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Political Popularity

​Caitlin Johnstone paints Kamala Harris as having attributes of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi combined. She's ​the neoliberal oligarch's dream.
​ ​California Senator Kamala Harris won the Democratic presidential debate last night. It was not a close contest. She will win every debate she enters during this election cycle. If she becomes the nominee, she will win every debate with Trump... 
​ ​The moment everyone’s talking about was when Harris created a space for herself to attack Biden on his citing his collaboration with segregationists as an example of his ability to reach across the aisle and “get things done”. Harris had not been called upon to speak, and once given the go-ahead by moderator Rachel Maddow after interjecting went way beyond the 30 seconds she’d been allotted in tearing Biden apart. She skillfully took control of the stage and engineered the entire space for the confrontation by sheer dominance of personality, and Biden had no answer for it.
​ ​That’s the moment everyone’s talking about. But Harris had already been owning the debate prior to that.
​ ​The goal of a political debate is to make yourself look appealing and electable to your audience. You can do that by having a very good platform, or you can do it with charisma and oratory skills. It turns out that Kamala Harris is really, really good at doing the latter. She made frequent and effective appeals to emotion, she built to applause lines far more skillfully than anyone else on the stage, she kept her voice unwavering and without stammer, she made herself look like a leader by admonishing the other candidates to stop talking over each other, and she hit all the right progressive notes you’re supposed to hit in such a debate.

​Harris was born to two high level elites from foreign countries, who were good enough to be recruited to the US. Her mother is an Indian breast cancer research scientist. Her father is a Jamaican born Economics Professor at Stanford University. Still, she is able to assume the cloak of racial underdog in America. Here is the Wikipedia read, which is fairly careful to avoid saying anything negative, but you may draw your own inferences about her political progression, and stances when she played various roles. She works hard to not be open to attack, and counterattacks for the jugular.​ (Wanna' attack her?)

This was the the first political attack against Kamala:
Kamala Harris launched political career with $120K 'patronage' job from boyfriend Willie Brown

How Kamala won her first election against that attack on her relationship with Willie Brown's power machine:
 ​ S​o, when an audience member inside the church asked how, if elected district attorney, she could operate independently from Brown’s political machine, Harris was ready with not just an answer, but a counterpunch. “Make them understand that if they’re going to try to hurt you, they’re going to get more hurt,” Stearns said he counseled her.
​ ​“That was her cue,” Stearns said. Harris dismissed the question for its negativity while highlighting the most salacious elements of her opponents’ records, displaying a mix of flint and charisma that would one day lead her supporters to believe she could become president of the United States.
​ ​As Stearns tells it, Harris rose from her seat at the front of the sanctuary and stepped behind Terence Hallinan, the incumbent who billed himself as “America’s most progressive district attorney.” She told the audience, “You know Terence Hallinan has attacked Bill Fazio for being caught in a massage parlor,” a reference to a 1998 raid. Fazio, a former prosecutor who had run two close races against Hallinan and was now taking a third shot at the office, maintained he was there to conduct interviews for a legal case he was working on. He was never charged with any crime.
​ ​Then, Harris walked behind Fazio, Stearns said, and recounted the times her opponent had criticized Hallinan “for people having sex in his office,” referring to an incident in which two of Hallinan’s prosecutors were found in flagrante delicto inside the building.
​ ​“And then she walked back to the middle and said, ‘I want to make a commitment to you that my campaign is not going to be about negative attacks,’” said Stearns, who is still a Democratic strategist in the city. “’I believe we need to talk about the issues and the policies and the way we’re going to move our criminal justice system forward.”

​ ​The response was immediate. “People just jumped on their feet and gave her a standing ovation,” Stearns said. “And I was at the back of the church, and the look on the face of Terence Hallinan and Bill Fazio was, ‘Oh, shit.’’  

​Eleni sent this excellent, long interview with Vladimir Putin, by London's Financial Times.​
​ "​What is happening in the West? What is the reason for the Trump phenomenon, as you said, in the United States? What is happening in Europe as well? The ruling elites have broken away from the people. The obvious problem is the gap between the interests of the elites and the overwhelming majority of the people.
​ ​Of course, we must always bear this in mind. One of the things we must do in Russia is never to forget that the purpose of the operation and existence of any government is to create a stable, normal, safe and predictable life for the people and to work towards a better future.
​ ​There is also the so-called liberal idea, which has outlived its purpose. Our Western partners have admitted that some elements of the liberal idea, such as multiculturalism, are no longer tenable.​"

​The very next thing I looked at, after reading that interview for an hour was Moon of Alabama, which excerpts that same interview, picking out the same points I picked out (how gratifying!).
​Important article about the Russian S-400 missile system as a foil to "Full Spectrum Dominance" of US/NATO, Thanks Eleni:
​ ​If nations like India, and Turkey who were meant to be participants of the encirclement of Russia and China were to adopt next generation defensive radar/missile systems like Russia’s S400, then the entire formula for unipolar dominance breaks down. Already, China has adopted the S400 as of 2015 which features short to long range supersonic interception of missiles, aircraft and bombs at altitudes of 38 km and at distances of 400 km. Other nations which have expressed interest in the S400 include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and Vietnam.
​ ​The rise of the S400 and the new security architecture which comes with it has come to be known as “Full Spectrum Defense” and is one of the most important transformations of the world order. 

​Trump and Putin talked for 90 minutes at the G-20 in Japan. No details...
"He is a nice guy, I think. We've had an excellent meeting", Trump told Rossiya-24. "Our two great countries, Russia and the United States, must trade with each other. Yesterday's meeting was great. He [Putin] is an extraordinary man."  

​This may have been discussed. WOW! 
Trump hops over to the Korean border for a handshake with Kim Jong Un and an invitation to Washington.
Prior to leaving the G-20 summit in Japan for South Korea, Trump tweeted he would be willing to meet with Kim at the Demilitarized Zone: "If Chairman Kim of North Korea sees this, I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say hello."
trump kim jong un handshake

​The Forever War is so Normalized, that Opposing it is "Isolationism". 
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is not "isolationist".​ Caitlin Johnstone
Calling an aversion to endless military violence “isolationism” is the same as calling an aversion to mugging people “agoraphobia”. Yet you’ll see this ridiculous label applied to both Gabbard and Trump, neither of whom are isolationists by any stretch of the imagination, or even proper non-interventionists.  

​I think this will not just be applied to Donald Trump. Look where shadow banning is already. Even I get blocked from sending more often than not in the past 2 weeks. You may not see this, unless you go to the blog, of course...​
 In essence, Twitter is telling us that they are going to start suppressing President Trump’s tweets.  And if other conservative government officials get out of line, they will be censored too.
This is happening right out in the open, and Twitter is brazenly admitting that any tweets that they slap with this “notice” will “feature less prominently on Twitter”…
When a Tweet has this notice placed on it, it will feature less prominently on Twitter, and not appear in:
Safe search
Timeline when switched to Top Tweets
Live events pages
Recommended Tweet push notifications
Notifications tab

I'm trying to send this again, since it is important, but I use gmail, and Google is suppressing this news. Trying again...
 In an otherwise slow news-cycle, the mainstream media has somehow failed to report on an undercover exposé by Project Veritas in which a senior Google employee admits that the company is manipulating its algorithms ahead of the 2020 election in order to prevent the "next Trump situation."  
​ ​"We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again," said longtime Google employee and head of "Responsible Innovation," Jen Gennai, in the undercover Veritas sting.
"We’re also training our algorithms, like, if 2016 happened again, would we have, would the outcome be different?" she added.

​ ​As noted by Infowars' Jamie White, "CNN, WaPo, CNBC, HuffPost, The New York Times, Vox, Vice, Newsweek, Politico, and even The Daily Beast haven’t written a single piece on the devastating evidence."
​ ​Meanwhile, YouTube parent Google has scrubbed the video from its video sharing platform (also ignored by the MSM).

​Is cyber WW-III already underway? Who the hell are the players? It looks like cyber-terrorist-freelancers are using the leaked NSA malware against small town America.​
​ ​Cyber-criminals have struck for the second week in a row, this time on a small Florida city called Lake City, according to the WSJ. The city has agreed to pay ransom to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars after a ransomware attack crippled its systems.
​ ​Lake City's council approved the measure during an emergency meeting Monday night and will be paying about $462,000 via Bitcoin, by way of the city's insurer. This payment follows a similar incident in Riviera Beach, a city of 34,000 near West Palm Beach, where the city's council authorized a similar $600,000 ransom payment.​..
​ ​Ironically, the hacking measures appear to come thanks to a hack of the NSA's own weaponized hacking arsenal, which is now being used against the US.​..
​ ​The attacks occur "every day and many are never publicized". Local governments are especially vulnerable if they lack resources to update infrastructure and invest in security.​..
 At the start of this month, we detailed a similar ransomware attack on the City of Baltimore. Officials have estimated that attack, where Baltimore rejected a $76,000 ransom, will instead cost the city about $18 million in IT costs and lost revenue.

​"5G Ready" at a music festival in the English countryside... What does that mean?
​ ​This weekend, a group of us drove around the site of Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, Somerset UK). We had an electromagnetic field radiation detector that was continually bleeping alarmingly and flashing red, indicating that the EMFs it was detecting were way above World Health Organisation recommended safety levels. They were penetrating on to the main road which runs past the site, and there were several hotspots in the quaint little village of Pilton itself, including the village hall and the Working Men’s Club.  
​ ​A couple of weeks before, I had attended a meeting of Pilton’s parish council. It was standing room only as residents packed in to express their dismay about a telecommunications mast that had been erected, without any consultation with them, in the children’s skate-board park.​..
   5G technology was installed at Glastonbury Festival this year by EE as part of a governmental agenda called 5G Rural First. This is a promotional push dreamed up by urbanite marketeers that purports to be about giving better internet access to country dwellers. In reality, though, good folks have paid £250 a ticket to be used as guinea-pigs in a 1.4 square mile test bed for an untested technology that could have serious implications for their health.​..
 But they are ignoring the evidence of 230 scientists and doctors who are appealing to the World Health Organisation to move the 5G wireless signal from a Group 2B carcinogen to a Group 1, the same as asbestos and arsenic.

​There are so many "scores" on each of us, sold to businesses, which charge us more or less, entice or repulse us, or try to sell us diapers and car seats. Tell me again about the "smart coolers" with camera's and AI that can tell if I'm in a buying mood at the big box store!
​Always Watched​

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