Thursday, April 19, 2018

Not As Advertised

Coming Up Short,

This article from Eleni lays out the Plan-B goal in Syria, to bleed and bleed and bleed Iran, since regime change sweeping across the middle east has not gone as efficiently as originally planned. Whose interests are served? No interests are well served as greed and overreach of aggressive policy have natural consequences. There is a lot of good insight here.
The strikes from this weekend were intended to do much more damage than they did.  The U.S. Military’s presser on Friday after the attack was purposeful disinformation.  They only admitted to attacking three sites, all of which were empty and obliterated. But what about the airstrikes on no less than four Syrian airfields, including Al-Shairat (again)? No mention of those. Because they didn’t succeed. 

Brandon Smith says the Syrian conflict is a distraction from a secret war. (I think the war does more than distract from the inevitable monetary reset of global reserve currency. Central bankers want electronic money. Bitcoin is actually lousy as a currency, but great for central bank transactions. We can just have credit cards with chips, and be excluded from the economy if we don't conform. Perfect! Against Western central banking runs the counter-force of Russia, China and Iran, though Libya is now out of that game. This group prefers gold. Pick a side and a personal strategy. Growing vegetables is revolution.)

Vladimir Putin, well aware of anti-Russian sentiment in the US, opens the invitation to negotiation with the bid to make concessions under the right circumstances. Russia has a fairly strong hand, but not economically...

Donald Trump, as well as wanting to negotiate rationally with Russia, in the interests of the US, also wants US troops to come home from Syria as soon as possible. (Trump is an America-firster, who does not want America to keep getting exhausted by imperial overreach. It's not in the American interest, after all.)

Eleni sends this article (excerpts below) from Paul Craig Roberts about "Racism" as a cover for financial exploitation and aggressive war, currently and historically in North America. (We are divided and conquered...)
The working class, designated by Hillary Clinton as “the Trump deplorables,” is now the victimizer, not the victim. Marxism has been stood on its head. The American ruling class loves Identity Politics, because Identity Politics divides the people into hostile groups and prevents any resistance to the ruling elite. With blacks screaming at whites, women screaming at men, and homosexuals screaming at heterosexuals, there is no one left to scream at the rulers. 
  The ruling elite favors a “conversation on race,” because the ruling elite know it can only result in accusations that will further divide society...  
The first slaves in the new world were white. When real history was taught, this was widely understood. Movies were even made that showed that in King George III’s England, the alternative to criminal punishment was to be sold as a slave in the colonies. See, for example:   Among the first New World lands to be exploited by the Europeans were the Carribean Islands, which were suitable for sugar and rice production. The problem was that the white slaves died like flies from malaria and yellow fever. The Spanish lack of success with a work force of natives of the lands they conquered led those in search of a work force to the slave export business of the black Kingdom of Dahomey. The demand for black workers rose considerably when it was discovered that many had immunity to malaria and resistance to yellow fever. This meant that a plantation’s investment in a work force was not wiped out by disease...  
Why did the South leave the Union? Because it was being economically exploited by the North, which, once the North gained the ability to outvote the Southern states, imposed tariffs that benefited the North at the expense of the South. The North needed protection from British manufactures in order for the economic rise of the North. In contrast, the South’s economy was based on cotton exports to England and on cheap manufactures imported from England. Tariffs would bring the South higher cost of manufactured goods and retaliation against their cotton exports. The economic interests of the North and South did not coincide...  
What about the Emancipation Proclamation? Didn’t this order by Lincoln free the blacks? No. It was a war measure on which hopes were placed that, as almost every able-bodied Southern male was in the front lines, the slaves would revolt and rape the Southern soldiers’ wives and daughters, forcing the soldiers to desert the army and return home to protect their families. As Lincoln’s own Secretary of State said, the president has freed the slaves in the territories that the Union does not control and left them in slavery in the territory that the Union does control...  
The United States with its brainwashed and incompetent population—indeed, the entirety of the Western populations are incompetent—and with its absence of intelligent leadership has no chance against Russia and China, two massive countries arising from their overthrow of police states as the West descends into a gestapo state. The West is over and done with. Nothing remains of the West but the lies used to control the people. All hope is elsewhere. 

"Today reporters no longer have to check sources, because there is no longer journalism in America. When the Clinton regime in compliance with the Deep State that made the Clintons super-rich permitted 90% of the independent and diverse US media to be concentrated in the hands of six political companies, that was the end of journalism in America. All we have now is a propaganda ministry that lies for a living. Anyone in American journalism who tells the truth is either immediately fired or in the case of Tucker Carlson at Fox News is set upon by outside presstitutes in an effort to force Fox to replace him. I wonder how long before some woman pops up and claims Tucker Carlson sexually harassed her. 
As far as I can tell, the United States is now a police state in which all information is controlled and the population is trained to believe the propaganda or be accused of lack of patriotism and consorting with terrorists and Russians." 

There are rodents chewing on the Clinton & Friends neoliberal power establishment. It looks like some heads will roll, someday... There are subpoenas and referrals for indictment targeting Clinton/Obama team insiders at the highest levels. There is a lot of meat there, too, unlike the lame Russian-collusion story that could never be supported factually, and turned into a low-catch-fishing-expedition. The floundering fishermen may be reeled in soon.

66 pounds of plastic bags in it's stomach killed this 7 ton sperm whale, washed up on a Greek island and rotting from inside. 

Swallowed Enough

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