Monday, September 17, 2018

Breaking Up

Dance Partners,

Israel is turning over operations of it's largest port, Haifa, to China. 
Israel appears to be hedging bets ahead of a power shift in the world order. I also think Israel assumes American military and financial support, no matter what.
“When China acquires ports,” Horev said, “it does so under the guise of maintaining a trade route from the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal to Europe, such as the port of Piraeus in Greece. Does an economic horizon like this have a security impact? We are not weighing that possibility sufficiently. One of the senior American figures at the conference raised the question of whether the U.S. Sixth Fleet can see Haifa as a home port. In light of the Chinese takeover, the question is no longer on the agenda.”

​Nations step back from NATO absolutism, in the face of American lies and brutishness (nothing new about American actions, just their overwhelmingly bad fit and finish lately.)
The Netherland​s​ just announced that it is ending its support for al-Qaeda's propaganda gang, the "White Helmets". It also ends its support for the so called Free Syrian Police. Last week the Netherlands shut down its "non lethal" support for the Free Syrian Army after Dutch news organizations found that members of these groups were accused of terrorism by their General Prosecutor.

C​harles Hugh Smith makes the point that free-money from deficit spending is mainly treated as a windfall, and squandered, since there is no inducement to deploy it wisely. As this carries on through decades in an economy, it is no longer efficient in deployment of labor, energy, and material resources, nor does it plan for a future of being efficient, because that's not how things work any more. 
What future does this lead to? 
​Remember 2008? That was it.​
There is no such thing as free to me money: the cost is simply being hidden in the deep, pervasive structural rot of our economy, politics and society. 

​Ilargi has a good look at the subsequent post-future...
​ Yes, it is hard to believe, but still happening: 10 years after Lehman the very same people who either directly caused the financial crisis of 2008 or made things much much worse in its aftermath, are not only ALL walking around freely and enjoying even better paid jobs than 10 years ago, they are even asked by the media to share their wisdom, comment on what they did to prevent much much worse, and advise present day politicians and bankers on what THEY should do...
They threw their out-of-thin-air trillions at making the asset markets look good, especially stock markets. Knowing that’s what people look at, and knowing foreclosures are of fleeting interest and can be blamed on borrowers, not lenders, anyway when necessary.
And obviously they knew and know they are and were simply blowing yet another bubble, just this time the biggest one ever, but the wealth transfer that has taken place under the guise of saving the economy has made the rich so much money they can’t and won’t complain for a while. They actually WILL eat cake.
Everyone else, sorry, we ran out of money, got to cut pensions and wages and everything else now. Healthcare? Nice idea, but sorry. Housing, foodstamps? Hey, what part of ‘the government is broke’ don’t you understand? You’re on your own, buddy. Remember the America Dream? Let that be your Yellow Brick Road...
Central bankers haven’t merely NOT saved the economy, they have used the financial crisis to feed additional insane amounts of money to those whose interests they represent, and who already made similarly insane amounts, which caused the crisis to begin with. They have not let a good crisis go to waste.

What is "QAnon"?
The Wikipedia article appears to have been written by several authors, completely sure of themselves and their facts, and in complete disagreement, with each other. "Q" is purportedly a human or composite persona with high level nuclear  "Q" security clearance, a patriot, with the interest of "draining the swamp" of the deep state which controls America. Veracity of the predictions of "Q" and "Anon" is hotly contested in this Wikipedia entry. 
I am bringing this up because Marc sent me something a week ago, about coming arrests of high level deep state actors, like John and Tony Podesta, coupled with a nationwide Trump message to every cellphone in America. The timing was soon-but-indeterminate. I'm seeing some things over the weekend, which may or may not feed into this scenario. 

The House will be holding hearings shortly after the DOJ IG Michael Horowitz’s report on the intentionally botched Hillary investigation is released shortly.​..​
John Giacalone, who led the investigation actually resigned because the case was going “sideways”; that’s law enforcement jargon for “nowhere by design.” In other words, the powers that be decided they did not want a fair and impartial investigation. They wanted to bury it before the election.​..​
The fact that such a high ranking official would quit his job over it gives it instant credibility. But it gets worse for the Deep State. No less than 28 special agents of the FBI are asking to be subpoenaed in order to testify about how rigged the investigation was and what information they have about the suppression of the evidence in the case.

FBI Botched Clinton Investigation: Never Disclosed Hillary, Aides Used Covert Google Server to Hide Benghazi Emails
It’s like a bad spy movie involving a third-world government. Or perhaps a slap stick comedy. The Secretary of State of the United States reading, sending, receiving sensitive emails with national security secrets, threats and classified or top secret intelligence over Google’s public Gmail.
But it gets even worse. The FBI either never discovered this blatant and clandestine violation of federal laws or did and simply covered it up.
Following the Benghazi consulate attack in 2012, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton secretly worked with Google to reroute email traffic away from her private computer server and use public Google Gmail servers instead. That clandestine move served to cloak her inner circle’s communications from lawmakers, public scrutiny and would-be criminal investigators, according to intelligence sources who provided documents to True Pundit.
These bombshell revelations shatter Clinton’s repeated claims and testimony that she solely used her private server in her Chappaqua NY home to conduct government business at State. But it also reveals that previously undisclosed computer servers were employed by Clinton and her aides for conducting official government business. Lawmakers have been on a dogged and often frustrated quest to secure all of Clinton’s emails during her tenure as Secretary of State. She has maintained in interviews and testimony that all emails were warehoused on a single home home brew server during her four years in office.

Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe is set to make public a new investigation that will “unmask” and “put a face to the individuals who seek to disturb the fabric of our Republic.”
The investigation was teased in a 30-second trailer released on Friday under O’Keefe’s non-profit organization, Project Veritas.
Turn Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, who was also able to preview the investigation, says that the information will “change the midterms and the entire conversation about the deep state.”
“He has multiple deep state high ranking government officials explaining how they undercut @realDonaldTrump from within,” Kirk tweeted.
According to O’Keefe, the investigation will be viewable for the public sometime next week.
“What we’re releasing next week… we must expose them in their own words. We’re going to make the hidden deep state individuals internet famous,” he said Saturday.

P​resident Trump will send a special message to our cellphones, all of them, Thursday​, 9/20/18.

Included here is a link that Eleni sent, under "What do you think?" This is the theme that continues to run deeply, that of the masters of wealth secretly manipulating the political discourse in recent centuries, and murdering those who did not play nicely with them. It is naturally very difficult or impossible to verify or refute. It is a plausible explanation for a lot of the workings of our world in the past few hundred years. As a conceptual model, it fits well for a lot longer, maybe as much as 3000 years. 
Focus here is on murdering American Presidents as a rite of passage to 33rd Degree Masonry. 
The sound of it, and the look of the website put me off, but considering this very durable theory, even without appealing presentation, seems important.

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, predicts the global financial system “will take some big hits before the end of the year.” Fitts explains, “Right now, economists say the dollar is ‘dangerous and dominant.’ It’s still, if you look at the market shares around the world, it’s still very, very significant portion of total reserves. So, it’s still very important. At the same time, the U.S. dollar hegemony is probably not going to last forever . . . So, I think the long term dollar looks very weak. Short term, it doesn’t look like it’s coming apart anytime soon, as far as I can see. What that means is when you have something that is dangerous and dominant, you have the possibility of extreme volatility events. That’s the new code word for the ‘you know what’ hits the, you know what. Whether it’s different countries exploding economically, or we whether are pressuring people that makes them very uncomfortable, these kinds of fights over shrinking pies are very dangerous because they mean covert wars. They mean overt wars, and the more we steal pies from each other instead of make new pies, the worse the situation gets. That’s what you are seeing. The system is not stable.”​ ... The U.S. government is “missing” $21 trillion between the DOD and HUD. This fact was uncovered by Fitts and economist Dr. Mark Skidmore last year. What was the government’s answer to this gigantic accounting fraud that is the size of the federal deficit? Give the government’s budgets basically classified national security status...  As a matter of policy, they are saying you have to give them, for the IRS, for the Census and all these other things, complete financial disclosure and honest financial disclosure by pain of law or you go to prison, but they can make up whatever they want. They can publish financial statements that are complete fiction with no accountability to you and call it national security. What this is doing is engineering complete financial insecurity for every American citizen. This is the end of financial security.”

​Mexico's criminal cartels are increasingly more into stealing and controlling oil, from bleeding cash cow Pemex, though they have not given up drugs, kidnapping and prostitution. The horrors of living in a criminal war zone are depicted here, by Seth Harp. Thanks Dan (Talk about "stealing shrinking pies"!)​
In his white sweatshirt and hot-pink Nikes, the man sitting on a park bench in front of the cathedral in Orizaba looks like an ordinary 32-year-old, but he’s talking about murdering people. He tells me he’s done it eight times and explains the sort of thing that, in his line of work, gets a person killed. “Being a wiseguy,” he says. “Acting tough. Going around like a badass. That obligates you to break them.” He details his methods: “First, you give them an ass-kicking,” he says. “Then, you finish them with a head shot. Or you torture them, so they sing what they know, who they’ve been talking to. You use knives, an ax, whatever you have at hand. A machete. This business we’re in obligates you to do that. That’s the life we live.”
​Simple Simon​

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