertarian, progressive, Zionist, white supremacist, or anything else. It will use any or all of those ideologies at any given time to manipulate people toward supporting its agendas, but the rulers of the western empire ultimately do not care about any of those things. What they care about is maintaining and expanding their power, and they’ll cheerfully wave a rainbow flag today and a Nazi flag tomorrow in order to get it." More Caitlin, Thanks Cat

"Hizbullah Today", provides insight into one of the most successful groups resisting the Western Empire. Thanks Eleni.

Why Systems Fail, Charles Hugh Smith (The empire is desperately close to the structure breaking, which holds it together.)

Trump tells Russia that "Missiles are coming" to Syria. Russia expresses intention to shoot them down. (Who has more missiles? Somebody will run out first.)

Trump asks Russia to roll-over. Russia won't roll-over (ever).

Trump backpedals that tweet. (It's not up to him, anyway, is it?)

Syrian forces evacuate airfields and military bases ahead of attacks. (They are moving planes and weapons systems to Russian bases. Russia has said they will fight fire with fire if Russian soldiers are killed by western attacks. This is the brink.)

Israel vows to "Wipe Assad off the Map" if Iran attacks from Syrian territory. (Well, that's as clear as Polish troops invading a German radio station in 1939. The Israeli/US/French/Saudi response will be vigorous, I'm sure.)

French (puppet) President Macron appears ready to commit the French military to helping out Saudi friends in Syria.

Paul Craig Roberts: "There is no longer any doubt that the criminally insane government in Washington is driving the world to the last war."

Google's data file on you is 10 times bigger than Facebook's. Here is how to access it, modify "preferences" and supposedly delete it.

10 million pounds of human feces from New York and New Jersey have been sitting on the train tracks in Parrish Alabama for 2 months, horribly stinking up the small town, which has no authority to get the cargo out of there. It was headed to a landfill in another town, which got an injunction against it. Parrish has no specific laws on the books that can defend it against this unexpected fecal invasion.  Thanks Jeanine.
Parrish only spans 2 square miles, and the town's mayor, Heather Hall, says that everything stinks because of the containers. “It greatly reduces the quality of life,” she told CNN, “You can’t sit out on your porch. Kids can’t go outside and play, and God help us if it gets hot and this material is still out here.”

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